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by ClaireMay 31, 2005

POA wins in the 2005 Spacey Awards

Posted by jenna on 30/05/05

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was declared the Favorite Movie of the year at the 2005 Spacey Awards, as voted by viewers of Canada's Space channel. The results were announced last night. Thanks to Mugglenet for the tip.

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Harry Potter Wins in Philippines Nickelodeon Pinoy Kids' Choice Awards

Posted by jenna on 30/05/05

Thanks very much to Sophie of the French site, Universe of Harry Potter, for letting us know the winners for the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards have been announced. The Harry Potter series won in the Favorite Book category and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban won the Favorite Movie category!

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ACED Fan Project #2

Posted by allo on 28/05/05

The Demelza House Fundraiser is something we do several times a year. We are doing a special feature in ACED Magazine for those that donate to Demelza House within the time frame listed for this project, this is a special fundraiser, separate from the annual birthday fundraiser. There will be a prize drawing for those that submit entries for this fan project. The drawing will take place on Dan's birthday, in a live chat, on July 23rd. (Prizes to be announced at a later date).

This year we're adding a special twist. We would like everyone who donates to send us their own short birthday greeting for Dan, their photo (if they wish) and their thoughts about what Demelza House means to them and why they choose to donate. All (yes, ALL) of these contributions will be included in the print edition of ACED Magazine that will be sent to Dan for his 16th birthday.

Full details of how to donate to Demelza House and what you need to send can be found on our ACED Fan Projects Page. If you would like to be included in the magazine, please make your donation and send your contribution to JENNA by June 16th. Please follow the instructions carefully so that we can track your donations!

Please note that anyone is always welcome to donate to Demelza House at any time and that all donations to this very worthy cause are always gratefully received. Thanks very much, as always, for your support!


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Wizard Chase in London

Posted by jenna on 27/05/05

Today the Independent published a small article about the “politics” behind shooting certain scenes for the next Harry Potter installment.

“A highlight of the superhero's next film outing will (hopefully) see Potter, played by Daniel Radcliffe leading a high-speed broomstick chase, James Bond-style, down the Thames.

Unfortunately, the film's director, David Yates, who is currently masterminding pre-production, says that several local councils are refusing to play ball.

“So far, we have spent a lot of time on boats on the Thames,” he tells me.

“I want to do a great big wizard chase past the London landmarks and it is going to be very exciting, but it has not been easy to set up.

Click the full story link below to read the entire article. Thanks to Sue at TLC for the tip.

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ACED Print Project #1

Posted by jenna on 26/05/05

I know, I know, where have all the updates gone… As soon as the media server and I have it out I will be uploading a few things… HE is being difficult. (Probably sulking since I took ACED and put it up on a new separate server this weekend).


ACED Magazine has had many changes over the last few weeks, and even more on the way. We are starting many promotions for upcoming movies, bands, album releases, and more. You can also sign up for a newsletter on the main ACED Magazine online site to get notified about prize promotions, to include CDs, posters, t-shirts, a Sony PSP, Hot Topic gift certificates, and more. We are working with Record Labels, PR, and various studios to bring you movie reviews, album reviews, exclusive feature articles, celebrity interviews, etc. – all online. Updates will be made at least once a week.

I have many e-mails I am sorting through right now, so if you have sent me e-mail about ACED I WILL get to you, I promise. (I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel). If you are interested in writing or editing for ACED Magazine you can E-Mail Me and I will send you more information and guidelines.


Now is the time to quickly get through our fan projects for Dan's printed version of ACED for his 16th birthday. For those of you who did not have the chance to participate in the video project, or even if you did, you can participate in the Fan Projects for ACED Magazine as an alternative.

The first project is the Poetry and Short Story Section. If you would like to submit your writing masterpiece for inclusion in the printed edition of ACED, that will be sent directly to Dan for his birthday, please send your submissions to ELENA. She will be heading up this project.

Poetry and stories do NOT have to be about Dan, in fact, I'd encourage you to write on different subjects. The most creative and original submissions will be chosen for the printed edition.

