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Pugh on Equus: "We’ve Never Had A Giggle Or A Wolf-Whistle"

Posted by allo on 31/05/07

The Telegraph newspaper in the UK has published a very candid interview with David Pugh, one of the producers of Equus, in which he talks about the success of the play and enter site the financing behind it. According to Pugh, Equus is the most expensive production of a straight play yet to hit the West End, but managed to recoup its costs nine weeks into its 16-week run. He also reveals a charming connection to Daniel Radcliffe!


"Daniel’s mum [Marcia Gresham] was my assistant when I had offices on Shaftesbury Avenue,” Pugh explains. “So I was there for his birth at Charing Cross hospital, and, when she came back after three weeks, she brought him with her. Daniel spent the first nine months of his life in my office in a moses basket!"

Thanks very much to Jain and Sabine for the tip.

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More on the HP Theme Park

Posted by jenna on 31/05/07

I am happy to share more concept art with you for the theme park : Wizarding World Harry Potter Theme Park Gallery .

You can watch the entire webcast from last night directly HERE Windows Media 9MB
(Please remember to right click and save target as…I reformatted it to reduce the size, but it is still a large file.)

You can also read the press release about it by clicking the Full Story link below. Enjoy!

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2010: The Year We Enter a Harry Potter Theme Park

Posted by jenna on 31/05/07

How would you like to step into the click now world of Harry Potter – literally? Well…guess what – some time in the year 2010, just before the last Harry Potter film struts its stuff on the big screen, you will be able to!

This massive project has been going on for a couple of years now. JK Rowling and Warner Bros. have been working closely with designers and artists to create a magical “Harry” world. The Harry Potter Theme Park will be located in Orlando, Florida (practically my back yard – yeah!), encompassing the entire spectrum of the HP series, from Philosopher’s Stone to the Deathly Hallows.

The park will be tailored for those ages 7 to 67, with thrill rides so intense and engaging, even the adults won’t be able to sniff at it.

Everything from the food, to the rides and the scenery, will be carefully crafted to give it just the right fantastical touch. In fact, many of the places in the books will come to life in a much more detailed way than seen in the films thus far.

Whether strolling through the streets of Hogsmeade or skipping through the Forbidden Forest, one thing is for sure – the Harry Potter Theme Park is definitely going to be a magical experience for any Harry Potter fan!

Fans will be able to sign up for e-mail updates about the HP park at this URL: HERE. (It is not up just yet.) They will also be able to give suggestions and online cialis cheap feedback to Universal through the web page as the project progresses.

We will be receiving a photo of never-seen-before concept art from the theme park to share with you soon so watch this space for the update.

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Order of the Phoenix Release Date Changed for the US

Posted by jenna on 30/05/07

Warner Bros. notified us the date for Order of the Phoenix has been moved up. The movie will now open on Wednesday, July 11th in the US, giving the indian levitra tablets film a whopping five-day opener at the box office.

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UPDATE2: Genios Scans, Stickers and Trading Cards – Oh My!

Posted by jenna on 29/05/07

Thanks to MoM from ootpmoviepics, UHP, Latin Hogwarts, Rowena and for sending over scans of a new interview with Daniel from Genios Magazine (Argentina), more scans of stickers and trading cards and a picture of a pop-out poster of viagra order canada OOTP from Japan.

Genios Cover
Genios scan 1
Genios scan 2
Genios scan 3
Genios scan 4 (We will translate this if there is anything new or interesting)

Harry and Dudley Sticker
Harry in Room
Harry Trading Card 1
Harry Trading Card 2
OOTP Pop Out Poster from Japan

Update: Here are a few more stickers from and Rowena

Harry and Students
Harry and Ron in Class
Harry During DA
Harry and Young Lily
Harry Tied Up
Harry Head Lock

Harry Holding Shoulder
Harry Walking

Update Update: Thanks again to MoM for a very nice HQ version of the OOTP poster (I only protested slightly because she neglected to hand over the milk and viagra cheap buy online cookies).

OOTP HQ Poster

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More New OOTP Stickers, etc.

Posted by jenna on 28/05/07

Thanks very much to for more new pictures from an OOTP sticker book that have Harry in them. Thanks also to Hyeminee for sending in the Korean version of the OOTP poster.

