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by ClaireMay 31, 2006’s 17th Birthday Project(s)
Posted by jenna on 29/05/06

This year we are doing three things for Dan’s birthday – the Demelza Drive 2006, the birthday edition of ACED Magazine, and the Greatest Fans Idol. Each facet of this birthday conglomeration will have a little contest complete with prizing. All of these projects should allow for many people to participate.

This year, since Dan is turning 17, I have decided to center our theme on “driving” since Dan will officially be able to drive. Please check out the fan projects in the ACED section on the BIRTHDAY page. Anyone can enter from any country. There are no restrictions on participation, but please take note of the deadlines.

This year we are running a special “Demelza Drive” in conjunction with the driving theme for ACED Magazine, in celebration for Dan’s 17th birthday. All readers that donate to this special fund raiser will be able to submit a 4-5 sentence birthday wish to Daniel, to be included in the exclusive “Demelza Drive 2006″ section of ACED Magazine for his birthday. All you have to do is forward your World Pay receipt to Jenna to participate in this special ACED fan feature.

In addition, all those that DO send in a World Pay receipt will be entered into a prize drawing. A complete list of prizes will be posted during the coming weeks, which will include CDs, DVDs, and more. Updates with prizing information will be made on the main site. The prize drawing will take place 23rd July. READ MORE

Are you Dan’s greatest fan? Now’s your chance to prove it in this year’s Greatest Fans Idol 2006. Yes – it is based on the concept of popular shows like X-Factor, American Idol, etc. There are three categories to this fan project/contest: Video, Audio, and Photo.

Purpose: Anyone can send in an original/creative birthday greeting in ONE of the aforementioned categories. You can only send in ONE submission, in ONE of the categories. We will select the top ten entrants in EACH category for a final round to be voted on by the readers on the 23rd of July. The final winners will receive their very own “Oscar” trophy with a custom plate saying. Of course, Dan will see all of the entries. READ MORE


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New E-cards
Posted by allo on 29/05/06

Our graphics guru Sabine has been very busy designing new e-cards for the Letter Exchange. You’ll find 25 new cards under the following categories: Congratulations, Friends, Get Well Soon, Happy Birthday, Humorous, Inspirational, Invitations, I’m Sorry, Miss You, Thank You and Thinking of You. Thanks very much, Sabine!

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Dan’s 17th Birthday Message
Posted by jenna on 27/05/06

Yesterday we received a message from Daniel regarding his 17th birthday this year:

As my 17th birthday approaches (!), I would like to appeal to my wonderful fans and ask that instead of sending me presents, they might like to make a donation, however small, to Demelza House. It really makes a huge difference to this remarkable place which I have supported for several years and I am very touched that so many fans have already taken such an active interest by donating or fund raising. Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity. DANIEL RADCLIFFE

I will be posting our special birthday project for Daniel later tonight so stay tuned. It should be a lot of fun for everyone! toung.gif

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Rumour Clarification Regarding the Queen’s Birthday Party
Posted by jenna on 26/05/06

Earlier this year, we reported that a rumour had started about Dan being invited to Queen Elizabeth II’s 80th birthday party at Buckingham Palace this June and that we had been told that this was in fact not true. The rumour continues to persist, and we have recently received several more enquiries about it, so we would like to set the record straight once and for all:

We have been informed by a very reliable source that Dan will not be attending this event. It seems that there was some confusion within the media resulting from J.K. Rowling’s original announcement that both “she and Harry would be delighted to attend” – she was in fact referring to the literary character of Harry as she will be doing a reading at Buckingham Palace that day and was NOT actually making a reference to Dan.

Dan will actually be on holiday on the date in question, taking a well earned break from filming and sitting his AS-Level exams. This will be his first holiday of the year and has been planned for some time. Production of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has been temporarily suspended to allow the younger actors to study and sit exams, as well as take some time off before filming resumes in mid-July.

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French Readers: Win A Trip To The OOTP Set!
Posted by allo on 25/05/06

To mark the recent release of the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD in France, Warner Bros. has launched a contest for French fans to win a trip to the set of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in August. To enter, you must be 18 years of age and a resident of France or Corsica. All you have to do is answer a simple question – “In the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, what creature did Harry face in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament?” – and supply your contact information. The contest is open until June 25th, 2006 and the trip will take place from August 1st-4th. Please visit the contest site to enter and for all the rules and information:

Jeu-Concours Harry Potter et la Coupe de Feu – vidéo

Good luck to all who enter! idea.gif

UPDATE: WB is also running a similar promotion for Italian fans to win a trip to the OOTP set from July 31st to August 3rd. The Italian contest ends on May 31st. Please visit the contest site to enter and for all the rules and information:

Vola Sul Set Di Harry Potter

Thanks to TLC for the tip.