*** The Poetry and Short Story project starts today and ends Tuesday, 31 May 2005 at midnight EST. A link to the ACED Fan Projects for Dan's 16th B-day will be added at the top of the page later today for your convenience.

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Avatars and More Games

Posted by allo on 23/05/05

The Avatars section has had a long-awaited facelift and we thank Cherie, Christa, Bonnie, Marianela, Sarah and Anne for sending in their latest designs. (And if you've been using the old avatars – don't worry, they are all still available!)

Also, there's a couple more new games on the Fun and Games page – a memory game called Concentration and a retro video game called Breakaway. Again, you will need a Java-enabled browser to play them.

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International Scans

Posted by jenna on 23/05/05

Thanks very much to Jelena from Serbia, our staffer Tracey from the UK, Steve from Canada, Ayush from India, and Claire from Scotland for sending over photos and scans for us to share with all of you today.

Bravo Cover
Bravo Scan 1
Bravo Scan 2
Sunday Times Scan
Prevue Scan

Screen May Scan
Screen June Scan
Huge Dan at DVD Party Scan
Picture of Radcliffe Street in Nova Scotia Yea – here's something you don't see everyday, and Steve thought he'd send it in for us to add to our wacky photo gallery.

Thanks again to everyone who sent in the scans!

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E3 convention shows off new DR pic

Posted by on 21/05/05

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, held every year in Los Angeles, this year showcased the new Goblet of Fire video game due out this November.

MuggleNet received a new picture, spotted at E3, that you can check out here. In it, you can see Harry casting a spell with the Hungarian Horntail in the background.

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New Fan Art and Games

Posted by allo on 21/05/05

Huge thanks, as always, to everyone who has sent in their artwork of Dan over the last few weeks. Here's the latest and greatest selections:

New drawings in the Fan Art Gallery – thanks very much to Gulcan, Rian, Nat, Megan, Maryline, Lauren, Jessica, Hermy, Erica and Audrey.

New designs in the Wallpaper Gallery – thanks very much to Sabine, Luciana, Lisa, Helicon, Coinomie, Coralie and Erick.

And for your further entertainment, we have four new jigsaw puzzles and two new sliding puzzles on the Fun and Games page (note: your browser must be Java-enabled to do the sliding puzzles). Enjoy!

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Warner Bros sends HQ version of GOF poster

Posted by jenna on 19/05/05

Thanks to Warner Bros for sending over a nice HQ, edited version of the Goblet of Fire teaser poster. You can definitely see more detail in this one. I just replaced the former copy we had in our database, you can see the larger version here:

HQ GOF Teaser Poster

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HPGOF Videogame Trailer Now Online

Posted by allo on 18/05/05

Last month, we reported that the videogame for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, due out in November, would feature characters based on their big-screen counterparts. Well, now Team Xbox has posted a trailer for the game so you can see a little more clearly how “Digital Dan” and friends will look on your screens. Some screen captures from the trailer have also been added to the HPGOF Video Game Gallery. Thanks to Veritaserum for the tip!

UPDATE: The Official Harry Potter website has posted some more information about the game and has the game trailer in Quicktime format.

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The answer to your ?s –

Posted by jenna on 18/05/05

We are happy to announce our support of, which is, a massive international database of parties celebrating the release of Half-Blood Prince. It's much more than just a database though – it's “the only thing you need to know to find and plan your ideal event!”

Keep in mind the site just opened, and only a few stores have officially announced plans for July 16th, but the listings will grow as time goes by. If you know of any HBP parties in your area you can add it to the database, see what other parties are in your area, and even chat with other fans that may be in your area and will be attending the party. Not only does this site list HBP parties all over the world, it also has sections to give you, the fan, ideas on how to conduct your own parties, including decorations, recipes, costume suggestions, etc. We know you'll find it useful in the coming months, so go check it out. is a collaborative effort on the part of all of the top HP fan sites, HPANA, Veritaserum,,, Mugglenet, HP Fan Zone, and especially The Leaky Cauldron who did a lot of work to put this together for everyone.

