News Archive - September 2004
Daniel Sends Christmas Card

News Archive – October 2004

by ClaireOct 31, 2004

Monster Bash Reminder

Posted by allo on 31/10/04

The first set of entries for our Halloween Monster Bash Contest are now up in the Halloween Monster Bash Fan Album. Thank you very much to everyone who has sent in their entries so far and good luck to you all! Remember, if you would like to enter the contest, please send us a photo of yourself dressed in your Halloween costume no later than Sunday November 7th (we have had a number of requests about mail-in entries so the deadline has been extended slightly). Please make sure you check the contest page for full details of the rules and prizes.

And if you're going out trick-or-treating tonight, make sure you have fun and stay safe. Oh, and don't eat all of your candy at once! sick.gif

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Japanese DVD Magazine

Posted by jenna on 31/10/04

Thanks very much to Japanese correspondent Rose Mari for sending over some scans from the Japanese DVD Magazine. The ads talk about the story, what is on the DVD, and has some photos of what you will see. The DVD comes out 17 December 2004 for those of you in Japan!

DVD Magazine Scan 1
DVD Magazine Scan 2

DVD Magazine Scan 3

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DR-TV: Europe and US

Posted by allo on 31/10/04

Viewers in Germany/Austria/Switzerland can catch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on Premiere 3 tonight at 5:40pm. And in the US, ABC will be showing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on Sat Nov 13th at 8/7c. Don't forget to check the DR-TV page for news about Dan's forthcoming TV appearances. Thanks to Sabine, Melissa and Paula for the tips!

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New POA Advertisement

Posted by jenna on 31/10/04

Thanks very much to Casey from the Absolutely Fabulous Site (Emma Site) for sending over a scan from the December 2004 issue of Twist. This is a POA AD I haven't seen yet.

Twist POA Ad

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A Larger Version of POA DVD Advertisement

Posted by jenna on 30/10/04

Thanks very much to “a Daniel Radcliffe fan” for scanning and sending us a larger version of a POA DVD advertisement from the November 2004 issue of Disney Adventures Magazine.

Disney Adventures Ad

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Candy Mag Scan

Posted by jenna on 30/10/04

Thanks very much to Dana for sending over a scan from Candy magazine. Dan was featured in their 5th anniversary issue on the “Anything Goes Page” with other popular actors like Vanness Wu, Frankie Muniz, John Paul Lizardo, and Tom Welling.

Candy Mag Snippet

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Fans to Interview Trio and JK?

Posted by jenna on 30/10/04

According to the Official Japanese Harry Potter website, three lucky fans will be selected to interview Dan, Emma, Rupert, and JK, summer of 2005. Three fans, ages 7 – 17, will be chosen in a special project :: one from Japan, one from Canada, and one from the USA. Each fan selected is permitted to bring a guardian. We will post more details about how to enter soon.

Read about it here in Japanese or use translator ::

Japanese Official Site :: Article
Alta Vista Translator

Thanks very much to Carol from Carol's World for the tip!

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DR-TV – ENCORE Appearance

Posted by jenna on 30/10/04

Thanks very much to Sue from TLC for sending over a DR-TV Tip. Dan will be one of the many people interviewed about Chris Columbus on Encore's “The Director's” documentary.

The show will air on Encore Saturday, November 6th at 11:00 AM EST. (This is an American Channel, part of the Starz! cable film channels.)

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New Versions of Dan Pics in Japan 2004 & 2002

Posted by jenna on 29/10/04

Thanks very much to Hungarian correspondent Ani for sending over some new renditions (one larger than previously posted and the rest never posted here before) of high-res photos of Dan's appearance at the Japanese Press Conference (2004) and his appearance in Japan (2002). The photos are of great quality.

Dan in Japan 2002 First 7 pictures are new.
Japanese Press Conference 2004 First 4 pictures are new.

