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by ClaireMar 31, 2005

New Daily Express and Daily Mirror scans

Posted by on 31/03/05

No April Fool's Joke in these–our latest scans come from our UK correspondent Tracey. The Daily Express scans relate to the recent Half-Blood Prince news while the Daily Mirror shows some Goblet of Fire pictures that we saw just the other day:

- Daily Express 1
- Daily Express 2
- Daily Mirror

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Then and Now in The Sun

Posted by jenna on 31/03/05

Thanks to our UK correspondent Tracey who sent over a snippet from The Sun this morning. The article is sporting some of the new GOF photos in it with a photo comparison of Dan as Harry in 2000 vs. 2005.

The Sun Snippet

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DR-TV: Nick Awards and More

Posted by allo on 31/03/05

Here's a few places where you can find Dan on TV over the coming weeks! This Saturday, April 2nd, Russian viewers can see Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on RTR at 20:15. …Chamber of Secrets airs again on Sky Movies in the UK on April 8th and 11th. Looking ahead, US viewers can see …Sorcerer's Stone on Disney Channel on April 15th and …Prisoner of Azkaban makes its pay-per-view debut on Perfect Choice in Japan on April 29th. (Thanks to Irene, Stasy, Kir, Rina, Tracey and The Burrow for the tips!)

Also this Saturday, April 2nd, keep your fingers crossed for …Prisoner of Azkaban and the HP book series in the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2005, where they are nominated in the Favorite Movie and Book categories respectively. The award show airs at 8pm ET/7pm CT on Nickelodeon channel in the US.

Remember to check the DR-TV page for details of all of the listings that we know of!

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Dan Wins Silver Otto

Posted by jenna on 31/03/05

Thanks very much to Rita for letting us know that Dan has won the Silver Otto Award in the Best Male Actor category from the German Bravo magazine as listed in the March 30th Edition. He came in ahead of Orlando Bloom. Emma Watson won the Bronze Otto in the Female Best Actress category.

UPDATE: Many thanks to staffer Sabine for providing a more detailed scan of the award winners' table:

Bravo Otto Snippet

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Special Meet-ups This Weekend

Posted by jenna on 31/03/05

The group meet-ups are nearing an end, only a few more meet-ups are left. This weekend is a special weekend for our Fan Birthday Group Project Meet-ups.

I will be holding my meet-up in southern Florida. For those of you that live in or around the Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Boca Raton area – we will be meeting on Saturday at 2pm at the Pompano Beach Pier. I will have a cake, refreshments, give-a-ways, and small fireworks. I will also be doing various contests and giving out awards to the winners. For all of you lucky people out there that get to attend this event – the last task, in the spirit of GOF, has something to do with a Webmaster toss in the ocean … be gentle. For more info about the meet-up and the other “tasks” involved send me an e-mail.

Staffers, Lam and Coralie, will be conducting a very specialized meet-up in Montreal, Canada on Saturday as well at 3.30 pm. If it's not raining, you'll meet at Place des Arts on the Plaza (downtown), facing Ste-Catherine Street. If it's raining, you'll meet inside Complexe Desjardins (across the street from Place des Arts) beside the indoor fountain, metro level. Coralie will be the one in the purple wig for high visibility. They will be doing a contest, so you need to e-mail Lam for the details, and yes it does have something to do with that purple wig … They will have prizes and give-a-ways for the winners as well.

Staffer [email protected]”>Lauren will also be conducting a meet-up in Chicago, IL on Tuesday, April 5th at 4pm by the Buckingham fountain in Grant Park. She will have give-a-ways for the fans at meeting.

If you live in Makati City, Philippines; Thane District, Maharashtra State, India; South of Johannesburg, South Africa; Madrid, Spain; Area Metro & Centro-Este, Puerto Rico; Burlington, Iowa; Webster, NY; Valkenburg, Netherlands; or Sacramento, CA —->

Please check the time/date and location for other meet-ups in your area this weekend. You should contact the Project Leader, by clicking on their name, so they have an idea of how many people are coming. They may need to give you information regarding the meet-up. Some groups have food and what not so they need an idea of how many will be there. (Note I said some, not all of them!)

