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News Archive – November 2004

by ClaireNov 30, 2004

Celebrity Extra – Living TV

Posted by jenna on 30/11/04

Special thanks to Jo from Emma-Watson.net who stayed up late to get these screen caps for us from the UK's Celebrity Extra show on Living TV. Check out the capture album and transcript from the show. We are sorting out video.

Celebrity Extra Show – Living TV Album

:: Transcript ::

“It's a film basically about Harry's mental state really and how he is feeling going. [interupts himself]

Not only does he you know got all the kind of obvious stuff like Sirius Black and all that happening..but also he has just become a teenager which is probably the worst thing he goes through.”

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MTV's TRL GOF Special

Posted by jenna on 30/11/04

MTV's TRL broadcast their brief behind-the-scenes look at the GOF set. The intern Greg reported from Leavesden Studios during his visit on behalf of MTV this past summer.

The footage went very fast, and mostly consisted of Greg doing various tasks on set – and hark – did I hear the Strokes in the background on one segment? Yea – Good choice for background music. toung.gif

MTV TRL Capture Album

The full video clip is now available here:

Windows Media (2.0MB)

Real Media (3.0MB)

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POA Wins Children's BAFTA

Posted by allo on 29/11/04

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban won the Best Feature Film award at the British Academy Children’s Film & Television Awards, which were held last night in London. POA was also the runner-up behind Shrek 2 in the LEGO/BAFTA Kids Vote online poll to find the fans' favorite film. Bonnie Wright and James and Oliver Phelps, who play Ginny, Fred and George Weasley in the HP movies, collected the Best Feature Film award. Thanks to HPANA for the tip!

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Use DR-Store to make a Christmas Wish for Dan

Posted by allo on 29/11/04

Besides making a direct donation via our Christmas Charity Page, there's another way that you can make a donation to Demelza House this year: make a purchase through DanRadcliffe.com's online store feature, DR-Store. All commission raised via DR-Store between now and December 17th will be reported as part of the final total for this fundraiser. If you make a donation in this manner and would like to contribute a message for Dan's Christmas Wish book, please send your message, along with your order confirmation, to Jenna by December 17th. You may remove any personal information, such as billing and shipping address, phone number or anything relating to your method of payment, before forwarding your confirmation but please keep your name, email address and the total value of the order intact if present. For full details, click on the Full Story link below.

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DR-TV: Trio on Film ab

Posted by allo on 29/11/04

Many thanks to Simone for writing in to tell us that interviews with Dan, Rupert and Emma from the POA DVD launch party are to be shown during the “Film ab” movie show on VIVA music channel in Germany this Tuesday, Nov 30th, at 8:45PM. The show will also be repeated on Dec 1st, 4th and 5th (check the DR-TV page for times).

And a reminder that members of the cast of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire are expected to appear on MTV's Total Request Live show in the US tomorrow, Monday Nov 29th, at 5pm – still no word on who will actually be appearing though!

And another new movie listing: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will be showing in the UK on Sky Movies 7 on Tue 30th at 12:20PM and 8:30PM.

And if you find any more listings in your part of the world, please send them to us – thanks!

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Isle of Man to Release POA Stamps

Posted by allo on 29/11/04

The Isle of Man Post Office is to release an official set of Harry Potter stamps on Dec 7th, designed to encourage children to write more letters! The issue consists of eight stamps depicting different scenes from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and a number of special presentation packs, collector’s packs and postcards will also be made available. Collectors can order the stamps and packs by visiting the Isle of Man Post Office Harry Potter page.

You can view the stamp designs and kits in our Promotional Images gallery.

Thanks to Wizard News for the tip!

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International Scans and Interview

Posted by jenna on 28/11/04

Thanks very much to Ann, Naomi, and Janet for sending some great scans from all over the world.

Bravo Page 1(Brazil)
Bravo Page 2(Brazil)
Smack Page 16(Brazil)
Smack Page 17(Brazil)
Smack Page 18(Brazil)

The Hammer(Russia)
Hitkrant Page 1(Netherlands)
Hitkrant Page 2(Netherlands)

Naomi also translated the article from Hitkrant ::

So, Are you already used to being a celebrity?

“I think I will never get used to it. I still find it strange when people stare at me when I walk down the street. Most of the time I think that I have toothpaste on my face or that I’m wearing 2 different socks, but to all those people I’m just Harry Potter.”

And what about the girls?

“I don’t have to complain about not getting any attention, hahaha. I still find it weird when girls of my age say that they have a poster of me hanging above there bed. And all of the sudden, they all what to date me.”

To read the entire article you can CLICK HERE.

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Time to Start the Christmas Cheer

Posted by jenna on 26/11/04

We previously posted Dan's request for fans NOT to send presents to him this Christmas season, but rather to donate to Demelza House instead. Both DR.com and DR.co.uk are pleased to host the Demelza House Charity appeal again for this 2004 Holiday season.

:: Special Feature for Fans ::

This year we are doing things a little differently. All fans that donate to this very worthy cause will have the opportunity to send Christmas thoughts and wishes to Dan along with their donations. All of the thoughts and wishes will be collected by both sites and then combined and printed in a professionally bound book for Dan this Christmas season, courtesy of Demelza House! All those who want to get in their submissions to this fabulous book to be sent to Daniel need to forward their Worldpay e-mail and wish to us no later than 17 December 2004. You can also send in your wish by post, or you can even send general wishes, please see the Dr.com Demelza House Christmas Charity Page for more details on that specifically.

Any donation amount is greatly appreciated, no matter how big or how small. All fans who do donate this year will be getting a special thank you from us just for donating – just for you.

At DanRadcliffe.com we are starting the Christmas festivities a little early this year, so I created a little Christmas “site” for you all to enjoy and read about the Demelza House charity. Other things will be added to this section as we near the holidays!

Dr.com Demelza House Christmas Charity Page

If you have any questions please send me an e-mail.

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Aussie POA Bonus Promo DVD – What's Inside

Posted by jenna on 26/11/04

Previously we reported that the Australian Sun-Herald newspaper would be giving out free promotional bonus POA DVDs with this coming Sunday's edition. Australian fan Katherine received an advanced copy and has sent in scans of it along with a description of its contents.

