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News Archive – August 2006

by ClaireAug 31, 2006

The Harry Potter Pensieve

Posted by coralie on 30/08/06

There is a brand new feature on the Official Harry Potter website called The Harry Potter Pensieve, which includes movie clips, trailers, DVD extras and interviews from the first four Harry Potter movies. There is quite a lot of footage of Daniel included in all those goodies, so go and check the new feature out now! It is certainly worth a visit, or 2 or more! toung.gif

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Excl.: Daniel Radcliffe to star in My Boy Jack ITV drama

Posted by jenna on 28/08/06

Last week I was told Daniel will be starring in an upcoming ITV drama entitled, My Boy Jack. The show is written by and starring David Haig, based on the true story of Rudyard Kipling and his son Jack who was tragically killed during the first world war. Daniel is set to film the production in the summer of 2007.

Daniel said, “For many people my age, the first world war is just a topic in a history book. But, I’ve always been fascinated by the subject and think its as relevant today as it ever was with young men all over the world still sacrificing their lives in the name of war.

I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like in the trenches, living amongst the stench of death and knowing that at any moment it may be your last. But, I think its important we try to imagine the horrors these young men experienced and to never forget them.

I am extremely proud to be part of the production of My Boy Jack and only hope I can do justice to the memory of the men who fought and those who died.”

Daniel also made a video appearance at the Edinburgh film festival this past weekend in a press conference. The transcript to the pre-recorded video message is in the FULL STORY link below, just click on it to read the full transcript. You can view photos of Daniel and David Haig, taken to accompany the press release about this production, HERE.

If you are interested in getting to know what the story is about, the play of My Boy Jack is published by Dramatists Play Services in the US and Nick Hern Books in the UK.

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Quote from Dan in Guinness Book of Records 2007

Posted by coralie on 25/08/06

As was mentioned in an earlier post, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire set a Guinness World Record as the fastest selling DVD on its first day of release in stores.

A scan of Dan's interview and a photo published in the 2007 Guinness World Record Book were posted today on MuggleNet.


Dan: “It's amazing. I'm so grateful to everyone for buying it. All I can say is a great big thank you. It's wonderful!”

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Dan mentioned on Australian TV

Posted by coralie on 25/08/06

Thanks to MarissaE from danradcliffeonline, we now know that Dan has been mentioned in the last two weeks on two different Australian TV shows.

The first was during an interview with a young actor from the movie December Boys: Christian Byers

Byers says that Dan is “just the nicest guy and he is really cool. He's a good mate!”

The second was on a travel show called “Getaway” that featured a segment on the Daintree National Park (State of Queensland, Australia). During the show, the host interviewed a tour guide from Deluxe Safaris called Bill who spoke of his encounter with Dan. Since the clip is very short, and it follows up with the video we posted up previously, we decided not to post the actual clip, but rather post up a transcript. You can read it by clicking on the full story link.

You can also download the clips from danradcliffeonline's site.

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Dan and Emma's "Outstanding" Exam Results!

Posted by allo on 24/08/06

LONDON, ENGLAND — As GCSE exam results letters land on thousands of doormats around the UK today, CBBC Newsround reports that two students have achieved particularly magical grades! First, HP star Emma Watson earned eight “A*” grades and two “A” grades in her GCSE exams. They also report that Daniel Radcliffe earned three “A” grade results in his AS-Level exams, which were actually sent out this time last week. Congratulations to both Dan and Emma on their amazing results!

For those outside the UK, GCSE exams are taken by students towards the end of Year 11 (the US equivalent would be 10th grade), around the age of 16. AS-Level exams are sat at the end of Year 12 and are the first part of an A-Level qualification. Dan still needs to complete one more year of schooling before sitting his A-Level exams but he will be taking a year off from school this year due to his many acting and promotional commitments, which include completion of filming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, promotion of December Boys and the stage production of Equus, which will take place in London early next year. Many thanks to Tracey for the tip!

UPDATE:: This news has been confirmed by his representative.

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OOTP Release Dates for Spain and Australia

Posted by allo on 22/08/06

Warner Bros. has confirmed some more international release dates for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The film will be released in Australia and Argentina on July 12th, 2007, and in Spain on July 20th, 2007. As reported earlier, the film will be released in the US and UK on 13 July 2007. Thanks to The Leaky Cauldron and Harry Latino for the tips!

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GOF Wins at Teen Choice Awards

Posted by allo on 22/08/06

Earlier, we reported that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire had been nominated in the Choice Movie: Drama category at Teen People's Teen Choice 2006 Awards. Well, you'll be pleased to hear that GOF was announced as the winner in its category at the awards ceremony held on August 20th. For the complete list of winners, please visit the FOX Teen Choice 2006 site. Thanks to HPANA for the tip!