This Week's Fan Meet-ups : Detailed Calendar
Other Meet-ups and Basic Info

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New Goblet of Fire set report

Posted by on 30/03/05

This latest report gives some fresh information on what the sets are made up of in the UK magazine Film Review. Click here to check it out.

In it, we learn the trophy room scene involved over 750 trophies, some of which were borrowed and some that were created just for the movie. If you look closely at a few of them, you might notice that a few were actually made out of plant pots.

Additionally, we learn that the Hungarian Horntail Dragon measures out at 40 feet long, and the maze seen in the Tri-Wizard tournament scales 30 feet into the air.

Thanks to our UK correspondent, Tracey, for the article!

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HQ GOF Photos from Warner Bros

Posted by jenna on 29/03/05

Thanks very much to Warner Bros for sending over some HQ versions of the scans we saw earlier in the French Premiere Magazine. For those of you who wanted big and clear – your wish has been granted … enjoy.

Dumbledore and Fluer
Harry at Dumbledore's Office
Harry Studio Shot
Harry Doing Task
Trio in Doorway

Trio at Table

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Daily Express and Post-Crescent Scans

Posted by on 28/03/05

With thanks to Paula and Tracey, we now have some new scans from both the Daily Express and the March 24th issue of Post-Crescent.

Daily Express 1 (Detailing an upcoming 18 and over HP conference)

Post-Crescent 1
Post-Crescent 2

Look carefully at the Post-Crescent scans and see if you can spot a slight slip-up in their article.

A guy posting on Impossible…until now! You may recognize me from MuggleNet– but heck, one site isn't enough! The lovely Jenna has accepted me into the family, and you'll start seeing me here every once in a while too.

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Magic Academy 4 Scans and ACED Project

Posted by jenna on 27/03/05

Thanks very much to French correspondent Theo for sending in scans from Magic Academy 4. There really isn't any new information in the articles. They do mention the Valentine efforts and did for Dan on Valentine's Day, quoting the thank yous we posted from him in their article.

There are a few discrepancies in the article, even with old information (most of which they got from either this site or The cover's changed an old photo to make it look new – can you guess what they changed? And before I get slammed with e-mails – yes they mention is his official site, but it is not (I don't even think there is a site at that address). Dan does NOT have an official website. He, his family, and Warner Bros work with both and equally. There is no “official” site for Dan. Both sites work together on his behalf.

ACED Project :: Sometimes you just gotta wonder – is there ever anything in a teen magazine that is a fact? Perhaps the facts are just not deemed important enough for teens so they don't bother researching what they print … and it's not just this magazine – it's all of them. As one of the projects for ACED we will be addressing this in two opinion articles. If you are interested in writing and researching this topic to be included in ACED, please E-mail Me about assignment details. Yep – we are still doing ACED for his birthday too.

Oh, and here's the scans smile1.gif

Magic Academy Cover
Magic Academy Page 1
Magic Academy Page 2
Magic Academy Page 3
Magic Academy Page 4
Magic Academy Page 5

Magic Academy Page 6
Magic Academy Page 7

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New GOF Photos in French Premiere

Posted by jenna on 26/03/05

Thank you Sue for telling us about the new GOF photos found in the April edition of the French Premiere magazine. The French Harry Potter fansite Poudlard has posted up the scans from it. Thanks to them for sharing!

Premiere Cover
Harry and Ron

Dumbledore and Fleur
Harry Doing a Task
Harry in Doorway
Daniel as Harry

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Total Film Scan

Posted by jenna on 26/03/05

Thanks very much to our staff correspondent Tracey who sent in a scan from the latest Total Film magazine. There is a little snippet about GOF in there in its 2005 Winter Preview.

Total Film Scan

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Special Meet-ups This Weekend

Posted by jenna on 26/03/05

Today is a special day for our Fan Birthday Group Project Meet-ups.

Staff member, Olivia, in Melbourne Australia, is holding a gathering with prizes and give-a-ways. It starts at 2pm today. There will be refreshments provided. It will be held near the stage in the park in between Melbourne Concert Hall and the Arts Centre.

Another staffer, [email protected]”>Lauren , will be conducting a very specialized meet-up in London at Leicester Square complete with contests, prizes and special give-a-ways to the first group of people who show up (first come first served) tomorrow at 10am.

