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by ClaireSep 30, 2006

Extras Online Links – VIDEOS NOW AVAILABLE

Posted by allo on 28/09/06

After all the recent news, I doubt that I really need to remind anyone that Dan's episode of Extras is on TV tonight (Thursday) in the UK on BBC2 at 9:00pm. toung.gif

BBC is very kindly streaming the entire episode online once it has aired on TV, so it should be available from some time later tonight. To view this and the previous two episodes, go to this page:

BBC2: Extras Season 2

(NOTE: Sorry, this link does not appear to work for international viewers after all!)

Once again, the RATING REMINDER: Extras contains adult themes and language and is NOT appropriate for viewers under 16. Thanks to Nick for the tip.

UPDATE 9/29: If you're having trouble viewing the BBC's links, then Lauren has captured Dan's four scenes from the episode for us and you can view them here. Thanks very much, Lauren!

Extras: Series 2 Episode 3 Video Clips:

Always Be Prepared!
Windows Media (3.3 MB)
Real Media (5.1 MB)

Can I have it, please?

Windows Media (2.1 MB)
Real Media (3.7 MB)

Something to remember me by.
Windows Media (2.4 MB)
Real Media (4.2 MB)

Go away, Daniel…
Windows Media (0.2 MB)
Real Media (0.3 MB)

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Another Promo Pic of Harry from OOTP

Posted by allo on 27/09/06

Yet another promotional still from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has surfaced at Yahoo! Movies. This one shows a rather thoughtful-looking Harry. We'll post a larger version as soon as we can find one. Thanks to TLC for the tip!

UPDATE: Thanks very much to Warner Bros. for sending over the HQ version of this photo. You can see it HERE.

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Hi-Res Images from OOTP from WB

Posted by allo on 26/09/06

Huge thanks to Warner Bros. for sending over five new high-quality images from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. These are the pictures that ran in the UK press on Monday and in Newsweek in the US this week. Please click on the Full Story link below to read full image credits.

The Trio
Dumbledore's Army

Umbridge in her Office
Harry in the Alley
Umbridge, Trelawney and McGonagall

All photos can be found in our HPOOTP Photos Gallery.

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Daniel Radcliffe Autograph Raises $1200 for Charity

Posted by allo on 25/09/06

Earlier, we reported that the Luke Neuhedel Foundation was auctioning a copy of its poetry book, “Loving Luke”, signed by Daniel Radcliffe, as part of a fund-raising auction. The auction is now over and you'll be pleased to hear that the winning bid on that book was a whopping $1200. Congratulations to the lucky bidder!

For more information about the auction, please go to the LNF Celebrity Auction page. The book with Dan's signature can be viewed by clicking here.

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New OOTP Photo of Daniel

Posted by coralie on 25/09/06

A photo of Daniel as Harry Potter in Order of the Phoenix has just been posted on's website. It represents the scene in which Harry Potter fights off Dementors in an alley not far from Privet Drive.

You can see the picture here

Stay tuned… hopefully we will have some stills to add to our galleries pretty soon! amuse.gif

Thanks to Jeannine and Pat for the tip!

UPDATE 9/25: And thanks to Tracey, we have some scans from today's press showing the new picture of Harry in the alley and a first look at Imelda Staunton as Dolores Umbridge:

Daily Mirror (UK, 25 Sep 2006)

The Sun (UK, 25 Sep 2006)

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New Trailer for Extras

Posted by allo on 24/09/06

Many thanks to Lauren for sending us a new trailer for Dan's forthcoming episode of Extras, which will air this coming Thursday, September 28th, at 9:00pm on BBC2 in the UK.

RATING REMINDER: Extras contains adult themes and language and is NOT appropriate for viewers under 16. The following trailer contains some adult content.

