News Archive - September 2006
Promo Photo Preview and Letter from Dan

News Archive – October 2006

by ClaireOct 31, 2006

Advanced Tickets to Equus and Much More

Posted by jenna on 31/10/06

Some of you might have noticed the new banner atop the FULLNEWS page this morning. We here at are very happy to announce to you that Daniel Radcliffe fans will have the opportunity to buy tickets for the Equus play before they go on sale at the general box office. This is thanks very much to the producers of the play as well as Daniel.

Daniel wanted me to pass this message about the production to the fans in conjunction with this news:

“I just wanted to thank all my fans for the tremendous support you have shown me in my forthcoming role of Alan Strang in Peter Shaffer's Equus. As you know, this is an incredibly powerful drama and the decision to play this part was not one taken lightly. This role will stretch me as an actor further than I can possibly imagine and I am so excited to be involved in this production and to be directed in my theatre debut by one of the most talented directors working today, Thea Sharrock. I am also delighted to be starring opposite Richard Griffiths who of course, aside from playing 'my Uncle Vernon' was just recently awarded a Tony for his performance in The History Boys. He is truly a remarkable actor and there is no one I'd rather have guide me through this unique stage experience. Thank you again, your support means the world to me”.

Newsletter subscribers will be getting special editions tonight as soon as we receive the HTML specs from the production PR house. While you are waiting, feel free to take a gander at the Official Equus Website.

We will also be offering a special promotion for the fans who plan to travel over to London for this show. One of our staffers (Coralie) has been working with a travel agency specifically for this promotion. We are sorting out some last minute “Demelza” opportunities and will be adding this information to the site later today – along with a few more interesting goodies for Equus. Stay tuned!

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A Special Exclusive Boo-tacular Treat!

Posted by jenna on 29/10/06

Yes – I am still alive and crawling. smile1.gif Just want to give everyone a heads up to a special exclusive Dan-related feature promotion coming tomorrow on this site. If you are not a member of our newsletter, now might be a good time to sign up!!!


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POA Premieres on US TV Tonight

Posted by allo on 28/10/06

US and Canadian readers who not heading out partying tonight can catch the North American network premiere of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban tonight at 8pm Eastern (7pm Central) time on ABC. This will be presented in both conventional and high definition formats. Harry Potter et la chambre des secrets also airs tonight in Canada on TVA Network at 6:30pm.

Also, HBO has now announced airdates in November for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which will begin screening on Sunday November 19th. The film will also be available via HBO On Demand from November 20th until December 17th. A 15-minute behind-the-scenes documentary, The Making of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, will also air in November, starting on November 7th. All known airdates can be found on our TV/Events Calendar. Thanks to Tina, Sandy and Nancy for the tips.

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Heads Up: Monster Bash 5

Posted by allo on 28/10/06

Attention, all you creatures of the night! If you're heading out to a Halloween party this weekend, make sure you get a picture of yourself in your Halloween costume so that you can enter it in our 5th Annual Monster Bash Halloween Costume Contest. Don't send pictures just yet – full details and prizes will be announced at the beginning of next week.

NOTE: Costumes do not have to be Potter-themed. And if you dont' “celebrate” Halloween where you live, don't worry – we will accept photos from costume parties taken within the last year.

If you do go out celebrating this weekend, have fun and stay safe!

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ADMIN: Media Server Maintenance

Posted by allo on 28/10/06

Our media server,, which serves all our picture galleries, videos, audio, DR-LX e-card system and forum graphics (avatars, signatures etc), will be undergoing a major upgrade some time this weekend so please don't be alarmed if you are suddenly unable to access any of these features. We hope that the downtime will be kept to a minimum and that everything will be back online very shortly. Thanks for your understanding.

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Win Tickets to the U.S. Premiere of OOTP!

Posted by coralie on 25/10/06

HBO has launched a contest in which the grand prize consists of 4 tickets to next year's U.S. premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The contest runs until the end of December, and entries are limited to one per person per day. Only U.S. residents 18 years of age or older are eligible to participate (non U.S. fans, I feel your pain… I'm Canadian!) cry.gif

In addition to the grand prize, various types of Harry Potter prize packs and merchandise can also be won.

To enter the contest, click here and fill out a participation form. Be sure to read the complete list of rules before signing up! The names of the winners will be announced on January 10th 2007.

