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16th Birthday Thank You from Daniel Radcliffe

News Archive – June 2005

by ClaireJun 30, 2005

Spellbound! Event Update

Posted by jenna on 30/06/05

Spellbound! is looking for a few good witches (and wizards) to help with operations and whatnot at the huge book 6 party in Mt. Prospect, Illinois on July 15. If you're interested in volunteering and getting a nifty Spellbound! staff t-shirt among other things, click HERE.

Discounted hotel rooms are still available at a rate of just $69/night (down from $189/night!) but the rooms are no longer guaranteed. It's first-come first-served until the rooms are gone!

Keep in mind, if you're planning to attend, please register and let us know you're coming! It's free, of course, and only takes a second. You MUST register if you're planning to get your book at the mall, otherwise we cannot guarantee a copy of the book will be available for you.

UPDATE: We just confirmed Steve Goodie as one of the performers for the event.

Oh, and THANK YOU to a certain webmaster for the thank you flowers! smile1.gif smile1.gif smile1.gif I love them!!

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International Scans

Posted by jenna on 29/06/05

Thanks very much to Claire, Karis, Martin, and Anneke for sending scans in from the US, Czech, and Holland.

Czech Premiere Cover

Czech Premiere Page 1
Czech Premiere Page 2
Czech Premiere Page 3
Czech Premiere Page 4
Czech Premiere Page 5
Comic Con Magazine Scan 1
Comic Con Magazine Scan 2
GOF Newspaper Article
Zo Zit Dat Magazine (Holland)

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Prague Story Retraction

Posted by jenna on 27/06/05

The UK's Mail on Sunday printed a retraction to their story regarding Dan's parents not wanting him to film in Prague. It read as follows:

“Warner Bros and Daniel Radcliffe

Last Sunday we (Mail on Sunday) incorrectly said the parents of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe had objected to a plan to shoot the next film in Prague because they considered the city too “racy”. We have been asked to make clear there are no such objections and Daniel Radcliffe's parents are happy for him to travel to any location that Warner Bros decide. We apologise for any embarrassment caused.”

Okay, it is good that they retracted this story, but do you think they will learn their lesson? (Not likely)

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HBP Goodies

Posted by jenna on 25/06/05

Time is almost up, and soon you will all be snuggling under your blankets and curling up with JK Rowling's latest installment in the Harry Potter Series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. We decided to do something a little special for our readers for this latest edition.

We now have a little HBP Goodie section for all of you out there anxiously awaiting the book's release. Staffer Sabine made some great doorhangers and bookmarks, with pics of Dan and some from the HBP book covers, early enough for you to print out and use once you get your copy of HBP. Enjoy!

UPDATE: If you are having problems printing the doorhangers, please e-mail Sabine and she will send you a ready-made Word template with the doorhanger that prints out perfectly.

HBP Goodies

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The Prague Post: Reflection on Radcliffe Article

Posted by jenna on 24/06/05

Previously we posted about the false reports circulating online regarding the location for the filming of OOTP being altered because of Dan's parents' concern regarding his safety in Prague.

The Prague Post just released an “opinion” article about this mishap, pointing out why something like this can happen. It also gives reasons why everyone, especially news outlets, should take care in what they believe when reading “breaking movie star scoops.”

You can read the entire article by clicking on the Full Story link below.

(Of course, if newsworthy sites did actually “vigorously question everyone and everything that comes their way” as this article suggests they do, then there wouldn't have been a mishap to begin with… in my humble opinion.)

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NYC Licensing Show: Warner Bros. Harry Potter Image

Posted by jenna on 22/06/05

Ain't it cool news attended the NYC Licensing Show, and among some of the things shown was a massive image from GOF. Check out the man standing beside Dan's image to the left to see the actual scale of this image display by Warner Bros.


Thanks very much to Sue from TLC for the tip!

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December Boys : Reprinted

Posted by jenna on 21/06/05

Title Recall, an Australian “virtual” secondhand bookshop, received word today that the University of Queensland Press (UQP) will be reprinting copies of the book December Boys within the next few weeks.

