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by ClaireFeb 28, 2005

Red Nose Day Rumor Squashed

Posted by jenna on 28/02/05

Lately a few sites have evidently been posting that Dan may appear on the Red Nose Day televised event on March 11th in the UK because there were snippets from his previous appearance in the advertisement of the show.

I have received numerous e-mails about this and it has been a topic of debate in the RadNet forum as well. This is one of the reasons why we don't post these types of things before we get confirmation as it causes too much confusion. Please be aware that after consulting with a source at Warner Bros I am sorry to inform you that Dan will NOT be a part of this event.

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Oscar Snubs Harry…

Posted by allo on 28/02/05

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was represented in two award categories at last night's 77th Annual Academy Awards: John Williams was nominated for Best Original Score and Roger Guyett, Tim Burke, John Richardson and Bill George were nominated for Best Visual Effects. Unfortunately the golden statuettes went elsewhere – to Finding Neverland for Best Original Score and to Spider-Man 2 for Best Visual Effects. Still, our congratulations go to all concerned for their remarkable achievements!

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DR-TV News

Posted by allo on 28/02/05

If you live in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany or Australia, please check the DR-TV page as we have some new listings of where you can find Dan on TV over the next couple of weeks. Many thanks to Amalia, Michelle and Sabine for the tips!

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2nd Annual Radnet Board Awards

Posted by jenna on 27/02/05

It's time to honor some very special members of our forum in the Second Annual Radnet Board awards! You can nominate yourself or you can nominate another board member in any or all of the categories listed on this page.

Those nominated will be voted on by Radnet Members and the winners will receive special recognition with signature awards as described on the contest page in the forum link above. Mary will be handling all the nominations so make sure you send them to her and please follow the guidelines for nominations. If you aren't a member now is a great time to sign up!

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Scans and More GOF Merchandise Images

Posted by allo on 27/02/05

Row M has posted some more new images of upcoming Goblet of Fire merchandise from Mattel, which has been on display at the American International Toy Fair in New York City this week. Here are the proposed designs featuring Dan for some puzzles that will be released later this year:

First Task Puzzle (for ages 3-7.)

Triwizard Champions Puzzle (for ages 5-8.)

And many thanks to Tracey, Jenny and Maryam for sending in a couple of new magazine scans:

Disney Big Time article (Feb/Mar 2005 issue)
Gazette de Magiciens cover (Feb 2005 issue)
Gempak cover (Jun 2004 issue)

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Meet-up Reminder and Update

Posted by jenna on 26/02/05

We have a late entry in the fan meet-ups this weekend for Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. This is rescheduled from last weekend. It will take place this Sunday, Feb. 27th @ 12pm noon, at the Desert Ridge Market Place in front of Barnes and Noble. You can contact Hayli, the project leader, if you have any questions.

Don't forget to check the weekly calendar for this week to make sure you don't miss out on the meet-up in your area!

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Dan donates crew shirt to raise funds for Tsunami disaster

Posted by jenna on 24/02/05

Daniel has donated his Hogwarts crew T-shirt, the one he wore during the filming of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, for the Tsunami Celebrity Clothes Auction.

The shirt is very special, not only because he signed the front of it, but also because it was only given out to the cast and the crew of HP. You can't buy one anywhere.

Bidding on this item, and others in this auction, closes on Sunday March 13th and all proceeds will be donated to the Rebuilding Sri Lanka charity.

Thanks very much to Sue from TLC for the tip.

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More DVD Launch Party High Res Pics

Posted by jenna on 24/02/05

Thanks very much to anon for sending in 9 more HQ pics from the POA DVD Launch Party. Thank you also to Stuart, a photographer from the event, who sent in 12 photos he took as well!

You can see the latest 21 photos in the album ::

POA DVD Launch Party Album

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A Win for Emma at Moviegoer Awards

Posted by allo on 22/02/05

Readers of Moviefone.com have voted Emma Watson as Best Supporting Actress in the 10th Annual Moviefone Moviegoer Awards, the results of which were announced today. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was also nominated in three other categories – Best Picture, Best Family Film and Greatest Moment (for Harry flying on Buckbeak). Congratulations, Emma!

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The Latest Dan Art!

