15th Birthday Thank You from Daniel
News Archive - August 2004

News Archive – July 2004

by ClaireJul 31, 2004

French ONE and Bop Scans

Posted by jenna on 31/07/04

Thanks very much to Clementine, Fiona, and Page for sending over scans from the French ONE magazine and the US Bop Magazine.

ONE Magazine Cover
ONE Magazine Dan Studio Shot Can anyone send in a larger scan of this?
ONE Magazine Article
Bop Snippet

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ACED Official Launch

Posted by jenna on 31/07/04

On 23 July 2004 I posted up about ACED Magazine for Dan's birthday (His 15th birthday present). On that day I posted a quick online version so everyone could get an idea of what it is. Now I am pleased to say the official launch of the online version is up.

ACED Magazine Online will be updated regularly, and the print version will come out twice a year. If you are interested in becoming a staff member for ACED, or writing any reviews/articles, please contact the [email protected]”>ACED Staff.

Thanks so much to everyone who has written in so far with their positive feedback and interest in working for ACED. A very BIG thank you goes to Dan too, who inspired me to do it in the first place … and another BIG thanks to him for his incredibly kind words regarding ACED as well.

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Vote: UK Disney Kids Awards

Posted by allo on 30/07/04

Voting is now open at the UK Disney Kids Awards 2004 and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is nominated in the Best Movie and Best Game categories. And although he's not one of the names listed, you can still nominate Dan in the Best UK Male category – just click on the “Want To Have Your Say?” button and type his name. Winners will be announced on Sept 19th so get voting! For full details of all the polls that we know about, please remember to check the Vote! page. Thanks to MuggleNet for the tip.

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NYC PoA Premiere Pic and Bravo Cover

Posted by jenna on 30/07/04

Catherine from Harry Potter Fanzone sent us a really nice picture of Dan from the New York POA Premiere that she took herself. Thanks very much to her for sending this in :

Dan from NY PoA Premiere

We also have the cover of the Hungarian Bravo magazine a little early… the inside article was sadly, an exact replica of an article I have posted previously, so I am not posting it, but thanks very much to Daisy and Lara from Hungarian Honeydukes for sending in the scans.

Bravo Hungary Cover

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TRL Backstage Pass Postponed

Posted by jenna on 29/07/04

TLC is reporting that the previously scheduled broadcast of MTV's TRL Backstage Pass will be postponed. The show was slated to check in with their contest winner “intern” on the Harry Potter set of GOF, airing this Friday at 5pm EST, but sources now say it will most likely not air until November.

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Dan on Fuse

Posted by allo on 29/07/04

Dan made a brief appearance in a prerecorded interview on “The Amplified Guide to Summer” on FUSE Music Channel in the US this afternoon, talking about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. You can view a video clip of his interview here. (Right-click and Save Target As… Please do not hotlink to these files.):

Windows Media (1.1MB)

Real Media (0.9MB)

We also have a transcript of the interview and a few screencaps.

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Dan Says a BIG Thank You !

Posted by jenna on 28/07/04

Dan has had a chance to look over Aced Magazine, the magazine created by DanRadcliffe.com for his birthday, and I am pleased to say that he really liked it. *Phew* Actually, at the risk of sounding incredibly “fannish”, I must say I was absolutely bowled over by his letter of response ::

Dear Jenna

Well, you've done it again – left me speechless with ACED. It is a fantastic magazine and I was completely knocked out by it and the time and effort you have put into it. I love all the reviews and the photos are excellent. By happy coincidence I had just bought the Modest Mouse album which I think is fantastic! I was also stunned to see the fan demographic and as always find it a little difficult to take in the spread of fans around the world when I am working at Leavesden. ACED is a beautifully constructed and imaginative magazine and everyone I have shown it to loves it. It made my 15th birthday very special and I can't wait for the next issue at Christmas. Thank you.

Thank you also, to everyone who contributed to Demelza House. This place is SO important to me and everyone who contributed makes a real difference to the lives of the children and their families who stay there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart .

My birthday was spent on set with my friends. This is the third birthday I have had at Leavesden and they are always fun filled days. A friend on set gave me a large water pistol and as it was a sunny day – chaos reigned at lunch time as I was responsible for soaking the stunt department and then ran for my life as you really don't want to mess with them – I am sure they will get their own back.

Once again Jenna, thank you – you are amazing!