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Annual Monster Bash

Posted by jenna on 27/10/04

Yes – it's that time of year again. Time to dust off your brooms, clean the cobwebs from your – uh … I got nothing … is hosting its annual Halloween Monster Bash. Anyone can enter from anywhere in the world, all you have to do is wear a Halloween costume to be eligible. When you are going out for your bag full of cavities – I mean candy – don't forget to take a picture of yourself in costume and send it to us!

Ten finalists will be chosen by our staff and a poll will be placed on this site for the readers of to pick three winners. Check out the picture of the prizes below :

Halloween 2004 Prizes

Send your Halloween costume photo to Allo to enter the contest. Finalists will be announced on the site once selected for voting to commence. All entries must be received no later than 3 November 2004. Even if you aren't a winner in the contest, everyone is still a winner to us and will be featured in a Halloween Monster Bash 2004 Fan Album for this site!

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DVD Trailers in All Formats

Posted by jenna on 27/10/04

Thanks very much to Warner Bros who sent us links to eight different trailers as part of their promotion for the POA movie DVD release in the US this coming 23 November 2004. Scenes include Cadagon, Care of Magical Creatures, Care of Magical Creatures, Mechanical Marvels, Night Bus, Overall Process, Time Travel, and Transformations.

You can view these eight trailers in Windows Media, Real Media, Quicktime, RPM, and SMIL formats.

UPDATE : The links for the DVD Trailers have been temporarily taken offline. Warner Bros is currently revising their links. As soon as everything is back online we will repost the new links. We apologise for any inconvenience. Thanks for your patience!

For those of you in the UK – the DVD comes out 19 November 2004.

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Dutch Nick Kids' Choice Awards Video and Caps

Posted by jenna on 25/10/04

Thanks very much to Anneke over in Holland for all of her hard work trying to get this video over to us for you guys to see! I made a few screen caps – I will replace some of the smaller caps with bigger, clearer ones tomorrow. For now we have one massive cap, a few smaller ones, and the video of his speech.

UPDATE : All of the pics in the album have now been replaced with the larger, clearer versions as promised… enjoy.

Dutch Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Album
Nick Awards Video (681 KB – Windows Media)

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Dan Tops K-Zone Poll

Posted by allo on 24/10/04

Many thanks to Fides from the RadNet Forums for letting us know that Dan has also won the Best Movie Actor category in the K-Zone Kids' Choice Awards in the Philippines, so congratulations again, Dan! (You might remember voting on this earlier this year – the winners were recently announced in the October issue of K-Zone.) Tom Felton was the runner-up in the Best Movie Actor category, Emma Watson was runner-up in the Best Movie Actress category (behind Lindsay Lohan), Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was voted Best Movie and the Harry Potter book series won the Favorite Book category.

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New CBS Early Show Screen Caps

Posted by jenna on 24/10/04

I finally had the time to make some more (we had only 5 before) screen captures from the CBS Early Show Broadcast. I have made some rather large ones – and quite a lot of those … special attention to the one on the 6th page, last row, far left … gotta love that shot.

Ani also sent in some smaller, clearer shots from the broadcast as well – thanks to her for that!

Early Show June 2004 Album

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ACED Fan Project #5

Posted by jenna on 24/10/04

This next fan project will be in a special section of ACED Magazine. It is called “Word Associations”. I will list out four different things, you need to fill in the blank with the first thing that comes to your mind in association with that phrase. (Please do not use Harry Potter, remember this is going directly to Daniel – he sees enough Harry Potter stuff already; and absolutely NO words like “hot” will be considered!)

Word Associations ::

1. When I say Daniel Radcliffe, you say ____________________ .
2. When I say Harry Potter, you say ________________________ .
3. When I say Rock&Roll, you say __________________________ .
4. When I say drama, you say _____________________________ .

The most original and creative responses will be chosen to be printed in ACED. All entries should be e-mailed to Lam. The deadline for this Fan Project is October 29th.

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RadNet Cafe Updated

Posted by jenna on 24/10/04

Staffer Coralie and I have both worked on a few updates for RadNet Cafe. There have been a lot of you inquiring about the tools you need to get started with acting, as well as how to write an Actor's Resume.