Posted by allo on 22/02/05

It's time to open the Fan Art mailbag again and to thank a few of our very talented readers for sharing their creations with us:

In the Fan Art Gallery, we have some great new drawings of Dan by Paulina, Nick, Nelly, Monica, Luz Maria, Diane and Anna.

Over in the Wallpapers Gallery, you'll find some cool Dan/HP themed backgrounds by Tamara, Maryline and Janina.

And finally, thanks very much to Jennifer for sending in a picture of her own personal tribute to Dan, which comes in the form of… jewelry! You'll find it over in our freshly revamped Fan Dedications Gallery.

If you follow these links, the latest additions will be displayed first. Thank you very much to everyone who sent in their artwork and we're sorry if yours wasn't picked this time. If you have an original creation or work of art that you would like to see posted here, please check our Contributor Guidelines page for details of where to send it. Cheers! amuse.gif

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New GOF Images from Toy Fair

Posted by allo on 21/02/05

Samples of movie tie-in merchandise for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire went on display this weekend at the American International Toy Fair in New York City. Among the items included were LEGO sets and an HP version of the DVD game “Scene It?”. For a sneak peek at what's to come later this year, take a look at our HPGOF Promotional Images Gallery. If you look closely, you'll see some new images of Dan from GOF.

Thanks to ASM, Row M and Brick Shelf for the images and Mugglenet for the tip!

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16th Birthday Fan Group Weekly Update

Posted by jenna on 21/02/05

If you live in the following areas please check this week's calendar for the day, time and location in your area for the group meet-ups for the 16th birthday project ::

Las Vegas, NV, USA; Lechería, Anzoátegui, Venezuela ; Stockton, CA, USA; New York City, NY USA; Victoria, BC, Canada; Merida City, Merida, Venezuela

This Week's Fan Meet-up Calendar

** As of now I am no longer accepting Group Project Leader submissions. I am still sorting through some in my inbox, but I will not be accepting anymore after tonight. Please do not send anymore applications for this.

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BESA 2003 Flashback

Posted by jenna on 20/02/05

Thanks to anon we have replaced some of our smaller photos of Dan from the 2003 British Evening Standard Awards with some HQ shots, as well as added a few new ones to our gallery.

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) ( 8 ) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14)

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ADMIN :: Aurora Colorado Meet-up Cancelled

Posted by jenna on 19/02/05

For those of you that were planning on attending the fan meet-up in Aurora Colorado today I am sorry to report that the event has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience. Normally I would have posted this up the day before, but I was just notified.

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Last Reminder for 1st Dan Meet-ups for this Weekend

Posted by jenna on 19/02/05

First let me just say thank you very, very much to all of you for your kind sentiments on my birthday in the comments and via e-mail. They are very much appreciated!

Reminder :: If you live in Liverpool, Sydney, Australia; Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba; Mexico City, Mexico; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Aurora, CO, USA; Scottsdale, AZ, USA; Lodi, CA, USA; Alma, MI, USA; Merida City, Merida, Venezuela or Tachira, Venezuela ::

Please see the meet-up calendar for the times and locations of the meet-ups today and tomorrow for the birthday group projects in your area if you wish to participate in the
16th Bday Project ::Meet-up Info Page

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ADMIN: Happy Birthday Jenna!

Posted by allo on 18/02/05

Excuse us while the staff here takes a little time out to wish A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to DR.com's hardworking webmistress, the lovely JENNA, who turns “21 again” (*cough*) today! bigsmile.gif

We've given her the day off from posting updates and answering emails so unless you're organizing or attending one of the meetups this weekend, please don't expect a reply until the weekend.

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DR-TV Updates

Posted by allo on 18/02/05

There's a few DR-TV updates on for viewers in the UK, Canada, Denmark and Asia. This Sunday, Feb 20th, viewers in parts of Asia can watch a broadcast of the Orange British Academy Film Awards on Star World channel starting at 9pm (Hong Kong/Philippines time). …Prisoner of Azkaban was voted the Orange Film of the Year at the awards. Also on Sunday, …Philosopher's Stone will air on TV3 in Denmark at 8pm. ..Chamber of Secrets will be shown again on Sky Movies in the UK on Feb 27th and in Canada on CBC on Mar 6th. And finally, …Prisoner of Azkaban will air in Germany on the Premiere Direkt pay-per-view channel from Feb 24th to Mar 4th.