After a phone conversation with a representative from the UQP, I can tell you that the books are slated to be distributed nationally within Australia. No plans have been set to sort out international distribution as yet. We will have a better idea of exactly how many copies will be reprinted within the next few days.

(Don't forget – you can still get a copy in the US, and internationally, via the method I reported in a previous post.) Thanks very much to Phoebe for the tip!!

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Location, Location, Location – or not

Posted by jenna on 20/06/05

Recently there was an article at Teen that reported the location for the filming of OOTP was altered because of Dan's parents' concern regarding his safety in Prague. Of course this is totally untrue. was bombarded with e-mails from fans all over the world regarding this irresponsible piece of journalism. Here is what Dan's representative had to say about it:

This is a totally fabricated story, with not one grain of truth in it. Firstly, due to the uncertainty with the present British tax situation, Warner Bros is still considering all options regarding locations for all its films shooting in Europe. In regards to Harry Potter no decision has been made as to location of filming ie. whether it be in the UK or abroad.

The Radcliffes (as have all the families) are completely aware of the situation and have been incredibly supportive of the production and these discussions. Daniel is definitely doing the next film and both he and the family are very happy to go where ever Warner Bros finally decides best suits the needs of the film. They couldn't have been more supportive or amenable during this process and to suggest otherwise is totally unfair and totally wrong!

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More DR-TV

Posted by allo on 20/06/05

Viewers in France can watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets tonight at 20:10h on TSR channel. And if you live in the US, UK, Canada, Spain or Mexico, or anywhere that gets BBC World channel, check the DR-TV page for some new TV listings in your area. Thanks very much to Wendy, Gicelle, Aruna and Zaria for the tips!

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Daniel wins Best Young Actor Award

Posted by jenna on 20/06/05

Daniel won Best Young Actor for his role in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban at the 2005 SyFy Genre Awards. The winners were announced in an online chat earlier today at SyFy Portal's Yahoo Group. Over 80,000 votes were cast online for this year's awards.

This is the second time Daniel has won in the Best Young Actor category at the SyFy Genre Awards. He also won back in 2003 for his role in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Congratulations to Dan for this great achievement!

::send to friend:: Nominated for Seeker Awards

Posted by jenna on 20/06/05

Vote for us here!
I would like to express our humble thanks to the judges of the
Seeker Awards for alerting us that our site has been nominated in two categories: Best Webmaster and Best Actor Oriented Site.

Voting is now underway. There are many categories to vote for, and all the websites within each category were chosen by the judges as the best on the internet… Voting ends July 3rd. Winners will be announced on July 7th. I added the Seeker Vote button underneath the news iFrame. This will come down once the voting closes.

Note: You can vote only ONCE per day, so go and vote for your favorite HP sites and show them a little support!


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December Boys: Getting a copy of the book

Posted by jenna on 19/06/05

I have had hundreds of e-mails from people asking me about how to buy the book December Boys. I have also had e-mails from readers telling me that online book sites are asking anywhere from $131.00 to over $200.00 to get a copy of this book.

PLEASE – don't do it! I did some checking around and made a few phone calls. In the USA you can call any Barnes&Nobles or Borders bookstore and they can order it for you. The book price is $12.95 USD.

Barnes&Nobles ships internationally, so if you go to their online site and look up any store in their store locator and call them, they will send you the book for $12.95 USD + shipping.

Borders, along with its many US locations, has many international locations in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico. Make sure you call your local Borders store if you live in those countries.

It is important to note that you MUST order the book either by phone or in person at the store location as they go by different inventories in-house vs. online. If you try to go online to order the book you will only find the ridiculously expensive copies.

If you call or go to the store itself, you will only pay $12.95. (If the book has to be shipped you will pay shipping additionally of course).

Keep in mind it may take anywhere from 1-4 weeks for the store to get the book in once you've requested it, and you are not obligated to pay anything until the book has arrived at the store location (unless you are having it delivered via post).

If you are located internationally, do call or go into your local bookstores and inquire about the book. You never know if they can order it for you until you ask… but keep in mind, the book shouldn't cost you more than the equivalent to the USD price of $12.95!!!!!

