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by ClaireDec 31, 2006

Short quotes and comments by and about Daniel Radcliffe from around the media.  If you find any more, please send them to us!

Source: J.K., 21st December 2006

While announcing the title of the 7th and last book of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling reports about a recent visit she paid on the set of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:

“I made another daytrip to Leavesden a few weeks ago, where I saw twenty minutes of Order of the Phoenix, which looks fantastic. Also got a chance, before they all took off in their different directions (it was the last week of live actor filming) to talk to Dan, Rupert, Emma and Evanna, which is always wonderful. Dan has changed his theory on Snape; he says he doesn’t want to be like one of those people who are photographed, beaming, next to mad dictators.”

Source: Newsweek, 18th December 2006

HPOotP director, David Yates, praises Daniel:

“I’ve stretched Dan quite a bit. He’s a very intuitive person, very bright, quite sensitive. I’m just helping him wake those things up. You can see his determination and ambition, and he can switch things on a sixpence, so I can’t wait for people to see what he’s achieving.”

He also adds: “It takes as long as it takes (to make a movie). The most important thing on screen is the actors. If the performance isn’t real, that million-dollar special-effects shot behind the actor doesn’t count for anything.”

Source: Times Publications, 12th December 2006

From an Australian newspaper article entitled “Potter Spotted In Yarraville”:

ENGLISH teenage actor Daniel Radcliffe dropped by the Sun Theatre in Yarraville for promotional work last Tuesday. Radcliffe, who is popular with teens for his role as the bespectacled young wizard Harry Potter in the Harry Potter movies, was at the Sun for a photo shoot.

The 17-year-old happily posed for a photo with the Sun Theatre’s accounts manager Marija Patterson and her son Euan (pictured with Radcliffe, centre) before heading to the Channel 9 studios. He also signed a congratulatory message for the Sun Theatre’s Harry Potter-themed Hogwarts Party Room, which is due to open mid-December. Radcliffe also attended the recent AFI awards during his visit to Melbourne and will star in the coming Australian feature film, December Boys.

Source: Daily Mail, 8th December 2006

From an article entitled “” by Baz Bamigboye:

The Harry Potter star makes his West End theatre debut in Peter Shaffer’s play Equus in February and Joanna Christie will play the teenage girl with whom his character Alan Strang — a groomsman who has blinded six horses — has a torrid fling. The young lovers have a steamy sex scene together.

The list was narrowed to six, each taking turns to perform scenes on stage with Daniel in a secret session one lunchtime at the Prince Of Wales Theatre, normally home to Mamma Mia! Joanna, 24, from Holmfirth in West Yorkshire (Last Of The Summer Wine country), was called back four times to test with Daniel in some of the play’s most intimate scenes. Finally, she was chosen and contracts were signed on Wednesday.

“It was the chemistry between them,” observed Mr Pugh.

Mr Pugh joked: “She was the one Daniel fancied the most, and that swung it for us. “

Source: HBO Extras Website, December 2006

Daniel talks about his guest appearance in the second season of Extras:

“I think people generally tend to think that, from interviews or whatever, they sort of know you. And it would be nice to temporarily destroy the image they think they have of me.”

Source: The Philippine Daily Enquirer, 21st October 2006

During an interview, Miriam Margoyles (professor Sprout in the Harry Potter movies) was asked to comment on some of the actors she had worked with over the last few years. Here’s her charming compliment about Dan:

“He’s absolutely charming. He comes from a very nice, middle-class family, he has perfect manners and possesses a sense of decency and humility. Very refreshing.”

Source: CBBC Newsround, 21st November 2006

After the release of OotP’s international trailer, Daniel talks about the movie:

“The response I’ve had from the trailer so far has been very, very positive. People do seem to be wanting to see more of the film,”

“It’s very different from the fourth one, which was very spectacular. This one is a much darker, more internal emotional journey.”

Source: London Theatre Guide, 13th October 2006

Equus director, Thea Sharrock, speaks of Dan’s involvement in the play:

“The speculation is not my problem. I’ve just got to get on with the job. I think you get into real trouble the minute you start worrying about that kind of thing. I suspect that play itself would bring along a fair amount of speculation but then the minute you have Daniel Radcliffe in it, it brings it to a whole new level, but much like him, it’s not what I’m concentrating on; we’re just getting on with the play.”

Source: Parade, 8th October 2006

During the promotion of his film Driving Lessons, Rupert Grint talks about his relationship with Dan:

I wondered if he and Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry, were friends or just two guys on the same job.

“We’re good friends for five or six years now, spending nearly every day together,” he said. “On the job, we’re all getting on.”

Source: Newsweek, 2nd October 2006

Colin Jamison, hair designer in the Harry Potter movies, comments on Harry’s new look for the fifth installment:

Meanwhile, girls around the globe will note in these exclusive first-look photos of “Phoenix” that Radcliffe, 17, has short hair again after growing his locks for the last film.

“The longer hair made him look boyish,” says the film’s hair designer, Colin Jamison. “We needed to progress him in age. He’s older now, and looks more handsome with the shorter hair.”