Please check the time/date and location for other meet-ups in your area this weekend. You should contact the Project Leader, by clicking on their name, so they have an idea of how many people are coming. They may need to give you information regarding the meet-up. Some groups have food and what not so they need an idea of how many will be there. (Note I said some, not all of them!)

This Week's Fan Meet-ups : Detailed Calendar

Other Meet-ups and Basic Info

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Dan to Appear on BBC Variety Show

Posted by jenna on 24/03/05

London Evening Standard reported yesterday that Dan would be making a guest apearance on a new Variety show on the BBC network.

After confirming this with a representative from Warner Bros. I am able to report that this is indeed true. You may remember that Daniel made a guest appearance on stage in The Play What I Wrote, the writers of which are at the helm of this new BBC show. A pilot of the show, Foley And McColl: This Way Up, was filmed last week and will be shown on BBC1 this summer. Dan will have a cameo role in the show, but I cannot reveal any other details about it at the moment. So be on the lookout for that this summer!

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A Few Scans

Posted by jenna on 24/03/05

Thanks very much to Belen from Spain who sent in a few scans of magazines in her area. Check them out by clicking on the links below.

Bravo Scan

Super Pop Scan 1
Super Pop Scan 2

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A Special Week of Fan Group Meet-ups – Part I

Posted by jenna on 22/03/05

This week is a special week for our Fan Birthday Group Project Meet-ups. Our staffer [email protected]”>Lauren will be conducting a very specialized meet-up in London complete with contests, prizes and special give-aways to the first group of people who show up (first come first served). We also have another staff member, Olivia, in Melbourne Australia who will be holding a similar type gathering. Olivia will have refreshments at her meet-up so try to RSVP so she knows how much to bring.

Please check the time/date and location for the meet-up in your area. You should contact the Project Leader, by clicking on their name, so they have an idea of how many people are coming. They may need to give you information regarding the meet-up. Some groups have food and what not so they need an idea of how many will be there. (Note I said some, not all of them!)

This Week's Fan Meet-ups : Detailed Calendar
Other Meet-ups and Basic Info

Locations/Leaders ::

Botswana, in Gaborone, Africa Neha and Deepali
Mangalore, India Arthi
Cornelius, OR, USA Natalie
Kolkata, West Bengal, India Pooja

Melbourne, Victoria Australia OliviaSpecial Project
Mexico City, Mexico [email protected]”>Sheila
Clinton, NJ, USA Vic
Hampton, VA, USA Brittany
Jersey City, NJ USA Yari

St.Cloud, FL USA [email protected]”>Shaina
London, England [email protected]”>LaurenSpecial Project
Edinburgh, Scotland Claire
Nashville, TN USA Melly
Hong Kong, China Bonnie

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Fan Birthday Meet-up Reminder

Posted by jenna on 22/03/05

Don't forget, the birthday project meet-up in Puerto Rico at the Escambron Beach in San Juan takes place tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10am. Please contact the Project Leaders Celivette and Maria for more information.

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Easter E-cards and New Fan Art

Posted by allo on 22/03/05

The Letter Exchange has been stocked with some new e-cards for you to send to your friends! Many thanks to Sabine, who created new designs for several categories, including a new Easter collection, and muchas gracias to Ana Laura, who created the Spanish cards in our new Tarjetas en español category.

We also have several new additions to our Fan Art Gallery. Thanks go to Lara, Gaby, Cassie, Judy, Sima, Vanessa, Priyanka, Kiden, Hayley, Amy and Danyel for sending in their creations.

If you have some original artwork that you would like us to consider for our galleries, please check the Contributor Guidelines page for details of where to send it. Thanks!

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Fan Art Contest with Autographed Awards

Posted by jenna on 21/03/05

Jamie Waylett's Official Site is holding a Fan Art contest. It is going on right now and will last til April 30th. There will be prizes for the top 10 drawings/paintings, all being judged by Jamie, me, Melissa from TLC, and his manager John.

The winners will receive various group autographed photos from Jamie Waylett, Tom Felton, Rupert Grint, Josh Herdman, Devon Murray, and Matthew Lewis.

Send your submissions to the site via e-mail or post your drawing to the address on Jamie's Official Site.