POA DVD Bonus Cover
POA DVD Bonus Back

Katherine reports, “The Making Of special is the 10 minute special that aired on America's ABC network after the Philosopher's Stone back in May.

The Behind the Scenes footage is some footage from the set that we've seen played in various specials, only here we see more of it, and we hear all the dialogue of what the actors and Alfonso are saying to each other.

The cast & crew interviews are snippets from various specials, and feature Dan, Emma, Rupert, Tom, Alfonso, David, Chris and Mark Radcliffe.

The actors are all interviewed in their costumes. Again, some of this interview footage we've seen, but it includes a bit more too. Some snippets of sentences that were cut from specials, some soundbites that never made it to air at all.

All up it went for just under an hour, which was really awesome and well worth having.”

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DR-TV: TRL and More

Posted by allo on 26/11/04

Members of the cast of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire are expected to appear on MTV's Total Request Live show in the US next Monday, Nov 29th, at 5pm as part of TRL's Mega Movie Week. No word on who will actually be appearing, or if this will be the long-awaited report from MTV's intern on the set but set your VCRs anyway! Many thanks to Camille and Gretchen and everyone who sent this in.

Also, check the DR-TV page for details of several new movie listings: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will be showing in the UK on Sky next Saturday, 27th, and on HBO Asia later in December. Also, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's (Sorcerer's) Stone is showing in Switzerland next Monday, 29th, and in Scandinavia in December. It's also part of Christmas programming in the US (on ABC Family on Dec 19th) and in the UK (on BBC1 some time on Christmas Day). Thanks to Prisca, Hayli and Paula for the tips!

And if you find any more listings in your part of the world, please send them to us – thanks!

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X-Mas Card Photo Questions Answered

Posted by jenna on 25/11/04

Since I posted the card sent to us by Daniel on Monday I have received hundreds of queries on who the girl is in the photo and what is strapped to Dan's leg – and whether there are other cast members in the photo other than Dan.

After talking to our source at Warner Bros. I can tell you the girl in the photo is neither Emma or Clemence. She is a stunt double. Unfortunately there were reports on some media websites saying it was either Emma or Clemence, which caused mass confusion – without confirming their facts – and oddly enough without mentioning our site either … guess journalism fact checking just isn't what it used to be, so please disregard those reports posted up on those sites – they are not accurate.

As far as what is strapped to Dan's leg. All I can say is that it is a “prop”, but cannot reveal what it “really” is … sorry guys.

Concerning the other cast members in the photo – we were told there are none – they are all stunt doubles. The only cast member on the card is Dan.

Hopefully this has cleared everything up for everyone. toung.gif

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International Scan, Ad, and Contest

Posted by jenna on 25/11/04

Thanks very much to Sarah, Fatima, and McKenzie for sending in some great scans.

POA Contest in Singapore (You could be one of 5 people to win a POA Hamper with POA VCD, XBOX, Dementor Tee, soundtrack, and magnetic frame – or one of 20 to win the POA pendant, notebook, button, and character poster! This contest is for those age 12 and under.)

Massive Huge K-Zone Magazine Scan of Dan

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Hi-Res YM Images

Posted by allo on 24/11/04

Check out the Studio Shots gallery to see some super hi-res versions of the pictures of Dan, Emma and Rupert from the YM photoshoot. Many thanks to Emma at Unforgivable-Curses.net for allowing us to use their images!

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Underwater GOF Picture and Greeting from Dan

Posted by jenna on 22/11/04

Dan sent both myself and Page a first look at the Christmas card he will be sending to fans who write to him between now and the end of December. The photo was taken in the tank on the last day of filming the second task for GOF. (Scroll down to see large version. And people – please – behave yourselves if you decide to post comments on this one!)

Dan sent a letter along with the card to post to the fans on his behalf (You can read the entire letter by clicking on the link below), again requesting that you send donations to Demelza House Children's Hospice, the charity he supports, in lieu of sending him presents as he has nowhere else to put them! We will be posting up a very special Christmas fundraiser this year for this purpose. Details for this appeal will be posted this coming weekend.

Dan took a few liberties with the photo on the card to give it a festive flavour – once you look over the full version I think you will understand. The card is fantastic, Dan! We love it!

X-mas Card 2004 Full Version

Dan's Letter to Fans

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New "Fact Or Fake" Video Clip

Posted by allo on 22/11/04

You remember those “Fact or Fake” segments that aired on Discovery Channel in the US earlier this year and featured Dan, Rupert and Emma answering questions about themselves? Well, there's another one doing the rounds now, just in time for the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD release (although it was obviously filmed at the same time as the first two), with the trio answering HP-related questions. You can view the clip here:

Windows Media (0.9MB)
Real Media (0.6MB)

Click on the Full Story link below for a transcript of the clip. Many thanks to Jenna P for the tip!

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UK: Your Chance to meet the Trio and JKR and Visit the GOF Set!

Posted by allo on 22/11/04

Two new contests have been announced for residents of the UK:

Warner Bros has announced a competition to Meet JK Rowling and Harry Potter Cast Members. You must be a UK resident between the ages of 7 and 17 to enter. The grand prize is a trip to London for the winner and an adult to meet J.K. Rowling, Dan, Rupert and Emma. Entrants have to answer a question about the subject Hagrid teaches in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and write an original question to ask J.K. Rowling and/or the trio. The contest closes on Dec 17th and the winner will be announced on Jan 31st, 2005.

And EA Games, on behalf of Warner Bros, has organized a prize draw to Visit the “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” Film Set. You must be a UK resident between the ages of 8 and 18 to enter. The grand prize is a trip to the GOF film set for the winner and three friends (this one says nothing about meeting any cast members though). Entrants have to answer a few simple questions about themselves. The contest closes on Dec 20th and the winner will be announced on Jan 11th, 2005.

