Promo Photo Preview and buy viagra online in the uk Letter from Dan

Thanks so very much to Dan for sending an advance copy of the new photo he will be sending out to fans when they write in to him. This photo was taken outside Leavesden Studios.To get your own copy start writing now — he will be sending them out starting the beginning of next year.

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“Dear Jenna

As I have now finished on HP5 and am about to take a break, I wanted you to canadameds generic viagra from india have a copy of my new fan mail photo which will be sent out with a new newsletter from the beginning of next year. It was taken by Emma Hardy who took my photo for the exhibition at the generic cialis without a prescription National Portrait Gallery.

As Christmas approaches, I would again urge my loyal fans not to send me presents but make a donation to Demelza House (which always needs support).

It has been a very exciting year for me. I had a great time making ‘Order of the Phoenix’ and working again with Gary OIdman, and for the first time Imelda Staunton, was simply fantastic. David Yates was an inspired director who I would walk on hot coals to work with again.

As many of you know I am going on obtain viagra without prescription stage next year, to appear in Equus and the letters of support I have received since the announcment, from many fans have been very exciting to read. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

Later next year I will film MY BOY JACK and again am completely thrilled to be working on this fantastic and very moving script. It is going to be a very full year and I will relish every moment.

Thank you Jenna for your honest and straightforward reporting of events this year – leaving the speculation to others. Thank you also for not jumping on the slightest bit of click here news and reporting it as fact before having it confirmed. I appreciate everything you do and know I can rely on you to present the truth to finasteride generic my fans without sensationalism – that is why we continue to enjoy working with you.

As I embark on projects outside the Potter franchise (DECEMBER BOYS, EXTRAS, EQUUS and MY BOY JACK) I would like to thank my loyal fans for continuing on this journey with me and following my career with interest.

I hope everyone has a happy, peaceful and fun Christmas and New Year!

Much love



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