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Chatting it up with Daniel Radcliffe

News Archive – August 2005

by ClaireAug 31, 2005

New Behind-The-Scenes GOF Photos

Posted by jenna on 31/08/05

Thanks very much to Andrey from for sending us a few new behind-the-scenes photos of Dan on the set of Goblet of Fire. To see more photos without Dan in them, please visit HPANA.

Harry and Newell
Rita and Tournament Group with Newell

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DR-TV for UK and Scandinavia

Posted by allo on 30/08/05

Some new listings for Dan's movies on TV over the next couple of weeks: …Prisoner of Azkaban will be shown again on Sky Movies in the UK and …Chamber of Secrets gets a few more airings on the TV1000 channels in Scandinavia. Please check the DR-TV page for full details and don't forget to send us your TV tips! Many thanks to Tracey for the info.

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Dan Attends Reading Festival

Posted by allo on 30/08/05

Several readers have contacted us about this news snippet about Britain's Reading music festival taken from the Radar section of the Sunday Mirror newspaper:



AT Reading, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe in the Carling VIP area waiting to watch Pixies perform…"

Warner Bros. has confirmed for us that Dan was indeed at the event, which took place over three days this past weekend and also included acts such as the Killers, Razorlight, Iggy Pop, Kasabian and Bloc Party.

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New E-Mail System on

Posted by jenna on 30/08/05

In an attempt to make things even easier for all of our readers, we've implemented a new “Contact Us” capability. Hopefully this will allow you all to get responses faster, and they will go to the right person right away. (Everything used to go to me and I had to forward everything manually – that's why it took so long sometimes!)

The form itself allows you to choose from various subjects ranging from Submit News, Photos, Videos, to Comments, Technical Issues, Radnet Forum/DR Chat or ACED Magazine issues/questions/comments. The subject you choose will determine the person e-mailed.

We have included a file attachment capability for your convenience. You can attach one file per e-mail. Take a look and get familiar with our new contact system HERE.

We hope this will make things easier for everyone, and we hope you enjoy the new feature! NOTE: If you enter the wrong e-mail address we cannot reply to you!

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Another New Dan Newsletter

Posted by jenna on 30/08/05

Apparently there is more than one version of Dan's latest newsletter. Dee sent in a copy of hers and it mentions and in it with regards to the Demelza House fundraising.

He also talks about online imposters, reminding everyone that he NEVER chats or e-mails fans.

Newsletter Snippet 1

Newsletter Snippet 2

We will post the newsletter in our Newsletter gallery in a few weeks once more fans have had the chance to receive their copy.

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New Newsletter From Dan

Posted by jenna on 28/08/05

The German website Wollstrumpfs Harry Potter Page received a new newsletter written by Dan from one of their readers.

I will not post the scan until a later time so those of you who wish to write him will have a little bit of a surprise when you get it, but I will post a few highlights from it.

Dan talks about his vacation to Melbourne, Australia (where he celebrated his 16th birthday). He did various fun things while there, including scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, and a photoshoot by the famous Luna Park fairground.

He recently saw the movie CRASH and CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. He is listening to bands like Hard-Fi, Editors, Dogs, and Sufjan Stevens. And of course – he read a few books that came out over the summer, including HBP (which he thought was fantastic by the way ).

If you want to read more please do write to him – if you don't the newsletter will be posted in our newsletter gallery in a few weeks after other fans have had the chance to receive their copies.

I know some of you will complain that I haven't posted the entire scan of the newsletter, but it won't do you any good – that is my policy and I won't be changing it – even if it is posted on other sites.

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Matthew Lewis Talks About Dan

Posted by jenna on 28/08/05

Recently, MuggleNet did an online chat with Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom). He was asked a few questions that had a little something to do with Dan, this is what he had to say:

Question from Megan
Do you ever feel less important and/or at competition when shooting with Daniel Radcliffe?