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DR-TV: POA and BAFTA Tribute Rerun

Posted by allo on 17/05/05

Some TV tips for UK viewers: Sky Box Office will resume screenings of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on Wednesday, May 25th. And thanks to Tracey for letting us know that BBC1 will be repeating the BAFTA Tribute to Julie Walters this Wednesday, May 18th, at 8:00pm. This event, which took place back in December 2003, was attended by Dan, Rupert and Emma and Rupert made a speech paying tribute to his “screen mum” (Ms. Walters plays Molly Weasley in the HP movies). To refresh your memory about this event, check our news archive.

Details of these listings and more can be found on the DR-TV page.

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What Dan has to say – the Weekly Reader issue

Posted by jenna on 16/05/05

After learning what a frenzy the Weekly Reader caused over this past weekend Dan sent a response to straighten things out. As always we thank Dan for clearing this up and taking the time to send this to us. He had this to say about it:

“I usually do not make any comment on postings on websites however, I have been made aware that a simple answer I gave in an interview to Weekly Reader re my relationship with Rupert has sent people into a maelstrom of speculation. It has shocked me that the words “I don't spend much time with Rupert” has been interpreted in so many grossly inaccurate ways.

FACT: I like Rupert, I get on with Rupert, we are friends and when we are on set together we have a good laugh.

We don't spend much time together off set – because there isn't any! Those of you who are familiar with GoF will know that there are many scenes in which Ron doesn't appear Also, I am still at school and when I am not on set filming I am in tutoring and when Rupert is not needed for filming he is not in the studio. But, we are good friends and any suggestion otherwise is wrong”.


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Magazine Scans

Posted by allo on 16/05/05

Thanks very much to Flávio for sending us some scans of an article about Dan from Brazilian magazine Atrevidinha. We also have a snippet from the May 2005 issue of Disney Adventures.

Disney Adventures (USA): Flash Fact

Atrevidinha (Brazil): Cover, Poster, Page 1, Page 2

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GOF tie-in books available for pre-order at B&N

Posted by jenna on 14/05/05

Four new GOF tie-in books are now available to pre-order online at Barnes&Nobles. Some of them include new photos of Dan.

GOF Movie Poster Book
GOF Coloring Book
GOF Sticker Book
GOF Book of Creatures

UPDATE: OK I lied, evidently I can do it from here. You can see the additions to the gallery with larger photos of the book covers in the GOF Promotional Gallery. Thanks to Sue for the tip!

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Weekly Reader Interview

Posted by jenna on 14/05/05

Weekly Reader has published some new pictures of Goblet of Fire cast members as well as interviews with cast members, and Dan. You can see Dan's Q&A below.

How would you describe Harry these days?
He's grown up quite a bit. He's becoming slightly more aggressive. In this story [Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire], everything is being taken away, and it's out of his hands. Harry struggles to get a grip on the situation.

How has being Harry Potter changed your life?

I do get recognized in public. This one guy saw me near a [subway] station and burst out, “Hey, everyone! Look!” It would have been OK with me if he hadn't yelled. The other thing that has changed is that I'm not in school as I'd normally be. [He attends school on the set.]

Do you still enjoy portraying Harry Potter?
Yes, it gets easier, but each film presents new challenges.

How do you get along with other cast members?
Me and Emma [Watson] are like brother and sister. We don't have huge fights, but we do have altercations. Rupert [Grint] I don't really know. I don't spend that much time with him. Emma and I spend a lot more time together.

What is it like working with director Mike Newell and the new cast members, such as Katie Leung?
Working with Mike Newell has been fantastic. We don't see that much of each other when we're not filming. Katie is a completely, really, really natural actor–and she's really cool.

Are you shy, like you are with Cho Chang, in real life?
I'm quite shy, but I'd like to think that I'm not. I don't have a girlfriend, but I try. Sometimes I find myself not knowing what to say to [girls]. I don't understand girls yet, but I'm trying to.

Which scenes did you most enjoy filming in The Goblet of Fire?
The underwater scenes were the most interesting and the most fun. I had two ear infections from being underwater so much. Mike told us, “Don't try to actually speak your lines underwater. Just move your mouth.”