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More Scans of Dan’s Otto from Bravo
Posted by jenna on 22/05/06

Thanks very much to Angelika for sending over a few more scans from Bravo magazine with photos of the trio accepting their Ottos. The person who presented them their awards a while ago says about Daniel:

Daniel waits for me in Dumbledore’s office. Actually, he is much more shorter than I imagined! No more than 170 (5’5 1/2) centimetres! On the big screen they all seem to be so tall!

He is smiling shyly at me and says quietly: “Hi, nice to meet you!”

He is a bit pale. No wonder – For the first time since he is playing Harry, Daniel is sick. He has got a nasty flu! Again and again he is coughing severely, but he is brave and pleased like crazy with the Golden OTTO! He is beaming! Daniel says, “A very big and dear Thank You to all BRAVO Readers!”

Bravo Scan 1
Bravo Scan 2

And – don’t go on about his height would you? Those comments will be removed.

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Trio on list of UK’s finest actors
Posted by ciaran on 19/05/06

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson made Netscape’s list of the 15 finest British actors. The trio came in at #9 and the site had this to say about them:


“Yes, as long as these “Harry Potter” stars continue to do movies together, we will continue to categorize them together. I’m sure they don’t mind – after all, they’re three of Great Britain’s richest teenagers.”


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Dan “Bubbles Under” Teen People’s Hottest Stars List (!)
Posted by allo on 19/05/06

The June/July 2006 issue of Teen People magazine in the US features its annual list of the “25 Hottest Stars Under 25″ and this year they have declared Dan one of ten more stars “bubbling under” that list, meaning that they think he’ll be a likely candidate for the 25 Hottest next year. The magazine says:


“Little Harry Potter is growing up quickly! Now 15, the actor best known for bringing the beloved wizard to life on the big screen, is hard at work on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. That movie, the fifth in the Harry Potter series, is due in theaters next July. But he’s more than just a one-trick wizard; he recently filmed the ’60s-era movie December Boys, which follows four orphans as they escape from their orphanage. Look for that to be released later this year.”

Two points to note: Dan is actually 16 now (and turns 17 in July) and a release date for December Boys has not been officially announced yet. Thanks to Leslie for the tip!


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2006 MTV Movie Awards – Vote Now!
Posted by Dee on 17/05/06

Voting for Dan in the Best Hero Category of the 2006 MTV Movie Awards is about to end. If you’ve not voted, please hop over there and vote before the poll closes on May 19th.

2006 MTV Movie Awards

You can also vote for Dan, Rupert and Emma in the Best On-Screen Team category and Ralph Fiennes in the Best Meanie category.

Thanks to Kelly for the reminder.

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Nominate Dan and GOF at Australian Nick Kids Choice Awards
Posted by allo on 16/05/06

Many thanks to Tania for letting us know that nominations are now open at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2006 in Australia and there are several opportunities where you can nominate Dan and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire if you wish!

Go to the Kids Choice Awards 2006 Nominations page and fill out your choices in each category. Potential categories for your HP-related votes include Fave Movie, Fave Movie Star (Male and Female), So Hot Right Now (Male and Female) and Fave Book. Please vote responsibly! smile1.gif

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Japanese Scans
Posted by allo on 16/05/06

For your viewing enjoyment tonight, here’s some scans of Dan and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire from Japanese magazines “Cut” (May 2006 issue) and “Screen” (May and June 2006 issues):

Japanese Magazine Scans 2006 Gallery

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Mother’s Day eCards
Posted by jenna on 14/05/06

Staffer Sabine whipped up some really great Mother’s Day eCards for you to use. Mother’s Day is a great time to show your appreciation to your mum. (Hmm… Maybe I should call mine… toung.gif )

You can check out the cards (even one great animation!) at the DR Letter Exchange. You’ll see the new category “Mother’s Day.” Happy sending!

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Sheeeee’s Baaaack
Posted by jenna on 10/05/06

Yes – I have finally risen from my coffin and I am climbing out from the depths of you-know-where… this past semester at school has really spun me for a loop, but I am finally done with finals… which means I now have the time to start doing what I have been meaning to do FOREVER… well, ok… a few long months anyway.

You will notice the main page has changed dramatically – that is what I have been wanting to do for a while, but Aris still did a great job on the main page layout he designed for us to open on the new server so cheers for him!

UPDATE:The new FORUM is now available. You’ll notice many new features, there is also an FAQ section to help guide you through all of the new abilities. Go and register now!

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Exclusive: Guinness World Record
Posted by jenna on 10/05/06

Thanks very much to Thomasina, the Official Adjudicator of the Guinness World Records, who e-mailed me earlier this morning to let us know that according to Guinness World Records, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD is the fastest selling DVD.