For all those wondering about the first prize, here are all the juicy details: 3 day/2 night trip for 4 to attend the U.S. premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, including round-trip economy air transportation from major airport nearest to the winner's home, hotel accommodation (2 rooms, double occupancy), ground transportation to/from gateway airport nearest to the winner's home, to/from hotel and to/from the premiere AND $500 spending money. Wow!

Good luck to all who participate!

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GOF Nominated for 2 Kids' BAFTA Awards

Posted by allo on 24/10/06

The BBC is reporting that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has been nominated in the Best Film category of the 11th Annual British Academy Children's Film and Television Awards. GOF is up against The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch And the Wardrobe, Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. All four films are also shortlisted, with six others, for the BAFTA Kids' Vote award, a public award which will be voted on by children under the age of 16. The awards ceremony will take place on 26 November at the London Hilton.

For more information about the awards, please visit the British Academy Children's Film & Television Awards page. As soon as we have information about how to vote for the public award, we will post it here.

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Fan Art and Downloads Update

Posted by allo on 23/10/06

It's been a long time – VERY long time – since we had a fan art update but at last, I've finally had some time to go through the bulging inbox and do some long overdue posting. Letter Exchange: With Halloween just around the corner, Sabine has sent us some e-cards for you to share with your friends. There are 3 new cards in the Halloween gallery, as well as new entries in the Birthday and Congratulations galleries and a new German-language card section called “E-cards auf Deutsch”. Look at the end of each gallery for the new cards. Thanks, Sabine!

Fan Art: Added 37 new works from Nathaniel, David, Afiqah, Kate, Diana, Norman, Vania, Lorena, Lindsay, Julia, Satyan, Stephanie, Inessa, Leah, Crystal, Whitelace, Mayur, Zinnia and Ayna. Newest entries are shown first.

Wallpapers: Added 35 new wallpapers from Sabine, Rabia, Lisa, Leila, Lady Smid, Kaly, Helicon, Erick, Elena, Diana, BK, Agnes and Adam. Newest entries are shown first.

Avatars: Added 28 new avatars from Sabine and Elisabeth. Newest entries are shown first.

Huge thanks to everyone who has sent in their artwork – you all did an awesome job – and thanks for your patience in waiting for us to post it! embarrest.gif

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New Photos of Daniel in OOTP!

Posted by coralie on 23/10/06

Some terrific new photos of Daniel and actor Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley) filming a brand new scene from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix have just been posted in the galleries at You can view the pictures by clicking here. You can then click on the thumbnails for a larger version of each photo (you'll need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see them). Enjoy! amuse.gif

::send to friend:: Interviews Daniel Radcliffe

Posted by allo on 22/10/06

The October 30th edition of Newsweek magazine in the US will carry a short feature about Dan's upcoming role in the London stage production of Equus and how he has matured as an actor.


"”Knowledge is the thing that inspires growth. You have to know more before you can grow more.” [Dan] instantly grimaces. “That's horrible! It rhymes!” he says, and laughs. “Awful.”"

The online edition of the magazine,, also has a “frank and far-reaching” interview with Dan, exclusive to the Web. Here's some choice quotes:


"On attending this year's Reading Festival: My friends and I walked out of this tent, and there was this guy passed out on the floor. He woke up, just momentarily, went, [in slurry, drunk voice] “It’s Harry Potter!” and collapsed again.

On whether he felt pressure about getting good exam grades: Um, no. If they were bad I probably just wouldn’t have told anyone, and if it had gotten into the papers, I probably would have said, “Oh, the press. Don’t believe everything you read.”

On hanging out with Rupert Grint: Rupert’s great, because if you’re ever in the mood for a very surreal conversation, you can have it with him. Like, “What would happen if each of us had our own gravitational pull?”"

And there's plenty more where they came from! To read the interviews, go to:

Newsweek: Stars: Revealing the Whole Harry Potter
Newsweek: Harry Potter and the Frank and Far-Reaching Discussion

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Miriam Margolyes Compliments Daniel Radcliffe

Posted by allo on 22/10/06

The Philippine Daily Enquirer published an interview yesterday with actress Miriam Margolyes (Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter movies) about her role in the HBO TV special The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, and she was asked to comment on some of the actors she had worked with over the last few years. Here's her charming compliment about Dan:


"Daniel Radcliffe (“Harry Potter”)

He’s absolutely charming. He comes from a very nice, middle-class family, he has perfect manners and possesses a sense of decency and humility. Very refreshing."