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RadNet's 2nd Annual Board Awards : Winners Announced

Posted by jenna on 21/03/05

The final votes have been tallied. The winners of this year's Board Awards were voted on by all of the registered members in the RadNet Forum. Each winner will receive their own special, unique award. The winners are as follows ::

Most Devoted to Dan: simpsongirl
Most Devoted to Rupert: elizabethgrint
Most Devoted to Tom: tomsgirl4eva
Most Devoted to Emma: Candie
Dan Know It All: simpsongirl

Computer Know It All: Albus Dumbledore
Most Online: Elena
Most Helpful: Elena
Funniest Member: egyptian_damsel_eh?
Most Original: Jamie McAlister

Best Fan Fic Writer: kabanna_banana
Best Username: Snogintheloo
Best Membername: Lucky07 (-BlOoPy-)
Best Avatar: HulaGal
Best Signature: White Paws

Most Outspoken: grimreaper
Forum Delinquent: Brittish Girl
Favorite Homeless Member: mugglebornmom
Most Courteous Moderator: marigold
Favorite Overall Member: emmalee

Congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you to those who voted for me that resulted in my two wins as well … embarrest.gif

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New Dan Newsletter

Posted by jenna on 19/03/05

Thanks very much to both Miyazaki and Rosiana for sending in their copies of the new newsletter being sent to fans that write to Dan.

He mentioned both and in the letter about our Valentine Projects saying, “A special mention must go to and for the two amazing albums they put together and the wonderful words they contained which I will keep forever. I am in awe of Jenna and Page and their endless enthusiasm for creating imaginative projects!”

He also mentioned that filming was due to end on March 18th but he will still be doing Blue Screen sequences after March 18th.

He has recently seen the movies MEET THE FOCKERS and RAY and THE SEA INSIDE. He is also listening to music by THE ARCADE FIRE, KAISER CHIEFS (we knew that already), and THE BRAVERY.

He also made mention that he does try to answer every letter he receives, and he is getting more fan mail now than ever before – so please be patient.

Another thing – when you write to him and ask him to send you a photo you NEED to INCLUDE your postal address on the LETTER. He can't reply to you if there is no address to reply to, and it seems fans were getting a bit irate over not getting responses when in fact it was them forgetting to include their address in the letter…. *cough*

*** Of course this isn't the newsletter word for word, or in its entirety – you know my policy on that – but it has the key points from it and I will post the scan up once the next one is out to fans.

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5 New Scans from the May 2005 Edition of Screen

Posted by jenna on 19/03/05

Thanks very much to Rose Mari, our very fabulous Japanese Correspondent who sent in 5 scans from the new May 2005 edition of the Japanese Screen magazine.

The first 2 scans ask the readers who they would most like to have as a classmate, Dan came in second to Johnny Depp, followed by Emma and then Rupert.

The third scan has Dan talking about how great it was to be working with the new British director, Mike Newell, and he says it took him 7 months of training so he would be ready to film the underwater scenes.

The 4th scan is all about Emma, where a WB representative debunks the rumour of Emma doing a kissing scene with Krum, and quotes Emma as saying about her Yule Ball attire, “I wear make-up for the scene of the Yull Ball and I wore a very nice dress. There will be much excitement.”

The 5th scan ends with a little bit about Rupert and has a pic, it also talks about his birthday project that is going on over at And to my total surprise it even mentions our little birthday project for Dan in detail saying ::

“Daniel's 16th birthday project .
Daniel is 16 years old on July 23., in commemoration of the birthday of Daniel and the movie will make a movie about his career for his past several years. A parody will be produced. When the movie is finished it will be made into a DVD and will be presented to Daniel. Details of the project can be found on

There is also a bit written from Dan's newsletter he sent to fans back in January 2005, which you can now see in full ::HERE

Screen Scan 1
Screen Scan 2
Screen Scan 3
Screen Scan 4
Screen Scan 5

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A Rare and Magical Visit

Posted by jenna on 19/03/05

The Philippine Daily Inquirer had the opportunity to visit Leavesden Studios and managed to talk to a few cast members, including Daniel, about GOF filming.

Daniel Radcliffe, not nerdy-looking at all minus his Harry Potter glasses, exclaimed, “Oh my, this is the attack of the killer microphones!” when the “Muggles” thrust their tape recorders at him.

