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by ClaireJan 31, 2007

HQ Pics from Equus

Posted by jenna on 30/01/07

Dude – you people broke my Inbox!!!! toung.gif I am still trying to finish downloading the HQ pics from Equus (you can see the new scans post just below with a ton of scans that came out today in the London press)! I will post what I have been able to download now and then add the rest to this post as soon as my Inbox quits timing out on me! Hah. Of course, thanks very much to the Equus production team for sending these over to share with all of you!

Update: OK – I have them all now – enjoy… *runs far, far away*

Equus Studio Shot B&W 1
Equus Studio Shot B&W 2
Equus Studio Shot B&W 3
Equus Studio Shot B&W 4

Equus Studio Shot B&W 5
Equus Studio Shot Color 1
Equus Studio Shot Color 2
Equus Studio Shot Color 3
Equus Studio Shot Color 4

Equus Studio Shot Color 5

OKay, okay – here are a few more -er- detailed shots. View at your own risk – I am so not responsible for anyone's loss of consciousness…

Equus Studio Shot B&W 6
Equus Studio Shot Color 6
Equus Studio Shot Color 7 (There is a B&W one like this – but well, it's the same and I am not able to download it…inbox dead…server over there dead…)

Note: All of these fantastic photos were taken by photographer Uli Weber.

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And More New Equus Scans…HQ on the Way

Posted by jenna on 30/01/07

Just when you thought it was over – pretty much all the newspapers in London came out with more scans and more new pics…thanks to Lauren and Tracey for their quick work as always (we love them).

Daily Express Website Pic
Daily Express Scan 1
Daily Express Scan 2
Daily Mail Scan
Daily Mail Scan
Express Scan

Metro Scan
Star Scan 1
Star Scan 2
Sun Scan
Sun Scan 2
Sun Scan 3
The Times Scan

*Pants* OK – that's it for now people – There are new pics mixed in there so have fun digging through them. Also – I am just NOW getting the HQ pics and will have them up shortly. weird.gif

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New Photos of Daniel Radcliffe from Equus

Posted by jenna on 29/01/07

Thanks very much to staffer Lauren for scanning new photos of Daniel from the Evening Standard for the upcoming production Equus.

We received word over the weekend that the photos would be coming out today so I had staff on the lookout. We will have some higher quality versions soon from the producers of Equus (hopefully later today) so stay tuned!

UPDATE: Another version of the galloping duo was released in the evening edition: Galloping Duo 2

Daniel and Horse

Daniel and Horse Scan
Daniel and Jill
Standard Article

Dude – please don't freak in the comments a'right? cry.gif Please….

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Reminder: Extras Tonight on HBO in US

Posted by allo on 28/01/07

We probably don't need to remind our North American readers that Dan's guest appearance in Extras airs tonight, Sunday January 28th at 10:00 p.m. on HBO, with several repeats over the next few days. Watch out for that “mature content and language”. smile1.gif

Check the TV/Events Calendar for details of times and channels. Also on the calendar, we have new listings for the UK, USA, Germany, Italy and our first ever entry for Dubai – an HP double bill starting tomorrow night, Monday 29th (thanks, Giselle!).

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New OOTP Merchandising Photos

Posted by allo on 25/01/07

Many thanks to UHP for sending over a new photo of the Trio from a series of pictures will be used on merchandising for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix later this year.

There are also a few more new pictures of merchandise artwork featuring Dan in our HPOOTP Promotional Images Gallery, courtesy of The Leaky Cauldron. The new products are expected to begin appearing on shelves in June, with more on the way in September. For more details and pictures of other products, please go to TLC.

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Dan Makes NW's 100 Hottest Men List

Posted by allo on 24/01/07

NW (New Woman) magazine in the UK has just published its list of the 100 Hottest Men On The Planet, as voted by NW readers, and Dan's right there at number 82, earning him the “distinction” of being a) the youngest person on the list and b) hotter than Borat (#86). bigsmile.gif

Click here to see Dan and the rest of the list: NW's 100 Hottest Men On The Planet

Thanks to staffer Lauren for the tip.

UPDATE: Thanks to Peacelovenirvana for pointing out that the poll originated at NW not GMTV…(*goes and polishes reading glasses*)! embarrest.gif

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Extras Season 2 Coming to DVD in March

Posted by allo on 20/01/07

Many thanks to Chris for letting us know that season 2 of Extras is due to be released in the UK on March 26th, 2007. You can use the following link to pre-order your copy. (REMEMBER: Extras contains mature language and content and may not be suitable for a younger audience.)