Please make sure you read the terms and conditions of each contest carefully and get your parents' permission to enter if necessary. Many thanks to Sue from The Leaky Cauldron for the tip!

idea.gif And if you're in the US, Canada or Japan, remember that the Time Turner Sweepstakes is still running but CLOSES TOMORROW, NOV 23RD. Also for those in the US, the KidsWB “I Wanna Be A Wizard” Sweepstakes begins today and runs all week. Please check our Contests page for all the links and details.

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Last Chance to Support "Pounds For Postcards"

Posted by allo on 22/11/04

DanRadcliffe.co.uk's “Pounds For Postcards” campaign is drawing to a close and webmaster Page has asked us to remind you that if you would like to take part, you must send her your postcard by Dec 1st. All you have to do is send her your name and address on a postcard and DR.co.uk will donate one British pound to Demelza House, Dan's favorite charity. They have raised £1044 so far! Visit their “Pounds For Postcards” page for full details.

This Christmas we'll be running another special project to help raise funds for Demelza House – full details will be posted over the Thanksgiving weekend (i.e. this coming weekend) so please check back then to find out more!

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New Candid Shot of Dan

Posted by jenna on 22/11/04

Thanks much to Jo from Emma-Watson.net for sending over a really cute profile shot of Dan.

Dan Candid

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Another Free DVD Offer in Australia

Posted by jenna on 22/11/04

Thanks very much to Margaret for letting us know The Age, another Australian newspaper, will be giving away a free bonus POA DVD with the paper next Sunday the 28th.

View Ad :: The Age POA DVD Promo

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Nick News – Or Not

Posted by jenna on 22/11/04

Previously we reported Dan, Rupert and Emma were expected to be among the stars featured on Nick News this Sun 21st, at 8:30PM on the Nickelodeon channel in the US, during a program entitled “So You Wanna Be A Star?”. Well – Emma was featured on the show briefly (a little footage of her waving to the crowd at the COS Premiere in LA) and that was about it. No Dan, no Rupert. Sorry guys.

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Thank You from Jamie – and Yule Ball Excerpt

Posted by jenna on 21/11/04

Jamie Waylett's Official Site had a new make-over this weekend. He also updated his blogger to talk about the Yule Ball sequence and the POA DVD Party. It seems dance lessons are in order for everyone!

Jamie said, “It's always nice to see everyone away from the sets. Warner Bros. made up a whole Great Hall for it, and the sweets were cool, especially the chocolate! There was a fountain of chocolate and I dipped at least 12 marshmallows into it – four at a time!” (I'd really like to get a hold of that chocolate fountain right about now!)

You can check out what else he has to say in his Diary. He also had a little something to say about me on his main home page :

“Thank you to Jenna (who runs DanRadcliffe.com) for redesigning
my site! I love the new look and hope you do too! – Jamie”

Aww – He's such a nice guy – I am just glad he likes it!

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Australian Free POA DVD Promotion and New Ad

Posted by jenna on 21/11/04

Thanks very much to Erin and Katherine for telling us about the POA DVD promotion in Australia!

In next weeks (the 28th) edition of the Sun-Herald newspaper, readers will get a free promotional POA DVD featuring some of the extras that will be on the bought DVD. The offer is only valid in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Queensland. Please pay attention to the fine print.

Check out the scans from the paper :

Sun Herald Ad 1
Sun Herald Ad 2 (massive)

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POA DVD Party Video Screen Caps and Alt Video Link

Posted by jenna on 21/11/04

Thanks to our Hungarian correspondent Ani for making 16 great screen captures from a video interview of Dan from the POA DVD Party. They have been added to the beginning of our album.

POA DVD Party Album

Also, if you were having problems viewing the video link posted up for the Reuters POA DVD Party video, USA Today has the video up, and at somewhat better quality as well. There is a commercial in the startup that you will have to endure on this one though.

USA Today POA DVD Video

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Another POA DVD Party Video

Posted by jenna on 21/11/04

Thanks to Sue from TLC for letting us know there is more video coverage of the POA DVD Party available on the Reuters website. You can click here to view the video, it should start up automatically.

Reuters POA DVD Video

Daniel says, “It's a film basically about Harry's mental state, really, and how he is feeling. Not only does he have all the obvious stuff like Sirius Black and all of that happening, but also he's just becoming a teenager which is probably the worst thing he goes through.”

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New Teen Vogue Photos

Posted by jenna on 21/11/04

Remember those really cute photos with the trio spray painting a very large sheet of paper in a photo shoot for Teen Vogue? Well, thanks to Emma from Unforgiveable Curses, we have six more from that shoot. Enjoy!

Teen Vogue Pic 1

Teen Vogue Pic 2
Teen Vogue Pic 3
Teen Vogue Pic 4
Teen Vogue Pic 5
Teen Vogue Pic 6

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DR-TV: Nick News and More

Posted by allo on 20/11/04

Check the DR-TV page for details of these new listings and more:

Dan, Rupert and Emma are expected to be among the stars featured on Nick News tomorrow, Sun 21st, at 8:30PM on Nickelodeon channel in the US, during a program entitled “So You Wanna Be A Star?”.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets can be seen in the UK on Sky Movies 1 on Sun 21st.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's (Sorcerer's) Stone is showing in Australia on Sat 27th and Ecuador on Sun 28th.

Many thanks to Missy, Mem and Claudia for the tips!

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Heyman "Cautiously Optimistic" About Trio's Return

Posted by allo on 20/11/04

The Leaky Cauldron reports that David Heyman, producer of the “Harry Potter” movies, said that he was “cautiously optimistic” that Dan, Rupert and Emma would return for the fifth HP movie during a Q&A session at the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD launch party.


"Are you going to replace the three leads [for HP5]?

Heyman: I hope not. The kids are on for the fourth. We now will start discussing the fifth, it's the same on each film. You're in the middle of the third you discuss the fourth, you're in the middle of the second, you discuss the third. I hope they stay with us and they'll stay with us as long as they want to. There may come a point some day where they decide not to and if they do, they'll go with all of our blessings. But I hope they stay and they're wonderful, and I'm cautiously optimistic that we'll have them again for five.