How different would Harry be in this latest installment, Radcliffe was asked. His reply: “He's coming to terms with a lot of demons and things. He's forced to face them. He's a lot more vulnerable in this film. Sirius can't do anything because he can't come out of hiding to help Harry. Dumbledore doesn't know what's going on. But the main difference is that Harry is growing up and discovering girls.”

The actor stressed that he remains enthusiastic about playing his phenomenally popular character: “I love acting because it's the only thing that I've been really good at. I have more confidence when I'm acting than when I'm doing anything that I would be doing at school, like [maybe] sports or writing.”

To read the full article click on the full story link below, which includes commentary from other cast members as well.

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Today's Dan Fan Birthday Project Meet-ups

Posted by jenna on 19/03/05

Below are the areas with Fan Group Meet-ups for Dan's 16th Birthday Project. These meet-ups are all taking place today. To find out the time and location of the meet-up in your area please check out the weekly calendar. You can click on the Leader's name next to the location below to get more information about the meet-up if you need more than what is listed on the calendar page.

Muncie, IN, USA :: Tessa

Brandon, MS, USA :: Jessica
Seattle, WA, USA :: Stephanie
Upland, CA USA :: Amanda
Puebla, Mexico :: Mary
Tokyo, Japan :: Erica
Newton, Massachusetts, USA :: Alex

UPDATE : The Philadelphia, PA meeting has to be rescheduled due to an unfortunate happening. I know some of you who were planning on attending were e-mailed, but please be aware if you were planning on going it will be postponed.

*** Please try to e-mail the project leaders if you are planning to attend as some are bringing refreshments and need to know how many people will be attending… and it's always nice to know how many people to expect…

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Japanese Scans

Posted by allo on 18/03/05

Thanks very much to Rupert Online for forwarding to us this nice big scan from an unidentified Japanese magazine of Dan collecting his Silver Otto Award from Bravo magazine at the HPCOS DVD party in 2003.

Also from Japan, we have scans from the April 2005 issue of Screen magazine, which has a feature on GOF and the results of Screen's annual Golden Grand Prix Awards readers' poll. Dan came 5th in the poll of favorite actors and Emma Watson was also 5th in the poll of favorite actresses. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was voted the 2nd favorite movie.

Screen, April 2005: (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Today's Birthday Fan Meet-up

Posted by jenna on 18/03/05

If you live in Asunción, Paraguay the fan meet-up has been postponed due to technical problems. It will be rescheduled. You can contact [email protected]”>Romina to find out more information about the meet-up.

For those of you who were planning on going to the meet-up in Valkenburg, Netherlands tomorrow, it has been moved to April 3rd due to a conflict that just arose. You can contact the group leader for more information : Edith.

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UK TV Guide

Posted by jenna on 17/03/05

Thanks very much to both Tracey and Lauren, our UK correspondents, for sending over a couple of scans from the UK TV Guide, talking about POA's PPV premiere on the Sky channel.

TV Guide Cover

TV Guide Inside Snippet (Tells you the days it will show – but it is very broad information)

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Dan's Shirt Raises UKP520.00 For Tsunami Auction

Posted by allo on 16/03/05

The Tsunami Celebrity Clothes Auction organized by came to a close last Sunday, March 13th. Dan's signed crew t-shirt from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which was one of the lots, raised £520.00 after 32 bids.

The grand total is not yet known but so far, the auction has raised well over £30,000.00 for the Rebuilding Sri Lanka charity, which benefits tsunami victims in that country. Click on the Full Story link below to read the press release about the end of the auction.

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DR-TV: More POA on PPV

Posted by allo on 16/03/05

Check the DR-TV page for details of some of the places where you can find Dan on TV over the coming weeks. Some listings that we know of: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is still doing the rounds on pay-per-view TV in the US (Dish Network), Germany (Premiere Direkt), France (Multivision), New Zealand (Sky Box Office) and comes to Sky Box Office in the UK next week starting on March 23rd. …Chamber of Secrets gets another airing in the UK on Sky Movies on March 19th and 27th and …Philosopher's Stone will be shown in Norway on TV3 on March 27th. Thanks very much to Behnam, Sabine and Alex for the tips!