Windows Media (1.6 MB)

Real Media (1.0 MB)

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Newsweek To Feature OOTP In Next Issue

Posted by allo on 24/09/06

The next issue of Newsweek magazine in the US, dated 2nd Oct 2006, will contain an exclusive preview of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which is currently filming at Leavesden Studios in England. The text from the article, and an exclusive Web interview with HP star Emma Watson, has already been posted online and can be read here:

Newsweek: Harry Potter and the Wavering Costar
Newsweek: Emma Watson on Her Future

The interview with Emma has some nice comments about her working relationship with Dan and Rupert, while the first article has some comments from Dan about his changing hairstyle:


"Meanwhile, girls around the globe will note in these exclusive first-look photos of “Phoenix” that Radcliffe, 17, has short hair again after growing his locks for the last film. “The longer hair made him look boyish,” says the film's hair designer, Colin Jamison. “We needed to progress him in age. He's older now, and looks more handsome with the shorter hair.” Radcliffe is happy to be done with the mop, too. “It looks great at the end of the fourth film, with sweat and blood matted into it, but we can't have every scene like that,” he says, laughing. “And I like to imagine that Harry went home over the summer, angry, and chopped into it himself.” "

The article also speculates about the trio's involvement in the 6th and 7th Harry Potter films – just bear in mind that no announcements about casting have been made by Warner Bros. about either film yet and are not expected for some time. Many thanks to Tina for the tip!

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Daniel Radcliffe Wins XPress Pinguin Award

Posted by jenna on 24/09/06

Thanks very much to staffer Sabine for sending over a scan, and the translation, for the latest edition of Xpress magazine.


Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe are the actors of the year!

On the set of the new Harry Potter film we gave them the XPress Pinguin award…

We can see familiar sets everywhere in the huge halls of Leavesden Studios in London: Sirius Black's house, Dumbledore's office, Harry's dormitory … and now we realise it: we are at Hogwarts!

Emma Watson welcomes us. “Hello!”, the sweet sixteen-year-old, who portrays the bookworm Hermione Granger in the film, waves at us. Just for the XPress she takes a break from shooting and takes the Golden Penguin smiling shyly.

“Wow, thank you. I have never gotten such an award before. Greetings to all the readers in Austria!”

The model pupil thinks for a while and says, “Hey, we British have stolen a few words from your language. Like the word Angst! It means the same for us …”

Daniel Radcliffe also joins us. Although he has a strict timetable today, he wants to accept the Penguin personally.

“How did I win this one?”, he laughs. “It's really cool and of course it will get a special place right next to the one from last year. Thank you very much!”

Six-pack. We asked Dan about the bathroom scene in “Harry Potter 4” and want to know how long he trains for his Adonis-body.

“Um, thanks for noticing it.” Dan grins and blushes at the same time. “Not very long, half an hour twice a week with David Holmes, my stunt double. But we train hard.”

The lines on the left side of Dan say:

He enchants everybody!

Dan, the “Charmeur of the old school” stays modest as ever: “I get even one more? The Pinguin is really cool, thank you very much!”

VIEW FULL SCAN Congratulations Daniel! bigsmile.gif

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Group Picture from Extras!

Posted by coralie on 24/09/06

There is a really fun group picture of some of the guest stars scheduled to appear on Ricky Gervais' season 2 of Extras on the Sun online's website. Please note the really cute boy scout on the right hand side of the picture! toung.gif

You can see the picture by clicking on the following link:

Extras Season 2

Thanks to HPFZ for the tip!

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Richard Griffiths Believes in Daniel

Posted by coralie on 22/09/06

Richard Griffiths, who plays Vernon Dursley in the Harry Potter movies, recently spoke a little bit about his next role on the London stage: the psychiatrist in Peter Shaffer’s play “Equus.” He also shared a few thoughts about playing opposite Daniel, who will be taking on the role of disturbed teenager Alan Strang.

Griffiths thinks that Daniel is up to the job: “The role is a 17-year-old boy, which is essentially what Dan is. So, from an acting point of view, all he has to do is behave. The boy has no awareness of his emotional impact, so you don't want acting – you want natural behavior. I'm confident Dan will do well.”

Rehearsals for Equus will begin in January 2007, and the play is expected to open in the spring.

You can read the article here: New York Post Online.

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Daniel Radcliffe Signs Poetry Book for Children's Cancer Auction

Posted by allo on 20/09/06

Daniel Radcliffe is one of nearly 100 celebrities who have donated autographed memorabilia for an online auction taking place now to raise money for a children's cancer foundation. The Luke Neuhedel Foundation supports families of pediatric cancer patients by providing grants to help with expenses and hosting “quality-of-life” events. Dan has signed a copy of the LNF's poetry book, entitled “Loving Luke”, for the auction, and you can view the autographed cover by clicking here.