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Mid-Day Interviews Daniel Radcliffe, Katie Leung and David Yates

Posted by allo on 21/08/06

MUMBAI, INDIA — Indian newspaper Mid-Day has a new interview with Daniel Radcliffe, Katie Leung (Cho Chang) and director David Yates from the set of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in Leavesden, England. In this interview, Dan talks about shooting some of the scenes for OOTP, how playing Harry has affected his life and how he's preparing for his role in the stage production of Equus next year. The interview also has some nice comments from David and Katie about working with Dan.


"How different is this Potter?
Dan: Very different so far — this role’s more challenging than the ones I done before. Not physically challenging but in terms of acting, it’s harder to do this one. "

Read the full interview here: Mid-Day: When Harry kissed Cho

Thanks to Marie for the tip!

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REDcast Episode 4

Posted by jenna on 21/08/06

The fourth episode of REDcast is now ready – actually that's not true, it has been ready for a little while now – I just haven't been able to get it posted up on the server for various reasons.

Thanks very much to Stephanie from RG.net and Sue of TLC for joining me on the show back on June 30.

In this episode Sue, Stephanie and myself discuss OOTP, December Boys (some news has developed since the recording), Hogwarts-style fads and more.

REDcast is available on iTunes CLICK HERE to go to the iTunes page.

REDcast is also available for direct download, in case you have difficulties downloading from iTunes. [Please Right Click and Save Target/Link As…]

A few new things are being sorted out for this podcast, stay tuned for more information on that.

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Teresa talks movies, December Boys, and killer fans

Posted by jenna on 13/08/06

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA — Teresa Palmer was interviewed by the Sunday Mail on August 13 about some of her soon-to-be-released projects. She discussed the kissing scene with Daniel Radcliffe in the upcoming production of December Boys, as well as the fans' response to her character's role.

Miss Palmer stated, “When I first got December Boys I thought: 'This is fun, I'll just Google my name to see what people have to say about me', thinking it would be all nice things. Then I read this terrible thing about a death threat I was going to get, like 'Stay away from my Dan'.

I laugh about it now but I was speaking to Daniel's dad while we were shooting and I was telling him about all the horrific things they were saying about me and he just said: 'Stop right now, never go on the internet again because it will just kill you'.”

Yes, it is true the 20-year-old actress gave Daniel his first on-screen kiss, but this is a film after all. Screen kisses are quite methodical and can be completely nerve-racking. It's not a romantic kiss by any stretch of the imagination. Hopefully those “fans” will stop focusing on the “romantic mechanics” behind the production and instead focus on the endearing story about to hit theaters in the next few months.

Check out a copy of the scan sent in to us: Sunday Mail Scan. Thanks very much to Dr.com reader Jess for sending that in!

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New Interview with Dan

Posted by coralie on 13/08/06

Daniel Radcliffe was recently interviewed by the Herald Sun on the set of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; during the interview, Dan discussed various topics of interest, including the ending of the Harry Potter book series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, his much talked about role in the upcoming play Equus, and the recently completed movie December Boys.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

On the end of the Harry Potter series and whether he's spoken with author J.K. Rowling about it:

Dan: “I've had talks with her, but not about that. I don't know anything that's going to happen in the seventh film. I hope it will be very, very good I'll go with whatever. I think it will be quite exciting really. It may be the only way Voldemort could be killed is if Harry dies as well because there is that very strong connection between them.”

On if he will participate in the Half-Blood Prince movie:

Dan: “I don't know. But the sixth book is fantastic and if the script is good and does it justice, then it would be foolish to turn it down.”

About about his West End debut in Equus next year and appearing naked on stage:

Dan: “All the other actors who have ever played the part have done that, so for me not to do it wouldn't really be playing the part. It would be a watered down version. It wouldn't be the same. I'll be incredibly nervous, but I think 'It's in the script; it's got to be done.' I'm terrified, but excited.”

Dan also stated towards the end of the interview that everyone will have to wait to hear his Australian accent in December Boys when the movie is released and that he enjoyed working in a different country with a new crew.

A scan of the article is available here, courtesy of Mugglenet:

Herald Sun Interview (Australia, 13 Aug 2006)

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Brazilian Fan Visits OOTP Set

Posted by allo on 12/08/06

A new photo of Daniel Radcliffe and a group of fans on the set of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has appeared on Brazilian HP fan site Oclumência. The photo comes from a fan named Nínive, who won a trip to the set in a competition run by Brazilian TV station SBT. Click here to see the pic:

Dan and fans on OOTP set

Thanks to Veritaserum (and Tracey!) for the tip.

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Greatest Fans Hall of Fame Gallery Update

Posted by coralie on 12/08/06

Thank you to everybody who sent in photos for our Greatest Fans Hall of Fame Gallery. 42 new pictures have been added to the GFHOF gallery, and you can view them here:

GFHOF Gallery

If you think you are one of Dan's greatest fans and would like to submit a photo, please forward it to Coralie. If you're under 13, please make sure you get your parents' permission first.