Not at all! Dan is really great and a good friend of mine. He does his job very well and competing with him would be quite tough so I wouldn't bother (coz I am lazy like that) also, because everyone is so great with each other there is never even a thought of competition anyway. More often that not I ask him if what I am saying sounds right or if I have the line right. And do I feel less important? Not at all, Harry Potter is Harry Potter. Also, Neville plays his own part in the story, and in some cases it is an important part so, no I don't feel less important at all! smile.gif

Another question that concerns Dan, that many of you had been wondering about:

Question from Aalia
Why have all the Harry Potter Boys (You, James, Oliver, Dan, Rupert, Tom) grown your hair long? It's as if it's a new style in the Harry Potter World?

You know, I have no idea. I was just told to grow my hair for Alfonso Cuaron (Director of PoA) so we did. I guess he liked it, an so did Mike Newell so it stuck. You are right though, it is strange isn't it?

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Popstar Scans

Posted by allo on 27/08/05

Dan is featured in the September 2005 issue of Popstar magazine, talking about dreams. Also you can try their quick quiz on quotes by Dan, Rupert and Emma. (Thanks to Mary for sending us scans!)

Scary Harry
Trio Quotes Pop Quiz

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GOF Premieres in New York and London Confirmed

Posted by jenna on 26/08/05

Just minutes ago Warner Bros. confirmed the New York premiere date for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Saturday, November 12th.

UPDATE: This just in, the London premiere will be held on Sunday, November 6th.

We will provide more information to you regarding this when we receive it. Locations and times, etc. for either premiere have not been determined as yet so please do not e-mail me about them.

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A Few International Scans

Posted by jenna on 26/08/05

Thanks very much to staff correspondents Sabine and Tracey for sending in a couple of scans. Reader Belen also reports the September issue of Popstar has a little tidbit with Daniel in it. If anyone has the scan for that please send it in. (They aren't out here yet…)

TV & Satellite Week (United Kingdom)
Popcorn Poster (Austria)

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Official GOF Sites Upload International Teaser

Posted by allo on 25/08/05

The official British website for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,, has now uploaded low, medium and high quality versions of the international teaser trailer for GOF in Quicktime, RealMedia and Windows Media formats. The same trailer files are also visible through the Italian and Korean official sites – all other international sites are still showing the US trailer at this time. Thanks to Coming Soon for the tip.

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New E-cards and Art

Posted by allo on 25/08/05

Many thanks to Sabine for some new e-cards for the Letter Exchange. There are new designs in several categories, including a new Back To School category.

There are also some new additions to the Wallpaper Gallery – many thanks to Sabine, Janina, Raymond and Luciana for those.

Finally, thanks to Sheila, Sara, Mim, Niko, Nataly, May, Lauren, Julia and Dani for some great new drawings for the Fan Art Gallery.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in their contributions recently. If you have any original artwork that you would like considered for our galleries, please check the Contributor Guidelines page to find out where to send it.

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GOF Behind-The-Scenes Footage from Spanish TV

Posted by allo on 25/08/05

Spanish TV station Telecinco has posted a video clip featuring some behind-the-scenes footage from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The clip is a little dark but you can make out scenes in the Great Hall, Hogwarts grounds, Triwizard Tournament, Yule Ball, Quidditch World Cup and in the water tank. If you have trouble watching the clip, you can click here to try viewing it directly in Windows Media Player. Thanks to HarryLatino via Nigriv for the tip.

And if you want to see the international teaser trailer for GOF again in LARGE format, French site Allocine has now loaded high-definition clips on their Goblet of Fire trailers page.

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Daniel Radcliffe: The Magic Behind the Muggle – NOT Authorized

Posted by jenna on 23/08/05

We learned about this new biography coming out about Daniel over a week ago, and it has been confirmed by Warner Bros. that this publication is NOT authorized by either them, Dan or his family.

I did not want to post about this initially because I didn't want to bring attention to it, but I have been getting quite a few inquiries about it over the last few days as this news spreads across the web.

So let me just say once more, if you do venture out to buy a copy of this book – please be aware – it is NOT authorized. This means anything you read in the book may be fabricated or untrue. Read at your own risk. (I'd advise against it – they won't have any information that you won't get from here and at least here you know what you're reading is true and it doesn't cost you anything!!!)

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A Few International Scans

Posted by jenna on 21/08/05

Thanks very much to Alexandra and Jamie for sending in these scans from Greece and Belgium. (There is no new info so we are not translating the article).