To place a bid on the book, please go to the LNF Celebrity Auction page and follow the instructions. The current bid is $50. All bids must be received by midnight ET on Sunday September 24th.

UPDATE 9/22/06: Bidding is now up to an amazing $700 with two days to go!

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Scans: Extras and Magic Academy

Posted by allo on 20/09/06

Many thanks to Tracey and Sabine for more pictures of Dan in his scout uniform for the forthcoming episode of Extras, which airs next week on Thursday Sept 28th at 9pm on BBC2 in the UK.

Radio Times (UK, 9 Sep 2006): (Cover)
Total TV Guide (UK, 9 Sep 2006): (1)

TV Choice (UK, 9 Sep 2006): (1)
TV Quick (UK, 9 Sep 2006): (1)
TV & Satellite Week (UK, 9 Sep 2006): (1)
News of the World magazine (UK, 9 Sep 2006): (1)
Bravo! (Germany, 13 Sep 2006): (1)

TV Easy (UK, 23 Sep 2006): (1)

All these scans and a few more can be found in our Latest Scans Gallery.

And thanks also to UHP for scans of the latest edition of Magic Academy, which includes an article about the filming of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:

Magic Academy (France, Issue 21 – Oct/Nov 2006): (Cover) (Back) (Contents) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (Poster)

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Dan Makes Candy Cuties Top Ten

Posted by allo on 20/09/06

Many thanks to Tina for the news that readers of Candy magazine in the Philippines voted Dan as their 10th favorite celebrity in their annual reader poll. The full list of the Cutest Celebrities (both local and international) can be found in the September 2006 issue of Candy. Other HP stars with notable placings were Rupert Grint (#12), Tom Felton (#22) and Robert Pattinson (#32).

Thanks to Kat (via RG.Net) for this little snippet from the magazine: Candy (Philippines, Sep 2006)

The text reads:


"Daniel Radcliffe, 17:
The boy who brought Harry Potter to life shares: “I used to be incredibly awkward with girls but I'm getting better now. I think any guy who says he's never had an awkward moment with a girl is a liar.”"

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December Boys update

Posted by jenna on 19/09/06

There have been many rumors flying around about the release of Daniel Radcliffe's upcoming production, December Boys, being postponed. After having spoken with Daniel's rep, I can officially confirm this.

The movie is now going to be released some time in spring 2007. They do not have an exact release date as of yet, and nothing is set in stone at this point. I will post more information as it becomes available.

We have also received pre-reviews from various individuals regarding the film already – thank you to everyone who sent those in – however, I will not be posting these on the site.

Those who attended these pre-screenings signed documents that do not permit them to share information with the public about the specifics of the film, and I will respect that agreement made by them to the studio. I can tell you; however, that all of the reviews and comments about the production thus far have been very positive. rolleyes.gif

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More Nice Words About Daniel!

Posted by coralie on 15/09/06

Warwick Davis, who plays Professor Flitwick in the Harry Potter movies, was recently interviewed by The Sun newspaper in the U.K. Davis had these kind words to say about Daniel:

“I get on really well with Daniel. I've known him since the first movie and he's grown up and not changed at all. He's a great character.”

“The child actors on the film are a lot more professional than some of the adult actors I've worked with. They know their lines, they're there on time, it's brilliant to watch them work.”

“Daniel and I chatted about being child actors. We definitely have had comparable experiences. He just deals with it so well. He's very good and really appreciates the fans.”

“I think he'll evolve into a highly-regarded adult actor. I'm hoping he'll make that transition because he has a lot of talent.”

Click here to read the entire interview.

Thanks to Steve for the tip! bigsmile.gif

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Best Of Three, Rupert??

Posted by allo on 13/09/06

This Delightful Quote of the Day is brought to you courtesy of Total Film magazine in the UK, who interviewed HP star Rupert Grint about his role in the film Driving Lessons:


"Total Film: Final Question: If you and Daniel Radcliffe had a fight, who'd win?