For full details, please check the DR-TV page. Many thanks to Reylan, Kim, Angela and Sabine for the tips!

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Birthday Group Project Update

Posted by jenna on 17/02/05

I am posting the Dan meet-ups for this weekend taking place all over the world for Dan's birthday. Anyone can participate in these group meet-ups. Just show up and that's it, the Project Leader will be in charge of the direction of the video based on instructions from me. You can always check the Birthday Project page for a list of all the countries/states/cities, but I will post a list every week of all those meetings happening just that week as reminders. A link was added above the news iFrame as well for your convenience.

This weekend's Dan Meet-up Dates, Times and Locations

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Thank You from Dan to the Fans and Valentine Journal Album

Posted by jenna on 16/02/05

As most of you know we finished up our Valentine's Project a while back. I am happy to finally be able to post a few photos of the journal containing hundreds of hand-made Valentine cards from all over the globe for Dan this Valentine's Day.

I did not take photos of every page – there were just too many – but I tried to take many different shots to give you guys an idea of what some of the pages look like. The journal was so thick I dared not try to wrap it, so instead I thought of a different way to present it to him – which you will see in the album below.

Valentine Project 2005 Album

Dan really appreciated all of your efforts in creating his Valentines by hand this year and wanted me to post this thank you to all of you ::

Dear Jenna

A huge thank you to everyone who sent me Valentine Day wishes yesterday. The book is fantastic and I will keep it forever! I was very touched (as always), at the time and effort that had gone into each and every card. I feel very lucky to have such loyal fans. Thank you once again.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Lots of love


Dan, I'm sure I speak for everyone who contributed when I say that it is only a small effort to give back to you what you have shared with us over the years.

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Clearer GOF Photo from WB

Posted by jenna on 16/02/05

Warner Bros. sent over a nice clear photo of Harry with the open egg in GOF, seen previously in the Telegraph earlier this week. Thanks very much to them for that!

Harry with Open Egg

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Newsletter Album in Photo Gallery and a New Scan

Posted by jenna on 15/02/05

As promised – I have finally sorted all the newsletters Dan has sent to fans over the years and made an album of them for your convenience.

You can view the album here : Newsletter Album

We also have a new scan from the March 2005 Japanese magazine, Movie Star : (1)

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Happy Valentine's Day and Scans Too

Posted by jenna on 14/02/05

DanRadcliffe.com would like to wish the readers a very Happy Valentine's Day. I hope your day will be full of cheer!

Staffer Lauren has sent in a few scans from Xpose #91 and #92, as well as the March 2005 edition of Film Review. Reader Kaitlyn has sent in a scan from the March 2005 issue of the Kids National Geographic. Thanks very much to both of them!

Xpose Cover #92
Xpose Page 2 #92
Xpose Page 3 #92

Xpose Page 4 #92
Xpose Page 5 #92
Xpose Page 6 #92
Xpose Page 1 #91
Xpose Page 2 #91
Xpose Page 3 #91
Xpose Page 4 #91
Film Review Page 1
Film Review Page 2

National Geographic Scan

*** Don't forget the great Valentine Cards over at the DR-LX for those of you wanting to send out an e-card Valentine wish today!

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ADMIN: Italian Translations Now Available

Posted by allo on 14/02/05

We're pleased to announce that we’ve added another language to our news translation service: from today onwards, Italian translations will be available for all posts made on this news page. Please join us in welcoming Elena to our translator staff. Some of you might know her already as one of the moderators on our RadNet Forums message board and as a moderator in our news comments system.

To read the Italian translations of the latest news posts, either click on the Italian flag below or click here: Italian News and Updates

Remember that news translations are performed manually by our staff so they might not be available until a few hours after the English version of the news is posted.

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16th Birthday Fan Group Project Update

Posted by jenna on 13/02/05

I have finally pulled all the groups we have thus far together into one table. They are sorted by Continent/Country/State/City. Dates and times and locations for the meet-ups are there, along with the name of the project leaders and any instructions.

The information on this page will change so watch your location for updates. I will announce Dan Meet-ups 2 days prior to the meeting on the main site as reminders. I will also post any changes in schedules on the main site as well.