Radcliffe is happy to be done with the mop, too. “It looks great at the end of the fourth film, with sweat and blood matted into it, but we can’t have every scene like that,” he says, laughing. “And I like to imagine that Harry went home over the summer, angry, and chopped into it himself.”

Source: New York Post, 22nd September 2006

Richard Griffiths talks about Dan’s role in Equus:

“The role is a 17-year-old boy, which is essentially what Dan is. So, from an acting point of view, all he has to do is behave. The boy has no awareness of his emotional impact, so you don’t want acting – you want natural behavior. I’m confident Dan will do well.”

Source: The Sun, 14th September 2006

Warwick Davis, who plays Professor Flitwick in the Harry Potter movies, had these kind words to say about Daniel:

“I get on really well with Daniel. I’ve known him since the first movie and he’s grown up and not changed at all. He’s a great character. The child actors on the film are a lot more professional than some of the adult actors I’ve worked with. They know their lines, they’re there on time, it’s brilliant to watch them work.”

He continues: “Daniel and I chatted about being child actors. We definitely have had comparable experiences. He just deals with it so well. He’s very good and really appreciates the fans.”

He adds: “I think he’ll evolve into a highly-regarded adult actor. I’m hoping he’ll make that transition because he has a lot of talent.”

Source: Total Film, 13th September 2006

During an interview about his film Driving Lessons, Rupert Grint was asked a… singular question:

Final Question: If you and Daniel Radcliffe had a fight, who’d win?

Rupert Grint: “I think me. Dan does work out a bit, but I’m bigger so maybe that’d give me the edge. We arm-wrestled once, and I beat him…”

Source: Xpress Magazine (Austria), September 2006.  Translation by: Sabine

From an article about Dan and Emma winning the XPress Pinguin award, voted by Xpress magazine readers:

We can see familiar sets everywhere in the huge halls of Leavesden Studios in London: Sirius Black’s house, Dumbledore’s office, Harry’s dormitory … and now we realise it: we are at Hogwarts!

Emma Watson welcomes us. “Hello!”, the sweet sixteen-year-old, who portrays the bookworm Hermione Granger in the film, waves at us. Just for the XPress she takes a break from shooting and takes the Golden Penguin smiling shyly.
“Wow, thank you. I have never gotten such an award before. Greetings to all the readers in Austria!”

The model pupil thinks for a while and says, “Hey, we British have stolen a few words from your language. Like the word Angst! It means the same for us …”

Daniel Radcliffe also joins us. Although he has a strict timetable today, he wants to accept the Penguin personally.

“How did I win this one?”, he laughs. “It’s really cool and of course it will get a special place right next to the one from last year. Thank you very much!”


We asked Dan about the bathroom scene in “Harry Potter 4” and want to know how long he trains for his Adonis-body.

“Um, thanks for noticing it.” Dan grins and blushes at the same time. “Not very long, half an hour twice a week with David Holmes, my stunt double. But we train hard.”

Source: Edinburgh Film Festival Press Conference, 26th August 2006

I’m Dan Radcliffe, and I’d like to tell you about a film I am making next year for ITV1.

In World War I, millions of young men were killed fighting for their country – many were only 17 years old.

It’s a period I am particularly fascinated by, which is why I was thrilled to be asked by Ecosse Films to play the title role in a major new drama called My Boy Jack.


The film is about Rudyard Kipling and his son. Kipling was one of several high profile figures who took an active role in persuading young men to fight in World War I. His own son Jack, however, had such poor eyesight that the army refused to accept him. Indeed, it was only through Kipling’s personal intervention that Jack eventually gained a commission with the Irish guards.

Written by and starring David Haig as Kipling, My Boy Jack is a moving and powerful story NOT ONLY of duty, sacrifice and bravery, but also the horror of war.


In My Boy Jack next year, we will remember them.

Source: Sunday Mail, 13th August 2006

Teresa Palmer, who plays Lucy in December Boys, talks about his experience with Dan’s fans:

…she also found time to give Daniel Radcliffe his first on-screen snog in December Boys – filmed in locations such as Kangaroo Island over summer.

However the Harry Potter connection in December Boys gave her a glimpse of the flipside of fame, generating an outpouring of vitriol for daring to be the first woman (on screen at least) to lock lips with the boy wizard.

“These girls hate me” she laughed. “They have some sort of things in their minds that I’m going to marry Daniel. When I first got December Boys I thought ‘This is fun. I’ll just Google my name to see what people say about me’, thinking it would be all nice things. Then I read this terrible thing about a death threat I was going to get, like: ‘Stay away from my Dan’.
“I laugh about it now but I was speaking to Daniel’s dad while we were shooting and I was telling him about all the horrific things they were saying about me and he just said: ‘Stop right now, never go on the internet again because it will just kill you’.”