Rupert Grint: “I think me. Dan does work out a bit, but I'm bigger so maybe that'd give me the edge. We arm-wrestled once, and I beat him…”"

Scared, Potter? Um, not really! cool.gif

Driving Lessons opened in the UK on September 8th and opens in the US in a limited release on October 13th. To see the full scans, please go to The Leaky Cauldron.

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Vote for Daniel Radcliffe and HP at K-Zone Awards 2006

Posted by allo on 10/09/06

Thanks very much to Aina for letting us know that readers in the Philippines can now vote for Dan and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in the K-Zone Awards 2006. The nominations are as follows:

Movie of the Year: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Best Actor: Daniel Radcliffe
Best Actress: Emma Watson
Best Villain: Lord Voldemort
Best Sidekick: Ron Weasley
Fight of the Year: Harry Potter vs. Voldemort, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

and even:

Best Love Team: Dan Radcliffe and Emma Watson

Yes, we're not sure where they got that idea either but never mind – go and VOTE NOW! smile1.gif

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Posted by jenna on 09/09/06

Thank you to everyone for writing in about the new Extras clip that aired on the Jonathan Ross show. We do have this hilarious video (I am still laughing); however, we will not be posting it. The video clip is not suitable for general audiences as it has some rather mature content in it.

I am sure you will run across the clip online somewhere, but we have been asked by Daniel and his representatives not to post it. I am checking to find out if we can post a few screencap stills from it however. If so, we will add them to the gallery and post the link here. toung.gif

UPDATE 9/11/06: After much consideration of the comments about and demand for the video, we have now been authorized by Dan's management to air the clip in full. Once again though, we should point out that the clip is not suitable for viewers under 16 or anyone who might be offended by rude language, gestures or (*ahem*) props. You have been warned!

Extras Clip from The Jonathan Ross Show (8 Sept 2006):
Windows Media (2.9 MB)
Real Media (4.0 MB)

Some screencaps (all G-rated) have been added to the Extras Gallery. Many thanks to Lauren for the clip!

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"Extras" Extravaganza: Air Date, Video, Scans and… Exclusive Interview with Daniel Radcliffe!

Posted by jenna on 06/09/06

As the new season of hit comedy series Extras starts next week in the UK, we're very pleased and proud to bring you our own exclusive interview with Daniel about his appearance in the series! This interview was conducted by myself in London back in July. Daniel talked about how he was approached for the role and what he thinks of his character. I will have audio clips from the Extras interview segment available during our next REDcast, coming out later this week.

Interview: Daniel Radcliffe talks to about his role in Extras

This interview is the first part of a series of interviews that we will be bringing you throughout this year, and next year, as more of Daniel's projects are released. We would like to thank Daniel and Warner Bros. for their time – it is always a great honor! bigsmile.gif

Of course, because I was there in July, we had to talk about the World Cup – and you KNOW he followed that closely! (Only, he thought Germany should have won – and really, I'd have to agree… *runs for cover*) He also talked about other general things: Daniel said he was going to get the Primal Scream album for his birthday, he talked about going to the Reading Festival, is really into the new Muse album, and the band dEUS. There were two movies he had seen that really moved him as well – United 93 and The Wind that Shakes the Barley. We talked a bit about The Wind that Shakes the Barley (an excellent film, I saw it while there…). “There are moments where you actually just turn away. In one particular scene, a torture scene, you sort of see how vile the English people were to the Irish,” said Daniel.

When talking about the upcoming Extras episode, Daniel revealed how it all started. “They saw me on the Jonathan Ross show and said, 'Hey, he’d be great.' And so they contacted my agent and it all sort of went from there. I agreed to do it because I was such a fan of Ricky Gervais and the series of Extras. I agreed before I had seen a script or anything. I knew the vague outline for it, but I hadn’t actually seen the dialogue and stuff. I remember I was in Australia and my dad and I had to talk to him about it because he wanted to just chat with me about it. I called him and we chatted for half an hour about the episode. It was a really great moment for me to talk to him. A couple of months later we were sent the script. It was great – and it was very, very funny. I filmed it a couple of weeks ago.”