So, this is promising news for all those of you who write in to ask us if the trio will be back for the next movie! Bear in mind that Warner Bros is not expected to make any formal announcements regarding the casting of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix until much later this year or early next year and we will, of course, report any announcements as soon as we hear them.

David Heyman is also quoted by Australia's Sunday Telegraph newspaper at the launch, describing the “delicate process” of shooting some of the underwater scenes for the second task of the Triwizard Tournament that takes place in the movie:


"”We have had to build a dedicated tank which was incredibly involved, but I think it will look spectacular,” he said.

Filming has taken place in short bursts, with divers supplying oxygen to actors Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint."

Mugglenet has some more insight into the underwater scenes, including the size of the tank and the number of cast members involved in the filming. All reports we've heard so far suggest that the second task is going to be an incredible scene and one that has taken a huge amount of planning, training and preparation, so I hope you'll appreciate that when you see it on screen next year! smile1.gif

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More POA DVD Info and Ad

Posted by jenna on 20/11/04

If you live in Hong Kong, Bonnie reports that Toys R Us is running a POA DVD promotion. When you buy a POA DVD you will get a 27×40 inch poster and a POA wire notebook (with POA pics on both the front and back) for free. Thanks to her for sending in pictures of the promo items!

POA DVD Promo Poster (Hong Kong)

POA DVD Promo Wire Notebook (Hong Kong)

Miss Kaylan from One Take Watson got her Entertainment Weekly, November 26th issue with a nice POA DVD Ad in it, as well as a quick DVD review. She was nice enough to send it all over to us. The ad was in four pieces as it was massive. I did my best to piece it together.

EW Nov 26th Ad
EW DVD Mini Review

Thanks also to Paula who sent in a Harry Potter quiz from the Disney Adventures January 2005 issue.

Disney Adventures 1
Disney Adventures 2

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Trio on GMTV

Posted by allo on 20/11/04

Emma-Watson.net managed to capture the trio's appearance on GMTV.

I made an album with the captures of Dan from the show HERE.

There is a partial transcript of the appearance by Dan, Rupert and Emma on the GMTV show yesterday in the UK. According to E-W.net:


"Daniel was asked about Katie Leung (the actress who will play Cho Chang in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire):

“She's really nice”

The interviewer adds “And she is from Scotland! Don't you think that Scottish girls are the best, Daniel?”

“Yes of course!” Daniel says politely (as the lady interviewing him is from Scotland!)"

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Launch Party: E! Video and Japanese Reports

Posted by allo on 20/11/04

The E News Live entertainment show in the US ran a short feature on the POA DVD launch party last night and you can view the video clip here:

Windows Media (1.1MB)
Real Media (0.7MB)

Screen captures from the report have been added to the POA DVD Launch Party picture gallery, after the hi-res pictures.

And many thanks to our Japanese correspondent Rose Mari for sending over some links to some Japanese news reports about the event:

Yahoo! Japan
Sports Hochi

Rose Mari reports that Dan was asked about his hair in the interview from Sports Hochi ::


"“I am not dyeing my hair. My hair grows naturally. Even in the movie I have this style,” he appealed to the image change. "

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More on the POA DVD Party

Posted by jenna on 19/11/04

I have sorted out, cropped, watermarked, and resized about 20 massive photos from the POA DVD Party. Sorry I didn't get these up sooner – but SCHOOL is a priority!!

I am posting this separately from our previous post (scroll down to see post from last night) to make this point clear : DO NOT repost the photos with the Warner Bros copyright watermark on them on your website. Just DON'T do it. You may link to the main page on this site if you want to report about them.

POA DVD Party Album

©2004 Warner Bros. Ent.
Harry Potter characters, names and related indicia are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Reserved. Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K. Rowling.

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Trio Judges LEGO Hogwarts Contest

Posted by allo on 19/11/04

The results of the Ultimate Hogwarts LEGO building challenge (see earlier report) have been announced in the Nov/Dec 2004 edition of the LEGO Club magazine. The magazine challenged readers to design their version of Hogwarts Castle from their own LEGO collections, with the winners being selected by Dan, Rupert and Emma. Here's what Dan had to say about the first prize-winning entry from Brenda Brooks of Wisconsin:


"”This was a fun model. I love the detail that was included. The model really came alive for me when I saw all the characters in place. This was the complete model of Hogwarts. Congratulations!”"

Click here to see all the winners and quotes.

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POA DVD Launch Party Pictures

Posted by allo on 18/11/04

The first pictures and reports are emerging from the launch party for the DVD and video of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban which took place today at the Honourable Society of Middle Temple in London, UK. Dan, Rupert and Emma arrived at the event on the Knight Bus.

UPDATE : (More pictures have been added to the album (And we are still adding!) – captures from Extra have now been added, as well as a few pics of things at Middle Temple before the festivities started…). You can find pictures in our HPPOA DVD Launch Party 2004 gallery.

There are also some thumbnail pictures at: LFI

Go to ExtraTV for a short video report of the event.

Melissa (TLC) attended the DVD Party and posted up a very charming report from the event, you can read it HERE.

Stay tuned – even more photos on the way!

CBBC Newsround has a report, a picture gallery and some gossip from the event which includes this nice quote from David Thewlis:


"”It's so nice to see them,” he told Newsround. “They really are very nice kids, especially Daniel, who I did most of my work with – he is very smart, very beautiful and very funny. He is my little friend.”"

Special thanks to Lauren and to Kiera from Emma Fan for their help with the newly added photos.

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POA DVD Commercials

Posted by jenna on 18/11/04

Mugglenet managed to capture two more commercials for the POA DVD. Thanks to them for posting!

(Please don't forget to Right Click and Save Target As.) Check them out here ::

POA DVD Promo 1
POA DVD Promo 2

Thank you also to everyone who has sent in links to POA DVD clips and captures. We will be uploading our own version as soon as we get a chance.

Don't forget the POA DVD Release Party is happening today in London. We will have a report and more later today so check back for that.