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International Magazine Scans

Posted by allo on 11/08/06

Many thanks to Alex, Dan, Alyssa, Kim, Tracey and Viviana for sending us these scans of magazine articles featuring Dan. All these and more can be found in our Latest Scans Gallery:

All Stars (Russia, 24 Jul 2006): (Cover) (1)

All Stars (Russia, 7 Aug 2006): (Cover) (1)
Cosas (Spain, Mar 2006): (1) (2) (3)
K-Zone (Philippines, Aug 2006): (Cover) (1) (2)

M (USA, Aug 2006): (1) (2)
Bop (USA, Sep 2006): (1)
Entertainment Weekly (USA, 14 Jul 2006): (1)
Stage (UK, 13 Jul 2006): (1)

Tiger Beat (USA, Sep 2006): (1)
Cinegrama (Chile, Dec 2005): (1)

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OOTP Set Pics from Blenheim Palace

Posted by allo on 09/08/06

Many thanks to David for sending us a few pictures of Dan filming a scene for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, England, on July 24th. These have been added to our HPOOTP Behind The Scenes Gallery.

(1) (2) (3)

The Oxford Mail has a report about the filming at the palace.

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New Pics of Dan on OOTP Set

Posted by allo on 05/08/06

New pictures of Dan filming a scene from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix are now online courtesy of Veritaserum reader Kaye-Louise Harvey. The pictures show Dan and another actor, thought to be Harry Melling who plays Dudley Dursley, running along a path near their Privet Drive home, presumably for a scene from the first chapter of OOTP. You can view some of the pictures in our HPOOTP Behind The Scenes Gallery. To view more pictures, please go to Veritaserum's galleries.

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HBP Film Release Date

Posted by allo on 05/08/06

Order of the Phoenix isn't even “in the can” yet and already there's speculation about when the sixth Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, will be released. Mugglenet reports that Warner Bros. has confirmed a release date of 21st November 2008 for HBP, following a posting made by Box Office Mojo earlier this week. They also say that Steve Kloves will return to write the screenplay, although at this point we should point out that NO announcements have been made regarding the director or any of the cast, and are not expected to be made for quite some time yet! As soon as we hear any news regarding HBP, we will post it here.

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Thank you from Daniel Radcliffe

Posted by jenna on 05/08/06

Hundreds of fans participated in the fan projects for Dan's 17th birthday this year. Thank you to everyone who contributed – you all did a great job!

Dan loved ACED Magazine with all of its projects, and gave a separate thank you for the lovely card delivered to him (I had the fans specially sign a huge card for him on the HP Fan Trip this year. It was given to him slightly before his birthday – and was the FIRST card he received!).

On the Demelza front, we managed to raise an amazing £4,220. This was a combined effort between the fans and the auction for the HP Fan Trip train ride!!! Thanks so much to all of the fans that donated this year as it is such a worthy cause!

To keep a long post short, please find Dan's thank you letter below:

Dear Jenna,

Once again, I am simply AMAZED at ACED Magazine. Truly wonderful! Thank you to everyone who contributed to it and thank you for all your kind messages celebrating my birthday – I was very touched.

Some of those driving stories are absolutely hilarious – and terrifying! I loved the Screen Comic images – very funny! I had a ball reading this magazine – great articles, funny stories and terrific reviews. What an achievement!

Most important, however, is the fact that so many people contributed to Demelza House and did not send me presents. I cannot thank you enough for this as it makes a huge difference to the hospice. Thank you.

Much love,


Winners of the Greatest Fans Idol:

Video Category: Maggie and Stephanie
Audio Category: Eunice

Photo Category: Jaimie

Winners please contact Allo to claim your prize.

Click Here to View the ACED Fan Birthday Projects

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Vote for Dan and HP in the Aussie Nick Kids Choice Awards

Posted by allo on 02/08/06

Australian readers can now vote for Dan and Harry Potter in the Australian Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2006. The Harry Potter book series is nominated in the third category (Fave Book), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is nominated in the eleventh category (Fave Movie), Dan is nominated in the twelfth category (Fave Movie Star – Male), unfortunately up against HP co-star Rupert Grint!) and co-star Emma Watson is nominated in the thirteenth category (Fave Movie Star – Female). Oh, and you can also vote for Mugglenet's MuggleCast in the fifteenth category (Fave Podcast)!

Voting is open until Wednesday September 20th. Australian residents between the ages of 5 and 15 are also eligible to enter a contest to win a trip to the awards ceremony in October. You must be registered with Nick in order to vote (registration is free). Many thanks to Tina for the tip!

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Vote for Dan and HP at the SyFy Genre Awards

Posted by allo on 01/08/06

Previously, we reported that Dan had been nominated at the 2006 SyFy Portal Genre Awards. Well, voting has now finally opened (slightly later than planned) so you can now vote for Dan in the categories of Best Actor (Movie) and Best Young Actor and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in the Best Movie category. HP co-star Emma Watson is nominated in the Best Actress (Movie) category and also in the Best Young Actor category.

You can vote once per day for your favorites until August 22nd so go and VOTE NOW! Thanks to Francesco for the reminder!

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