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by ClaireApr 30, 2007

Daniel Radcliffe – Cash for Questions

Posted by coralie on 30/04/07

There is a ‘Cash for Question’ feature involving Daniel posted up at that allows you the chance of winning £25 if you participate and your question for Dan is selected. Here are the details:


"Libertines-loving Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will be the next person to face the probing interrogation of Q’s Cash For Questions feature. Here’s your opportunity to ask him whatever you want, from what it was like meeting Jarvis Cocker or how often he plays the Sex Pistols’ Never Mind The Bollocks on the Harry Potter set – and if your query is answered by the actor himself, you could bag yourself £25.

Only the sharpest, funniest questions will be put to him. Send your questions, along with your name and address to [email protected] and please mark your email “Daniel Radcliffe”. Good luck!"

Please note: If you happen to read any rude or vulgar questions posted up under the ‘cash for questions’ feature, please make sure you hit the ‘Report Abuse’ button in order to have them removed.

Many thanks to Lauren for the tip!

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Scans, OOTP BTS Photos and OOTP Trailer Screen Caps

Posted by jenna on 28/04/07

Thanks very much to Warner Bros, Tracey, Edith and Fez from, for sending over behind-the-scenes photos, scans and large screen caps from the OOTP trailers. Fez has some more captures on his site of other characters as well.

OOTP BTS Photo 1
OOTP BTS Photo 2
OOTP BTS Photo 3

OOTP BTS Photo 4
Empire Scan
Notas Para Ti Scan
The Sun Scan

OOTP Trailer Captures Album *About 18 added.

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American Idol Tonight

Posted by jenna on 25/04/07

Don’t forget, American Idol will air part two of its special fund-raising event tonight, including something special from Daniel. Contrary to reports made by other media outlets, he will not be there on stage, but in remote attendance via video stream (pre-recorded).

I can’t tell you what he will be doing during his appearance just yet, but I can tell you it is not something you have seen him do before. Should be a real knee-slapper though. toung.gif

The Idol Gives Back 2-hour special airs tonight 8/7C on FOX. The show is backed by ONE, the campaign to Make Poverty History (co-founded by U2’s Bono).

All monies raised will go to various charities, including U.S. Fund for UNICEF, The Global Fund, Save the Children, Nothing but Nets and Malaria No More.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the video segment featuring Dan was NOT included in tonight’s show and so far there is no explanation as to why it was omitted. (It is unclear whether the “technical difficulties” experienced late in the show are related to the lack of video.) We’ll try to find out what happened and whether the video will be made available somewhere online in the future.

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Huge OOTP One Sheet Poster

Posted by jenna on 25/04/07

Thanks very much again to Warner Bros (they are spoiling us at this point) for sending over a very nice, large One Sheet for the Order of the Phoenix production.

OOTP One Sheet

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OOTP Domestic Trailer Links in Various Formats

Posted by coralie on 25/04/07

Many thanks to Warner Bros. for the links to the new Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix domestic trailer in various formats for you to choose from and enjoy.

Super Low Res
Low Res
Medium Res
High Res

Windows Media Player:
Super Low Res
Low Res

Medium Res
High Res

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Update: New Pic of Daniel in GQ Magazine

Posted by jenna on 25/04/07

Below is a larger version of the picture, as promised. Lauren also reports that the photo is part of an article called Hollywood UK “From leading ladies and veteran thespians to the sharpest screenwriters and movie moguls: GQ celebrates a new golden era for British film talent in Hollywood”.

Bigger GQ Scan

Photograph by Simon Emmett

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New OOTP Trailer now Available on Yahoo

Posted by coralie on 24/04/07

As Jenna mentioned in the previous post, a new trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is now available for viewing on Yahoo! There are some new scenes from the film in this one as it is not quite the same as the international trailer that was released over the weekend.

We will post up other links when they become available, but in the mean time you can watch the new trailer here. Just select the option ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ Trailer No. 2 and enjoy the ride!

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OOTP Trailer Grabs and Info

Posted by jenna on 24/04/07

Thanks again to the WB for sending over some quality screen caps from the international trailer.

Harry OOTP Screen Grab 1
Harry OOTP Screen Grab 2
Harry OOTP Screen Grab 3
Harry OOTP Screen Grab 4

Harry OOTP Screen Grab 5

You can see more shots of the other characters with our friends at Leaky.

Warner Bros also tell us the domestic trailer will be debuting on Yahoo, Tuesday, April 24th at 6:00 AM PST. We will have links and hard copies of the domestic trailer on Wednesday, April 25th.

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OOTP Satellite Trailer Debut

Posted by coralie on 23/04/07

We’ve just received a press release from Warner Bros. Pictures announcing the satellite trailer debut of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on Tuesday April 24th, 2007 at 8:00PM – 8:15PM EST (5:00PM – 5:15PM PST).