Do you have one favorite scene?
I did enjoy the graveyard scene in an intense kind of way. Remembering all the scenes does become a blur. There's also another scene in the bathroom in a hot tub that I enjoyed.

If you could have one magical power of Harry's, what would it be?
That I could do everything with the wand, like cast spells.

What will life be like for you after Harry Potter?
I want to continue to be an actor and maybe be a director. If I could direct one really great film, then I'd never want to direct again. I have a certain confidence about my acting now.

Thanks to Heidi for the tip! And please – behave in those comments…

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Dan Answers Questions and Gives Fans a Recipe

Posted by jenna on 12/05/05

Both Page and I have received the first preview of Dan's next newsletter that will be sent out to fans soon. In it he answers a few questions that were sent in by readers of – he even gives fans one of his favorite recipes! (You can see the recipe for BAKED GNOCCHI BOLOGNESE by clicking on the full story link below). Thanks very much to Dan for taking the time to send these to us!

Newsletter Preview ::

For this newsletter, I have decided to answer several questions which have been posted on Just for the record, the questions were chosen at random by a friend and not by me because as everyone knows I never visit websites.


Unfortunately, because I have been so busy on Goblet of Fire and revising for my exams I have stopped having lessons as there weren’t enough hours in the day!!!!!!! However I hope to get back to them when things ease up a little.


Retreat by The Rakes, Not Everyone by Nine Black Alps and Tuned To A Different Station by Dogs


5’5 and a half inches – the half inch is very important!


The German film The Edukators directed by Hans Weingartner – loved it!


No Surprises by Radiohead


I never know whether they are laughing with me or at me.


I have just finished 1984 by George Orwell and loved it.


Yes, I love cooking Baked Gnocchi Bolognese (it’s very easy and a bit of a cheat). It’s a recipe by Delia Smith and you can find it at and If I can make it – anyone can!!!!!!


Yes, girls who are totally obsessed with being cool.


Currently Homer Loves Flanders (Series 5)

*** Please be patient in receiving replies from Dan via post as he is in the midst of exams and will reply to you as soon as he can. And again, let's all thank Dan for sending us this preview!

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Full-size GOF trailer on

Posted by on 12/05/05

Apple has updated the movie trailers portion of their website to include a new full-screen version of the Goblet of Fire trailer. Click here to visit the site, and then click on “Fullscreen”. Make sure you have iTunes so that you can see it in full-size resolution.

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HBP deluxe edition cover released

Posted by on 12/05/05

We finally have our first look at the American deluxe edition of Half-Blood Prince! Differing from the regular edition's cover, the press release reads:

“In this spectacular artwork for the Deluxe Edition, layers of mystery unfold in a forested glen, where we find Harry Potter and Dumbledore peering through dense branches.”

Click here to check it out, and thanks to MuggleNet for the tip!

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More Interviews with Dan on MSN Video

Posted by allo on 11/05/05

MSN Video has posted three video clips previewing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, including two short interviews with Dan and some raw, behind-the-scenes footage. While all three clips are very similar to what we've seen already this week, one of the interviews with Dan does go into a little more detail with some new quotes about Harry falling in love.


"Dan: And so I feel really sorry for him in some parts simply because I know how it feels to be standing there going… (sighs)… huh, yeah, and having nothing to say."

To find the clips, go to MSN Video and type “Harry Potter” in the Video Search box. You will need Internet Explorer 6 or higher to view them. If you can't see the clips, click on the Full Story link below for transcripts of the three clips. Thanks very much to Nadia for the tip!

And if you're having trouble keeping up with all the new video links that have come out around the Net this week, we've rounded them all up on our offsite videos page. Thanks to Veritaserum for some of that link info.

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DR-TV: HPSS In India

Posted by allo on 11/05/05

Thanks to everyone who wrote in to let us know that Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone will be shown in India this Sunday, May 15th, at 12 noon IST on Cartoon Network. (Apparently it will also be shown on Cartoon Network in Bangladesh at 12.30pm on the 15th, though I haven't been able to confirm this anywhere online – if you're in that area, check local listings to confirm just in case.)