Hopefully this has helped to answer most of your questions. If you have anymore questions, I am always here if you need me. smile1.gif

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ACED Birthday Fan Projects – Thank You

Posted by jenna on 19/06/05

I want to thank the hundreds and hundreds of people who participated in the ACED Fan Projects for Dan's 16th birthday this year. You all sent in some great stuff! I am sure Dan will appreciate all of your efforts for this next issue!

Most importantly, I'd like to say a very big thank you to all of you who joined together for the special Demelza House feature in this issue of ACED Magazine. It was a tremendous success considering it was not advertised anywhere else online. We raised a fantastic amount of £705! All of your efforts and kind thoughts are very much appreciated. Thank you all once again!

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GemPak Scans

Posted by jenna on 19/06/05

Thanks very much to Jessie for sending over some scans from Malaysian magazine GemPak. It talks about the GOF film coming up, the new HBP books coming out in July, and even has a very small bit about the ABC special that had the sneak peek of GOF. Really – no “new” info… *hears groans* Sorry…

GemPak Cover

GemPak Page 1
GemPak Page 2
GemPak Page 3

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December Boys : Book Summary

Posted by jenna on 17/06/05

For those of you that can't get a copy of the book December Boys, (which is loads of people based on the e-mail inquiries), staffer Lauren has read the entire book and provided us with a brief summary of the story. Please keep in mind – the summary does have some plot points, so there will be definite SPOILERS to the story in there, even if it is a very high level overview.

Oh, and a few notes about this novel. The novel itself was written in the 1960s by Michael Noonan, but the story itself was set in the 1930s, just after the depression, right before the war. And – it's not about four orphans, it's about five! Oh, and the boys in this novel are 12, and there is no romantic relationship between any of them with a girl… so I am not sure where this bit came from in the reports… But I will definitely clarify a few points with the appropriate person and let you all know!

To read the book summary, please click on the FULL STORY link below. I cut some of her summary out – like the ending and other key points, but the rest is there. Thanks to staffer Lauren for taking on this task!

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December Boys: A few questions answered

Posted by jenna on 16/06/05

Many of you sent e-mails asking all sorts of questions about the December Boys production. First, let me reassure everyone – this production will not interfere with Dan's role for OOTP. According to his representative, he starts filming December Boys in November, and ends some time around late December. Filming for the 5th Harry Potter installment does not start until early next year. Also, keep in mind, the GOF premiere(s) and press junkets will all occur before he begins filming for the December Boys production.

As far as whether this film will be available outside of Australia… that has yet to be determined, but as soon as we know more we will let you know. You can view the actual press release for this production by clicking on the Full Story link below.

The Sun had a snippet about this production today:
The Sun 16 June 2005 Scan

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Last call for ACED birthday fan project #2

Posted by jenna on 16/06/05

Don't forget, today is the last day you can contribute to Fan Project #2. We have raised about £600 thus far. Lets see if we can bring that up, in one day… today… please… cry.gif

For those of you unaware of this fan project – We are doing a special Demelza House feature in ACED Magazine for those that donate to Demelza House within the time frame listed for this specific fan project. (This is a special fundraiser, separate from the annual birthday fundraiser). There will be a prize drawing for those that submit entries for this fan project. The drawing will take place on Dan's birthday, in a live chat, on July 23rd. (Prizes to be announced soon).

Full details of how to donate to Demelza House and what you need to send for this project can be found on our ACED Fan Project Page. If you would like your thoughts and wishes to be included for Dan in this issue of ACED Magazine, please make your donation and send your contribution to JENNA by midnight PST on June 16th. Please, don't forget to include “c/o Dan Radcliffe 16#” so we can track your donations for this particular project!

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International Scans

Posted by jenna on 16/06/05

Thanks very much to HP0891, Alex, staffer Tracey, and staff correspondent Theo for sending in scans from the US, Russia, the UK, and France respectively. There isn't any new information in the articles, so I am not translating.

ONE Cover

ONE Article 1
ONE Article 2a
ONE Article 2b
ONE Article 2c
ONE Poster Page
All Stars 1
All Stars 2
M Magazine Scan
Xpose #95 Pg1

Xpose #95 Pg2
Xpose #95 Poster

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CONFIRMED: Dan to star in December Boys

Posted by jenna on 15/06/05

Late last night I received word about Dan possibly starring in an Australian production entitled December Boys. This morning I received a confirmation from Dan's representative that he has signed on for this role.