Ok, so what is this episode about, and what is the deal with the scout's uniform? “I play a very, very warped version of myself in a scouts uniform,” Daniel laughs, “because obviously they couldn’t do references to Harry Potter for legal reasons, so they had to put me in a scouts uniform. They couldn’t have me in a school outfit or anything. The scouts uniform looks absolutely ridiculous and very, very funny. I play this very obnoxious teenage boy who endlessly flirts with everybody he sees. It should be very, very funny, but there is this whole other story in the episode, which I think is also very funny.”

Dan really enjoyed portraying this character. The episode took a total of two days to film. “Oh it was great fun because it is something that is so removed from myself. It was such a departure, and a major departure from Harry. It was just really, really good fun. We wrapped at about 4 o’clock each day. We worked unbelievably fast and it was just really, really good fun. We had a good laugh and it was all really light-hearted. Joking around is what we basically did for two days. It was fantastic.” I don't know about you guys, but I think he had a really, really great time filming this! *wink*

This show is not for everyone however. According to Daniel's father, it is not suitable for anyone younger than sixteen. So – parents beware. What about those who do watch it? What will Harry Potter fans think? Well – I asked Daniel this question and he said, “If they like Ricky Gervais’ humor then they’ll like the episode, if they don’t then they won’t. Hopefully if they don’t like the episode then the next Harry Potter film will make up for it.” Nothing wrong with a little humor, I always say – It's what keeps the mundane and tragic a little less in-your-face.

You can see a few pics of Dan and I from the interview here. Stay tuned for more interviews in the coming weeks/months.


In related news, we can now officially confirm the air date of the episode starring Daniel. It will be shown on Thursday September 28th at 9:00 p.m. on BBC2, so mark your calendars and set your video recorders!

Thanks to our lovely Lauren, we now have our own copy of BBC2's trailer for Extras, specifically the segment featuring Daniel:

Windows Media (1.5 MB)

Real Media (0.5 MB)

Several British TV listings magazines have published articles about the forthcoming series and Daniel's appearance and, thanks to the fantastic Tracey, here are the scans:

TV & Satellite Week (UK, 9 Sep 2006): (Cover)
Radio Times (UK, 9 Sep 2006): (1) (2)

What's On TV (UK, 9 Sep 2006): (1) (2)

A couple of articles have also appeared online about the series – thanks to Tracey and Steve for the links:

BBC: Extras returns to sour actor's dream
The Stage: That extra mile

WARNING: Extras, including Daniel's episode, contains adult themes and language and is NOT appropriate for a younger audience. This character represents a radical departure from Daniel's previous roles and, we would hasten to point out, is nothing like his character in real life!

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Dan at King's Cross

Posted by coralie on 03/09/06

Hello folks – sorry to inform you – but I will have to take down the links to the photos from Veritaserum as it was brought to my attention that these set photos from OOTP were not supposed to be published. I apologise for the inconvenience. ~ Jenna

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Dan's Extras Trailer Airs In UK

Posted by allo on 01/09/06

Thanks very much to Tracey for letting us know that she spotted part of a trailer for season two of the BBC comedy series Extras late last night on BBC2 in the UK and it included a snippet of footage from the episode that Dan filmed for the series! Tracey says:


"[The scene] consisted of Daniel dressed in a boy scout uniform wearing (HP style) glasses. He says to the leading Actress of the series [Ashley Jensen, who plays Maggie], “This is for you to remember me by.” and he steps forward and kisses her. As he moves away from her, she asks “Have you brushed your teeth?”, to which Dan replies angrily, “Yes!”."

According to the BBC Press Office, the second season of Extras will begin on BBC2 during the week of 9-15 September, although the day and time have yet to be finalized. The air date and time for Dan's episode has NOT yet been confirmed either but based on previous information supplied by Ricky Gervais and Warwick Davis, it will possibly be shown in the last week of September.

Look out for the trailer on BBC2 over the next couple of weeks. For a picture of Dan in the boy scout uniform (but not in character!), check out this screen capture from the Peterborough Children's Film Awards in July this year.

UPDATE: Thanks to Miia for letting us know that the trailer is now available here on YouTube:

YouTube: BBC 2 Extras Season Two trailer

A few screen captures from the trailer can be found here: Extras Gallery

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