Katerina Magazine Scan 1 (Greece)
Katerina Magazine Scan 2 (Greece)
GOF Poster Art (Belgium)

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More Trailer and TV Goodness

Posted by allo on 18/08/05

Following on from the previous post, Veritaserum very kindly uploaded a higher quality version of the international teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that was shown on GMTV the other day so we've converted and updated our files for you:

GMTV GOF Trailer (Windows Media, 3.0MB)
GMTV GOF Trailer (Real Media, 4.2MB)

And for UK viewers, The Snitch is reporting that Sky TV subscribers can see the trailer today under the Showbiz news section of Sky Active. (Press the red button on your Sky remote while watching any Sky channel. You may have to wait for earlier news stories to play first before it appears.)

Spanish TV station Antena3 has posted an article about the new trailer which includes video clips (in Windows Media format). Thanks to Ana for the tip!

While we're on the subject of TV, thanks to Jessica and Christina for a DR-TV tip for Sweden: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is playing on SVT1 at 8:00pm tomorrow night, Friday 19th. The DR-TV page also has a couple of new dates on it for the UK.

Finally, thanks to Tracey for sending along a scan from today's Sun newspaper in the UK, which has the new picture of Harry arguing with Moody and Dumbledore: Sun Scan

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GOF International Teaser Trailer

Posted by allo on 17/08/05

Many thanks to Veritaserum for sharing a new video clip of the international teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which was shown on GMTV in the UK yesterday morning. Unfortunately, the quality of the clip isn't that great (although we've tried to clean it up a bit) and you already saw most of the new footage in the Extra clips the other day but this does have a couple of new scenes and does not have any voiceovers by announcers!

GMTV GOF Trailer (Windows Media, 3.0MB)
GMTV GOF Trailer (Real Media, 3.8MB)

Unfortunately, Warner Bros tells us that they do not have any plans to post this trailer online due to similarities to the US teaser trailer, which is already available online at the official GOF website.

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High Res GOF Picture

Posted by on 16/08/05

Thanks very much to Warner Bros. for sending over a high res version of the scan we previously posted from the Entertainment Weekly Magazine which contained a new GOF photo.

Harry, Dumbledore, Mad Eye, Etc.

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International Scans

Posted by allo on 16/08/05

Thanks very much to Dogus, Niniebou, Angelika, Julia and Tracey for sending in some new scans of Dan from magazines around the world:

7Extra (Belgium, 10 Aug 2005): Cover, Page 1, Page 2
Yam (Germany, 10 Aug 2005: Scan
Bravo (Germany, 10 Aug 2005: Scan
DVD Monthly (UK, Sep 2005): Scan

Tempo (Turkey, 2005): Cover

NOTE: Angelika tells us that the Bravo article reads as follows:


"”Now Harry has to bleed”

“….there is even blood flowing! But Dan reassures his fans: “Of course it´s not my own, but film blood!” But once he actually hurt himself while shooting. Grinning, he says: “I cut my fingers on a page of the script. That hurt like hell!”"

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DR-TV Alert: GOF on Extra Tonight!

Posted by allo on 12/08/05

US entertainment news program “Extra” will show an exclusive preview clip of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire TONIGHT, Friday 12th. You can check Extra's When It's On page to find out channels and showtimes for the program in your area.

UPDATE: You can now see 79 large screen captures from the video in our galleries. Sorry for the delay folks, I won't bore you with the technical difficulties, but I will link you to the new Extra! TV Screen Caps gallery. Thanks to Lauren for the screencaps!

UPDATE 2: (the one you've been waiting for!) Video clips are FINALLY available!

Extra GOF Preview (Windows Media, 2.0MB)
Extra GOF Preview (Real Media, 1.7MB)

(Again, apologies for the delay in posting this – we had to deal with some catastrophic hardware failure this weekend!)

You can also visit the Extra website to see the video, including a scary encounter between Harry and one of the merpeople in the second task of the Triwizard Tournament. Thanks to Mugglenet for the initial tip.

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UPDATED: Entertainment Weekly Previews GOF – Large Scan

Posted by allo on 12/08/05

This week's issue of Entertainment Weekly (dated August 19th) features another look at Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, including another new picture from the movie:

EW Scan: Harry, Moody, Dumbledore and Karkaroff

EW subscribers can also view an online version of this article.