According to Variety, December Boys is a coming-of-age drama, set to film on the South Australian coast in November, and is adapted from Michael Noonan's novel of the same name.

Radcliffe will play the oldest of four orphans competing for the affections of a childless couple keen to adopt a son. Late '60s-set drama unfolds at an isolated beach resort, where Dan's 16-year-old character also has his first love affair.

As reported in the Herald Sun, the producer of the film, Richard Becker, says, “Daniel is an actor with talent and intelligence beyond his years. He can step into any role and deliver a brilliant performance. We are thrilled that Daniel has chosen it as his next starring vehicle and are eager to commence production.”

The film will be directed by Rod Hardy, whose film credits include Robinson Crusoe and Buffalo Girls and who has directed the acclaimed TV series The X Files and The Practice.

Note:: The article also says this is Dan's first non-HP role, but we all know this is NOT true *cough* David Copperfield *cough* Tailor of Panama… And GIRLS – I know the word “love affair” is there, but that is NOT your ticket to freak in comments!!! Photo Credit: CBBC Newsround.

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Support at the MovieSite Awards!

Posted by allo on 14/06/05

Once again, has been submitted as a candidate for the 2005 MovieSite Awards in the Best Actor Fan Site category. If you enjoy reading this site, please show your support by visiting the MovieSite Awards message board and leaving comments in the topic. (Note: you will be required to register before you can leave comments – it's a very quick and easy process.) You have until June 30th to leave your comments and then will announce a shortlist of nominees, based on fan support, on July 13th. Please help us defend our title as Best Actor Fan Site – last year we won both the editors' and audience pick in this category. Thanks very much as always for your support! bigsmile.gif

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GOF Video Game Cover Released

Posted by jenna on 12/06/05

EA Games has released the cover art for the Goblet of Fire video game. The cover photo features a shot of Dan as Harry, with a flying dragon, and the castle, in the background.

GOF Video Game Cover

Thanks very much to Sue at TLC for the tip!

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DR-TV Updates

Posted by allo on 11/06/05

Here's a few places where you can see Dan/HP on TV over the next few days. Tomorrow, Sunday 12th, CBC in Canada is showing Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone at 7.00pm. Also tomorrow, viewers in the Philippines can see the Nick Kids Choice Awards 2005 (where POA won the Best Movie award) on Nickelodeon channel at 9.00am and 5.00pm. The DR-TV page has also been updated with more showtimes for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on HBO in the US. Thanks to LeeAnn and Janina for the tips.

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ACED Birthday Project Reminder

Posted by jenna on 11/06/05

Don't forget, today is the last day you can contribute to Fan Projects 3 & 4. You have until midnight to get your submissions in to the appropriate person. Please refer to the ACED Fan Project page for the guidelines to submit your entry.

I will be finishing up the printed version of ACED Magazine next week for his birthday, so it is important that you get everything to us on time. Late entries will not be accepted – sorry.

On another note, don't forget Fan Project #2! That will be open until June 16th. We are doing a special Demelza House feature in ACED Magazine for those that donate to Demelza House within the time frame listed for this specific fan project. (This is a special fundraiser, separate from the annual birthday fundraiser). There will be a prize drawing for those that submit entries for this fan project. The drawing will take place on Dan's birthday, in a live chat, on July 23rd. (Prizes to be announced soon).

Full details of how to donate to Demelza House and what you need to send for this project can be found on our ACED Fan Project Page. If you would like your thoughts and wishes to be included for Dan in this issue of ACED Magazine, please make your donation and send your contribution to JENNA by June 16th. Don't forget to include “c/o Dan Radcliffe 16#” so we can track your donations for this particular project!

Please note that anyone is always welcome to donate to Demelza House at any time and that all donations to this very worthy cause are always gratefully received. Thanks very much, as always, for your support!

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Entertainment Weekly Snippet

Posted by jenna on 10/06/05

This week's edition of Entertainment Weekly (on stands now) contains a brief article about the Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix movies, along with some quotes from director Mike Newell and Dan. Although this is not new information about Dan still going on to the next installment of Harry Potter, as was previously reported by USA Today, it is still worth a read to see what was said in this small article in EW.