A section on “An Actor's Tools”, as well as 2 Example Actor Resumes have been added for you to read over and (hopefully) learn a bit from. You can access them from the ACTING 101 Menu. I hope this will be of some help to all of the young aspiring talents out there!

Soon I will be adding works by fans that were printed in ACED Magazine and sent to Dan in a new Fan's Writing Corner on RadNet Cafe, so watch out for that. Cheers.

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Dan Wins Dutch Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award 2004

Posted by jenna on 23/10/04

Naomi reports from Holland :: Daniel won the award for favorite Movie Star in the Dutch Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards for 2004.

Thank you to all of the fans who took the time to vote for him – and congratulations to Dan for an award well deserved!

UPDATE :: Thanks very much to Astrid in Belgium for taking a few pictures from the broadcast of Dan's acceptance speech. She couldn't get the video on her PC, but she took some pics from her TV! She also wrote up what Dan said.

Pics from Broadcast :: 1234

DAN's Speech : “Hello Holland, this is Daniel Radcliffe. I would like to thank everyone who voted for me. It's a real honour to receive this Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award, so thank you very much!”

More Details/Partial Transcript : Dan said he was very happy to have won the award and he thanked all of the fans who voted for him. His acceptance speech was broadcast via satellite from the set of GOF. He was wearing his Hogwarts uniform in the video.

Anyone get the video of this? E-mail Me! rolleyes.gif

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RTL Germany – Screen Caps

Posted by jenna on 23/10/04

Here are a few great screen captures from an interview Dan did on the German RTL channel for POA. Thanks very much to Hungarian correspondent Ani for sending those over!

German RTL Capture Album

More to come later today!

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Vote: Nick Kids Choice Awards (NL)

Posted by allo on 22/10/04

Dutch readers, today is your chance to vote for Dan as your favorite film star in the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2004 in the Netherlands. You can also vote for Harry Potter in the Best Book and Best Film/DVD categories. Only one vote is allowed per person. (Click on “Stem” to start voting.) The Kids Choice Awards will take place this Saturday, Oct 23rd.

For more details of all the places where you can vote for Dan and Harry Potter, remember to check our Vote!! page.

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They Like You Too, Mr. Radcliffe

Posted by jenna on 21/10/04's ACED Magazine staffer, Kate Mackley, recently attended a Snow Patrol concert. A while back, Dan had mentioned he liked the Irish band in an interview he did with NME in their June 5th edition. While there, Kate had the opportunity to get a quick interview with two band members : Gary Lightbody (lead vocals) and Nathan Connolly (guitarist). It seems this band thinks Harry Potter is pretty cool.


"Connolly grins. “Yeah, do you know what? I seen that in the NME, actually, yeah. Did see that, really. He said he liked… well, he mentioned bands like the Zutons, the Kings (of Leon), other bands. I did see that, actually, yeah. Well, I mean, a couple of the guys like it, too, Harry Potter. I don’ know, I’ve not read the books personally, but I like ‘em (him) a lot.”


Read the entire article : Snow Patrol Interview/Review. To learn more about this band and to listen to samples of their latest album you can visit their Official Site. Incidently, for those fans in the “London” area, the Snow Patrol will be there performing at the Brixton Academy on November 29th and 30th … toung.gif

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CosmoGirl UK Scan – 101 Sexiest Celebs Ever

Posted by jenna on 20/10/04

In the November issue of CosmoGirl UK the 101 Sexiest Celebs Ever were voted on by readers and Dan came in as a new entry in 44th place. (Tom Felton came in 27th place).
Both beat out top male celebrities such as Tom Cruise (97), Hayden Christensen (92), Joaquin Phoenix (91), Will Smith (86), Ben Affleck (82), Ryan Phillippe (69), Hugh Jackman (74), and loads more!

CosmoGirl UK Scan

Cheers to our UK correspondent Lauren for sending over the scan!