Please remember to check the DR-TV page for details of Dan's upcoming TV appearances and let us know if there's any listings that we've missed – thanks!

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ADMIN :: This Week

Posted by jenna on 10/05/05

Just to let you know I will be away visiting Montreal, Canada starting today. I will return Sunday night. While I am there I will do my best to check my e-mails and update, but if you have any news between now and Sunday that you want to send to please forward it over to my co-webmaster, Allo ([email protected]). She will be more than happy to assist you while I am away.

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E! News GOF Special Broadcast with New Footage

Posted by jenna on 10/05/05

Just when you thought we were finished … E! News Live broadcasted some new footage and interviews about GOF tonight. Thanks to Andrew for helping us out with the video conversion. I also made some screen captures from the broadcast for all of you as well… Go ahead, just kill the server!

PLEASE right click and save target as … so I don't have to take down the videos …

E! News Live Video WMV 2.20 MB
E! News Screen Captures

If you want to see a higher quality version of the video you can visit our partner site, Mugglenet, Andrew posted up a nice capture over there.

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SKY News Captures and The Sun Scans

Posted by jenna on 09/05/05

Thanks very much to staffer Lauren for sending over footage from the SKY News broadcast about GOF. The footage really is nothing we didn't already see on ABC, so I am not posting the video, but I took a few screen captures of the video as the footage allowed for clearer caps of certain things.

Thanks also to UK correspondent Tracey for sending scans of an article in today's Sun publication in the UK, and to Heather for sending in the link from the online version.

SKY News Captures
Sun Scan 1
Sun Scan 2
The Sun Online Article

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Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards – International Voting Open

Posted by jenna on 08/05/05

Thanks to reader Reylan for letting us know about the International Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards . Harry Potter has been nominated in both the book and movie categories. You can also enter Daniel's name in the Favorite Celebrity category.

Voting will take place until May 21st, and the votes are cast by country (although I registered and voted and I am from the US so I am guessing it doesn't matter what country you are from you can ALL vote). Hover your mouse over “VOTE” to see the various countries with polls open (you can vote in each poll for each country), the list of countries include:

Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, and New Zealand.

Winners will be announced in the Philippines at a scheduled event on May 22nd, and for Malaysia on June 4th & 5th. You can hover your mouse over “EVENT” to see the events scheduled so far. No other events have been scheduled at this time, so you will need to check back on their website to see updated information regarding your country.


NOTE: You do have to register BEFORE you can vote.

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GOF Teaser up at

Posted by jenna on 08/05/05

The teaser trailer for GOF is now online at Go and check it out now!

Trailer in WMV Format 2.15 MB Please right click and save target as …

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Tonight's ABC Broadcast

Posted by jenna on 08/05/05

Check out footage and captures from tonight's ABC GOF Special Broadcast.

UPDATE: ABC GOF Screen Captures

Please right click and save target as …

Intro Video Windows Media 2.85 MB (Thanks to VTM for this one)
Interstitial 1 Video Windows Media 2.49 MB
Interstitial 2 Video Windows Media 2.45 MB
Interstitial 3 Video Windows Media 2.54 MB

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GOF Online Site and More

Posted by jenna on 07/05/05

Warner Bros has updated the US site to include a waiting page, and a much better version of the teaser poster. There is a link to the trailer that is to appear later on… but it is not up on the site quite yet (we “suspect” it will be later tonight though).

You can see a nicer version of the teaser poster here: Larger GOF Teaser Poster

::send to friend:: hosts new GOF footage

Posted by on 07/05/05

While not all of it is new, TV Guide's website has a new clip from Goblet of Fire revealing the Capoeira Dancers at Hogwarts. Click here to check it out, and thanks to HPFZ for the tip!

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GOF Teaser Poster

Posted by jenna on 07/05/05

TLC just posted up a look at the first poster art for Goblet of Fire that features a silhouetted Harry in his Triwizard gear. You can see the poster HERE.