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POA DVD Interview Transcript with Trio

Posted by jenna on 17/11/04

Thanks very much to the wonderful people over at Warner Bros for sending us the transcript from the interview on the POA DVD with Dan, Rupert and Emma – oh yea, and the Shrunken Head!


"INTERVIEWER: What is the most ridiculous thing that, that a fan has ever said to you?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I’ve had proposals of marriage.

DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I had one, which was bizarre. It was terrifying.
EMMA WATSON: At the premiere. It was, “Dan, marry me.”
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: Yes, it was the weirdest one. It was this big sign. And then the other one was the Towel Girl."

Read the entire transcript HERE.

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Dan Supports LEPRA's Big Book Pledge

Posted by allo on 17/11/04

Dan and other “Harry Potter” cast members have donated signed copies of their favorite books, some with signed photos, to LEPRA's Big Book Pledge Auction, which is now taking place on eBay in the UK. LEPRA is a leading UK medical charity which helps to fight leprosy and other killer diseases worldwide. Dan's donation to the auction is a signed copy of “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger as well as a signed photo. Other HP donors include Alan Rickman (who donated a blank journal), Robbie Coltrane (who donated “Careless Love”), Emma Thompson (who donated “Persuasion”) and Zoe Wanamaker (“Zen in the Art of Archery”).

Click here to see Dan's book and photo in more detail.

Click here to visit the eBay web page for this item and place a bid. Bidding on this item closes on Nov 27th – good luck!

Many thanks to The Leaky Cauldron for the tip!

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Harry, Meet Harry!

Posted by allo on 17/11/04

Last month, we reported that WHV, Woolworths and The Sun had teamed up in the UK for a contest to find the best Potter look-a-like with the winner and their family being awarded a trip to the POA DVD launch party, which happens in London tomorrow. Well, the results have been announced in today's Sun and the winner is 15-year-old Danny Holme of Reigate, Surrey, who I think you'll agree does a pretty good impression of Dan as Harry. Congratulations Danny and have fun at the party! Click here to see the three winning entries in more detail.

For more details on how you can win opportunities to meet the cast or visit the HP set, keep an eye on our new Contests page – we will use this page to keep track of all such competitions that we hear about.

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Vote: LEGO/BAFTA Kids Vote

Posted by allo on 17/11/04

Readers in the UK and Ireland who are under 16 on 22nd Nov 2004 can vote for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as their favorite film of the last year in the LEGO/BAFTA Kids Vote. (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is one of the nominees for Best Feature Film at the 2004 British Academy Children's Film and Television Awards this year.) Voters will be entered into a prize draw to win a trip to LEGOLAND California for a family of four so please get your parents' permission before entering. The poll closes on Nov 22nd so cast your vote now! The winner of the poll will be announced on Nov 29th and prizewinners will be notified by Dec 3rd.

For details of all the places where you can vote for Dan and “Harry Potter” right now, remember to check our Vote!! page. (Pssst, I know we haven't reminded you about this for a while but he could use a little help over at the CBBC Newsround Top Ten Celebrity Poll this week too! bigsmile.gif )

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Scans: POA Ads and More

Posted by allo on 16/11/04

With the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD/video release about a week away now (or 3 days if you're in the UK!), there's a lot of advertising going on. Here's some of the ads doing the rounds in the US:

The Most Powerful Magic Is Courage (from M, Dec 2004 issue)
Hipper. Smarter. Hits Harder! (from J-14, Dec 2004 issue)
Something Wicked This Way Comes (from Twist, Dec 2004 issue)

Don't forget to pre-order your POA DVD or video through our DR-Store. All proceeds benefit Demelza House, Dan's favorite charity.

And some more miscellaneous scans:

Harry and Hermione go back in time: from Cinefex magazine, issue 99, which has a fascinating feature (and a few spoilers) about the special effects behind Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It's quite a lengthy article so we're not posting it all here but if you like that kind of thing, check out their site for details of how to order a copy.

Total DVD, Nov 2004: Many thanks to Alexander for sending this Russian article about the POA DVD release.

And for the archives:

Times of India, Jun 2004: Many thanks to Sanya for sending in this article from the POA premiere in London.

And thanks to “Patronus” for sending these scans from the June 2004 issue of City Entertainment magazine in Hong Kong, also covering the opening of POA: (Cover) (1) (2) (3) (4)

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DVD/PS 2 Promotion in the Netherlands

Posted by jenna on 15/11/04

If you live in the Netherlands, five lucky people have the chance to win a Harry Potter prize package that includes the Philosopher's Stone DVD, the Chamber of Secrets DVD, and the POA PS2 Video Game. All you have to do is answer a question correctly on the Fox Kids Netherlands website to enter.

Dutch Fox Kids HP Entry Page (HINT: Click on the spinning DVD/PS2 package icon in the top right corner to answer the question and enter.)

Thanks very much to Irena for the tip!

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Fan Art and Games

Posted by allo on 15/11/04

OK, you've waited long enough… time for another fan art update!

Many thanks to Sweetie, Sabine, Aida, Angela, Erick, Jackie, Sol and Steve for some cool new backgrounds for the Wallpaper Gallery.

And big thanks also to Sima, Carina, Alix, Kamila, Amrin and Megan for some great new drawings for the Fan Art Gallery.

And for all you puzzle addicts, I've added six more jigsaw puzzles to the Fun and Games page!

Thank you very much to everyone who sent in their artwork and we're sorry if yours didn't make it this time round. But please keep sending it in – if you have any original artwork (fan art, wallpaper, goodies, avatars, AIM icons, e-cards etc) that you would like us to consider for our galleries, please check the Contributor Guidelines page for details of where to send it. Thanks!

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Girls – Lots of Girls …

Posted by jenna on 14/11/04

There are cute bits of interviews with Dan from the New York and London POA Premieres (thanks to Emma Watson.net for the links) available from the Dutch RTL site.

RTL NY Premiere Video

RTL London POA Premiere

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Australian POA DVD Promotion

Posted by jenna on 14/11/04

For those of you who live in Australia, EzyDVD is running a promotion for the POA DVD. They will ship you a Lego 'Knight Bus' (pictured to the left) as a special bonus gift. The price is $33.83 and it is also available in stores for pre-order as well. (Keep in mind this is Australian dollars.)

