News Archive - November 2004
News Archive - December 2004

Dan’s Thank You to fans Christmas 2004

by ClaireDec 25, 2004

Dan had the chance to open up his presents from – as well as from all of those fans who contributed to the ACED Magazine X-mas Edition for him.He was also made aware of the Demelza Fund-raiser that fans participated in as well. To read his response click on the read more link below.

View ACED X-mas 2004 Edition

Dear Jenna,

Thank you for the fantastic gifts I received from you and your staffers. I had a great time opening them on Christmas morning and felt very touched that you had all been thinking of me. I LOVED the new edition of ACED – absolutely terrific. I look forward to listening to RADIANT when I have time to focus on it. I am so busy at the moment – filming between Christmas and New Year and preparing for major exams in January! Life is hectic!

I can’ t thank you enough for the beautiful autograph book signed by the Killers – I had a great time meeting them with my friends when they were in London and we really enjoyed the concert.

A big thank you to Allo for the guitar strap, Kim for the guitar strings and Coralie for the miniature guitars which were very cute.

Again I was overwhelmed by the generosity of my fans who donated to Demelza House – this is just FANTASTIC and means such a lot to those children and their families who are involved with this special place.

Rose, Alison, Mary, Lam, Coralie, Lauren, Kim, Judy, and last but not least you, Jenna thank you for your time, effort and generosity.

Filming is going well. As I said, this is the toughest film physically for me and my busiest academic year so I am packing a lot in – wish me luck!

Through I would like to wish everyone a very happy and peaceful New Year and to everyone who has suffered in the Tsunamis earthquake my thoughts are with you all.

Kindest regards


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News Archive – November 2004

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