Pre-order Extras Season 2 from

So far, we are not aware of any plans to release the DVD outside the UK but we will let you know here as soon as we hear of any.

North American viewers will have the chance to see Dan's guest appearance in this series on Sunday January 28th at 10:00 p.m. on HBO. Check the TV/Events Calendar for details of this and other TV listings.

UPDATE: Thanks to Kristin for letting us know that Dan's episode is now available via HBO On Demand, for those of you who subscribe to this channel.

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New Photo of Dan in OOTP and a Few Words from David Yates

Posted by coralie on 19/01/07

There is an article about much awaited movie sequels of 2007 on's website, and in it you can read the following information on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:


"The cast is growing older, film by film, and the audience is growing with them,” says David Yates, director of No. 5. “That's what is beautiful with Harry Potter. Our story is the most emotionally complex one so far.” That includes Harry's first kiss, shared with fellow wizard-in-training Cho Chang (Katie Leung). Yates assures that the film “has all of the whiz-bang whistles and bells as well. We have centaurs, half-men and half-horse. A backwoods giant baby and Hagrid's half-brother, Grawp. And some beautiful, hypnotic thestrals that are only seen when someone has died."

A new picture of Dan as Harry accompanies the article, and we'll have a high-res copy for you soon, so remember to check back!

Many thanks to Alana from thedecemberboys.blogspot for the tip!

UPDATE: Many thanks to Warner Bros. for sending over a larger copy of the picture. Enjoy!

Harry on Platform 9¾

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Exclusive: Fan Expectations Regarding Equus

Posted by jenna on 18/01/07

Recently there have been many fans who have written in to us, as well as Dan, expressing a desire to come backstage after the Equus performance. After speaking to his rep, I would like to relay the following to all of you:

While Dan greatly appreciates the support his fans have shown him in the lead up to Equus, and indeed all of his projects, the demands of playing this complex character; however, mean that this is just not going to be possible as he is on stage for eight performances a week for over four months.

Dan is delighted that so many people have booked tickets to see the play, but he really wants to implore fans not to think of the play as an opportunity to come backstage, as he would hate for them to be disappointed, but instead to come and see this amazing play and enjoy the experience of this fantastic dramatic production.

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Interview with Dan at

Posted by allo on 16/01/07 has a posted a short interview with Dan in which he talks about the need to find a variety of different acting projects in the near future to prove to people that he is “capable of more than Harry Potter”:


"Daniel Radcliffe: I need to get as much work between now and the end of the series and the immediate aftermath of the series as I can to prove to people that I can do it. That’s why I’m constantly on the look out for scripts and things to do. That’s why I’m doing two things between Harry Potter 5 and 6, if and when that happens. I do feel a need to say to people that I am capable of more than Harry Potter. That being said, I don’t pick roles specifically because they are very different from Harry Potter. You have to judge each role on what it is and who you’ll be working with. It just so happens that the films that have come my way are very different from Harry, and that’s a nice bonus, really. Having said that, Harry Potter is a very demanding part and really challenging. I don’t mean to make it sound like Harry is an easy ride, because it’s not. But with doing things like Equus and My Boy Jack, which is a World War I story about Rudyard Kipling and his son, and I did December Boys last year – hopefully all of these projects should begin to let people see me in a different light."

Thanks to HPANA for the tip!

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Michael Birt Photo of Dan for Sale

Posted by coralie on 16/01/07

I am currently checking my emails from my hotel room in New York, where I am spending a couple of days, and thought you might enjoy the following bit of information sent in by our good friend and staffer Lauren.

Lauren was lucky enough to go to Fulham Palace in person to see the exhibition of Michael Birt's photographs and she found it awesome. According to her, Dan's picture is 24″ x 20″ and is for sale for the modest (!) sum of £850 weird.gif

Michael Birt, who lives in Fulham, is one of Britain’s leading portrait photographers. The caption displayed with the picture reads as follows:

“When I was asked to select new sitters for this show, my first thought was Daniel Radcliffe. To have fabulous talent, as he undoubtedly is, on your doorstep was enticing.”

Thanks so much for sharing, Lauren!

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New Photos of Dan from Extras

Posted by allo on 13/01/07

Many thanks to Janina for sending over some new pictures of Dan in his Extras Boy Scout uniform with some of the other cast, crew and guests from the series. The second series of Extras begins tomorrow night, Sunday January 14th, on HBO at 10:00pm in the US and I'm fairly certain most of those pictures come from HBO as one was used in my local paper today. Dan's episode will air on Sunday Janary 28th.