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British Newspaper Scans

Posted by allo on 06/05/05

Many thanks to Tracey for sending over a couple of scans of articles that appeared in British newspapers today, reporting on the latest round of promotional pictures from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Daily Express (May 6th)

The Sun (May 6th)

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GOF Raw Footage from Reuters

Posted by allo on 06/05/05

Thanks to TLC for a link to some raw video footage of the GOF interviews and clips at Reuters. While these interviews and clips are just about identical to what we've already seen over the last few days, what makes these interesting is that you can hear director Mike Newell's instructions to the cast as they film scenes from the First Task. Now you get to find out why Harry does that flying leap!

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POA Nominated at MTV Movie Awards 2005

Posted by allo on 06/05/05

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban has been nominated at the 2005 MTV Movie Awards, in the category of Best Video Game Based On A Movie. This is a new category this year and will be announced in the pre-show before the awards ceremony. Viewers will have the chance to vote in this category by dialing *MTV on their Virgin Mobile phone (you can't vote in this category at the MTV Movie Awards website!) The 2005 MTV Movie Awards ceremony will be shown on MTV on June 9th at 8:30PM ET/PT.

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HPGOF Teaser Trailer Satellite Debut

Posted by allo on 05/05/05

According to a press release on Business Wire, the teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will have its worldwide satellite debut this weekend. If you have the right equipment, here's where and when you can find it:

Sunday, May 8th, 2005: 6:00 AM – 6:15 AM ET (3:00 – 3:15 AM PT)
Monday, May 9th, 2005: 6:00 AM – 6:15 AM ET (3:00 – 3:15 AM PT)

Coordinates for both feeds: IA 6, Trans. 11; C-BAND
Downlink Freq: 3920 V; Audio 6.2/6.8

To read the full text of the press release, click the full story link below. And if you don't have the equipment, don't worry – the teaser trailer will be available on the Net (at as previously reported) sometime over the weekend. As always, we'll let you know where to find it as soon as it arrives.

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DR-TV: HPCOS Reminders, HBO POA Schedule

Posted by allo on 05/05/05

If you've been enjoying all the video footage and teaser reports about Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that have come out over the last 24 hours, then don't forget the big TV event this weekend: US viewers can see an exclusive sneak preview, including cast interviews and clips, of GOF during ABC's special four-hour presentation of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets this Saturday, May 7th, at 7:00PM ET/PT.

Coincidentally, over in Canada, CBC is also showing a four-hour presentation of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on Saturday, May 7th, at 7:00PM ET/PT. According to the CBC website, this will include a “sneak peek behind the scenes to look at the movie magic that brought Harry Potter to the screen. And you'll hear from the woman who conjured all this – with a dream on a train from Manchester to London – author J.K. Rowling.” Unfortunately, there's no mention of GOF sneak previews… sorry, Canada. cry.gif

UPDATE: Thanks to reader Astrid for letting us know that viewers in Canada WILL see GOF sneaks during the CBC presentation and also on ABC!

This coming Monday, May 9th, US viewers can see another report from the GOF set on E! News Live, which airs at 7:00PM ET/PT on E! channel. We managed to capture a 30-second teaser for this report from tonight's broadcast:

Windows Media (0.9MB)
Real Media (0.6MB)

Several readers let us know that …Chamber of Secrets is also scheduled to air on POGO channel in India on Sunday May 22nd at 2:00PM. While there has been no official announcement about it as yet, there's a possibility that the GOF sneak previews will be shown with this broadcast – we'll keep you posted if we do hear any news about it.

And finally, HBO has posted their schedule for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the month of June. HBO will also show The Making of HPPOA in this period.

As always, full details can be found on the DR-TV page. Please check your local listings to confirm showtimes. Thanks to Lara, Allison, Ena, Naveen, Eshani and Anika for the tips.

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BBC 1 Newsround Broadcast in the UK – Caps and Video

Posted by jenna on 04/05/05

Thanks to staffer Lauren we have some massive screen captures from the BBC 1 Newsround broadcast about Goblet of Fire.

