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Daniel Sends Christmas Card

by ClaireNov 22, 2004

Dan very kindly sent us a nice letter and a sneak peek at the Christmas card he will be sending to fans who write to him between now and the end of December 2004, which includes a fabulous picture taken in a very unusual location!

View a larger image of the card and read Dan’s letter by clicking on the read more link below.

Dear Jenna

As I have now responded to over 100,000 letters, I thought it appropriate that I should say ‘thank you’ to everyone who has written to me over the past two years. While it is impossible to respond on a personal level to all the questions I have been asked, I hope the newsletter keeps you up to date with certain aspects of my life. I love playing Harry Potter and I am thrilled that you enjoy the films.

As we approach Christmas, I would like to make an appeal, that this year again, instead of sending presents to me, may I suggest you make a donation to Demelza House – the Children’s Hospice I support. Last year’s appeal was extremely successful and, while I love receiving gifts from all over the world, I am afraid I no longer have enough space in my house to store the wonderful presents I have been sent over the years. A donation – however small – makes a huge difference to the children of Demelza House.

Please find enclosed the Christmas card I will be sending this year. It was taken on the last day of filming the underwater task, 20 feet down in the tank which was specially constructed at Leavesden Studios. This is one of my favourite photos, which I wanted to share with you. Every single person you see, trained, helped and guided me through this very demanding sequence. I have obviously taken a few liberties with the photo to give it a festive flavour! This card will be sent in response to all letters I receive between now and the end of December.

I hope wherever you are in the world you have a happy, fun and above all peaceful Christmas and New Year.

Best wishes,





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