Harry Sticker Page
Harry and Ron Sticker
Harry and Ron in Forest

Harry Hugging Sirius
OOTP Korean Poster

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New Scans

Posted by jenna on 27/05/07

I have been away for a few days so I am just getting these up – sorry. Thanks very much to staffer Lauren for sending over some more scans of Empire, Film Review and a Japanese Magazine. As well as BlueEyedInnocence for the scan from Kampioen Magazine. Thanks also to one of our readers, Amanda, for sending over some better pics of the in-theater posters of OOTP.

Scans 2007 Gallery ( 9 New Scans: There are a few new pics of Dan in these…)

OOTP Poster “Side” 1
OOTP Poster “Side” 2

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New Photos of Dan in Cinema Today

Posted by coralie on 24/05/07

There is an interview (sorry… no translation as of yet!) and some brand new photos of Dan in the current edition of online cymbalta Japanese magazine Cinema Today.

You can see the pictures here:

Dan 1
Dan 2
Dan 3
Dan 4

Once again, many thanks to Lauren for the tip! amuse.gif

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Teen Vogue Harry Potter Poster Offer

Posted by coralie on 24/05/07

Subscribe to Teen Vogue Magazine now and receive a free limited-edition Harry Potter poster (valid for subscriptions to U.S. addresses only).

Teen Vogue Poster Advertisement

Many thanks to Lauren for the heads-up on this promotion.

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Geeky Nuggets of Information

Posted by jenna on 24/05/07

Staffer Lauren let us know about a fun little article posted by The Stage today, featuring none other than as one of their top ten referrers! toung.gif toung.gif toung.gif

Our friends over at are mentioned as a referrer in the top ten as well. The article is definitely tongue and cheek, but it is a fun read.

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Dan, Emma and Rupert to be Honored in Hollywood

Posted by coralie on 23/05/07

We’ve just received word from our friends at Warner Bros. that Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint will be honored with a very special ‘Hand, Foot and Wand-print’ ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood the day after the July 8 US premiere of Harry Potter and online prescription cialis with discounts the Order of the Phoenix.

The ceremony is scheduled to take place on July 9 at 11:30AM, and our favorite Trio will be immortalized by placing their hands, feet and wands in cement in the forecourt of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, one of Hollywood’s most enduring and popular landmarks.

To read the Warner Bros. press release, click on the full story link below. Our staff will be in attendance so look out for more on that here as it happens! cool.gif

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Quality OOTP TV Spots 1-6 from the WB

Posted by jenna on 22/05/07

Thanks to Warner Bros for sending over some links to all six of the TV Spots that have aired over the past few weeks. The videos are all high-quality versions. Enjoy!

TV Spot One:
Quicktime High
Quicktime Medium
Quicktime Low
Windows Media High

Windows Media Medium
Windows Media Low

TV Spot Two:
Quicktime High
Quicktime Medium
Quicktime Low
Windows Media High
Windows Media Medium

Windows Media Low

TV Spot Three:
Quicktime High
Quicktime Medium
Quicktime Low
Windows Media High
Windows Media Medium
Windows Media Low

TV Spot Four:
Quicktime High
Quicktime Medium
Quicktime Low
Windows Media High
Windows Media Medium
Windows Media Low

TV Spot Five:

Quicktime High
Quicktime Medium
Quicktime Low
Windows Media High
Windows Media Medium
Windows Media Low

TV Spot Six:
Quicktime High

Quicktime Medium
Quicktime Low
Windows Media High
Windows Media Medium
Windows Media Low

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New December Boys Photos

Posted by allo on 22/05/07

Warner Independent Pictures has released some new promotional pictures for December Boys. Go to the WIP website and follow the links for December Boys to see the full set, or go to our December Boys Photo Gallery to see the new pictures featuring Dan (7 in total).

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OOTP Nominated in MTV Movie Awards

Posted by jenna on 22/05/07

Yes, Order of the Phoenix has already been nominated for an award – Best Summer Movie You Haven’t Seen Yet. It was voted into this category along with other upcoming productions like Fantastic Four, The Simpsons Movie, Rush Hour 3, and Transformers.

Of course, because this is a voting category – we know which one should win…so, go on, what are you waiting for – VOTE HERE FOR OOTP!!!

Thanks to UHP for the tip!