Thanks to Erin for the tip!

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Misc Scans

Posted by jenna on 14/11/04

Thanks very much to Alex, João, Karina, Ingrid, Moxi, and Anna for sending in scans from Russia, Portugal, Brazil, Germany and Israel.

All Stars October 2004 (Russia)
Israel Magazine Article
Bravo Scan (Portugal)

Super Menina 2003 – added to archives (Brazil)
TV Direkt

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POA DVD Commercial in UK

Posted by jenna on 14/11/04

There are a few POA DVD commercials running in the UK right now. The Snitch managed to capture one of them – so thanks to them for posting it!

Right click and Save Target As …

POA DVD Commercial

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Monster Bash – The Results!

Posted by allo on 13/11/04

It was a closely fought battle with “Sirius Black” and “Cap'n Jack Sparrow” slugging it out almost to the bitter end but in the end, Sirius (better known as Garrett Peaks of Jacksonville, Florida) emerged victorious in this year's Monster Bash Halloween costume contest! Cap'n Jack (a.k.a. David Miller) came in second and “Harry, ready to fly” (Michael Albert of Rensselaer, New York) survived a late challenge from “Arwen from LOTR” to come in third. Congratulations to all our winners – I'll be in touch shortly to find out where to send the prizes! bigsmile.gif bigsmile.gif bigsmile.gif

You will find the full results on the Monster Bash 2004 contest page. Thank you very much to everyone who voted and to everyone who took part – see you all again this time next year? toung.gif

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Adults Are HP Fans Too!

Posted by jenna on 12/11/04

Yes, and that is why Warner Bros is running a Sweepstakes for you “adults” to meet JK Rowling, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson too! Yes – they heard you and now you will have the chance to enter and win a week long trip to London for two.

The Sweepstakes is open to legal residents in the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older as of November 10, 2004.

HOW TO ENTER: To enter this Sweepstakes, log-in at the WB Adult Sweepstakes Page using your Warner Bros. screen name and password, then press the “Submit” button. If you do not have a Warner Bros. screen name and password you will need to create a Member ID by clicking on the “Register Now!” button. You will be taken to a registration page where you must create a user name and password and provide your country of residence and date of birth. You will also be prompted to enter your e-mail address.

Entrants may enter once a day for the Grand Prize. Participants may enter the Sweepstakes using only one (1) e-mail address and Member ID.

The “Big” People's Sweepstakes Page

Thanks very much to Sue from TLC for the tip!

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POA Belgian Stamps

Posted by jenna on 12/11/04

Thanks very much to Mim for sending in a scan of the POA stamps that are now available in Belgium.

Belgian Stamp Book

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GOF Bathroom Talk

Posted by jenna on 11/11/04

MuggleNet and TLC were invited to the GOF set for a visit. Both sites report that David Heyman told them screenwriter Steve Kloves is stepping down and Michael Goldenberg (Peter Pan screenwriter) will probably be replacing him.

Another tidbit that might – uh – (eyeroll please) be of interest to you Dan fans is the Prefects' Bathroom scene with Harry and Myrtle HAS been shot, according to Em.

Em also reported that GOF is, according to some of the “people” they spoke to, shaping up to be both funnier and darker than the previous three films.

Finally, Mr. Mugglenet gave a big shout out to say “GOF is looking great.”

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Win a Walk-On Role in GOF!

Posted by allo on 11/11/04

So many competitions going on right now… and here's yet another that's coming soon, this time for US viewers. According to a Warner Bros press release, Kids’ WB! and Warner Home Video are joining forces to give viewers the chance to test their wizardry and cast a few spells of their own in the spellbinding week-long “I Wanna Be A Wizard Sweepstakes.” From Monday, November 22 – Friday, November 26, 500 wizards-in-training will win a “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” DVD. Plus, on Saturday, November 27, the ultimate wizard will be awarded the Grand Prize – to receive an exclusive walk-on role in the upcoming “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” feature film. To be eligible to win, kids will need to tune in to Kids’ WB!’s weekday lineup, beginning Monday, November 22 (3:00-5:00 p.m. ET/PT) and keep a watchful eye for the “wizard wannabe” that appears between each series. Once identified, viewers can submit their entry by logging on to www.KidsWB.com or sending in a mail-in sweepstakes registration.

Many thanks to Coralie for the tip!

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Win A Trip to London – from Mexico

Posted by jenna on 11/11/04

If you are a Mexican Harry Potter fan, and you are between the ages of 5 and 15 you could win a trip to London for the POA DVD Launch Party on November 18th.

The contest is sponsored by EsMas.com and Canal 5. You must have an American visa and passport to be eligible. All you have to do to enter is answer ten Harry Potter trivia questions. Two winners will be announced on November 11th.

READ MORE at the Es Mas website. Thanks to TLC for the tip!

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POA VHS – The Cover is Here

Posted by jenna on 11/11/04

Thanks very much to She Who Must Not Be Named for scanning a copy of her POA VHS Cover and sending it in to us. *Hem Hem*

Check it out in all it's glory :: POA VHS

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New Features and Fun From Warner Bros.

Posted by jenna on 10/11/04

Thanks very much to the wonderful people over at Warner Bros. for sending us a few banners for the Time Turner Sweepstakes. If you'd like to use this banner here shown to the left for your website please do! (Right click it, Save Picture as … and upload it to your web server!) Of course all details regarding the Sweepstakes is located on the Official Harry Potter Sweepstakes Page. So make sure you visit there to find out more about your chance to interview JK Rowling, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint.

You can also go to the Harry Potter Token Zone and find new magical Trading Cards, like theTrading Card here to the right that I just won! You can click on the text link to see a larger version. We will be posting clues to help you get some of those Magical Trading Cards in our RadNet forum. If you aren't a member yet, now is a great time to Sign Up on the RadNet Forum.