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New Wallpapers and Fan Art

Posted by allo on 11/08/05

When new pictures of Dan come out, a fresh batch of wallpapers is never far behind and today we've got some real gems for you! HUGE thanks to Benjamin, Helicon, Areli and Aida for their very wonderful contributions to the Wallpaper Gallery.

Also, thank you very much to Norman, Julien, Jami, Juliana, Maria, Shelby and Jessica for some great new drawings for the Fan Art Gallery.

Thanks again to everyone who sent in their contributions. If you have any original artwork that you would like considered for our galleries, please check the Contributor Guidelines page to find out where to send it.

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DR-TV: POA Comes to Cinemax

Posted by allo on 11/08/05

Some TV tips for viewers in the US, Mexico, Spain and Scandinavia: On September 10th, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban begins an extensive run on Cinemax in the US. Cinemax will also air a special MAX On Set behind the scenes look at POA several times during the month. And thanks to Nallheli for letting us know that …Prisoner of Azkaban is also showing right now on SKY Mexico on Premiere pay-per-view channel 814 throughout the day.

Full details of these showtimes can be found on our DR-TV page. We also have some more listings for …Chamber of Secrets, which will be showing later this month in Spain on Cinemanía Extra and in Scandinavia on TV1000. If you find any more listings for Dan's movies in your area, please remember to let us know and we'll add them to the DR-TV page – thanks!

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Goblet of Fire Receives PG-13 Rating

Posted by allo on 09/08/05

More proof, as if you needed it, that the Harry Potter franchise is growing up: Warner Bros. announced today that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has received a PG-13 rating from the Motion Picture Association of America for sequences of fantasy violence and frightening images. The previous three Potter movies were all rated PG.

NOTE: To address some of the comments being made, a PG-13 rating means “Parents Strongly Cautioned. Some Material May Be Inappropriate For Children Under 13.” It does not mean that under-13's cannot be admitted. For a full explanation of the PG-13 rating, please visit the MPAA website.

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Scans and Photos

Posted by jenna on 08/08/05

Thanks very much to Angela, Aruna, Maria, Anna, and McKenzie for sending over scans and photos. We have a few more photos from POA that we didn't have in our galleries thanks to Mugglethai. Check em out below:

Diario N15
Diario N14

Diario Scan 1
Diario N12
Lecturas July 29th 2005
Girls Life 2005
Young Adult 1 2005
Young Adult 2 2005
POA Pic: Dan BTS
POA Pic: Harry holding Quidditch note
POA Pic: Dan and Ron at Table

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New GOF Shirts at Hot Topic

Posted by allo on 06/08/05

Hot Topic has launched a new line of official Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire apparel, beginning with two new t-shirt designs – one featuring the HPGOF poster art with Dan (“Difficult Times Lie Ahead, Harry”) and one featuring the legend “Voldemort Returns”. You can check out the new designs and order shirts by visiting our DR-Store USA – Clothing and Accessories page. (Please note that all proceeds raised from orders placed through this page go towards our fundraising efforts for Demelza House. And yes, Hot Topic does ship to international addresses – please read the shipping conditions at their site before placing any orders.)

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New Photos and Scans

Posted by allo on 05/08/05

Many thanks to Angelo for sending over two studio portraits of Dan from a POA promotional shoot that we haven't seen before:
Harry 1
Harry 2

Also thanks to Tracey, Julia and Sabine for some new scans:
The Sun 1 (UK, Aug 4th) – from a larger article about things that make Britain great – Harry Potter is one of them!
The Sun 2 (UK, Aug 5th) – new underwater photo?
Yam (Germany, Aug 2005)
Bravo (Germany, Aug 2005)

Sugar (Austria, Aug 2005) – Dan was voted 63rd in Sugar's list of the 100 Sexiest Boys in the World. The text next to the picture reads: He has cast a spell on us as Harry Potter – on October 1st it goes on with the new book.

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GOF Buzz from Chicago Advance Screening

Posted by allo on 05/08/05

Last month, lucky HP fans in Chicago were treated to a secret advance screening of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. For those of you who can't wait to see the movie for themselves (i.e. everyone here), here's some early buzz to whet your appetite!