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OOTP Premiere Debut in Japan

Posted by jenna on 22/05/07

I can now confirm that the generic cialis tadalafil World Premiere for the Order of the Phoenix will in fact take place in Tokyo, Japan on June 28th. Following premieres include London on July 3rd and LA on July 8th.

Of course this has nothing to do with the fact that Spider-Man 3 opened there for their third installment and broke all kinds of box office records (even though the movie was less-than-par *cough* Yea – click on the link to that to read my review if you want to giggle or get really angry – hah!). I predict OOTP will blow them out of the water…on all counts.

Staffer Tracey sent a link to an article published by the BBC about the premiere today as well.

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Fourth OOTP TV Spot

Posted by allo on 22/05/07

Many thanks again to masterofmystery for sending us another new TV spot for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which aired in the US last night. View it here:

Windows Media (1.3MB)

Real Media (1.7MB)

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New OOTP Spot from "Ellen"

Posted by allo on 22/05/07

An exclusive new clip from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix aired on the Ellen show today, showing Dolores Umbridge’s speech at the Welcoming Feast at Hogwarts. Have a look here:

Windows Media (5.3MB)

Real Media (1.5MB)

Unfortunately, Harry doesn’t have much to say in this one but here’s a screencap to keep you happy!

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Teen Vogue: Behind The Scenes Pics

Posted by allo on 21/05/07

Thanks to Lauren for letting us know that Teen Vogue has now posted some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos online of best price for generic cialis Dan, Emma and Rupert at their recent photoshoot (see earlier post). You can view a slideshow of the pictures with comments starting here:

Teen Vogue Cover Look

or go to our Studio Shots Gallery.

P.S. And here’s one more scan from the magazine that we missed earlier (thanks, HPANA): Teen Vogue Cover Look scan

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New OOTP Poster in Local Theaters

Posted by jenna on 20/05/07

Thanks very much to masterofmystery from ootpmoviepics for sending us an image of a new OOTP poster in one of their reader’s local theaters. If you run across one make sure to send it in to us!

OOTP Poster Close-up
OOTP Poster Long View

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Dan’s 18th Birthday Project and Fund-Raiser

Posted by jenna on 20/05/07

Many of you are familiar with the 18th Birthday Project we have going – currently we have about 2,500 participants in this so far (submissions will only be accepted through June 10th). Keep those submissions coming – I at least wanna break 3,000.

Now, I’d like to go into the second part of the birthday project, which is our annual birthday fund-raiser for Demelza Children’s Hospice. If you are unfamiliar with Demelza you can read more about them, along with Dan’s involvement, HERE.

Instead of sending birthday presents to Dan, he would prefer that you send donations to help support this fantastic organization.

All fans that donate to this very worthy cause will have the opportunity to send birthday wishes to Dan along with their donations. I will collect the thoughts and levitra buy in ny shops wishes sent in to and create a special section in ACED Magazine for Dan to read them.

Fans who donate will also be entered into a special prize drawing. There will be three big prizes, and several small ones. First place will receive an Equus t-shirt, poster and a signed Equus lobby card by Daniel himself. Second and third place runner-ups will receive an Equus t-shirt and poster. Various others will receive Equus lobby cards and promo posters (unsigned).

Please forward your Worldpay receipts to me (, along with your wish so I can include you. (Please refrain from sending marriage proposals or “I love you, you’re so hot” messages, those types of messages are not acceptable.)

We’ve created banners and buttons for fans and other websites to join in the festivities and cheap accutane be a sponsor – it’s free to be a sponsor.

If you are already familiar with the procedure then go on and DONATE NOW!! Please don’t forget to select Daniel Radcliffe as your source!

We will accept donations until July 7th, at which point we will present the total to him personally on the red carpet at the Premiere for OOTP.

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December Boys Poster and Photo

Posted by jenna on 19/05/07

The Warner Independent Pictures website has up a poster and another photo of Dan’s character Maps from December Boys. Hopefully we will have a larger version of the poster soon.

December Boys Poster
December Boys – Maps

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New OOTP Calendar Images

Posted by jenna on 19/05/07

Many thanks to UHP for sending us some new images from the 2008 Harry Potter movie calendars. You can find them in our OOTP Promotional Images Gallery. (The first six images are new.)

(This article has been reposted.)