Finally – there is a new Harry Potter Screen Mate available for download. You can see a little preview of it : HERE. This installs onto your harddrive. You will see a little shrunken head pop up every few seconds on your screen – saying various phrases to you. You also have the option to click on various character names to hear phrases said by them from the movie. For example, you can click on Harry Potter and click on Up To No Good and then you will hear Dan saying those words. You also have the option to do the sweepstakes though this desktop feature, as well as Desktop Games, a Video Challenge, etc. If the little mouthy head starts to wear your nerves thin – YOU CAN HIDE HIM! idea.gif

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DR-TV: International

Posted by allo on 09/11/04

Check the DR-TV page for details of these listings: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's (Sorcerer's) Stone is showing in India on POGO channel on Wednesday 10th at 7:30PM, in Poland on Friday 12th at 8:10PM (channel unknown) and in the US on ABC at 8PM ET/7PM CT. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets can be seen in the UK on Sky Movies 5 on Friday 12th, and is showing throughout November on Canal+/Digital+ in Spain.

Thanks to Archana, Aska, Alyssa, Anna and Jose for the tips!

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Last ACED Fan Project

Posted by jenna on 09/11/04

It is time to do the next and last ACED Magazine fan project for 2004. All fans from around the world are encouraged to enter. The object of this project is to “Convince Dan to Visit Your Little Corner of the World.”

Many people want Dan to come and visit their country, state or city. This is your chance to show Dan why he should visit your location. All entrants need to send in ONE scenic photo from their country, state, or city. You also need to send in a 2 to 6 sentence description about WHY Dan, or anyone else, would find your area interesting to visit.

Send all entries to Elena. The deadline to send in your submission is 14 November 2004. All entries selected for publication in the Winter Edition of ACED Magazine will be based on the originality and creativity of the answers and photos submitted.

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Monster Bash – VOTE NOW!

Posted by allo on 08/11/04

It was a very tough task but the DR.com staff have finally picked their ten favorite entries in the Monster Bash costume contest. The finalists are:

“Arwen from Lord of the Rings”
“Hermione and her pumpkins”
“The Gryffindor Seeker…”
“The Beatles – Abbey Road”
“You're forgetting one thing… I'm Cap'n Jack Sparrow!”

“Harry – ready to fly…”
“Li'l Green Witch”
“Hindustani Rani (Indian Queen)”
“Sirius Black”
“Lara Croft”

You now have a chance to vote for YOUR favorite from this list so CLICK HERE TO START VOTING! Only one vote is allowed per person so choose carefully.

To see all the entries, including some more entries that didn't quite make the final list but were “Highly Commended” by the judges, check out the Halloween Monster Bash Fan Album.

Thanks again to everyone who sent in their pictures and good luck to the final ten! Please make sure you check the Monster Bash contest page for full details of the rules and prizes. If you have any questions about the contest, or problems voting, please contact Allo.

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Time-Turner Sweepstakes Now Up

Posted by jenna on 08/11/04

The Time-Turner Sweepstakes has now been posted on the Official Harry Potter website.

HOW TO ENTER: This Sweepstakes begins at 12:00:01 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (“PST”) on November 8, 2004, and ends 11:59:59 p.m. PST on November 23, 2004. To enter this Sweepstakes, go to http://harrypotter.warnerbros.com/sweeps and log-in using your Warner Bros. screen name and password, then press the “Submit” button (each an “Entry”). If you do not have a Warner Bros. screen name and password (collectively, “Member ID”), you will need to create a Member ID by clicking on the “Register Now!” button. You will be taken to a registration page where you must create a user name and password and provide your country of residence and date of birth. You will also be prompted to enter your e-mail address.

Grand Prize entries – Entrants may enter once a day for the Grand Prize, for a total of sixteen (16) possible Grand Prize entries.

Time-Turner entries - Each Entry for the Grand Prize also automatically enters entrants for a chance to win that day's Daily Prize. Beginning on Day 2, entrants may also, after entering for the Grand Prize that day, click on the “Time-Turner” and obtain one (1) additional Entry each day to be used to enter any prior Day's Daily Prize drawing, for a total of thirty-one (31) possible Daily Prize entries. Prior Day need not be previous calendar day but any prior Day as far back as Day 1. Entrants may choose to use their Time-Turner entries to enter one particular prior Day or different prior Days. For example, some possible ways to enter could include the following: (i) use all 15 Time-Turner entries to enter for Day 1's Daily Prizes, or (ii) use 8 Time-Turner entries to enter for Day 2 Daily Prizes, and 7 Time-Turner entries to enter for Day 5's Daily Prizes, or (iii) use each Time-Turner entry to enter for the previous calendar Day's Daily Prizes, etc. (NOTE: The foregoing three examples are hypothetical examples only and should not be construed as suggesting any particular strategy or method of entry.)

Note: You must be between 7 and 17 years of age to enter the contest.

For more information please visit the site :: Time-Turner Sweepstakes Rules

Thanks very much to Sue from TLC for sending over the tip!

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DVD Magazine Scans

Posted by jenna on 07/11/04

Thanks very much to Donna and UK staff correspondent Lauren for sending scans from DVD Monthly, Total DVD, and Ultimate DVD from the UK. There were so many I just went ahead and made an album out of them.

POA DVD Magazine Album

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Monster Bash – FINAL CALL

Posted by allo on 07/11/04

I've made another update to the Halloween Monster Bash Fan Album – thanks again to everyone who has sent in their entries because they really do look amazing! Today is the last day to send in your entry, so please email it to me by midnight Eastern Time tonight in order to be considered for the contest. Please make sure you check the Monster Bash contest page for full details of the rules and prizes.

UPDATE: OK, time's up everyone! Please do NOT send any more entries. We are now deciding on the ten finalists and later on Monday we will post up the poll so you can vote for your favorites. Stay tuned for more information!

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The "Directors" on Encore

Posted by jenna on 07/11/04

The show Directors aired on Saturday and Dan was interviewed briefly about Chris Columbus. Here is the transcript of Dan's little interview for you to read over, thanks to staff member Kim. (This was not a recent interview. He was wearing the Hogwarts school uniform from COS in this particular one).


