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by ClaireMar 31, 2006

New Site Now Open

Posted by jenna on 30/03/06

No – you are at the right place… this is the newly refurbished Because we were already moving over to a new server system, I decided now was a good time to get a lot of the remodeling done on the site. Let me go over the “few” changes.

The main page will always contain the very latest news post. You can see all the news posts for an entire month by clicking on the “more news” link here in this same news section on the main page. Now – when coming up with this design I tried to keep a lot of the visitor requests in mind.

One of the first things you will notice when you click on any of the links on the main page is that it takes you to an entirely different “inside” page. There are no more iFrames on any other page. Another thing you will notice about the “inside” pages is that they are a totally different type of design concept from this main page.

We maintain the same colour schema throughout this new site dynamic, but switch them around on the inside pages by using a lighter background for those that have a hard time reading on dark backgrounds.

I thought it would be interesting to create a design that was contrasting in many ways to create a sort of dynamic representation of Dan's personality within it. I really wanted to capture his rock&roll, fun, adventurous side, as well as his softer, more intellectual and philosophical side within the entire spectrum of the site's appearance.

For those of you that prefer a lighter background for the latest news – you can always click on the “more news” link and bookmark that page – it will always contain all the latest news… without the iFrame. The main page news section is for quick reference.

I hope you all like the design. I realise I cannot please everyone, but I tried doing a little bit of everything in this latest version to encompass as many tastes and requests from our readers as possible.

None of this would have been possible without the fabulous Allo, Aris, and Jennifer who all joined in and made this entire venture a fascinating project. Thank you to all of them for their help!

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Site Update and Russian and Portuguese Translators Needed

Posted by jenna on 25/03/06

As I am sure many of you know (based on the amount of e-mails I have been getting) we are currently in the process of moving to a new server. Because of that I have chosen this time to do upgrades (forum) and restructures to the entire site. This task is monumental as we are finally moving away from iFrames!!! This means every single page must be recoded manually (hundreds). Just to prepare you – things will be quite different when we go live… so when you log on to the site don't panic. It will be unlike anything you have seen before – so I want you to be aware it's coming… It will be happening in the next day or so – so sit tight!

Meanwhile, we are in need of two staffers, one Portuguese and one Russian translator. I'd like to get this ball rolling now while we are migrating to new territory.

If you are fluent in either of these languages, are serious about translating the news posts everday (only the news posts), and you either know or are capable of learning basic HTML skills, please send in an application to Allo to apply for a staff position. Please remember, all staff positions on are voluntary, none of us get paid. It's all about the love. smile1.gif

NOTE from Allo: If you applied for a post and haven't heard from me yet, it's possible your message got mislaid during our server transition – please contact me again and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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December Boys Update

Posted by jenna on 22/03/06

Boardroom Radio interviewed Richard Becker, producer of the movie December Boys, and he revealed the movie will be now be released at the end of this year or some time early in 2007. It is all dependent upon his distributor team.

He also mentioned Daniel, talking about how fantastic Dan is in his portrayal for this upcoming production. You can listen to the entire interview by clicking on the link below; however, if you are just interested in the bit about December Boys and Dan skip to minute 6:21 – it's at the very end.

Richard Becker Interview

Thanks very much to Adaora for the tip!

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New Interview from CBBC Newsround

Posted by jenna on 22/03/06

CBBC Newsround has posted a video interview with Dan, Rupert, Emma, and producer David Heyman about the Goblet of Fire DVD and the upcoming Order of the Phoenix film. The trailer for OOTP may be available late this year, but a release date has yet to be determined.

CBBC Video

Thanks to TLC and for the direct link tips.

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New Pic from December Boys

Posted by jenna on 22/03/06

Thanks very much to Alana for sending over a new pic of Dan with some of the cast from December Boys. Check out the pic below:

Dan and Cast from December Boys

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REDcast Episode 3

Posted by jenna on 20/03/06

The third episode of REDcast is now up for your listening pleasure! Join myself, Claire and guest host Dave.

The show is available on iTunes: CLICK HERE to subscribe. (It's free – we do not ask fans for money to support our features.) Here's a few of the things Episode 3 has to offer:

– In-depth discussion about the GOF DVD
– All the latest rumours and news about Dan, Emma and Rupert
– Response to voicemail or e-mail from listeners.

– Trio Trivia
– Guest Host Dave – staffer in Australia from

If you don't want to subscribe via iTunes you can download it directly. [Please right Click and Save Target/Link As… it's a big file.]

Please be sure to check out the REDcast site to give us your feedback or check for more info on upcoming episodes. Our next cast will be even better as we have a lot of fun surprises to add for that one.

If you would like to be considered for inclusion in the next REDcast please visit the REDcast FAQ page to find out how!