"I have to say that this is my favorite HP film to date…. The new additions to the cast are perfect. The film has a quick pace and keeps your attention throughout. Actors really have gotten down their roles and play them very comfortably…. I believe that audiences will absolutely love the new approach to Potter. It's fun, fast, fresh, and familiar. "

Note: This is an extract from an extensive review that recently appeared on Canadian movie site The review is pretty spoiler-intensive so we recommend that you don't try to find it if you don't want to have all your surprises ruined!! However, if you're still curious, you can read an edited version of this reviewer's comments by clicking on the Full Story link below. Thanks to The Snitch for the tip.

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Lumos 2006 Registration Now Open

Posted by allo on 05/08/05

A slightly off-topic public service announcement for older fans of HP books and culture: The magical folks over at Lumos 2006 would like to let you know that advance registration is now open for Lumos 2006: A Harry Potter Symposium, to be held on July 27-30 in Las Vegas, NV, USA, next year. Visit the Lumos Registration page to find out how to sign up.

And if Vegas is not your cup of tea, there is still time to register for The Witching Hour 2005, taking place on Oct 6-10 in Salem, MA, USA. Registration closes on Sept 1st so click here to sign up.

Both events plan to feature a variety of daytime academic presentations and panels about the Harry Potter books and culture, as well as an assortment of fun HP-related activities. Note that there are age restrictions: the events are geared towards an adult audience, although persons 14 and older can attend if accompanied by an adult – please check each site for full details. Both events are produced by HP Education Fanon, Inc.

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Warner Bros. Announces Goblet of Fire Release Dates

Posted by allo on 04/08/05

Warner Bros. has posted a list of official release dates for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at the official Goblet of Fire website. You can view the list by clicking on the “Other Countries” link at the bottom right hand corner of the page (or by clicking on the Full Story link below). Note that these dates may still be subject to change before the movie's release so keep checking the official site in case of changes. Many thanks to Mugglenet for the tip.

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New GOF pic in Premiere magazine

Posted by on 03/08/05

The September issue holds a new picture from Goblet of Fire with Harry holding the golden egg as he speaks with Hermione. Check it out here! Thanks to MuggleNet for the scan.

UPDATE: Thanks very much to Warner Bros. for sending over a high-res version of the photo in Premiere magazine. Check it out HERE

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Would You Believe – More GOF Pictures?!

Posted by jenna on 02/08/05

This time a “thanks very much” goes to TLC for sharing 5 new photos that have Dan in them from Goblet of Fire. Photos consist of: a second task green screen shot, Dirty Harry (no really…), a Gryffindor group shot, Harry at a feast in the Great Hall, and Harry with Mad Eye Moody.

For now you can go and view them on their site HERE. They also have quite a few other great shots from the movie that do not include Dan (Harry) so make sure to check those out while you're visiting! We will have them up in our galleries a bit later.

UPDATE: As promised, the pictures are now in the HPGOF Photos Gallery.

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Disney Adventures September Issue

Posted by jenna on 01/08/05

Thanks very much to Jessica and Tracey for telling us about the new Disney Adventures issue that contains new photos from the Goblet fo Fire. PotterProphet posted a few scans to share with everyone so thanks to them as well!

There is a small interview with Dan in this article that discusses his plans beyond Harry Potter, what he thinks about his character's progression, and whether he does or does not have the inside scoop on the last HP book. Click the FULL STORY link below to read the entire interview.

Disney Adventures Cover
Disney Adventures Scan 1
Disney Adventures Scan 2
Disney Adventures Scan 3

UPDATE:: Warner Bros. has kindly sent us a high-res photo of Dan from the cover of Disney Adventures. Thanks very much to them for that! Dan as Harry in GOF

UPDATE 2: Many thanks to Rupert Online for sending over some higher quality versions of the scans.

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More Scans from French ONE Magazine

Posted by jenna on 01/08/05

Merci a Nathalie for sending in scans from the latest French ONE Magazine. Check em out below.

ONE Poster (Great Photoshop work here eh?)

ONE Scan 1
ONE Scan 2
ONE Scan 3

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