You can find all the areas represented thus far, and more information on the Dan Fan Group Projects for Dan's 16th Birthday here :: 16th Project Info Page

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Telegraph Scan

Posted by jenna on 13/02/05

Mugglenet has posted a scan from the Telegraph Magazine (UK). The article has a new pic of Harry with the opened Golden Egg from the Goblet of Fire.

Telegraph Scan

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Posted by jenna on 12/02/05

Prisoner of Azkaban has won the “Orange Film of The Year” award, voted on by the public.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was nominated for “Best British Film” along with three other technical nominations.

High-Res Image of Emma at Awards
High Res of Emma, Mischa Barton, and David Heyman with award in Pressroom (Thanks Melissa!)

Emma congratulated Dan on getting his priorities right – he isn't there as he is revising for his GCSEs!!!

Here is a video snippet of the acceptance speech from Emma where she talks about Dan, thanks to staffer Lauren who captured it for us :

Emma's Speech (Windows Media)

You can see more photos from the event at TLC. Mugglenet has the full acceptance speeches from David and Emma up.

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DR-TV: US, UK and Asia

Posted by allo on 11/02/05

There's a handful of updates on the DR-TV page, including the last few listings for Prisoner of Azkaban on pay-per-view in the US, and showtimes for Chamber of Secrets in the UK (on Sky Movies) and Asia (on HBO Asia) starting from today.

Also in the UK, the Orange British Academy Film Awards will be presented on Saturday, Feb 12th, on BBC1 at 8:10PM. As reported earlier, POA is nominated in several categories.

UPDATE: Thanks to Sue for pointing out that BBC America will also be showing the BAFTAs on Saturday 12th in the US at 9pm ET/PT. The program will be preceded by red carpet coverage starting at 8.30pm ET/PT.

Is Dan going to be on TV in your area soon? If so, please let us know and we'll list it here. Thanks!

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Dan Surprise with Popcorn Magazine

Posted by jenna on 10/02/05

Thanks very much to Angelika for sending in scans from the German magazine Popcorn. The new March 2005 issue comes with a special “Dan Locket” for its readers. It is on newsstands now.

Popcorn Magazine Cover
Popcorn Locket

Popcorn Snippet

The scanned snippet says :: There are two different kinds of autograph hunters – The ones who have tears of joy in their eyes, and the others who don´t even say “thank you” and then auction the autograph on eBay. (Dan did not say this … this is an assessment made by the magazine).

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Dan Meet-Ups for Birthday Video Group Projects

Posted by jenna on 09/02/05

As you know we are currently working on Dan's 16th Birthday Project. With the script assigned, and fans already fast at work on their assigned parts, we are now focusing on the Fan Group Projects (As described in the DanRadcliffe.com Newsletter). I currently have 50 different group leaders established in locations all around the globe and we have already begun setting dates for the fan meet-ups.

The group projects will allow many fans to participate in the birthday project, especially those that didn't get script assignments, because we don't want to leave anyone out that wants to participate. Over the weekend I will post more information on exactly what the groups will be doing during the meet-ups and what they are for. If you are subscribed to our newsletter you already know a lot about it already.

Please remember, to get updates on how to be involved in the birthday project you MUST subscribe to the newsletter. I cannot possibly reply to everyone individually. Even I cannot keep up with 6,000 e-mails a week for the project plus general DR.com inquiries!!! It's just me answering …

In the meantime, for those of you in the following areas, please tentatively mark your calendars for the scheduled meet-ups in your area. I will be posting a proper calendar of events for these over the weekend with directions/specific information, currently you can find brief summaries on our site calendar.

Saturday, February 19th @ 3pm – Merida City, Merida, Venezuela
Saturday, February 19th @ noon – Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Sunday, February 20th @ 11.30am – Sydney, Australia
Friday, February 25th @ 3pm – Lecheria, Anzoategui, Venezuela
Sunday, March 6th @ 2pm – Stirling, Scotland
Saturday, March 19th @ 2pm – Wuppertal, Germany

Saturday, April 2nd @ 1.30pm – Hackensack, New Jersey USA

The upcoming event calendar will always be up-to-date with the date/time/location of the meet-ups, and I will announce any changes on the main site for your convenience as well.