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Goblet of Fire Sweeps Winners

Posted by jenna on 19/03/06

I am happy to announce the three winners of our Goblet of Fire Sweeps. Congratulations to:

– Ellen B, winner of the GOF DVD.
– Anjali M, winner of the $100 gift certificate from the Noble Collection.
– Ashley J, winner of the $300 gift certificate from the Noble Collection.

All winners have been notified via e-mail. Thank you to everyone who participated. There will always be more contests coming up, so if you didn't win this time, you might get lucky next time!

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HP Fan Trips, Demelza, and

Posted by jenna on 17/03/06 and HP Fan Trips have been working together this year to help bring life to days when days cannot be added to life.

We at believe it is important to focus our time and efforts on coming up with new and innovative ways to help raise money for Demelza Hospice Care for Children. After negotiating with HP Fan Trips over a period of time, I am excited to announce that we have sorted out a fan package that will help Demelza raise some much needed monies this spring.

The package includes a trip for four on the authentic train used in the filming of the Harry Potter movies through the Scottish Highlands, a two night stay in a local hotel, and possibly airfare/transportation to and from (we are still sorting that out).

The package itself we be up for auction at the 10th Anniversay Majestic Weekend Cruise Somerfield Charity Ball 2006 from the 21st – 23rd of April 2006. All the monies made from the raffle will be given to Demelza. This prize package should raise a hefty amount and we are overjoyed to be able to donate this to them to raffle off at the event!

A little about HP Fan Trips: Whether it's London & Scotland, Oxford & Scotland or Scotland Only the Beyond Boundaries Harry Potter themed trips have been carefully crafted for the discriminating fan! Each of the trips promises a unique and magical adventure. You can ride the actual train used in the HP movies through the Scottish Highlands and view spectacular scenery, tour the Edinburgh Castle which is exclusively theirs for a final banquet night and party, visit filming locations in London, Oxford and Scotland, or stay in the same hotel that cast and crew used in Glencoe and much more depending on which package you choose.

I will be attending the 9 day trip in July to do a write-up about the experience first hand for fans. It all sounds really exciting. If you would like more information on the trips offered you can visit the HP Fan Trips website. If you do decide to take one of these fan trips, tell them you heard about it from and you will receive a complimentary professional group photo in front of the train!

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A Few Scans

Posted by jenna on 17/03/06

Thanks very much to Tracey, Alex, Kellie, and Kim for sending in a few scans. The Sun has an article from the Empire Awards where Dan talks a little about OOTP, GCSEs, fans, and his latest favourite band, Be Your Own Pet.

All Stars Cover
Cool Cover
Tiger Beat Cover
The Sun 1
The Sun 2

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Videos of Dan at Empires 2006

Posted by claire on 14/03/06

Since Jenna can't post news from school, she's let me post this for her! Our friends over at (*waves* thats me!) have captured some Dan footage exclusively for from last night's event.

UPDATE by Jenna: Some of you were having problems with the videos on I have reformatted them and uploaded them to our media server. I will also be uploading more photos to the photo gallery later today as well as a few more videos and things. I am SO sorry I am late getting all this stuff up – mid-term exams are just brutal this semester… It's like the worst week all year! LOL

Dan Video 1 Windows Media 696 KB
Dan Video 2 Windows Media 1.12 MB

UPDATE by Jenna2: Here are a few links to videos from the event. I also have another one to upload to the server thanks to Jas from DRO. I will get these up as soon as I can as I am about to go take an exam.

Video from ITN
Empire Online Video
Empire Online Dan Interview

UPDATE by Jenna3:Here is a video Jas sent in for direct download from the Daily Mail interview with Dan. Please right click and save target as. More photos have been added to the gallery as well, some larger versions of previous ones and some new.

Daily Mail Interview Video

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Dan at 2006 Empire Film Awards

Posted by on 13/03/06

Dan, along with Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and David Heyman accepted the The Empire Outstanding Contribution Award for the work done on the Potter movies released so far.

UPDATE: You can check out our gallery (sorry I am late – I didn't get home from school til after 11pm!) I will be adding more to this as I go along. Thanks to Muggle Thai for a few of the HQ pics! ~Jenna

Empire Photo Gallery

Thanks to Jasmeet for the tip!

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RadNet Forum Update

Posted by jenna on 13/03/06

I am sure many of you are aware that our RadNet forum is currently offline. I am happy to announce that it will be back up later this week. We are currently migrating over to a better server so that will take some time. Additionally, we are upgrading to a brand new forum system which will make things easier, faster, and more fun!

Before we can go live we must convert the old forum files into the new one, setup the skins, and test…. test…. test…. Please be patient with us while we try to get everything upgraded and moved. Once the system is ready I will announce the reopening on the site. Cheers!