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Third OOTP TV Spot

Posted by jenna on 18/05/07

A third TV spot for Order of the Phoenix aired last night during one of my favorite shows – Supernatural. Totally unexpected – but our good pal over at ootpmoviepics, masterofmystery, caught it for us. Thanks to them!

I reformatted this slightly so the discount canadian cialis file size is a little smaller for those of discount viagra soft gels you with dial up. The quality was not sacrificed however.

Please right click and save target as…

TV SPOT 3 Windows Media, 1.76 MB

UPDATE: And in case you’re waiting for the new OOTP video clip that was supposed to air on Ellen today (see earlier post), it will now be shown on Monday May 21st instead, so reset your video recorders!

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Dan Fearless in Equus

Posted by coralie on 18/05/07

There is an excellent article on Equus in the current issue of Dance Europe Magazine which discusses the importance of movement and choreography in a production such as this one. The author also speaks of Dan’s fearless performance on stage:


"Kemp (dancer Will Kemp, who plays the horse Nugget in Equus) effortlessly scoops Radcliffe onto his shoulders to run around the stage to recreate a canter along the shoreline… Radcliffe seems completely fearless in this scene, which is fraught with the real possibility of a heavy fall, but he and Kemp seem to have a real rapport."

To read the complete article, click on Scan 2 or on the full story link below.

Dance Europe Scan 1
Dance Europe Scan 2

Many thanks to Judith for the tip!

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More New Interviews: TV Movie and IGN

Posted by allo on 17/05/07

Thanks very much to Christian of Harry Potter Xperts for sending us some scans of a new interview with Dan in German magazine TV Movie (issue 11, on sale May 18th). You can view the scans here: (1) (2)

If you don’t speak German, don’t worry because our German translator Sabine has translated the entire interview for us: TV Movie: My Role Model Is A Punk


"Sid Vicious, a punk musician who died of his drug addiction, is a role model for you. Why?

Sid was cool, because he never cared about what the generic cialis sale others thought about him. I try to do the same. People can write or say about me what they want to – I don’t care at all!"

And has a quote from Dan in the first part of their OOTP Set Visit Report


"We spoke with Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter, about the darkness that informs this film and in particular how Harry is changing. “He is incredibly angry all the time. We did a scene the other day where he confesses to Sirius about how he actually feels, how he feels angry constantly and tramadol sends online how he thinks he is possibly turning into a bad person. There’s a lot going on inside his head and I think that, for me as an actor, it makes it more interesting to do and I think for an audience it becomes a more charismatic character to watch,” Radcliffe said."

Thanks to Elena for the tip!

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Teen Vogue: New Photos and Interview with Trio

Posted by allo on 17/05/07

Teen Vogue magazine in the US (June 2007 issue) has an 8-page spread devoted to Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, including an exclusive interview and photo shoot.


"Dan: Harry Potter will be the character that got me famous, and will probably be the one that people remember first, but I like to think that if I work hard enough and do as many different things as I can, there will eventually be others that stick in their minds as well."

Many thanks to HPANA for these wonderful scans:

(Cover) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8 )

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WB Confirms US OOTP Premiere Date

Posted by allo on 16/05/07

According to a press release from Warner Bros. Pictures today, the US premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be held on Sunday July 8th at the historic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. According to the release, crew arrivals will begin at 2:00pm and celebrity arrivals at 3:00pm, with the screening of the film at 5:00pm. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and canadian phamacy Emma Watson are all confirmed to attend, along with most of the other stars of the film. Celebrity guests will be announced at a later date.

To read the full text of the press release, click on the Full Story link below.

You may have come across information on the Net about premiere dates for Tokyo and London – please note that we won’t be posting any details until we have official confirmation and permission to release the information.

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New OOTP Clip to air on "Ellen"

Posted by allo on 16/05/07

A new TV spot for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is expected to air on Ellen (The Ellen DeGeneres Show) in the US this Friday, May 18th. US viewers can click here to find out when the show is on in their area. (Ellen is also shown in several countries outside the visit our site US but we don’t know if this particular episode will air on the same day or later in those countries.)

Of course, we’ll try to capture it for you! Thanks to TLC for the tip.

UPDATE: Click here for an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny preview of the new clip – thank you, masterofmystery!

UPDATE 2: The air date for the new clip has been changed to Monday May 21st.