Source: Comic Book Resources, 21st July 2006

Short description of OotP director David Yates and Dan’s intervention at Comic Con 2006:

Harry Potter made an appearance after this…sort of. A quick video clip of Daniel Radcliffe (who plays Harry) speaking from the set of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was shown. For fans who are interested, his hair appears to be the shortest it’s ever been for this film. Daniel said the movie is going great, and said that he was sure audiences were curious about the kiss Harry Potter receives in the movie. He then went on to say, “Well, the kiss is…”

Unfortunately, the director, David Yates, then appeared and started talking about the movie as well. He mentioned that Hagrid’s giant brother Grawp will be in the film, as well as Dolores Umbridge, whom the director described as “a cross between Doris Day and Freddy Krueger.”

Yates then addressed the issue of the kiss of the kiss as well, saying “Oh, the kiss? It’s…” A production assistant interrupted and said they were both needed on the set. They quickly said goodbye and left, smiling as they left the audience wondering about that darn kiss.

Source: CBBC Newsround, 20th July 2006

Evanna Lynch talks about her screen test with Dan

“The screen test I thought went OK and it was really fine because Daniel was really easy to be with because he’s very good at acting so you just believe he’s Harry and he talked to me a lot. And he was nice.”

Source: Sydney Morning Herald, 13th June 2006

From an interview with Christian Byers, who plays Spark in December Boys:

Late last year he finished filming December Boys, starring Radcliffe.

“He was cool. He’s just like anyone else,” Byers said. “He’s really, really friendly. He loves music and got me into a lot of bands, like the Kaiser Chiefs, the Killers and Franz Ferdinand. He got me a few albums, which was really nice of him.”

Source: Bravo Magazine, May 2006

Daniel receives his Golden OTTO award from the German maganize “Bravo”:

Daniel waits for me in Dumbledore’s office. Actually, he is much more shorter than I imagined! No more than 170 (5’5 1/2) centimetres! On the big screen they all seem to be so tall!

He is smiling shyly at me and says quietly: “Hi, nice to meet you!” He is a bit pale. No wonder – For the first time since he is playing Harry, Daniel is sick. He has got a nasty flu! Again and again he is coughing severely, but he is brave and pleased like crazy with the Golden OTTO! He is beaming! Daniel says, “A very big and dear Thank You to all BRAVO Readers!”

Source: The Guardian, 12th April 2006

From an article by Charlotte Higgins entitled “Radcliffe Portrait Dispenses With Magic”, about the new portrait of Dan by Stuart Pearson Wright:

There is no scar, no trademark wire-rimmed spectacles and no sign of a magic wand. This is Daniel Radcliffe, 16, stripped of his Harry Potter togs and drawn as a very ordinary teenager: frank, alert and curious. The drawing is part of a group of portraits of actors – including Michael Gambon, John Hurt and Rosamund Pike – by Stuart Pearson Wright, who won the BP Portrait award in 2001.

“It was quite a challenge,” said Pearson Wright. “As people’s faces get older they get blighted by cynicism and evidence of broken hearts and all the things that go wrong in life. When you draw someone so young, there is little evidence of any real trauma.”

“It’s not that Daniel lacked character, it was just that he had an extreme openness and lack of cynicism – and it was difficult to know what to do with that. I have a particular affinity with grizzly old men.”

Source: BBC News, 11th April 2006

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will become the youngest non-royal to have his own individual portrait displayed at the National Portrait Gallery. The 16-year-old, who is shooting Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, posed for artist Stuart Pearson Wright. Radcliffe, who was 14 when he posed for the portrait, said he was delighted to be one of the youngest subject at the National Portrait Gallery.

Radcliffe was quoted as saying,

“I love it. Until recently, I’d seen a peek of it in the catalogue, but not actually seen the real thing. It was strange seeing myself as I was two years ago, not as I am now. If you look at each individual part of my face they look exactly like part of my face. Together it’s surreal. It’s a great honour to be in there among such amazing actors and actresses”.

Source: BBC Radio 1, 14th March 2006

Daniel talks about Harry’s first kiss with Cho Chang:

“It’ll be odd because one of my parents will be on set. It will be embarrassing but hopefully I’ll work past that and be utterly professional but I’ll probably keep screwing it up so that I can keep doing it.”

Source: WB Press Release, 2nd February 2006

Daniel talks about his preparation for OotP filming:

Radcliffe prepared for “Phoenix” by meeting with a bereavement counselor so he could understand survivor’s guilt, since his two main relationships in this film — with his godfather Sirius Black and new girlfriend Cho Chang — are grounded in a mutual need to bond with another person after a great, shared loss.

“Sirius is clinging on to James (Harry’s father and Sirius’ best friend) through me, and I’m trying to know my father through him,” Radcliffe said. “The same thing happens with me and Cho. I was the last person there when her last boyfriend, Cedric, was killed.”

Source: PR Newswire, 12 January 2006

Disneyland Resort conducted a survey about “What Scares You?”. Dan was one of the celebrities invited to take part in the survey:

Daniel Radcliffe may not scare easily as Harry Potter or in real life but when it comes to clowns, forget it. The star of “Harry Potter” series says “scary” noises also give him the spooks!

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