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Dan Nominated as Best Young Actor

Posted by jenna on 09/02/05

Sci-Fire Wire announced the Saturn Awards nominations today. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban led the nominations, with nine nods for the 2005 31st Annual Saturn Awards. Potter received nominations for best picture (fantasy), best director (Alfonso Cuaron) and best writer (Steve Kloves), and Daniel Radcliffe received a nomination for best performance by a younger actor. The awards are presented by The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films and the ceremony will be held on May 3rd in Los Angeles, CA.

TLC also reported POA received two nominations again this year for the 18th Annual Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards, one for Best Film and one for Best Book.

Readers can vote for the the Nick Kid's Choice Awards beginning March 7th. It is set to air April 2nd on the Nickelodeon channel. Ben Stiller will be hosting this year's televised awards show. A link will be posted on this site once voting opens.

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New Fan Art and Downloads

Posted by allo on 09/02/05

Many thanks to some of our very talented readers for sending in their latest artwork:

Avatars: 19 new designs from Lam and “Mrs Kutcher”.
Wallpapers: 3 new designs by Helicon, Annie and Raham (who sent a great Valentine's Day wallpaper!)

Fan Art: 6 new drawings from Hammie, Nicole, Melissa, Luz Maria, Amber and Kellie.

If you follow these links, the newest designs will be displayed first. Note that Hammie's drawing can also be played as a game but be warned – you'll need really good eyesight!! The instructions can be found below Hammie's picture. bigsmile.gif

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International Scans

Posted by allo on 08/02/05

Many thanks to Elijah, Sanna, Janina and Alex respectively for some new scans of Dan in various international magazines:

Film 2.0 (Korea): (1)

Vi Unge (Denmark): (1)
K-Zone (Philippines): (1) (2)
Hammer (Russia): (1) (2) (3)

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New E-Cards

Posted by jenna on 06/02/05

Thanks very much to DanRadcliffe.com readers Katharine and Ariana for making and sending us some new E-cards for our galleries. Click on the links below to see their fantastic work!

Thinking of You
Thinking of You 2
Someone to Count On
Valentine Card 1
Valentine Card 2
Valentine Card 3

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Reminder: Vote for POA at the BAFTAs

Posted by allo on 05/02/05

The latest Official Harry Potter Newsletter from Warner Bros has included a reminder to vote for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in the Orange Film of the Year category at the 2005 Orange British Academy Film Awards. UK residents can also enter competitions to win tickets to the awards ceremony and a digital film-making kit. The vote closes at midnight this Wednesday, Feb 9th.

For all the places where you can vote for Dan and Harry Potter right now, please remember to check our Vote!! page.

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Kate Talks about Dan and the GOF Set Experience

Posted by jenna on 05/02/05

(Sorry, but we have removed this report for the time being as we have been informed that certain details may be in breach of the confidentiality agreement between Kate and WB. However, we will hang on to the story and will hopefully be able to repost it at a later date.)

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Dan Listed in Top 15 Hottest Guys in PopStar Magazine

Posted by jenna on 05/02/05

Thanks very much to staffer Mary for sending in some scans from the March 2005 issue of PopStars magazine. Dan was selected as one of the top 15 hottest guys for 2005. Here are a few scans from this issue with Dan in them :

PopStars Page 1
PopStars Page 2
PopStars Page 3

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GFHoF Update

Posted by jenna on 05/02/05

After a few hours of cropping, optimizing and resizing over 200 photos, I am happy to say I finally managed to update the GFHoF Album. Thank you very much to everyone who sent in their photos. If your picture is not in the album it is most likely because the file was corrupt.

Greatest Fans Hall of Fame Album

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ADMIN :: Staff Update

Posted by jenna on 05/02/05

I have received quite a lot of e-mails from fans asking questions about the staff and myself. It's been long overdue, but I have finally updated our staff page. There are many new people with us now, and there are some that have been with us for years. Hopefully this will satisfy everyone's curiosity somewhat.

Meet the Staff of DanRadcliffe.com (Version 2)

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Loads of Scans

Posted by jenna on 04/02/05

Thanks very much to Sanna, Gaby, French Correspondent Theo, Guilia, and Page for sending in these scans from all over the world.