All my love


*** NOTE : The proper online version of Aced will be online next week … there will be more reviews, stories, features, and misc “stuff” for everyone … Stay Tuned. ***

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DR-TV: UK and Indonesia

Posted by allo on 28/07/04

The DR-TV page has been updated with some more listings for the UK: Sky Movies is showing Philosopher's Stone on July 29th and August 2nd and Chamber of Secrets on August 4th and 7th. And thanks to Anggie for an update for Indonesia: Sorcerer's Stone will be showing on TV7 this Sunday, August 1st (not Sat July 31st as previously reported) and the following Sunday, August 8th. Showtimes are on the DR-TV page but don't forget to check your own local listings to confirm the times.

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Look Out For New Hungarian Magazine

Posted by jenna on 28/07/04

Thanks very much to Daisy and Lara from the Hungarian Honeydukes (LHP) website for letting me know there will be a new edition of the Hungarian Magazine Bravo containing an article about Dan. An excerpt from the preview states :

Daniel Radcliffe From Movie Star to Rock Star?

The 14 year old young man is already shooting the fourth Harry Potter movie in England; however, he is dreaming of doing different things once he has finished. BRAVO gives you the first hand account of what Daniel is dreaming of….

Magazines go on sale August 5th.

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More International Scans

Posted by jenna on 28/07/04

Thanks very much to Alex, Page, Lili, Mar, Chrissy, and Fab for sending in some great scans.

I have updated the Magazine Covers album with scans from IM (Hungary), All Stars (Russia), and Smack (Brazil).

Magazine Covers Album (All new pictures are in the front of the album)

There is a special Harry Potter Smack edition that is still available, in case you hadn't been able to get them on newsstands, you can go to their site : Smack Magazine Online. This magazine from Brazil is published monthly for girls, 10-14 years old, and they love Daniel there! The entire special edition covers the premiere from the Prisoner of Azkaban, and contains features about the third HP movie.

Even more scans :

All Stars (Russia)
Net Kun Scan 1 (Japan)

Net Kun Scan 2 (Japan)
The National Enquirer (USA)
Dan at Chili Pepper Concert

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Japanese TV Spot Screen Caps

Posted by jenna on 28/07/04

I have posted up (yes a little late, but I am catching up) an album from Japanese TV Spots with a few screen caps of the promotional bits Dan did for Prisoner of Azkaban. Thanks very much to “Madame H” for sending those in to us.

Nihon TV and Kin-Yo Roadshow Album

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South Floridians : POA IMAX Celebration

Posted by jenna on 27/07/04

On July 31, I'm going to be joining Heidi from TLC at the Ft Lauderdale Museum of Discovery & Science for some “birthday” events before the 4:15 showing of Prisoner of Azkaban on the museum's IMAX screen.

Join us there in the afternoon from 2 pm to 4 pm for the festivities before the movie starts. Wear your costume :: there will be a costume contest during the event! There will be lots of prizes and other fun things going on, along with a birthday cake in honour of Harry Potter's birthday, and a gigantic card for JK's birthday (which will be sent to her afterwards). toung.gif (Oh, and did I mention I will be bringing a few High-Res Glossy pictures of Dan from the POA premiere that were taken by DR.com to give away as prizes as well?)

You can preorder tickets before Friday by calling 954 713 0930 – the office is open between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. It is probably better if you do preorder so you don't have to worry about standing in line once you arrive. Hope to see some of you there!

If you have any questions or comments regarding the event please feel free to e-mail me!

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DR-TV: Dan on Fuse

Posted by allo on 27/07/04

If you get the Fuse Music Channel in your area, look out for a program coming up this week called “An Amplified Guide to Summer”, which is supposed to include an interview with Dan, talking about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Showtimes are Wed 28th (7:00PM and 11:00PM), Fri 30th (2:00PM) and Sat 1st (11:00PM). Please check your local listings to confirm showtimes in your area. Many thanks to Terese for the tip!

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Posted by allo on 27/07/04

The DVD Answers website claims to have obtained some early information about the release of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on DVD. They are reporting that DVD is expected to be released on November 23rd and is expected to include “exclusive never-before seen footage, a Creating The Vision feature which includes a revealing interview with author J.K. Rowling and three new interactive challenges in which you can test your memory with “Magic You May Have Missed”, help Crookshanks “Catch Scabbers” and go on an unexpected quest with Sir Cadogan. Other features will include two self guided tours of Honeydukes and Professor Lupin's Classroom, cast interviews by Johnny Vaughan and the Shrunken Head, a feature in which you meet the animal trainers in care of the magical creatures and more.” They are also reporting that a triple-pack containing the double-disc releases of the first three HP movies will be released on the same day. Click on the Full Story link below for a larger look at the artwork.

UPDATE 7/28/04: Warner Bros has now made an official announcement about the DVD release – visit the news page for more details. Many thanks to The Leaky Cauldron for the tip!