Coordinates for feed: GAL 25 (formerly 1A-5), Transponder 13, C-Band
Downlink frequency: 3960.000 V
Trouble number for feed: 310-287-3800

I’ll be the first to admit that this is a little bit… foreign to me, but I’m quite certain that all the techno-wizards out there (you know who you are!) will figure out what to do with the above information! toung.gif

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More OOTP Photos from USA Today

Posted by jenna on 23/04/07

USA Today has posted an article, along with some more new photos of Order of the Phoenix. According to this brief article, the OOTP trailer will run with Spider-Man 3, opening May 4.

Harry, Ron, Cho with wand

You can see the other photos on the USA Today site.

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OOTP Scans and On-Site Video

Posted by jenna on 22/04/07

Thanks very much to staffer Lauren for capturing the OOTP International Trailer for us. If you are having problems with the AOL download, please feel free to download it from our server to your hard drive and watch it as many times as you wish on your PC. (Please do not play over and over from the server or we will have to remove it.)

Please right click and Save Target As…

OOTP International Trailer Windows Media, 7.xMB

Staffer Tracey sent us some scans with images from the trailer that were published in her local newspapers. Check them out below:

News of the World Scan
Sunday Mirror Scan

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OOTP International Trailer now Online

Posted by coralie on 22/04/07

The international trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is now online. Click here to view it.

We will post more links with different viewing options for you when they become available, so please check back from time to time. Enjoy!

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Another OOTP Photo

Posted by jenna on 21/04/07

Thanks very much to Warner Bros for sending over another quality photo (published in EW Magazine) from Order of the Phoenix. Enjoy! bigsmile.gif

Trio in OOTP

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International Phoenix Trailer to Debut on Sunday

Posted by coralie on 20/04/07

Since we are knee deep in Order of the Phoenix news right now, I am happy to report that Warner Bros. has just confirmed that a new international trailer for OOTP will be available (at long last!) online at AOL.CO.UK starting this Sunday, April 22nd, at 2PM GMT.

The new trailer will be longer than the teaser we have all already seen, so bring it on! Bring it on now!!! More trailer = more Harry = more Dan! amuse.gif

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IMAX Poster Too

Posted by jenna on 20/04/07

Thanks to the lovely Sue from Leaky for letting us know about the new IMAX movie poster!


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Order of the Phoenix to go 3D IMAX-Style

Posted by jenna on 19/04/07

Warner Bros sent us a press release today about the IMAX DMR® version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix that will be digitally converted into an IMAX 3D Experience®.

IMAX Corporation plans to use its proprietary 2D to 3D conversion technology to transform approximately 20 minutes at the end of the film – which is being digitally re-mastered into the unparalleled image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® using IMAX DMR (Digital Re-Mastering) technology – into IMAX® 3D.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be released in IMAX® theatres and conventional theatres on July 13, 2007, and Warner Bros. Pictures will be the exclusive distributor of the film to IMAX theatres worldwide.

To read the entire press release, please click on the Full Story link below.

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Lots of Scans and New Pics

Posted by jenna on 19/04/07

Thanks very much to staffer Tracey, Harry Potter Xperts, and Vale from HPLA for sending over some scans – there are a few new behind-the-scenes photos of OOTP in the German Cinema scans. toung.gif

German Cinema Scan 1
German Cinema Scan 2
German Cinema Scan 3
German Cinema Scan 4
Teen Now Poster

Cine Premiere 1
Cine Premiere 2

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Dan’s 18th Birthday Project

Posted by jenna on 18/04/07

You have all been doing an amazing job with this latest birthday project for Daniel. We have had well over 2000 entrants to this project already!!! Give yourselves a hand people. This still isn’t enough – we need MORE!

If you haven’t sent in your photo to be included in this monstrous photo mosaic – there is no time like the present. (Please keep in mind duplicate entries will be deleted.) ONE entry per individual. Send your photo in NOW.

This weekend we will be launching our Demelza fund-raising project that goes hand-in-hand with the mosaic project. There will be participatory prizes and a special fan-dedication piece for those that donate. More details coming!

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Dan’s MySpace – er – NOT

Posted by jenna on 16/04/07

Because we have been getting many, many e-mails about a particular MySpace account that claims to be the “official” Daniel Radcliffe MySpace I am going to post about it here. So let me just say this rant about it then:

NO, NO, NO – Dan does not now, has no plans for, and will not have a MySpace account (this includes any other online community, chat or e-mail to fans – if someone says they are Dan they are lying). Dan does not chat with fans online, e-mail them or create online community profiles.

This is something he has said on many occasions to the media, through our website and to me personally. This is also something I have repeatedly posted about here as well. Nothing has changed.

For all of the HP and Dan fan sites that have posted about it (you know who you are), or told people it was real – you need to retract your advertisement for this fake “space” – please.

It is not nice to fool innocent fans about such things, but many people think it is great fun unfortunately. Please check about these things before you post news up that could potentially be harmful to those reported to. The imposter’s “MySpace” will be dealt with. Thanks to all of you who wrote in about it. weird.gif

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More Equus Stage Door Pics

Posted by jenna on 16/04/07

Thanks very much to Tinne and Nina for sending in more back-stage photos of Daniel after the show. There are 24 in all – check them out in the gallery!