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TriWizard Tournament: Practice Task Now Open

Posted by jenna on 13/03/06

Enrollment for the Triwizard Tournament has closed. However, we are once again offering readers of the opportunity to participate. Should any of you still want to join in the fun, you need only enter the enroll code DANRADCLIFFE when you enter your name into the Goblet of Fire. This enroll code will expire on the 20th of March, so be quick!

The Triwizard Tournament practice task is also open! Sorted and enrolled users can earn 300 points by participating. The task can be accessed through the interactive common rooms. You can also earn another 10 points by clicking on this LINK. Have fun!

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Daniel Participates in the National Literacy Trust

Posted by jenna on 11/03/06

Harry Potter cast members signed a special edition copy of a UK Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire book for the National Literacy Trust. Daniel was among the cast members to sign the book for the charity auction.

This book will be auctioned on eBay from Tuesday 14 of March. All the money raised from the auction of this item will be donated to the National Literacy Trust's children's literacy initiative Reading Is Fundamental, UK (RIF), which helps children and young people in areas of high deprivation to realise their potential by motivating them to read. RIF enables over 20,000 children each year to choose three free books at events that emphasise the fun of reading.

Thanks to HPANA for the tip!

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Upcoming REDcast Recording – Get Your Calls In Now!

Posted by jenna on 09/03/06

REDcast's Episode Three will be recorded this coming Friday. We have made quite a few changes to the format so this next episode should prove to be leaps better. If you would like to have your question or comment included on the show please Skype the user redcast2006 and leave a voicemail or you can call 1-954-840-3875 and leave a voicemail.

Four lucky callers will be chosen for our grabbag segment this time around. Tell us what YOU think of the Goblet of Fire DVD! Please get your voicemails in no later than 4pm EST this Friday to be considered.

For more information on Skype and how to leave a message or use Skype, please visit the REDcast FAQ page.

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Posted by jenna on 06/03/06

There have been loads of GOF DVD reviews sprouting up all over the place for the last few days. Rather than post up what everyone else thinks, we've decided to post up our own review. I passed the honor over to ACED staffer Kevin. You can read his review of the Goblet of Fire DVD at this link.

Later this week we will be recording another episode of REDcast which will contain an in-depth discussion of the GOF DVD release. I have devised a different way of doing the podcast so it will improve dramatically from previous episodes. Staffers Dave and Aris, along with Claire from, will be in attendance.

Thanks also to staffer Tracey and to Francesco for sending over a few scans.

DVD Review Cover
DVD Review Interview with Dan
Telegraph Scan

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WB GOF Podcast Update

Posted by allo on 04/03/06

The official Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD podcast from Warner Home Video has been updated with a new audio interview and another video clip. In the interview, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint talk about some of the other cast members and their similarities to their characters and who they are fans of, and the video clip shows Dan in his scuba gear rehearsing for the underwater sequences of the second task.

Click here to go to iTunes and download the clips or subscribe to the podcast. The next update is scheduled for next Friday, March 10th.

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GOF DVD Clips at Moviefone

Posted by allo on 04/03/06 has posted a special “Inside the DVD” feature of clips and interviews from the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD, which is released next Tuesday, March 7th, in the US and Canada. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson talk about how their personalities differ from their characters' and there are a few behind-the-scenes clips (some of which were already doing the rounds elsewhere on the Net this week).

To check out the clips, go to

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Sweepstakes!

Posted by jenna on 02/03/06

The fourth Harry Potter film's DVD, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, will be available in the US on March 7th. To commemorate this release, we're offering Harry Potter fans in the United States a chance to win some very cool Goblet of Fire merchandise.

Thanks very much to Warner Bros. and the official distributor of Harry Potter collectibles, the Noble Collection, who have kindly donated three prizes for the purpose of this sweeps.

The Prizes:

– Grand Prize: $300 Noble Collections Gift Certificate
– First Prize: $100 Noble Collections Gift Certificate
– Second Prize: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD

For more information on how to enter and WIN please visit our Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Sweeps page.

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More GOF DVD Video Clips

Posted by allo on 01/03/06

Several more teaser video clips for the DVD of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire are now available online, courtesy of Warner Bros.

Introduction to the Maze:
Windows Media: High / Medium / Low
Quicktime: High / Medium / Low

Friends on Set:
Windows Media: High / Medium / Low
Quicktime: High / Medium / Low

Finding a Date:
Windows Media: High / Medium / Low
Quicktime: High / Medium / Low

Look At Me, Harry:
Windows Media: High / Medium / Low
Quicktime: High / Medium / Low

Many thanks to Mugglenet and The Portkey for the tips!

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