To read the rest of the interview, go to Encounters with Sellers, Radcliffe, Schwarzenegger, Queen

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Daniel places 41st in the UK Cosmo Girl's 101 Hottest List for 2006

Posted by jenna on 16/10/06 reader Kellie let us know Daniel Radcliffe came in 41st place in the UK Cosmo Girl's 101 Hottest Guys Poll, besting the likes of Heath Ledger and Jared Padalecki.

Staffer Lauren sent us a scan from the magazine. Congrats to Dan! toung.gif

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Extras Season Two to Air on HBO

Posted by allo on 13/10/06

We've just received word today from Dan's representative that season 2 of Extras has finally been given an air date for HBO. The series will be shown on Sunday nights at 10:00 p.m., beginning on January 14th, 2007, which means Dan's episode should air on January 28th. If you can't wait till then, check out the screencaps and video clips via our Extras page. amuse.gif

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Equus Update

Posted by jenna on 13/10/06

The Daily Mail posted a report regarding Equus yesterday – thank you to everyone who has written in. I have spoken to Dan's representative about this; however, there is nothing I can confirm “officially” at this point… nothing until next week. On the positive side, we will have some really exciting news for you guys regarding Equus soon, so stay tuned!! bigsmile.gif

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Thea Sharrock Speaks of Dan in Equus

Posted by coralie on 13/10/06

There is an interview with director Thea Sharrock in the London Theatre Guide in which she speaks about the upcoming production of Equus and, of course, about Daniel. Sharrock, who will be directing the revival of Peter Shaffer's play and has worked with many respected actors in the past, had this to say about the fact that Daniel, who is such a huge celebrity thanks to Harry Potter yet is relatively new to the stage, was likely to draw the spotlight to the controversial production like no-one else:

“The speculation is not my problem. I've just got to get on with the job. I think you get into real trouble the minute you start worrying about that kind of thing. I suspect that play itself would bring along a fair amount of speculation but then the minute you have Daniel Radcliffe in it, it brings it to a whole new level, but much like him, it's not what I'm concentrating on; we're just getting on with the play.”

A comment like this one only confirms what we already know: Daniel is an actor and an artist who takes his craft seriously and who remains wonderfully down-to-earth despite his celebrity status.

To read the entire article, click here

Many thanks to Simon for the tip!

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OOTP Trailer Out on November 17th!

Posted by allo on 11/10/06

The official Harry Potter newsletter from Warner Bros., which is being sent out now to subscribers, has announced that the first trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be released in theatres on Friday November 17th, in front of WB's dancing penguin extravaganza, Happy Feet!

UPDATE: WB has confirmed that the trailer will be released worldwide on the 17th and will be shown online shortly after the theatrical release. In North America, it will accompany Happy Feet. Thanks, WB!

To subscribe to the official HP newsletter, go to the official Warner Bros. Harry Potter website, then click on the Community button to find the Newsletters subscription form. Thanks to The Leaky Cauldron for the tip!

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UPDATED: Daniel Radcliffe To Be Featured in NPG's Exceptional Youth Exhibition

Posted by allo on 07/10/06

Daniel Radcliffe is one of the “inspiring young Britons” under the age of 21 who will be featured in an exhibition at London's National Portrait Gallery entitled “Exceptional Youth: Photographs by Emma Hardy”. The exhibition opens on 30th October 2006 and will also include portraits of model Lily Cole, footballer Theo Walcott and rapper Dizzee Rascal amongst others, as well as accompanying interviews.

There is an article in today's (Saturday) Guardian newspaper in the UK entitled The Young Ones which highlights some of the subjects of the exhibition, which includes the following quote from Dan:


"Daniel Radcliffe, 16 [at time of interview]
Chosen at 11 to play Harry Potter, he is now making the fifth film in the series. He has appeared as 'himself' in Extras and next year is to star in the ITV drama My Boy Jack, in the film December Boys and on stage in Equus.