To see all the pictures, check out the Extras Photo Gallery. The first five pictures are the new ones. Remember, we already have screencaps and video from the UK airing – you can find them on our Extras page.

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New Action Figure of Harry

Posted by allo on 13/01/07

ToyFare magazine issue 115 in the US has a sneak preview of some of the new Harry Potter merchandise from NECA, the official HP product licensee in North America, to tie in with the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix this summer. One of the figures is Harry in his Triwizard Tournament uniform. We'll let you decide about the quality of the likeness!

To see more of the figures that will be available, please visit Wizard Entertainment Group. Thanks to Coralie and TLC for the info.

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December Boys to be Released in August 2007

Posted by coralie on 13/01/07

Warner Independent Pictures have just updated their website and posted a projected August 2007 release date for the long awaited movie December Boys under the 'Upcoming Releases' section.


"Based on the classic Michael Noonan novel, “December Boys” is a story of four orphan teenagers growing up behind the closed doors of a catholic convent in outback Australia. For years the boys watch younger kids leave with their newly adopted parents and have come to the realization their time may never come.

The Reverend Mother gives the boys something to look forward to by sending them to visit the seaside for the first time. Their long awaited vacation doesn’t turn out the way they planned until they meet Teresa & Fearless, a young autocratic couple that would make the perfect parents.

As men, they remember back to the 60’s when, as boys, they spent their first tumultuous summer by the sea as they sabotaged each others efforts to be the chosen one only to discover the real meaning behind what it is to be a family, ie one of the “December Boys.”

“December Boys” is directed by Rod Hardy, adapted from Noonan’s novel by Marc Rosenberg, and stars Daniel Radcliffe."

Thanks to Tracey and Jeannine for the tip… Looks like summer 2007 is officially going to be known as the 'summer of Daniel'! amuse.gif

UPDATE - OK, OK, I stand corrected: It looks like 2007 is officially going to be known as the 'YEAR of Daniel'! toung.gif

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Full Cast of Equus Confirmed

Posted by allo on 11/01/07

The full cast for the forthcoming London stage production of Equus has now been announced and posted at the official Equus website.

Joining Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths on the stage will be Karen Meagher (as a nurse), Jenny Agutter (as magistrate Hesther Saloman), Jonathan Cullen (as Alan's father Frank Strang), Gabrielle Reidy (as Alan's mother Dora Strang), Colin Haigh (as stable owner Harry Dalton), and Joel Corpuz, Jami Quarrell, Greig Cooke and Temujin Gill (Horses). As previously reported, Joanna Christie will play the role of stablehand Jill Mason) and Will Kemp will portray Alan's favorite horse, Nugget. The role of a Horseman remains to be cast.

Jenny Agutter, a longtime star of British stage and screen, appeared in the 1977 film version of Equus in the role of Jill Mason, a performance that earned her a Best Supporting Actress award at the UK's BAFTA awards the following year.

Equus plays at the Gielgud Theatre in London's West End from February 16th to June 9th. To reserve tickets, please visit the Delfont Mackintosh Theatres website.

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Harry Potter DVDs to be Re-released in HD Format

Posted by coralie on 08/01/07

To follow up on our previous post regarding Harry Potter DVDs being pulled from the shelves, Warner Home Video has just announced in a press release that all four Harry Potter DVDs will be re-released later this year in HD (high definition) format.

According to Warner Home Video, 'HD DVDs offer resolution six times higher than standard definition DVDs, as well as extraordinarily vibrant contrast and color and beautifully crisp sound. HD DVDs also provide a higher level of interactivity, with instant access to extra features via a seamless menu-bar where viewers can enjoy features without leaving or interrupting the film.'

Personally I would be very happy if they incorporated all the deleted scenes into each movie in the right order so that I wouldn't have to watch them separately anymore!

Many thanks to Chris for the tip.

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Daniel and Harry Big Winners in K-Zone Awards

Posted by coralie on 06/01/07

The results of the K-Zone (Kid Zone) Awards 2006 have now been revealed in the January 2007 issue of K-Zone Magazine, and we are happy to report that Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson appear to have won hands down in the following categories:
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was crowned Movie of The Year with 72.1% of the votes

– Daniel Radcliffe won in the Best Actor category with 47.7% of the votes
– Emma Watson won in the Best Actress category with 69.1% of the votes
– He Who… Oh, never mind…Voldemort won in the Best Villain category with 53.2% of the votes
– Ron Weasley earned himself the title of Best Sidekick with 46.6% of the votes
– Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson won in the 'Best Love Team' category with 69.5% of the votes (before anyone gets all excited about this, please note that the following clarification was added next to the category in question: “They're not really a love team – but you sure wish they were.”) toung.gif

– Harry Potter versus Voldemort won in the “Fight of the Year” category with 53.5% of the votes.