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A Snippet In Nick Magazine

Posted by jenna on 16/03/05

Nick magazine has a little snippet with Dan in the current issue that was missed. Thanks to Mugglenet, we are able to post you Dan's little article. The paragraph has a few bits of new information. It tells about a few new bands Dan is listening to : Kaiser Chiefs, The Duke Spirit, and Explosions of the Sky … all the rest is old news. (Dan's gotta stop copying my music preferences! toung.gif )

Nick Dan Snippet

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This Week's Birthday Project Fan Meet-Ups

Posted by jenna on 16/03/05

This week we have many birthday project fan meet-ups all over the globe. We have had great successes with the Birthday Project Meet-ups thus far so don't miss out on the meet-up in your area!

Please check the time/date and location for the meet-up in your area. You should contact the Project Leader, by clicking on their name, so they have an idea of how many people are coming. They may need to give you information regarding the meet-up. Some groups have food and what not so they need an idea of how many will be there. (Note I said some, not all of them!)

This Week's Fan Meet-ups : Detailed Calendar

Locations/Leaders ::

Friday ::
Asunción, Paraguay :: [email protected]”>Romina

Saturday ::
Philadelphia, PA, USA :: Shalini
Muncie, IN, USA :: Tessa
Brandon, MS, USA :: Jessica
Seattle, WA, USA :: Stephanie
Upland, CA, USA :: Amanda

Puebla, Mexico :: Mary
Tokyo, Japan :: Erica
Newton, Massachusetts, USA :: Alex
Sunday ::
Glasgow, Scotland :: Claire
Valkenburg, Netherlands :: Edith

Arlington Texas USA :: Laura
Botswana, in Gaborone Africa :: Neha
Bethlehem, PA, USA :: Jules
Monday ::
Puerto Rico :: Celivette

Next week will begin the special projects hosted in various locations around the globe by our staff to include contests, prizes, etc.

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New GOF Poster in Nick Magazine

Posted by jenna on 15/03/05

Thanks very much to the quick catch of One Take Watson, we can show you a new GOF poster with the trio found in Nick Magazine. OTW also has another scan just of Hermione as well so go there to see that new GOF shot!

Nick Magazine GOF Poster

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Radcliffe to star as Young Herriot – or NOT

Posted by jenna on 14/03/05

Contact Music was one of the first places to report that Dan would be starring in the the original Herriot series ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL. After confirming the facts with Warner Bros. I can assure you that this is NOT true. Dan will not be starring in this TV show at all.

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A Little Scan Action

Posted by jenna on 12/03/05

Thanks very much to Russian correspondent Alex and UK correspondent Tracey for sending in a couple of scans.

All Stars March 2005 (Russia)

Shout 4 March 2005 (UK)

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Today's Birthday Meet-ups

Posted by jenna on 12/03/05

Just a last reminder about those fan meet-ups for today – there are quite a lot. If you live in South of Johannesburg, South Africa; Solingen/Wuppertal, Germany; City of Orange, CA USA; Newton, MA, USA; Houston, TX, USA; Layton, UT, USA; Sacramento, CA, USA; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador or Caracas, Venezuela – please check the Meet-up Page for the information on the group projects in your area for today.

*** If you are planning to attend a meeting today – please check the page again for your area as I have made some time changes on some of the listings. Also note, the Long Island NY meeting has been cancelled. You can contact your project leader by clicking on their names within the listing.

*** Our staff will be holding special meet-ups in the coming weeks that will include contests, prizes and give-a-ways, so watch out for more information on that in the coming birthday project updates.

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Clinton, NJ Fan Meet-up Postponed

Posted by jenna on 11/03/05

For those of you who were planning on attending the Clinton New Jersey Fan Meet-up for Dan's 16th Birthday project, please be aware that it has been postponed to March 26th at 1pm at the Hunt's Mill Park. The project leader is unfortunately ill and cannot make the meeting tomorrow, please contact Vic for information on the rescheduled meet-up. Get well soon Vic! smile1.gif

UPDATE : The Philadelphia, PA and the Toronto, Ontario, Canada meet-ups have been postponed due to problems with location. The one for Philadelphia has been changed to March 19th. A new location for Toronto is now being researched. I will update the 16th Birthday Project Page with the new date/time/location once I receive it.