“He's just so kind…and generous. Me and him get our energy from each other. It's like if I'm really psyched up then he will be too.

“I wouldn't have swapped this for anything. It was a really fun time and the best experience. I have developed as a person so much. Everybody else there has. I think even the adults have developed; and we all kind of, me, especially me, Rupert and Emma and some of the other kids have developed really strong bonds as well.

I think everybody on set has really developed as actors and actresses. More in the ways I think I have developed is I'm not quite so shy about putting ideas forward, because in the first film I wouldn't have done it. But in the second I think I kind of have a bit more confidence with putting ideas forward and trying new things and doing different line readings. So I think the second film has proved to be much more of a challenge but hopefully I've met the challenge and I've done hopefully quite well.”

You can view a short clip of Dan's interview and Chris Columbus talking about working with the kids on the HP movies here:

Windows Media (1.3MB)
Real Media (2.0MB)

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International DR-Store Grand Opening

Posted by jenna on 06/11/04

I am pleased to introduce you to our new DR-Store feature. We have been working on this for quite a while. What is this?

DR-Store is DanRadcliffe.com's one-stop online shop! Here you can buy DVDs, VHS videos and soundtracks from Daniel Radcliffe's movies, plus the Harry Potter books and official merchandise, including posters, computer games, toys, clothing, accessories and other memorabilia, from some of the best online stores around the world.

All commission from the DR-Store is being donated to Demelza House Children's Hospice, Dan's favorite charity. We have been working with Demelza on this project, as well as others.

I wanted this store to represent as many countries as possible before we opened – currently we have stores for the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, and Japan. All the stores are represented in their country's native language (another reason this took so long). Thanks very much to our staff correspondents Rose Mari, Sabine and Coralie for helping us with the translations!

I hope you will all enjoy shopping in our new DR-Store, with the knowledge that you are not only buying gifts and things for you and your loved ones, but that you will also be donating money through your purchase to the children of Demelza House.

The DR-Store

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DR-TV – ENCORE Reminder

Posted by jenna on 06/11/04

Don't forget : Dan will be one of the many people interviewed about Chris Columbus on Encore's “The Director's” documentary.

The show will air TODAY on Encore at 11:00 AM EST.

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More on the JK and Trio Interview

Posted by jenna on 05/11/04

For those of you waiting to find out more about the details regarding the fan contest to meet and interview JK Rowling and the Trio, the Official Harry Potter Newsletter had this to say about it ::


To celebrate the release of “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” on DVD and VHS, fans can enter to win hundreds of prizes including three trips and a chance to meet J.K. Rowling, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint!

For details, come back to HarryPotter.com on November 8th! “

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Studs Inc.

Posted by jenna on 04/11/04

Thanks very much to Vale from Sanborns Scan

The blurb about Dan says, “Bewitched the English way. Now that Daniel is all grown up, his English guy label has captivated young girls all over the world.”

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Monster Response!

Posted by allo on 03/11/04

So far we've had a great response to our Halloween contest and the Halloween Monster Bash Fan Album has been updated with the latest pictures. Thanks again to everyone who has sent in their entries so far – there are some really creative costumes in there! US readers, today is probably your last day to send a mail-in entry, so please contact me if you need details of where to send it. All other entries should be sent by email by Sunday November 7th. Please make sure you check the Monster Bash contest page for full details of the rules and prizes.

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DR-TV: UK, Belgium, Canada and US

Posted by allo on 03/11/04

Viewers in the UK can catch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on Sky Movies 9 today at 5:15pm. And Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is showing in Belgium on RTL TV1 today at 8:15pm and in Canada on TVA channel (in French) on Sat Nov 6th at 6:30pm. The DR-TV page has also been updated with showtimes for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on HBO/MAX channels through to the New Year. Thanks to Mich and Kitty for the tips!

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New Newsletter from Daniel

Posted by jenna on 03/11/04

Japanese correspondent Rose Mari just received a new newsletter from Dan. He is still responding to everyone who sent him birthday presents, and sends his apologies to those who have yet to receive a letter from him yet. He is still trying to respond to everyone.

Dan has recently seen and enjoyed the movies THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES, THE BOURNE SUPREMACY and COLLATERAL.

He traveled over to Tuscany in August for vacation. He spent a day in Rome and said, “I really want to go back and spend more time in Rome, as I thought it was the most magnificent city.”

Dan stressed, “I still receive letters from fans saying that are chatting to me on the Internet. I would like to say again that I NEVER chat with fans on the Internet- do not be fooled, however plausible they sound.”

Dan also talked a bit about the Goblet of Fire, saying, “This is certainly proving to be the most physically challenging of all the films so far.”

He very humbly thanked the fans once again for their votes for the Relly and ITV Awards, and for everyone's kind thoughts and wishes.

There are other things written in the newsletter, but I don't want to spoil it for everyone that will be receiving a letter from him … some things are nice to have as a surprise.

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DR.com Wins A SOTM Award

Posted by jenna on 02/11/04

Thanks very much to Vicki from the Seann W. Scott website for awarding DanRadcliffe.com with their Site-of-the-Month award. We really appreciate the nod. If you are a Seann Scott fan I think you will find her website is great, so go give it a look!

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ACED Fan Project #6 :: Vote ::

Posted by jenna on 01/11/04

The US Presidential Election is coming up tomorrow. We are doing a little feature in ACED about voting, and the importance of it for the youth of the world. Many countries; the USA, Britain and Germany; just to name a few, have been trying to lower the voting age. For this article we want to know : How many of you would actually vote if you had the opportunity? The approach many countries are taking is that teens should not have their wages taxed unless they are allowed a voice about how their tax money is spent. (Taxation without Representation)

For those of you who would like to answer the poll for this feature you can get to it HERE.

We are also holding a writing contest. Five winners will be selected and will receive copies of the July 2004 edition of ACED Magazine. All you need to do is write one paragraph about why you would or would not vote, or why you feel that voting is or is not important. The five best responses will be chosen to be featured in ACED's Winter Edition. Send all entries to Jenna. If your entry is chosen you will be contacted via e-mail. Deadline is 5 November 2004.

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