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by ClaireJun 30, 2006

Last Call for 17th Birthday ACED Fan Projects!

Posted by allo on 29/06/06

If you'd like to take part in one (or more) of our fan projects for Dan's 17th birthday, then we'd like to remind you that the closing deadline for the ACED Magazine projects is this Friday, June 30th. The projects all have a driving theme this year, so if you have a funny driving story, unique license plate, recommendation for a car or car-themed artwork, poems or stories, please check our 17th Birthday Page for more information about what we're looking for and where to send it.

We are also still accepting your photos, sound clips and videos with your most original birthday greetings for Dan for our Greatest Fans Idol 2006 contest and last but certainly not least, we hope you'll all consider making a donation to Dan's favorite charity, Demelza House Children's Hospice, in lieu of sending him a birthday present. Again, please check the 17th Birthday Page for full details of how to submit entries and make a donation.

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Vote for GOF at the NRJ Ciné Awards

Posted by allo on 29/06/06

Many thanks to Aurora for letting us know that you can now vote for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at the NRJ Ciné Awards 2006 in France. GOF is nominated in the Top of the Box Office category and the Meilleur Jeu Vidéo (Best Video Game) category.

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SyFy Genre Awards

Posted by jenna on 28/06/06

Dan has been nominated for Best Actor (movie) and Best Young Actor in the 2006 SyFy Genre Awards.

In the Best Actor category he runs up against actors Hugo Weaving, Christian Bale, Nathan Fillion and Mickey Rourke. In the Best Young Actor category Daniel runs up against Dakota Fanning, Carter Jenkins, Malcolm David Kelly and Emma Watson.

Online voting is set to begin on July 10th (tentatively), and visitors to their site will be allowed to vote once per day for 30 days. Once voting opens we will post the link here. Thanks very much to Tina for the tip!

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Time to VOTE!

Posted by jenna on 27/06/06

The 15 finalists for the Bumper to Bumper contest have been selected. It was a very tough job choosing 15 out of over 100 entries – everyone did a fantastic job!! Remember – the winning Bumper Sticker will be made and sent to Dan, as well as the fan who created it. (The winner also receives a special trophy).

You can vote for your favourite bumper sticker on the RadNet forum. You can only vote one time so make sure you choose wisely. If you are not a member of the forum you will need to register before you can vote – it's fast, easy, and free.

If you are already a member you can VOTE HERE. Happy voting! toung.gif

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RadNet Board Awards

Posted by jenna on 27/06/06

The 2006 RadNet Board Award winners were posted on the forum earlier today. All of the final round candidates were voted on by their fellow RadNet members.

Congratulations to all of the winners! If you are a winner, please E-Mail Me for your graphic award to use in your forum siggie!

Winners are as follows:

Most Likely to be online: *Wildberry_Kiss*
Most devoted to Dan: ..JaX..
Most Devoted to Rupert: ~*~LiLMissChrissy~*~
Most devoted to Emma: Thunderstruck
Dan Know it All: simpsongirl
Best Username: Blue Storm
Best topic Starter: PippinAngel

Best Fanfic Writer: ~*~LiLMissChrissy~*~
Best Avatar: Daniellover1000
Best Signature: Trinity R.
Favourite Homeless Member: Elena
Most helpful Member: Elena
Most Mysterious: Elena
Most Outspoken: ..JaX..
Forum Delinquent: ..JaX..
Favourite member: Elena

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Boy in Need and OOTP On-Set Photo

Posted by jenna on 26/06/06

The Buxton Today posted an article about a young boy with chronic kidney failure whose family is appealing for help to build a small extension to their house that will enable a home dialysis treatment plan, rather than many hospital visits (3 to 4 a week).

In the article there is a picture of him from the set of OOTP, taken back in March. The ARTICLE contains contact information for anyone wishing to donate funds for him and his family. Thanks to reader IHTP for the tip!

On-set Picture with Trio

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The Queen's Party Video, Etc.

Posted by jenna on 25/06/06

Thanks very much to staffer Lauren we have video and screen caps from the BBC1 broadcast of the “Queen's Handbag.” Check out the video and screen caps below.