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UK HP Site Update and New Photos

Posted by allo on 16/05/07

The official UK Harry Potter site, has been updated with a new layout and lots of lovely new pictures and downloads. There are two new pictures of Harry, that you can see in our OOTP Photos Gallery:

Harry and Luna in the forest
Harry and Sirius by the Black Family Tree

To see more photos, go to and follow the links for the photo gallery.

The US site is expected to be updated in the very near future too, so keep an eye on!

NOTE: To see the latest list of worldwide release dates for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, check this page: OOTP Worldwide Release Dates.

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SCI FI Wire Interview with Daniel

Posted by coralie on 16/05/07

There is a new interview with Daniel over at SCI FI Wire in which he discusses, amongst other things, what makes Harry so interesting and viagra medicare uk appealing to him:


"There’s a lot going on inside of his head, and I think that, for me as an actor, that makes him more interesting to do,” Radcliffe said. “And I think, for an audience, he becomes a more charismatic sort of character to watch, because he is so of two different sides."

Click on the above link to read the full story. Many thanks to Tracey, Elena and all those who emailed us about this interview.

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Order of the Phoenix Set Visit Part I

Posted by jenna on 15/05/07

As you all know, ACED Magazine staffer Kevin represented us back in September to tour the set of Order of the Phoenix. We are permitted to release a small report about his visit at this time – his experience was nothing short of “magical”. You can read the article by clicking the link below:

OOTP Set Visit Report Part I

Special thanks to Warner Bros and EA for the invite!

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Posted by allo on 15/05/07

Many thanks to for sharing with us a new TV spot for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix that aired during the Survivor: Fiji finale on Sunday night. This TV spot gives us a closer look at the footage that aired on Entertainment Tonight (see earlier post), including the new scenes with Professor Lupin, Dumbledore’s Army in action and the battle in the Ministry of Magic. View it here:

Windows Media (1.9MB)
Real Media (0.9MB)

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Orlando Bloom Comments on Dan’s Performance in Equus

Posted by jenna on 14/05/07

There is a quick quotation from the Scotland on Sunday in their interview with Orlando Bloom about Dan’s performance in Equus:

“…it would be great to do a play in the West End and be part of a company. I did see Equus recently and thought Daniel Radcliffe [the Harry Potter star] did a great job. It was really a brave choice. It made me think.” ~Bloom

Thanks to Elena and Sonia for the tip!

::send to friend::’s Official MySpace

Posted by jenna on 13/05/07

For all of you MySpace members out there, I am happy to tell you about’s Official MySpace grand opening.

This is a great place for fans to network, comment about the site or other Dan-related topics and read a blog where you can interact directly with staff about various things (even previews of things to come…).

I hope you will all enjoy this new feature as it evolves and grows. Check out our MySpace Here!

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New OOTP Footage on Entertainment Tonight

Posted by jenna on 13/05/07

Thanks very much to masterofmystery for the new OOTP video footage from Entertainment Tonight. Check out the video below – please right click and save target as….

Entertainment Tonight OOTP Video Footage Windows Media 3.75MB

There is a new bit in there where Remus is talking to Harry, and a few other new sequences – but they go by fast so you may have to watch the video a few times on your hard drive to fully appreciate all of them.

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Another New OOTP Poster

Posted by allo on 11/05/07

A new poster for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has appeared on Brazilian entertainment website Omelete. You can check it out here our OOTP Posters Gallery. Many thanks to masterofmystery for the tip!

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My Boy Jack Photo

Posted by allo on 11/05/07

Thanks very much to Lena for tipping us off about a new photo of Dan and My Boy Jack writer/co-star David Haig that has appeared on the Ecosse Films website. You can also view it here in our gallery.

While we’re on the subject, there have been a number of casting rumors about My Boy Jack floating around the Net over the last few days – please note that nothing has been confirmed at this point.

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Daniel Helps Put a Little Sole into Africa – Or Not

Posted by jenna on 11/05/07

The Scotsman reported earlier that Daniel, along with other celebrities, donated a pair shoes as part of the One Step Beyond, to help the Scottish charity’s efforts for an African fund-raising campaign.

Although it is a nice sentiment, unfortunately, this is not the case. According to his rep, he is not one of the artists who donated a pair of shoes to this cause.