Many thanks to alyssa for the tip!

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Harry Potter and the Vanishing DVDs

Posted by allo on 06/01/07

The Leaky Cauldron reports that Warner Bros. has now put the first three Harry Potter DVDs on moratorium in the US and will put Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on moratorium on January 22nd, 2007. According to a statement from, this means that Warner Bros. will no longer produce new copies of these DVDs. However, you will still be able to buy them from stores and online as long as suppliers have them in stock. The DVDs are still currently available from Warner Bros. direct via our WBShop or from Amazon USA via our DR-Store.

Although DVD production is stopping in the US (the future of the DVDs in other territories is not yet known), it is possible that the DVDs could be reissued, possibly in a revised or repackaged form, at some point in the future. We will of course let you know as soon as we hear any news.

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Dan and Emma on the Fandango Fifty List

Posted by allo on 06/01/07

Movie information and ticketing website has published its list of the fifty most anticipated performers (25 actors and 25 actresses) of 2007 and HP stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson are among those on the list. Fandango polled moviegoers to see which stars they are most looking forward to seeing on the big screen in 2007. Dan ranked 20th on the list of actors and Emma ranked 24th on the actress list, both of course for their roles in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The most hotly anticipated performers of 2007 are Johnny Depp for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and Reese Witherspoon for Rendition.

To see the full Fandango Fifty list, read the press release at PRWeb.

::send to friend:: Interviews Daniel Radcliffe

Posted by allo on 06/01/07

HP fansite HarryLatino recently posted their own exclusive interview with Dan. The interview, which was originally included in their HLRadio podcast #16, was conducted by phone back in July 2006 but has only just been authorized for release. Some of the things Dan talks about in this interview are how he uses music to get in the mood for scenes in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, what his boggart would be, how he enjoys working with new cast member Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) and who he thinks would be the best girlfriend for Harry!

You can download an audio clip of Dan's interview here: Interview with Daniel Radcliffe (July 2006)
For English and Spanish transcripts of the interview, please visit or click on the “full story” link below. Many thanks to El Cronista de Salem of for the tip!;

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New Information on Equus: Thea Sharrock Speaks of Daniel

Posted by coralie on 03/01/07

There is an interesting new article about the casting of actor/dancer Will Kemp in the upcoming West End production of Equus that is currently circulating on the web and in which we can find some interesting new information regarding the play. Kemp, who has been cast as both Nugget the horse (the horse most favoured by stableboy Alan Strang, who will be played by Daniel) and Equus the Horse God, will be wearing a mask and hooves (as will all the actors who are cast as horses) created by award winning designer John Napier. The play's producer, David Pugh, wanted to “create a vision of 7ft to 8ft horses on stage,” which should be extremely interesting to see.

The article also contains a quote from director Thea Sharrock regarding Daniel:
“I want to have a very serious focus with Daniel and Richard (Griffiths) before the room gets crowded. It's Daniel's first time on dramatic stage. This isn't a vehicle created for Daniel. He auditioned and the best actor was picked. The fact that he also happens to be the actor who plays Harry Potter is beside the point. He and I have spent a lot of time examining the text because things are very different with a play than a movie.”

According to that same article, the play has so far sold approximately £600,000 worth of tickets with a minimum of marketing. No surprise there! Daniel certainly has a lot of fans who will be heading to London to see Equus (although the wonderful Richard Griffiths also has a solid fan base of his own).

To read a scan of the entire article, simply click here.

UPDATE: according to an article on, ticket sales are now in the vicinity of £750,000.

Thanks to Miia for the tip and to Tina for the update on the sales figures!

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Dan on The Observer's Hot List 2007

Posted by allo on 02/01/07

UK Sunday newspaper The Observer has published its Hot List of “people, ideas and trends that are set to make a mark over the coming year” and has listed Dan under its “Hot Career Moves” section. Here's what they had to say:


"Daniel Radcliffe

Best known as: The world's favourite trainee wizard. Radcliffe has fronted all four Harry Potter movies since the age of 12.

Career move: Taking to the West End stage as the disturbed stable-boy with a penchant for nudity, in Peter Shaffer's Equus (from 16 Feb at the Gielgud Theatre, London).

Chance of success: Radcliffe's apprenticeship as Harry Potter taught him how to act. The boy wizard shall come of age.

Could be the next: Christian Bale."

We'll take that as a compliment. Thanks to Tracey for the tip!

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