Contact the Project Leaders for more information on the new dates, etc. :

For Philadelphia, PA contact Shalini
For Toronto Canada contact Zaria

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Tsunami Auction – Final Reminder

Posted by allo on 11/03/05

Break out the piggy bank and look for loose change between the sofa cushions – this is your last chance to make a bid for Dan's crew t-shirt from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in's Tsunami Celebrity Clothes Auction. The bidding on the shirt currently stands at £470.00.

As we reported earlier, bidding closes this Sunday, March 13th, and all proceeds benefit the Rebuilding Sri Lanka charity. Many other celebrities have also donated items, including fellow HP actors Emma Thompson, Dawn French and Lenny Henry.

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Harry Potter Book 6 Covers Released

Posted by allo on 10/03/05

In case you haven't already caught the news, the official cover art for the US and UK versions of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released by US and UK publishers Scholastic and Bloomsbury earlier this week. HBP is the sixth book in the Harry Potter series and is due to be released in selected countries on July 16th this year.

You can preview the covers by going to our DR-Store online store page. We have also updated the book store pages under each country so that you can pre-order your copy. Please remember to use DR-Store for your Dan/HP-related purchases (or any purchases!) as all proceeds from the store benefit Demelza House Children's Hospice, Dan's favorite charity. Thank you to everyone who has supported the store already – so far, we have been able to donate £75.00 in commission to Demelza House and there is more on the way!

Click on the Full Story link below to read a press release from Scholastic about the release of the cover art for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, including details of a deluxe edition of the US version of the book which includes a special section featuring the interior art.

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Vote Now at the Nick Kids Choice Awards 2005

Posted by allo on 09/03/05

Voting is now open at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2005. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is nominated in the Favorite Movie category and the Harry Potter book series is nominated in the Favorite Book category. The awards ceremony will be shown on Nickelodeon in the US on Sat April 2nd at 8:00PM ET/78:00PM CT. Many thanks to Julie for the reminder!

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16th Birthday Fan Group Weekly Update

Posted by jenna on 09/03/05

There are many many fan meet-ups this week and some of these will have some great tasks for the fans to do for Dan's 16th Birthday Video.

If you live in Spittal an der Drau, Austria; Mexico City, México ; Philadelphia PA, USA; Arlington TX, USA; South Africa; Solingen/Wuppertal, Germany; Toronto Ontario, Canada; City of Orange CA USA; Houston TX, USA; Clinton NJ, USA; Layton UT, USA; Sacramento CA, USA; Long Island NY, USA; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador; Caracas, Venezuela; and Sydney, Australia – Please look at the weekly Calendar Page to check the time/date and location for the meet-up in your area. You can contact the Project Leader by clicking on their name – it will automatically generate an e-mail to them.

Project Leaders :: If you are leading a meet-up this week, please make sure you check your listing to make sure all the information is up to date. If you cannot make the meeting you MUST contact me 24 hours prior to the meeting so I can post proper notification for the fans. Thank you for your diligence!

For those of you already assigned scenes/narrations with scripts :: Please e-mail me with your progress on your scenes thus far. Deadline for the videos are mid-April. Thank you to those of you who have sent in your updates – I will respond to everyone as soon as I can, I still have hundreds more birthday project e-mails to sort out so please be patient.

NOTE :: I have already re-assigned the scene advertised in the newsletter. Thank you very much to everyone who wrote in to apply for it.

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GOF Cast Signs Book For Charity

Posted by allo on 08/03/05

The Leaky Cauldron reports that a signed copy of the American edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is to be raffled this summer to raise funds for a New York children's camp. The book has been signed by 27 members of the GOF film cast, including Dan, and was generously donated by Jamie Waylett (who plays Crabbe in the HP movies) and his family. Click here to view some of the cast signatures.

Raffle tickets cost $5 each (or $10 for 3) and will be available for purchase online between April 1st and August 1st. Other prizes include a Slytherin “crew” picture signed by Jamie Waylett and a 6-DVD set of the first three HP movies. The winners will be announced on August 19th. All proceeds from the raffle will benefit Kamp Kiwanis, a camp for underprivileged children and individuals with disabilities based in Rome, NY, that is owned and operated by the New York District Kiwanis Foundation.

For more information, please visit the Kamp Kiwanis Harry Potter Sweepstakes page.