Mike Snippet:

“I'm terribly pleased with the film,” says director Mike Newell (Donnie Brasco) of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the fourth movie adapted from J.K. Rowling's series of novels, due Nov. 18. In two weeks, Newell will screen his work (minus completed special effects) for Warner Bros. brass for the first time. Nervous? “Of course!” he says. “This is a story where the kids [are] now teenagers. Is the audience ready for an older Harry Potter? They bought the book–I just hope we present a Harry Potter they want to see.” Couldn't have set the stakes better ourselves.

Dan snippet:

Work has begun on the fifth film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. British TV veteran David Yates will direct, and screenwriter Michael Goldenberg follows Steven Kloves. Harry is still good to go. “My enthusiasm has absolutely not gone down,” says Daniel Radcliffe, 15, who wouldn't rule out doing a non-Potter film before starting part 5 in January. “But it would be a mistake to want to show you can do stuff other than Harry Potter so badly that you just rush into something.”

Thanks to TLC for the tip.

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Ralph Fiennes talks about Daniel

Posted by jenna on 09/06/05

Ralph Fiennes was recently interviewed in Paris, and he was asked about working with Daniel. After watching the video segment over and over several times, I was finally able to make out what he said (well most of it anyway). I wanted to make sure I tried to at least get it as accurate as I could before posting. toung.gif

“He's just a charming young man, very helpful. I think it must be very difficult for young actors when they are part of this incredible franchise, and there's such pressure and exposure, and certainly Daniel seems to be keeping it together. He's just a very charming person. I'm sure any of you can imagine that a young person can be affected very negatively by that, but he's a very good actor, and very admired on the set. He does very well in the studio,” said Fiennes.

They have a parody scene about Dan on the show, but some of you may not like this particular flavor of humour, so if you are easily offended – don't watch it. Thanks very much to Sophie from the French site Universe of Harry Potter for the tip!

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Last Call for ACED Print Projects 3 and 4!

Posted by allo on 09/06/05

This is your last chance to submit artwork or Greatest Fan photos and comments for the next print edition of ACED Magazine that we are sending to Dan for his 16th birthday! Fan projects 3 and 4 close at 11:59PM EDT on Friday June 10th so please send your artwork to Allo or photos and comments to Mary as soon as you can. Remember to check the ACED Fan Projects page for full details of what you need to send.

Also, remember that Fan Project 2 (a special fundraiser for Demelza House) is still open and we are accepting donations and entries for this until Thursday June 16th.

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Scans and Screensaver

Posted by allo on 07/06/05

Thanks very much to Martin, Alex, Stephanie, Tracey, Ayush, Rose Mari and Natalia for sending in some more scans of magazine articles and reports featuring Dan. OK, you've probably seen most of the pics and info already but it's nice to have them in the archives!!

Premiere magazine (Czech Republic, June 2005): (Cover) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

(And yes, the eye color has been altered on the cover!)
Total Film (Russia, May 2005)
Oops! (Russia, May 2005)
National Geographic Kids (USA, June 2005)
The Sun (UK, 31 May 2005)

Screen (Japan, June 2005)
Assorted scans from unknown Mexican media sources (2004): (1) (2) (3) (4)
Doushin Sports (Japan, 26 May 2005) (Note: this announces that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will be released on November 26th in Japan.)

And finally, thanks very much to Page from for sharing with us her latest screensaver, featuring some of the recent hi-res images of Dan in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. (File is in ZIP format.)

Goblet of Fire Dan Screensaver

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Spellbound for Potter

Posted by jenna on 06/06/05

After months of planning, has opened. Along with major HP sites MuggleNet, HPANA, and the Wizarding World Press, will be working and helping to organise this massive HBP party.

It will be held at Randhurst Mall in the northwestern Chicago suburb of Mount Prospect. Activities will be run continuously throughout the day on Friday, July 15th and will end with the grand finale when the book is released for sale at midnight.

Information about the huge Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince midnight release party in Mount Prospect, Illinois can be found at the online site.

If you are nearby, this is definitely the place to be – the hugest Potter Party on the planet!