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New Pics from Today Show

Posted by allo on 20/10/04

Some new pictures and screen captures of Dan arriving on the set of the Today Show in New York last May and then sitting in the green room before the show have been added to the Today Show 2004 Gallery.

Many thanks to Daniel Radcliffe Fan for the pictures (and to Veritaserum for the tip!) and very belated thanks to Nancy for the additional captures.

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DR-TV: Tailor of Panama in France

Posted by allo on 20/10/04

Many thanks to Anya for letting us know that The Tailor of Panama will be shown in France on TF1 channel this Sunday, Oct 24th, at 11:20PM. For all of Dan's upcoming TV appearances that we know of, remember to check the DR-TV page.

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Wallpaper, Fan Art and Puzzles

Posted by allo on 19/10/04

Thanks again to our very creative readers for sending in their latest Dan-art:

Over in the Wallpaper Gallery, we have a couple of Halloween backgrounds by Angela, two new designs based on those new YM photos from Sabine and a “birthday” design from Anya.

Meanwhile, in the Fan Art Gallery, look for some great new drawings by Maria, Rainmaker, Jenny, Kandida and Jessica.

And since the last few seemed to go down quite well, I've added another couple of puzzles to the Fun and Games page:

Trio in the Pumpkin Patch
POA Poster of Trio

Thank you very much to everyone who sent in their artwork and we're sorry if yours didn't make it this time round. But please keep sending it in – if you have any original artwork (fan art, wallpaper, goodies, avatars, AIM icons, e-cards etc) that you would like us to consider for our galleries, please check the Contributor Guidelines page for details of where to send it. Thanks!

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Meet the HP Cast at the POA DVD Launch!

Posted by allo on 19/10/04

From The Sun today: UK readers can win a chance to meet the HP cast at the DVD launch party for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, thanks to Warner Home Video, Woolworths and The Sun newspaper. If you are between the ages of 8 and 15 inclusive and look like ANY of the student characters featured in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, then get someone to take a photo of you dressed up as your favourite character. Write your name and age on the back of the photo and a contact phone number of your parent or guardian (make sure you get their permission to enter first) and take the photo to any Woolworths store in the UK before the closing date of Monday November 8th. There are special letterboxes in the stores for your entries – please check them to find out more information about the contest and the terms and conditions. The winners will be chosen by representatives of WHV, Woolworths and The Sun and featured in The Sun newspaper.

The winner will get to attend the DVD launch party and meet the stars of the film, including Dan, Rupert and Emma, and also spend the night at a top London hotel. The DVD launch party is scheduled to take place in London on November 18th and the DVD and video will be released in the UK on the 19th and the rest of the world soon after.

And while you're thinking about dressing up, here's a heads-up: we will be running our annual Halloween Madness costume contest again this year so make sure you get pictures of yourselves in your costumes as we'll be inviting you to send them in later this month! Anyone can enter from anywhere in the world and you can dress up as anything, not just HP characters. The winners will be chosen by you, the fans, and we'll have some HP goodies as prizes. Full details will be announced within the next few days – stay tuned!

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DR Goes Mobile!

Posted by jenna on 19/10/04 has a new feature for all of you Dan Fans on the go. Allow me to introduce you to our new DR-Mobile feature. You will be able to check for news updates anywhere you are in the world, at any time you wish, all you need is a mobile phone with internet capabilities.

If you go to our main site now with your mobile you will automatically be directed to our new PDA Mobile Service Page. If for some reason the redirect does not work for you, you may bookmark the page on your phone directly at this address :

Please be aware, this service does not allow for high-end graphics. You will not be able to open up massive photos, anything powered by javascript, pop-up windows like the comments for news posts, or photos in albums; but you will be able to view all of the text in the news updates and the thumbnails that go with them.

I hope you will all enjoy this new feature! Please e-mail me if you have any questions.