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Copperfield Classic Drama Scans

Posted by jenna on 10/05/07

Thanks very much to staffer Tracey for sending over a mass amount of scans from the David Copperfield edition of the Classic Drama Collection. The article discusses various aspects of the production and the story. Plus, actor James Thornton, who played Ham Peggotty in Copperfield, said this about working with a very young Dan:

“He was ever so small, and a really sweet, little guy. We got on really well and had a great laugh. I remember him singing Coldplay songs all the time. It’s just odd seeing him now, grown up. Out of all the cast, he’s the one that’s got really famous. It’s just gone mad for him.”

Check out the Classic Drama Gallery (14 scans in all)

Isn’t he just so cute. *wibble* toung.gif

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New OOTP Posters

Posted by jenna on 10/05/07

There are new posters for Order of the Phoenix. The posters surfaced earlier on the German Amazon website.

OOTP Poster 1 | OOTP Poster 2
OOTP Poster 3 | OOTP Poster 4

Thanks to our friends over at Leaky for the tip.

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New December Boys Photo

Posted by jenna on 09/05/07

There is a new December Boys photo out there. I just received permission to post it, but thank you to everyone that wrote in about it. Thanks to Village Roadshow for releasing it, and to Alana from DB Blogspot for sharing the viagra samples HQ version of it with us early!

December Boys HQ Photo (This one has no tag)

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Yet Another New OOTP Photo

Posted by jenna on 08/05/07

Thanks to Movie-Infos (via MasterofMystery) for this new OOTP photo. It looks to be from the trailer, but it is not a screen grab, it is a proper photo.

Harry with Wand in Action

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More Theatre Research Book Prize Photos – Big’uns

Posted by jenna on 06/05/07

Thanks very much to Anon for sending over seven huge shots of Dan from the Theatre Research Book Prize event to add to our gallery.

Book Prize Photo 1
Book Prize Photo 2
Book Prize Photo 3

Book Prize Photo 4
Book Prize Photo 5
Book Prize Photo 6
Book Prize Photo 7

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More Scans and a New OOTP Pic

Posted by jenna on 06/05/07

Thanks to staffer Lauren and masterofmystery for sending in a few more scans from the poster book and a new picture from the LA Times. We will try to get a better version of the LA Times scan so it isn’t so blurry.

LA Times Scan
DA Photo 1
Trio Photos
Harry Poster
DA Group Photo

Update: Thanks to lovely staffer Kim, we have scans from the entire article at LA Times:

LA Times Scan 1
LA Times Scan 2
LA Times Scan 3
LA Times Scan 4

LA Times Scan 5

Update 2:Thanks to Adina for sending in a couple of scans, with amazing quality, of the LA Times article for those of you having problems reading/seeing the others:

LA Times Big Scan 1
LA Times Big Scan 2

Thanks also to staffer Kim for sending in a scan of the cover for Disney Adventures. Check out their May issue to see a few tidbits from OOTP.

You can read the article online at the LA Times HERE, containing a few quotes from Daniel and buy levitra in canada no prescription others about the upcoming production.

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Catch Up: Equus, OOTP – Photos and Video

Posted by jenna on 05/05/07

Finally, I have time to get some things caught up. I apologize again – this past month has been murder for all of us. Thanks very much to Kellie, staffer Sabine, Amber, Caroline, Kelei from and the masterofmystery for sending photos from Equus (one professional shot and other back-stage shots), larger studio shots of Daniel taken earlier this year and a video for the upcoming OOTP production.

Equus Stage Door Photos (10)
Studio Shots – old shots replaced with larger versions from a recent shoot
Equus photo from the Telegraph

OOTP interview with Dan on E!

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OOTP Poster, Sticker, Coloring Book Scans

Posted by jenna on 05/05/07

Thanks much to Lauren and Belania for sending over 10 scans from recent OOTP Poster, Sticker and Coloring Books.

OOTP-Specific Scan Album

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OOTP Harry Character Poster

Posted by jenna on 04/05/07

Sorry guys – I know it has been slow this week with posts, but I have been swamped. We will post more over the weekend, but for now – thanks very much to WB for sending over a Harry character poster from OOTP. Thanks also to Tracey for sending over a Swedish poster from OOTP.

Harry OOTP Character Poster
OOTP Sweden

You can see other character posters with our friends over at Leaky.

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