Stage Door Photo Album

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Photos of Daniel at Theatre Research Book Prize Presentation

Posted by coralie on 12/04/07

I’m between two classes at university right now (here comes Umbridge… not!), but couldn’t resist posting a few links so that you can all browse through some lovely new pictures of Dan taken at the Theatre Research Book Prize presentation this morning in London:

Getty Images

What’s On Stage

We’ll add more links later if we find any new ones.

Update: You can also check out our gallery for pics of this appearance – more photos will be added later as well.

Theatre Book Prize Gallery

Many thanks to Tracey, Janina and Jeannine for the tips!

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New Picture of Daniel as Harry on Cover of French OOTP Video Game

Posted by coralie on 12/04/07

Our friends over at UHP just emailed us to let us know that EA Games have updated their French website with a nifty new picture of Daniel as Harry with the DA on the cover of the ‘Harry Potter et l’Ordre du Phénix’ video game.

You can see it by clicking here

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More Praise for Daniel from Equus Co-Star Joanna Christie

Posted by coralie on 10/04/07

In a recent interview for, actress Joanna Christie, who plays stable girl Jill Mason in the current West End revival of Equus, spoke in glowing terms about meeting and working with Daniel Radcliffe:


"He’s so down to earth and normal. He doesn’t make you feel nervous. There’s nothing starry about him. He’s one in a million. He’s 17 and he’s had such an extraordinary life—he could be a nightmare and so messed up by his bizarre teenage years, living on a massive film set and having enormous global fame. But he’s so lovely and such a gentleman and so polite and intelligent. He’s an amazing guy."

Joanna also had this to say about Daniel’s acting and his many loyal fans:


"It’s been great for Daniel—it has given him the respect he deserves as an actor, and he has proved himself more than capable of doing something apart from Harry Potter. But more importantly than that, the response from Daniel’s fans and regular theatregoers and anyone else who has just been curious has been absolutely amazing. The audiences are such a mixture of people, and they all really, really love it. There are hundreds of people at the stage door every night, and they’re all very complimentary. That means a lot."

Of course we already know all this, but isn’t it lovely to read such comments over and over again? amuse.gif

Many thanks to Kasey for the tip!

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HQ OOTP Image from Newsweek

Posted by jenna on 10/04/07

Thanks very much to Warner Bros. for sending over an HQ image from Order of the Phoenix that ran in Newsweek today. Check it out below.

Harry and Umbridge

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Equus Stage Door Photos… and Happy Easter!

Posted by allo on 08/04/07

Many thanks to Hope R. and Maresa P. for sending us some photos of Dan taken at the stage door of the Gielgud Theatre after a performance of Equus last month. Check them out here:

Equus Stage Door Gallery

Maresa also sent a couple of short videos of Dan signing autographs for fans:

Equus Stage Door 1: Windows Media / Real Media

Equus Stage Door 2: Windows Media / Real Media

And if you’re celebrating Easter today, here’s an Easter e-card to send to a friend. Many thanks to Sabine for the design!

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Scans Galore

Posted by jenna on 05/04/07

Lots of scans! I am playing catch up due to my moving and everything so I have had limited access to the internet until now.

Thanks very much to Lynda, Tracey, Mary, Kim, Michelle, and Lauren for sending in scans to OK Magazine, Sci-Fi Magazine, Movie Magic, Total Film, The Sun, Sky Movies, Entertainment Weekly and Ripley’s Believe It or Not Comic. There are 63 scans in all – needless to say I am not posting all of the links in this post! You can sort through them in the two main galleries where they were posted below:

Magazine Covers 2007
Latest Scans 2007

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Dan and American Idol

Posted by jenna on 04/04/07

There has been a bunch of rumors floating around about Daniel guest starring on the American Idol show the 25th of April. This is not going to happen…he is not going to fly over to “physically” be on the show or judge anything, but…

FOX, AMERICAN IDOL and the Charity Projects Entertainment Fund (CPEF is a charitable U.S. organization) have partnered on an historic television event – IDOL GIVES BACK – a two-night special to help raise awareness and funds for children and young people in extreme poverty in America and Africa.

The money raised by the two shows will equally benefit the U.S. and Africa. In the U.S., the money will be distributed to Save the Children and other U.S. organizations working to deliver programs to children living in some of the most disadvantaged areas of America. View a video about the project HERE.

Daniel will be involved in this…in some way…but that is all I can say about it right now. Stay tuned for more information!

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New Photo of Dan in December Boys

Posted by coralie on 04/04/07

There is a new, albeit small, photo of Daniel in December Boys at The photo is featured in the ‘made in SA’ showcase section of the South Australian Film Corporation’s website. There is also a tiny (did I mention how tiny it is?) photo of Dan with co-star Teresa Palmer here.

Thanks to Alana for the tip.

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