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More New YM Photos of Trio

Posted by jenna on 19/10/04

Four more great photos from the previous YM shoot have emerged over at Miss Emma and Emma Thanks very much to River for the tip, and to everyone else who wrote in about it – sorry for the delayed post but school is a priority people! toung.gif

Trio in Ym Shoot 1
Trio in Ym Shoot 2
Trio in Ym Shoot 3
Trio in Ym Shoot 4 (This was actually scanned from a Czech magazine)

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GOF Quidditch World Cup

Posted by jenna on 18/10/04

According to CBBC Newsround, there is a massive village of tents that has been erected at Leavesden Studios.

Dan and Co. will be making their way through this sea of tents to film the Quidditch World Cup scenes for Goblet of Fire. If you'd like to read more about GOF filming, please visit CBBC Newsround for more information.

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Dan Grows Into Role

Posted by jenna on 18/10/04

Dan and Emma are both mentioned in the British Times Online amongst some of the biggest names in British Film like Dame Judi Dench, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and director Mike Leigh. Emma is being referred to as one of this generation's most gifted British child actors. Daniel also gets mentioned in this article, “Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe has grown into his role, but Watson's Hermione has the edge, with her signature brand of feisty intelligence. Wish them luck as they negotiate the perilous step to adult stardom.

Both, of course, are talented performers, and we congratulate them and wish them much success!

Thanks very much to Miles for the tip!

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New RadNet Cafe

Posted by jenna on 17/10/04

The RadNet Cafe feature has a new look. I have also added more content, and more will be added this coming week so check back for that. If you do not know what this is :: On RadNet Cafe we focus on some of Daniel's favorite things : Acting/Directing/Film and Creative Writing (which also happen to be some of my fav things as well … so you will find info, tips, tricks, and more there).

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New Studio Shots

Posted by jenna on 17/10/04

Thanks very much to Ashley who sent over some pictures from the photo shoot with YM. These are the poses we didn't see … I believe this came from originally.

YM Shoot 1
YM Shoot 2
YM Shoot 3
YM Shoot 4
YM Shoot 5
YM Shoot 6

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Candids and BAFTA

Posted by jenna on 17/10/04

Thanks to Miles, Mim and Bent we have a few more larger versions of Dan at the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert, a very nice photo of the trio at the BAFTA awards show that hasn't been posted before, and a massive – huge poster of Dan from Belgium's 7 Extra magazine.

Trio at BAFTAs
Red Hot Chili Peppers 1
Red Hot Chili Peppers 2
Red Hot Chili Peppers 3
Dan poster in 7Extra Magazine (Almost life size … )

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DR-TV for the Weekend

Posted by allo on 16/10/04

New listings for the DR-TV page – this Sunday, viewers in the UK can catch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on Sky Movies 3 at 11:45am and 9:00pm and viewers in Mexico can catch Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on Canal 5 at 8:00pm. There's a lot of DR-TV happening elsewhere around the world this weekend so make sure you check the page for all the details. Thanks to Francelia for the Mexican tip!

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Video Archive: TRL

Posted by allo on 15/10/04

Again, due to popular demand, we've added another full length video clip to our on-site video collection and this time it's the appearance by Dan and Emma on MTV's “Total Request Live” show in the US back in May :

Windows Media: Part 1 (7.0MB) / Part 2 (4.8MB)

Real Media: Part 1 (7.4MB) / Part 2 (5.0MB)

Please remember to right-click and Save Target As… before viewing and please do not hotlink to the files.

Stills and screencaps and a transcript are also available – many thanks to Marigold for doing such an excellent job on the transcript!

And while we're on the subject of videos, many thanks to Hayli for sending in some more links from “Extra” for the offsite videos page. (One of the clips has footage of the fans who met Dan at the POA premiere in New York (see earlier story.) Don't forget, the offsite videos page has links to a lot more video clips of Dan at other media sites.

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We Want Daniel! We Want Daniel!

Posted by jenna on 14/10/04

Yes – Those are the screams made loud and clear on the video you are about to see, taken at the POA premiere in London.