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Vote Now at the Radnet Board Awards!

Posted by allo on 07/03/05

Attention, Radnet Forum members: voting is now open in the Second Annual Radnet Board Awards! To see the full list of nominees, please check out the Radnet Board Awards topic in the forums.

If you aren't a member now is a great time to sign up! All Radnet Forum members are entitled to vote and the winners will receive special recognition with signature awards as described on the contest page in the forum link above. All votes must be PM'ed to our chief moderator, Mary, by Saturday March 19th. The results will be posted here and in the forums after the close of voting. Congratulations and good luck to all the nominees!

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A Little DR-TV and Video

Posted by allo on 07/03/05

Many thanks to Ilaria for the tip that Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone will be showing today, March 7th, in Italy on RAI Uno channel at 21:00h. Remember to keep checking the DR-TV page for all of Dan's TV listings that we know of and don't forget to send us any more that you find!

For everyone else who needs a video fix, the Offsite Videos page has had a major spring-clean and a few items have been added that are new to this site at least. Look out for items marked with a “*”, in particular Moviefone's POA interviews and clips, Row M's POA premiere sound bites and The One Network's great interview with Dan, talking about his favorite music and playing bass.

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New Photos Surface from POA London Premiere

Posted by jenna on 07/03/05

Thanks very much to anon for sending over some cute photos from the POA London premiere that we have not previously posted on this site before. Visit our photo gallery to see the 26 latest additions.

POA London Premiere Album Additions

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Article Rumour – Please Disregard

Posted by jenna on 06/03/05

Apparently there is a translation from a French magazine Total Stars circulating online right now with a supposed new quote from Dan about OOTP casting.

Allegedly, Dan said the following in an interview ::

Total Stars Question :: Will you participate in the next Harry Potter movie?

Dan's Answer :: I really hope so, but I heard that I'm now too old to play Harry, and it doesn't surprise me! And they say the same for Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. I think it's ridiculous, and very sad… So we will see. Of course, if they let me make the decision, I will do it again!

Please let me stress this right now – IT IS TOTAL RUBBISH, Dan never said that.

Please be careful when reading rumour posts like this on other sites, especially translations of alleged quotes he says in teen or specialty magazines which are often fabricated. If I don't post it on this site, chances are I didn't because it is either untrue or it was from an unreliable source – and in this case Dan DID NOT say the things that are now circulating on the net from this article.

For all of you writing in confused and upset – please don't worry. All is well.

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French "Gazette" Scans

Posted by allo on 05/03/05

Many thanks to our French correspondent Theo for sending in some scans from the March 2005 issue of French magazine Gazette de Magiciens, which features Dan on the cover. There are a couple of HP articles which include some of the recently released images from the forthcoming Goblet of Fire movie.

(Cover) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

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Greatest Fans Hall of Fame Update

Posted by jenna on 04/03/05

Now that I am finished with some major revising for school, I have the chance to start catching up on updates … and first on the list is a Greatest Fans Hall of Fame (GFHoF) update. I have added about 52 new additions to the album. Thank you to all of the fans who sent those in!

Greatest Fans Hall of Fame Album Update

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Posted by jenna on 02/03/05 won a Gold award from the American Association of Webmasters again. Awards are based on “hard work and dedication put into constructing a web site. A site displays: A nice clean Design and Layout, with quality content and informative information for visitors.”

You can see all of the Gold winners for February to see other sites that also won this award (although we were the only fan site). Thanks to the AAWM for the award!

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16th Birthday Fan Group Weekly Update

Posted by jenna on 01/03/05

For those of you in Israel, Cremona Italy, Colorado Springs CO USA, Jackson GA USA, Raleigh NC USA, Burlington IA USA, and Veracruz, Mexico – there are fan meet-ups this coming weekend for Dan's 16th birthday project. Please check out the Weekly Calendar for the exact times/dates and locations. You can also e-mail the project leader for more information, just click on their name.

The main 16th Birthday Project page calendar has been updated with more times, dates and information as well.

If you are a Project Leader please check over the calendar to make sure your meet-up's information is correct. If your location does not have a date/time/location this means I have not received it from you. Any project leaders who have not sent me that information for their meet-ups by this Wednesday will have their meet-up removed. You MUST contact me by then with that information.

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