UPDATE 2: I just finished uploading 48 more screen caps, giving us a total of 62 – is that enough for ya? OK now I managed to get video converted – sorry tech issues:

Please right click and save target as …

BBC1 Newsround Video 2+ MB Windows Media

BBC 1 Newsround Capture Album

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New HQ GOF Images from Warner Bros

Posted by jenna on 04/05/05

Thanks to Warner Bros we have new pictures from the Goblet of Fire trailer. Check them out below.

GOF Maze Photo
Harry with a Corner of Dumbledore Photo
Hermione Yule Ball Photo
Weasleys by Goblet of Fire Photo
Krum Photo
Cedric Photo
Fleur Photo
Ron in Yule Ball Attire Photo

Goblet of Fire Scene with Ron and Harry Photo

UPDATE: HPANA has confirmed that the full teaser trailer will be playing on the Apple website starting this coming Monday. (The trailer will play in bits on Saturday during the ABC broadcast, but not all together.)

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CBBC GOF Article

Posted by jenna on 04/05/05

CBBC Newsround is running their own bit about GOF. The article has another quote from Dan, and few more new pictures.

Dan revealed what he likes about Harry: “He's pathetic at the whole romance thing. He's a character for anyone who's ever been awkward with a girl.”

World Cup Picture
Harry & Ron Class Picture
Triwizard Picture
Harry and one of the Patil twins at Yule Ball Picture (Don't even think about it …)

Click on the full story link below to read the entire article, also featuring commentary from Rupert and Emma.

CBBC also has a low quality video of their interview with Dan in Real Media format:

Interview with Dan

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Dan Will Continue on to OOTP – the USA Today Articles

Posted by jenna on 04/05/05

USA Today is running two articles about GOF, which contain new photos from the film, as well as a new interview with Dan.

UPDATE: Thanks to VTM we have some scans from print article:

USA Today Cover Spot
USA Today Scan Left
USA Today Scan Right
USA Today Bottom

Daniel Radcliffe, the 15-year-old who plays Potter, has said he will definitely be back as Harry in the fifth movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which starts filming next year.

Radcliffe says he enjoyed diving, despite some minor drawbacks.

“It did sting a bit in the eyes, but other than that and the ear infections, it was fantastic.”

In another scene, he slides down a roof to battle a dragon. “It was pretty much a vertical drop of about 50 feet,” Radcliffe says. “I was on a wire going so fast that my mind didn't have time to catch up with my body and go, 'Wow, I'm falling.' It was fun after the first take. But at the beginning, I was absolutely terrified.”

Click on the full story link below to read the entire USA Today Dan Article and the USA Today “Trial by Fire” Article.

The new photos have been added to the galleries.

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Xpose and Starburst Scans

Posted by jenna on 03/05/05

Thanks to our UK correspondent Tracey for sending in scans from the latest Xpose magazine. The article talks a bit about fan fiction and some of the online sites that host it.

Xpose Cover
Xpose Scan 1
Xpose Scan 2
Xpose Scan 3

Thanks also to Page from for sending us larger scans of the Starburst magazine that contains an article with a GOF set report in it.

Starburst Scan 1
Starburst Scan 2

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Goblet of Fire to be in IMAX Theaters

Posted by jenna on 02/05/05

Warner Bros and IMAX announced this morning that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will be released in IMAX and conventional theaters simultaneously this year.

You might recall Prisoner of Azkaban was released in IMAX theaters last year at the same time as the conventional theatrical release. Shortly after, our website and TLC held the fan party at the IMAX theater in Florida.

Let me just say – you haven't seen a movie (especially a Harry Potter movie) until you've seen it on an IMAX screen …

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NEW GOF Preview Footage on ABC

Posted by jenna on 01/05/05

Well, just my luck, I happened to catch the ABC COS preview footage tonight between commercials which contained a few bits from GOF in it … and you know I captured it …

You can check out some screen captures right here:
New GOF Preview Shots

UPDATE: Due to technical difficulties, our Andrew was able to help me convert the video preview with the GOF footage. Thanks to him for that. We decided to make this a larger rendition than the others online at 640×480.

PLEASE, right click and save target as – do not play over and over from the server or I'll have to take it down…

ABC GOF COS Preview Video 2.69 MB Windows Media

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