You requested the video from the German screen captures we posted a few days ago from our good friend Ani in Hungary, and she has come through with the video for us! It is mostly in German; however, you can make out what they are saying if you listen closely.

Please remember to RIGHT CLICK and SAVE TARGET AS …

German Channel Pro 7 4.01 MB, Windows Media

Of course, many thanks to Ani for sending this in for everyone to enjoy!

UPDATE: Many thanks to Sabine for providing an English translation of the video clip – click on the Full Story link below to see the transcript.

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Franz Ferdinand to Write Music for GOF ?

Posted by jenna on 13/10/04

According to NME, the very excellent band Franz Ferdinand has been asked to write music for the next Harry Potter installment.

Alex Kapranos, lead singer of Ferdinand said, “We've been asked to write some music. There's a section where there's a band of ugly sisters playing and I think, well… some members of Franz Ferdinand may be the ugly sisters in the band. There's an excitement and innocence about those films. I like how there's good and evil, and that's a clarity which is quite refreshing.”

If you haven't heard their music, check out the Official Franz Ferdinand Site and click on the MEDIA link, then MOVIES. You can watch music videos from their latest album by selecting different pictures.

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POA Display in Hamley's Toyshop in London

Posted by jenna on 13/10/04

Hamley's toyshop in London has created a display of the Prisoner of Azkaban climbing the stairs of the store for would-be shoppers to enjoy whilst browsing around their merchandise. Check out some of the photos from the display :

Hamley's Toyshop in London

Thanks very much to Lauren for sending in these great photos!

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Newsround Reviews POA DVD

Posted by allo on 12/10/04

CBBC Newsround has been given an exclusive sneak peek at the forthcoming DVD of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and has written an excellent in-depth review of all its features and extras, including this comment about the cast interviews:


"There are lots of interesting tidbits. Dan talks about the weirdest experiences he's had – including marriage proposals! "

The DVD and video are released on Nov 19th in the UK and on Nov 23rd in the US and throughout the rest of the world soon after.

Samples of the DVD artwork can be found in our Promotional Images Gallery, along with some promotional posters for the DVD from Germany and an ad from Disney Adventures magazine (the first five pictures in the gallery – belated thanks to The Leaky Cauldron and Veritaserum for those!)

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International DR-TV!

Posted by allo on 12/10/04

More chances to see Dan on TV around the globe: this Wednesday, 13th, David Copperfield is showing on TPS Cinefamily in France and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is on HBO Plus in Brazil. And (this is a first for us!), this Saturday, viewers in Russia can catch The Tailor of Panama on First-TV. Full details are on the DR-TV page. Many thanks to Morgana and Iriss for the tips!

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New York City Dan Photos From Fans

Posted by jenna on 12/10/04

Varsha and Sara have sent in some photos of Dan that they both took at the New York POA premiere back in May. Sara was lucky enough to meet Dan, and she wrote up a brief account of her experience on the red carpet that you can read by clicking on the Full Story link below.

Varsha's photo of Dan waving.
Sara's photo with Dan.
Sara's photo of Dan waving.
Sara's photo of Dan going off to be interviewed.

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Hungarian Screen Captures

Posted by jenna on 11/10/04

Thanks very much to Ani for sending in more fantastic screen captures from the London POA Premiere and the “Making of” bits that aired on the German TV channel Pro7. I have added them to the beginning of the album. (Thanks to those who clarified that channel info).

Hungarian Capture Album

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DR-TV: David Copperfield in Australia

Posted by allo on 10/10/04

Viewers in Australia will have the chance to catch Dan's first screen outing again starting next Saturday, Oct 16th, when FOXTEL Digital begins showing reruns of David Copperfield. Check the DR-TV page for full details of showtimes. Many thanks to Emily for the tip!

Also, for viewers in the UK: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will be shown again on Sky Movies on Wednesday, Oct 13th.