ONE Magazine Cover (France March 2005)
ONE Page 1 (France March 2005)
ONE Page 2 (France March 2005)
ONE Page 3 (France March 2005)

Total Stars Magazine Cover (France March 2005)
Total Stars Page 1 (France March 2005)
Total Stars Page 2 (France March 2005)
PorTi Magazine Cover (Mexico 2005)
PorTi Magazine Page 1 (Mexico 2005)

PorTi Magazine Page 2 (Mexico 2005)
PorTi Magazine Page 3 (Mexico 2005)
MovieStar Magazine Page 1 (Japan Feb 2005)
MovieStar Magazine Page 2 (Japan Feb 2005)
MovieStar Magazine Page 3 (Japan Feb 2005)

Frida Newspaper (Sweden Feb 2005)
Italian Magazine (Feb 2005)

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New DanRadcliffe.com Photo Gallery

Posted by jenna on 03/02/05

Today I am happy to present yet another feature we have been working on, our new DanRadcliffe.com Photo Gallery. This new gallery will help us get photos to their albums faster instead of doing it all manually like we did them in the past, and it is great for organizing the massive amount of pictures we have (over 10,000) as well.

There are special features in the DanRadcliffe.com Photo Gallery for the fans, allowing you to be interactive within the albums. You can rate the individual photos, view the latest uploads, view the most frequently accessed photos, and you even have your own favourites section just for you! There is a help section in the gallery to help you with any questions about how to use any of the interactive features. Just hover your mouse over the “@” symbol to see the “Help” link. Hope you like! toung.gif

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Dan is Named #1 on RTL's Top 10 Greatest Child Stars List

Posted by jenna on 02/02/05

Thanks very much to staffer Sabine for letting us know Dan came in first place in RTL's (Germany) “10 Greatest Child-Stars” show that aired today.

There was a poll on the internet and Dan was voted the winner, among other such stars as Britney Spears and Inger Nilsson.

Here are a few screencaps from the show :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

UPDATE :: As promised, click on the Full Story link to read the transcript from the segment.

::full story:: ::send to friend::

More Pictures of Dan from Japan

Posted by jenna on 02/02/05

Thanks very much to anon for sending over 10 nice HQ shots we didn't have of Dan while he was touring Japan during the promotion of Chamber of Secrets.

Photos :: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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Dan Wins Best Actor Award

Posted by jenna on 01/02/05

Thanks very much to Atina for letting us know Dan won best actor in the Golden Penguin Awards from the Austrian Magazine XPress. She took a few pictures of the magazine that has some new pics of Dan with his award.

UPDATE :: Staffer Sabine sent in the proper scans to the article and they are below. She also translated the article. Click on the Full Story link to read the translation. (The little bubbles on the page have been translated on the scan page for your convenience.)

XPress Page 1
XPress Page 2
XPress Page 3

::full story:: ::send to friend::

More DR-TV Updates

Posted by allo on 01/02/05

A TV tip for our Mexican readers: thanks very much to Dulce for letting us know that The Tailor of Panama will be showing in Mexico TONIGHT, Feb 1st, on AXN (channel 55) at 8:00pm.

Also, if you're planning to watch “Die 10 größten Kinderstars” on RTL in Germany tomorrow, Wed 2nd, then please note that the start time is 9:15pm, not 8:15pm as previously listed. (Thanks, Anne!)

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Screen Captures, Video, and Scans

Posted by jenna on 01/02/05

Thanks very much to Adriele for sending over video and screen caps we haven't seen before from an interview with Dan and Brazilian journalist, Maria Candida, during the COS promotions. Thanks also to Angela for sending over a few scans from the March 2005 issue of M Magazine.

Dan COS Interview Brazil (Flash format, 1.96 MB – click here to download a free Flash player from Macromedia.com)

Brazil ScreenCap 1
Brazil ScreenCap 2
Brazil ScreenCap 3
Brazil ScreenCap 4

Brazil ScreenCap 5
Brazil ScreenCap 6

M Magazine Scans 1 2

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Award for DanRadcliffe.com

Posted by jenna on 01/02/05

Ana from the Hoggy Warty Hogwarts site just e-mailed me and informed me our site won Best Dan/Harry Fan Site over there. Thanks to her for the nice award : Best Dan Site Award. smile1.gif

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