It sold over 5 million copies on release in the US at the beginning of March 2006, as well as more than six copies per second when it went on sale in the UK later that month.

This makes it the fastest selling DVD EVER beating Shrek 2 and Star Wars:The Phantom Menace. Dan was presented with the certificate that accompanies the award at Leavesden Studios in April this year. A really nice photo, plus a few comments from Dan, will appear in the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records. The book goes on sale later this year.

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Pics of Dan and his Golden OTTO
Posted by allo on 10/05/06

Many thanks to Sabine for sending over these pictures of Dan with his Golden OTTO award from the latest issue of Bravo magazine (May 10th).

Dan and award
Results page

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New TV Listings
Posted by allo on 09/05/06

Our TV/Events Calendar has been updated with new listings for Dan’s movies in May and June in the US, Canada, Asia and Europe so check it out if you’re in any of those areas. If you are in the US or Canada, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is starting to do the rounds on pay-per-view TV – please check with your cable or satellite provider for showtimes. Many thanks to G.Anna for the German tips! Don’t forget, if you find any TV listings for Dan, you can add them to our calendar yourself (using the Add New Entry feature) or send them to us.

Also on the calendar, remember that voting in the 2006 MTV Movie Awards ends on May 19th. Dan is nominated in the Best Hero category; Dan, Rupert and Emma are nominated in the Best Onscreen Team category and Ralph Fiennes is nominated in the Best Villain category. If you haven’t already done so, go vote now!

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Daniel Radcliffe Wins A Gold OTTO
Posted by allo on 08/05/06

Congratulations to Dan, who is now (finally!) the proud owner of a Gold OTTO! Readers of German magazine Bravo voted Dan as their “Filmstar männlich 2005″ (Male Film Star of 2005) in the magazine’s annual awards poll, beating Brad Pitt, and also voted HP co-star Emma Watson as their “Filmstar weiblich 2005″ (Female Film Star of 2005). The awards were announced on the Bravo Supershow 2006 special, which aired on German TV last Saturday night.

Dan previously won Silver OTTO awards in 2001, 2002 and 2004, and a Bronze OTTO in 2003. Many thanks to Patt for the tip.

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Scans Roundup
Posted by allo on 08/05/06

Many thanks to Sabine, Nick, Tracey, Lauren, Alex and Barbara for this latest selection of pictures and scans of articles about Dan!

Yam! (Germany, May 2006): (Poster)
Unknown magazine (UK, 30 Apr 2006): (Article)
First News (UK, 5 May 2006): (Article)
SFX (UK, May 2006): (Article)
All Stars (Russia, May 2006): (Cover) (Article)
Smack! (Brazil, Special #6, 2006): (Cover)
This is London (UK, 21 Apr 2006): (Pic)

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“December Boys” Screencaps
Posted by allo on 07/05/06

Sorry to disappoint you guys, but we’ve been asked to take these down… and we are only too happy to comply. We’ll all just have to wait a little longer for a better view of the movie. toung.gif

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Nominate Dan at the Dolly 2006 Teen Choice Awards
Posted by allo on 06/05/06

Attention Aussie readers: Dolly magazine in Australia, in association with Target Stores, is hosting the Dolly 2006 Teen Choice Awards and you have the chance to nominate Dan in a couple of categories. Question 18 of the poll asks for the Best Dressed Celeb – you can pick “Other” and enter his name in the box at Question 19 – and Question 22 asks for your suggestion for the “King and Queen of Teen” – your favorite male and female teenage stars (and no, they don’t have to be an item).

The Dolly 2006 Teen Choice Awards will be announced on August 31st. Many thanks to Tina for the tip!

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Fan Art… and Artists Wanted!
Posted by allo on 06/05/06

Steering slightly off-topic for a moment: If you’re an artist who likes to create works inspired by Harry Potter or other science fiction/fantasy themes, then the good folks at Lumos 2006: A Harry Potter Symposium would like you to know that they are looking for such works to display in their art gallery at the symposium, which takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, at the end of July this year. If you would like to display a piece, please visit the Lumos 2006 Art Gallery page for full details of what they are looking for and how to apply, as there are certain restrictions on what can be submitted. (Unfortunately, they cannot accept works based on the HP films so no pictures of Dan, Rupert, Emma, etc please!)

Meanwhile, we have a few new pictures of Dan and friends in our own Fan Art Gallery. Many thanks to Patcha, Courtney, Julia, Lisa, Lila and Kate for sending in their latest works!

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“Great Outdoors” Profiles DB Location
Posted by allo on 02/05/06

Thanks very much to Kaisha for letting us know that last night, Australian TV show The Great Outdoors profiled Kangaroo Island, one of the locations for Dan’s next film, December Boys, and also showed a very short clip from the film.

December Boys is currently in post-production and is expected to be released either late this year or early next year.

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