I'm still not really aware of how big Harry Potter is. When you're in the middle of something, it's hard to be objective. Funny things have happened, though, and I do have to avoid confined spaces such as the underground. Recently we went to the science museum in Valencia. I was really excited to be checking it out, but I hadn't factored in the school parties, who got a little overexcited.

I would hate to be accused of having got through life just by luck – I think you do create your own destiny. My mum and dad believe in fate. I see coincidences, but not a predestined path. If it's just about fate, then you become complacent and expect things to come your way. I like being challenged. Even when you're doing really intense, dramatic scenes that take so much out of you, it's still really fun and energising. Acting makes you feel so alive.

Committing to such a big film project has involved sacrifices. I miss out on some of the more spontaneous moments in life. But I have a great bunch of friends and an amazing relationship with my parents, and I feel lucky to have worked with so much talent. It sounds a bit gushy, I know, but to have performed with the likes of Imelda Staunton, Gary Oldman and Michael Gambon is nothing less than magical."

UPDATE 10/8: Thanks very much to Carole for sending us a scan of this article from yesterday's Guardian, which has a new picture of Dan: Guardian Article

UPDATE: 10/10: We have received confirmation from Dan's publicist that the exhibition will run until 8th April 2007 and that the picture in the scan is indeed the portrait that will be in the exhibition!

For more information about exhibition, keep an eye on the National Portrait Gallery website and also on the official Exceptional Youth exhibition website, which will go live on October 30th. Exceptional Youth is supported by the Make Your Mark Campaign, Enterprise Week and Teen Vogue. Many thanks to Lauren for the tip.

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Rupert Talks About Dan In Parade Magazine

Posted by allo on 07/10/06

Tomorrow's issue of Parade magazine in the US (included in select US newspapers) has an interview with Rupert Grint about his new film Driving Lessons, during which briefly talks about Rupert and Dan working together on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:


"I wondered if he and Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry, were friends or just two guys on the same job. “We're good friends for five or six years now, spending nearly every day together,” he said. “On the job, we're all getting on.”"

Thanks to for the info – go to their site for a scan of the article. The text of the interview with Rupert will be online at Parade magazine from Tuesday Oct 10th, along with exclusive photos of Rupert.

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Video: Daniel Radcliffe Accepts NRJ Ciné Award for GOF

Posted by allo on 04/10/06

Many thanks to UHP for letting us know that the NRJ Ciné Awards were announced in France on Monday and that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire won in the categories of “Top of the Box Office” and “Meilleur jeu vidéo” (Best Video Game). Daniel Radcliffe accepted “Top of the Box Office” award, on behalf of the rest of the Harry Potter cast and crew, in a taped message from the set of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at Leavesden Studios in England. Thanks to UHP, we have the snippet of video with his acceptance speech right here for your viewing pleasure:

Windows Media (2.2MB)

Real Media (1.0MB)

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Daniel Speaks of Sources of Inspiration

Posted by coralie on 04/10/06

The official website for the upcoming movie History Boys includes an interesting link called 'history' in which Daniel and other actors speak about different sources of inspiration and literary preferences. Dan, as usual, shared his opinions in an intelligent, touching and thought provoking manner:

Q: “Did you have an inspiring or particularly memorable teacher who played a part in making you who you are today?”

A: “Before I started playing Harry Potter I attended a London prep school which was not a happy experience. I left it to play Harry with my confidence at rock bottom and the belief in my ability at absolute zero. However, on HP I was tutored by an astonishing woman called Lina Wright. Over a period of six years she (with the support of City of London School) has built my confidence and given me a love of learning which I am certain will never leave me…”

To read Daniel's complete answer, as well as his answer to a question regarding a favorite book/poem, you can click on the following link, and then on the 'history' tab:

Celebrity Influences

or simply click on the full story link below.

Many thanks to Elle for the tip!

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Daniel Radcliffe Voted Best Actor in the SyFy Genre Awards

Posted by jenna on 02/10/06

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire racked them up in the latest SyFy Genre Awards. Daniel Radcliffe won the Best Actor/Movie award. He was also the runner-up for the Best Young Actor. Emma Watson won Best Actress/Movie and the Best Young Actor awards. HPGOF won for Best Movie, beating the runner-up “Serenity” 50 percent to 35 percent.

Thanks to staffer Tracey for sending that in!

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