Queen's Handbag Video Clip Windows Media, 7.36MB
Queen's Party Screen Caps

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Queen's Birthday Commercial Now Online

Posted by allo on 22/06/06

The full commercial for the Children's Party At The Palace TV special is now online, thanks to The Leaky Cauldron! You can view the video clip here:

Windows Media (1.3MB)

Real Media (0.8MB)


"Harry: Off you go – Buckingham Palace. You can't miss it – it's a big white place with a flag on top!"

You can also see a few more screencaps here, also courtesy of Leaky: Children's Party At The Palace 2006 Gallery

The program will air on BBC1 in the UK on Sunday 25th June at 6pm.

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OOTP Poster and More (Repost)

Posted by jenna on 21/06/06

Ain't It Cool has posted a shot of an early poster from OOTP on their site. Seems Harry has gotten himself a haircut for this next HP filmic production. Check it out HERE. Thanks very much to reader IHTP for the tip! bigsmile.gif

It was also announced via press release by Warner Bros today that OOTP will be simultaneously released as IMAX(R) Film in July 2007. OOTP is the first movie to be slated for IMAX's 2007 list.

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A Queen's Capture (Repost)

Posted by jenna on 21/06/06

Thanks very much to TLC for snagging a capture from a commercial advertising the Queen's Party. In it Daniel, Rupert, Emma and Matthew are enacting a scene from the skit. Check it out HERE.

Our Staffer Lauren will be recording the event this weekend. Stay tuned for video and screen caps! toung.gif

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Dan's 17th Birthday Update/Reminder

Posted by jenna on 18/06/06

We have had a great response to our project(s) for Dan's 17th birthday so far. This is just a friendly reminder about the Bumper to Bumper project: June 19th is the deadline.

What do you do? Simple – create a bumper sticker slogan with or without an artistic design (Please, nothing Harry Potter related… we are all full up with HP slogans, etc.). Bumper stickers are those fun stickers you see attached to the bumpers of people's cars.

All submissions will be entered into a contest. The top ten will be selected by the staff and then the readers on will vote a final winner. The bumper sticker chosen will then be “put into production” and sent to Dan, as well as the fan that designed it. The winner of the contest will also get a little trophy along with their sticker creation. Please send your entries to Jenna by no later than midnight EST 19 June.

Don't forget our other projects. Please CHECK OUT the 17th Birthday Project page for a list of all the other projects going on throughout June and July. I will make a more in-depth post about those in a few days.

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Vote for GOF at the Teen Choice Awards!

Posted by allo on 15/06/06

Voting is now open at Teen People's Teen Choice 2006 Awards. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has been nominated in the Choice Movie: Drama category.

Voters should be between 13 and 19 to vote and are required to register (it's free). Only one vote per person. Voting ends on August 11th and the awards ceremony will be shown on August 20th on Fox in the US at 8:00PM ET/PT. More categories and nominations will be announced at a later date so keep checking the site for more details. Thanks to for the tip!

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Queen's Birthday Sketch Details at

Posted by allo on 15/06/06

The official Harry Potter website has released a few more details about Harry Potter sketch that will form part of the Queen's 80th Birthday celebrations on June 25th (see earlier report). The site reports:


"To celebrate her 80th birthday, the Queen is hosting a party at Buckingham Palace themed around “Great British Children's Literature.” The Queen herself is participating, loads of children and their grandparents are invited, and nearly every British author is involved.

As part of the event, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Matthew Lewis will appear in character as Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville in a filmed segment on the Gryffindor common room set recommending a spell for the Palace to use in order to apprehend a thief. It is this spell that ultimately leads to them catching the crook."

The sketch will be broadcast on BBC1 and CBBC Channel in the UK on June 25th at 6:00pm. Thanks to Tracey for the tip!

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Sorcerer's Stone vs. Chamber of Secrets: Click It To Pick It!

Posted by allo on 14/06/06

As part of their “So Hot Summer” programming, Disney Channel in the US is asking viewers to vote for the film that they want to see on Sunday nights. This week, viewers can choose between Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone or Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

To cast your vote, go to Disney's So Hot Summer page and click on the “Click It To Pick It!” icon to get to the voting page. The most popular film will be shown this Sunday, June 18th, at 8:00PM ET/7:00PM CT. Thanks to Nicole for the tip!

Don't forget, all TV appearances by Dan that we know about are being added to our TV/Events Calendar. If you have any listings to add, please add them to the calendar yourself or send them to us. Thanks!