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New Puzzles

Posted by allo on 10/10/04

Here's a little something to keep you busy while you're waiting for the next Harry Potter book or movie to come out – three new jigsaw puzzles for the Fun and Games page:

The Terrific Trio
Dan on TRL 2004
Dan at the POA New York Premiere

Many thanks to Evangelina and someone who only identified themselves as “dsgfhgjfh” for the first two designs, which were originally sent in as wallpapers!

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Newsround Reminder!

Posted by allo on 10/10/04

Rupert Grint won again this week at the CBBC Newsround Favourite Celebrity Poll but apparently Dan was right behind him in the poll this time. Thanks to everyone for voting and remember to keep voting once per day if you want Dan to win!

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Video Archive: Conan O'Brien

Posted by allo on 09/10/04

Due to popular demand, we've added the full length video clip of Dan's appearance on the “Late Night with Conan O'Brien” show back in May to our on-site video collection:

Windows Media (5.2MB)
Real Media (8.0MB) (LINK IS NOW FIXED!)

Please remember to right-click and Save Target As… before viewing and please do not hotlink to the files.

Screencaps and a transcript are also available. More videos will be on their way soon!

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More New York Photos

Posted by jenna on 07/10/04

Would you believe I forgot I had these pictures? Yes, but I have brought them back from limbo – thanks very much to Melissa who sent them over to us. The three pictures are of Dan at the Regency Hotel in New York. We had posted very small versions of these before, but now we have crisper, larger photos.

Dan 1
Dan 2
Dan 3

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Contest Winners

Posted by jenna on 06/10/04

I am still in the process of trying to recover data and e-mail from my computer. If you are one of the following people please e-mail me so I can get the ball rolling and get your prizes to you.

Unfortunately, things do not look good for e-mail recovery. This means all e-mails sent to me regarding the last Demelza fund raiser (for those of you who sent in comments to be published in ACED), the fan projects, and ACED articles are lost. If you sent an e-mail to me regarding those please resend them, unless you sent your entry to Elena or Lam.

Cynthia Lyle
W. Wakins
(name removed at winner's request)

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Video: On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Posted by allo on 04/10/04

Now that things have quietened down a little, we have time to do some backfilling so here's a video of a very charming interview, mostly with Dan and Emma, that aired on the “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” show back in June, around the time of the release of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:

Windows Media (2.6MB)
Real Media (4.0MB)

Please remember to right click and Save As… before watching and webmasters, do not hotlink to the files. As always, we have a transcript and screencaps to go with the clip. Enjoy!

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Posted by jenna on 04/10/04

I must regretfully report that my computer suffered from an irreversible system failure over the weekend … hence the lack of updates. Since all of my files and e-mails were sucked into what is unlovingly known as the “digital black hole”, any e-mails that were sent to me over the past 4 weeks are gone forever, so you won't be getting a reply…

If you sent any scans that you have not seen me post yet, please resend – pretty please? cry.gif And if you sent an e-mail that has to do with ACED, please resend?! cry.gif I apologise for the inconvenience. I will be back on top of things by tomorrow I promise, just as soon as I retype all THREE of my papers that are due for school this week!

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ADMIN : Comment Guidelines Updated

Posted by jenna on 02/10/04

Due to recent abuses of the comments system, please note that we have had to tighten up the regulations for posting comments. The comments system is meant to provide feedback about the news posts on this site. It is NOT a chat board. Please make your comments intelligent, respectful and RELEVANT to the post in question – this way they will be much more readable to other users.

Comments which simply refer to how soon you commented after the post was made, how “hot” you think Dan is, use of excessive amounts of space or smilies, or do not comply with the conditions set in the Comments Guidelines WILL BE DELETED, whether or not they include any remarks relevant to the post. We do not have the time to edit individual comments for content. Remember, this is a privilege for you, the fans, don't abuse it.

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Fan Art, Wallpapers and E-cards

Posted by allo on 02/10/04

Thanks as always to our very talented readers for sending in their artwork of Dan and Harry Potter!