::send to friend:: Award

Posted by jenna on 06/06/05

Thanks very much to Justin for making and awarding us for being the “Most Impressive Dan Radcliffe Site Online”. embarrest.gif

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New GOF Picture

Posted by jenna on 03/06/05

Thanks to MuggleNet for this great picture of the trio at the Quidditch World Cup campsite in Goblet of Fire.

UPDATE: Thanks very much to Warner Bros for sending over a much larger version of the photo, which has replaced the previous version in our galleries.

Trio at Campsite Photo

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Miranda: The Trio "Put Me To Shame"!

Posted by allo on 03/06/05

UK film site FilmFocus recently interviewed Miranda Richardson, who plays Rita Skeeter in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and she had some very positive things to say about working with Dan, Rupert and Emma:


"Richardson told us that the biggest thrill of the Harry Potter experience was working with her young co-stars, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. “They're cool,” she told us, “they're very grounded. They put me to shame, really, they're much more grown up than me. They're not fazed by all the trappings of stardom and, I think, very keen to be seen as true professionals. They want to carry on in the profession and do other big work.”"

Thanks to Sabine for the tip!

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FYI: Katie O'Brien Memorial Scholarship Fund

Posted by allo on 03/06/05

Excuse us while we drift a little off-topic for a moment to help our friends at FictionAlley bring a very worthy cause to your attention – something that might be of interest to the many fan fiction writers in our community. FictionAlley, the largest fan fiction site in the Harry Potter fandom, is in the process of setting up a scholarship fund in memory of one of their longtime writers, Katie O'Brien, who passed away in March this year. The fund will offer three scholarships per year, worth US$500 each, in the fields of writing, art and community service, to be used towards the recipient's education expenses. FictionAlley is raising money for this fund by selling wristbands for US$5.00 each. They tell us that if you order by June 5th, they will have the first shipment of bands back in time for you to wear to whatever Harry Potter book launch party you might be planning on attending!

To find out more about this particular cause and order your band, please visit the FictionAlley WristSpirit Page. If you have questions about the fund, please email FictionAlley directly at [email protected]. (Note: FictionAlley is a site designed for teenagers over the age of 13 and for adults of all ages.)

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ACED Fan Projects #3 and #4 Now Open!

Posted by allo on 01/06/05

Two more fan projects are now open for the printed edition of ACED Magazine that we will be sending directly to Dan for his 16th Birthday, and we need your responses for these no later than Friday June 10th! The projects are outlined here but please make sure you also read the ACED Fan Projects page for full details and instructions of all projects.

For Fan Project #3, we invite you to send in ONE piece of your own original artwork for the Fan Art section of the magazine. Please do NOT send in artwork featuring Dan or HP!! All entries should be sent to Allo and please put “ACED Fan Project #3″ in the subject line.

For Fan Project #4, we're looking for more of Dan's greatest fans for our Greatest Fans Hall of Fame section. If you want to be considered for this page, please send one current photo of yourself, along with your first name only, city and country, to Mary (please put “ACED Fan Project #4″ in the subject line) and include a short answer the following questions:

What is the one aspect of Dan's personality that you like best?
How or where have you seen him demonstrate this particular quality of character?

(NOTE: fans under the age of 13 MUST get their parents' permission before sending their photo and entry.)

Submissions will be selected based on originality, creativity, and style. Please keep your entries decent and respectful otherwise they will not be considered. Once again, don't forget to check the ACED Fan Projects page for full details. Now, start sending those entries and good luck!

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DR-TV: More COS and POA

Posted by allo on 01/06/05

Here's a few places where you can see Dan on TV during the month of June: …Chamber of Secrets will be shown again a few times later this month on Sky Movies in the UK and Canal+ in Spain, and on Sunday June 19th on ABC Family channel in the US. …Prisoner of Azkaban will be shown again on Sky Box Office in the UK starting on June 8th and begins its run on HBO in the US starting this Friday, June 4th. HBO will also air the “Making of POA” special four times this month.

For full details of times, please check the DR-TV page. Thanks to Andrea and “Hermione” for the tips. If you have any listings to add to our page, please send them to us – thanks!

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