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Christian Byers Talks About Dan

Posted by jenna on 13/06/06

The Sydney Morning Herald posted an interview with December Boys' co-star, Christian Byers, today. In the article he had a little something to say about Daniel:


"Late last year he finished filming December Boys, starring Radcliffe. “He was cool. He's just like anyone else,” Byers said. “He's really, really friendly. He loves music and got me into a lot of bands, like the Kaiser Chiefs, the Killers and Franz Ferdinand. He got me a few albums, which was really nice of him.”"

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The Queen… again.

Posted by jenna on 12/06/06

Previously, we reported that Dan will NOT be in attendance at the Queen's party due to a long planned, post-exam holiday; however, the rumour has yet again resurfaced on the BBC.

The latest news regarding the Queen's party, reported by other sources, is again somewhat misleading. Although Dan did participate in a pre-recorded skit for the party, he will NOT be in attendance during the actual event. We will have video from the show that is broadcast.

UPDATE 6/13/06: The BBC has now updated its story to clarify the involvement of the Potter stars. The live show from Buckingham Palace will air on BBC1 and CBBC channel in the UK on Sunday 25th June at 6pm and will last 75 minutes. More information is available at:

CBBC Newsround
Children's Party at the Palace website
British Monarchy website

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Greatest Fans Update

Posted by allo on 12/06/06

Thanks very much to all those fans who have sent their pictures in recently for our Greatest Fans Hall of Fame. 42 fans were “inducted” to the Hall of Fame today! (The new additions will appear at the front of the gallery if you follow that link.)

If you think that you are one of Dan's Greatest Fans and would like to add your picture to our gallery, please send it to Coralie. (Note: If you are under 13, please get your parents' permission before sending a photo.)

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Movie Magic/Video Futur/Big Time Scans

Posted by allo on 08/06/06

Many thanks to Nathalie and Tracey again for sending us scans of Dan from France and the UK. We also have an article from the summer issue of Movie Magic, which was written by The Leaky Cauldron's own Melissa:

Video Futur Mag (France, June 2006): (Cover) (1) (2) (3) (4)
Disney Big Time (UK, 24 May 2006): (1)
Life Story: Movie Magic (USA, Summer 2006): (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8 ) (9)

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DR-TV Episode Two

Posted by jenna on 05/06/06

Yes… I know… it's a lot late. I will spare you the drama of why – although I must apologise for my voice, or lack there of… I could hardly speak when the recording was made.

This episode should catch you up on all the highlights of everything important that has happened since the last podcast was published if you missed any of the news over the last few months – or even if you want a brief recap.

The second episode is available right now on iTunes. Simply follow this LINK and you will be directed to the DR-TV section on iTunes (yes, it's free), or you can download it directly in WMV format (13.2 MB)!

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Scans and Pictures

Posted by allo on 04/06/06

Many thanks to Simplet from UHP, Kim and Tracey for some scans of new magazine articles about Dan and Harry Potter:

Magic Academy issue 20 (France, June 2006): (Cover) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8 ) (Poster) (Thanks to Coralie for cleaning up the poster!)

ONE issue 40 (France, June 2006): (Cover) (1) (2) (Poster)
BOP (USA, June 2006): (1) (2) (3)

Entertainment Weekly (USA, 9 June 2006): (1) (Note: this comes from an article about the top ten fictional characters in films today which ranks Harry Potter 2nd behind Wolverine of “The X-Men”.)
The People (UK, 4 June 2006): (1) (Report about Dan's plea to fans to send money to Demelza House)

And thanks very much to Nathalie for sending in these photos of two murals of Dan as Harry that she spotted on the side of a fairground ride in Paris, France, last month. They're sure to brighten anyone's ride!

(1) (2)

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2006 MTV Movie Awards Announced

Posted by allo on 04/06/06

The 2006 MTV Movie Awards were announced last night in Culver City, California, but unfortunately, none of them went to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. As we reported earlier, Dan was nominated in the “Best Hero” category; Dan, Rupert and Emma were nominated under “Best On-Screen Team” and Ralph Fiennes was up for “Best Villain”. The three categories were won by Christian Bale (Batman Begins), Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson (The Wedding Crashers) and Hayden Christensen (Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith) respectively.

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