Look for some great new drawings by Caroline, Bernadette, Hala, Adeline, Marielle, Susan and Maggie in the Fan Art Gallery.

And there are some cool new backgrounds for your PC by Zahra, Christina, Danya, Steph, Valerie, Sabine and Luciana in our Wallpaper Gallery.

And finally, with the holiday season fast approaching, Sabine has been very busy creating some wonderful seasonal and general e-cards for our DR-LX Letter Exchange – there are new cards in the Holidays, Congratulations and, by popular demand, Miss You categories. (P.S. Sabine does take requests so if there's a card you'd like to see, please leave a message in the comments system!)

Thank you very much to everyone who sent in their artwork and we're sorry if yours didn't make it this time round. But please keep sending it in – if you have any original artwork (fan art, wallpaper, goodies, avatars, AIM icons, e-cards etc) that you would like us to consider for our galleries, please check the Contributor Guidelines page for details of where to send it. Thanks!

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DR-TV: HPCOS in US and Europe

Posted by allo on 02/10/04

Check the DR-TV page for more listings for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and some of the “Making of HPCOS” programs in the US and Europe. Many thanks to Sabine for the Euro-tips!

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Vote for Dan at Nick Kids Choice (Netherlands)

Posted by allo on 02/10/04

Dutch readers, you now have the chance to vote for Dan as your favorite film star in the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2004 in the Netherlands. You get one chance to vote only and the poll closes on Oct 22nd. (Click on “Stem” to start voting.) Many thanks to Natalie for the tip!

And OK, who forgot to vote over at the CBBC Newsround Top Ten Celebrity Poll – last week's poll went to Rupert Grint! Remember, you get one chance per day to vote. For more details of all these polls and more, remember to check our Vote!! page.

(By the way, I have noticed some mean comments about this poll creeping into the comments system – this poll is just a bit of FUN so please keep your remarks clean and decent otherwise they will be DELETED. This would probably be a good time to go and reread the Comment Guidelines.)

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Demelza's 6th Birthday, the Fund Raiser, and the Winners Announced

Posted by jenna on 02/10/04

Demelza House celebrated its 6th birthday on 25 September 2004, and was only too happy to help sponsor the event. We managed to raise a fantastic £945 thanks to all of you!

There were over 500 people who attended the event, which started around 10:30 AM and lasted until around 4:30 PM (when the balloons were finally released). Thanks very much to Sue for giving us a few photos to share with all of you from the event. I have created an album and added commentary to each of the photos so you understand a little more about what was going on.

Demelza House's 6th Birthday Celebration Album

I am sure you are all wondering who the prize winners are as well, and they are as follows ::

Cynthia Lyle – POA Movie Poster Signed Personally by Dan Radcliffe
Vicki French – POA DVD

W. Wakins – POA Soundtrack
(name removed at winner's request) - Your Own Copy of the Japanese Screen Magazine with loads of Dan pics, massive Dan poster, other pull-outs, and Dan, Rupert, Emma Stickers!

Thank you once again to everyone who donated and participated in this fund raiser. I know we have been doing a lot of these lately, and we still have a very special/unique fund raiser coming up for Christmas this year, but really enough is never enough when it comes to supporting this magnificent place. Demelza House truly is magic, and the love and support it gives to the children it houses is priceless.

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Scans from Greece and Japan

Posted by jenna on 01/10/04

We have a few scans from the October 2004 Japanese Movie Star magazine. You may have seen smaller or more blurry renditions, but I think you will find these to be much clearer. We also have a few scans sent in by Catherine from Greece. Thanks very much to her for those! She mentioned that since POA's release just recently in Greece, everyone in Greece has been wild about “Harry”. toung.gif

Movie Star Page 1 (Japan)
Movie Star Page 1 (Japan)
Afisofama Fans (Greece)
Afisofama Fans Page 2 (massive) (Greece)

Afisofama Fans Posters (Greece)
Super Star Page 1 (Greece)
Super Star Page 2 (Greece)

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