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Scans Roundup

Posted by allo on 26/07/04

Here's another selection of scans of magazine articles featuring Dan from all around the world:

Cine Films (France, July 2004): (1) (2) (3) (Thanks to Coraline)

Capricho (Brazil, Jun 27, 2004): (1) (Thanks to Natalia)
Gente (Argentina, July 2004): (1) (2) (3) (4) (Thanks to Aye)
Popcorn (Austria, July 2004): (1) (Thanks to Sabine)

Unknown newspaper (India, June 2004):(1) (Thanks to Sanya)

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Back to the Polls

Posted by allo on 26/07/04

Thanks to everyone who voted for Dan at the CBBC Newsround Favourite Celebrity Poll last week! Newsround reports that Dan won by a landslide victory – a nice way to round off your birthday week, huh? Remember, you can vote once per day.

And thanks to Veritaserum for a tip about another poll: vote for Dan in the Candy Cuties Poll by July 31st if you would like to see him featured in the Sept 2004 issue of Candy magazine in the Philippines. For full details of all the places we know where you can vote for Dan right now, please check our Vote! page.

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More POA Exclusives, Premiere, and London

Posted by jenna on 25/07/04

Now that I have made it through Dan's birthday alive … it's time to do a little catch up before Allo kills me! First, the POA premiere in London. Yes, that small picture to your left is me, and a reader of DanRadcliffe.com, Lauren. Scary isn't it?! After all of Lauren's dedication and help on the site I decided to treat her to a POA premiere…

Speaking of treats, our staffer Claire managed to get a quick interview with Dan at the POA premiere in London (I had already gone in by this time). We have been trying to work on the video so you can hear it … it isn't crystal clear, but we thought you would like to see it anyway. For those of you who can't make out what they are saying you can click on the full story link below to read the transcript. This interview really means a lot to us. It was a crazy day at the premiere and we almost missed being able talk to Dan, but when he found out we were there he made a special trip back over to the media section and found us so we could do our little interview. Now, isn't that the nicest thing you've ever heard of?

Dr.com POA Premiere Dan Interview (And yea … Claire is working on her chin fetish … it seems the camera was magnetically glued to it while she did the interview …) LOL

That's not all, if that isn't enough, staffer Allo went over to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences where there were a couple of those Hogwarts classrooms for real at “The Secret Life of Sets”! She wrote up a fantastic article about it, including some great pictures both she, and Dr.com reader Kim took at the exhibit. There is also a little review in there from Kim as well. Thanks very much to Kim for helping us out with that!

AMPAS Sets Review

Nope, still not done yet … Catherine from Harry Potter Fan Zone has written a really great review from the HP Fan Trips in London. From riding the Hogwarts train, to meeting up with hundreds of HP fans … there are many things to read up about. I actually had the chance to meet Catherine (Harry Potter Fan Zone), Eric, Jamie and Emerson from MuggleNet, and Jeff from HPANA while I was in London. They are all really wonderful and it was fabulous to meet all of them!

You can read Catherine's report on the Friends of the Phoenix Page. I met her on Day 3. toung.gif

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Demelza House Totals and Prize Winners Announced

Posted by jenna on 23/07/04

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the Demelza House Charity Fund Raiser/Raffle for Dan's 15th birthday! It was a great success as we raised over 1610.57 pounds sterling (This includes some late entries that were just posted as well). The fund raiser was a fantastic accomplishment considering we only posted about it a couple of weeks ago!

And now for the moment quite a lot of you are waiting for … the winners of the prize drawing and the messages from Dan's fans … You can check out all of the details on the special Demelza Birthday Page I created :

Dan's 15th Birthday : Demelza House Fund Raiser/Prize Winners and Special Comments

On another note, thank you so very much to everyone who has written in about Aced! I really appreciate your feedback and comments. I will respond to everyone as soon as I have a chance. Thanks again!

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What's New Today?

Posted by jenna on 23/07/04

Thanks very much to staff member Lam for making 10 great new avatars, you can check them out in the album :

DR.com Avatar Album

Hmm… wonder what the occasion could be for these … oh yea, I know! It must be a holiday … no no, wait, I'll figure it out … ah *shakes head* I remember … I think it is some guy's birthday, and I think his name is Dan isn't it? toung.gif


You will notice there are quite a few changes on the site. Charlotte and I worked on a new “look” for Dr.com, and there is a new search feature that was added that will allow you to search through the site using keywords so it is easier to find what you are looking for. Thank Allo for that one.

Many of you are aware that we have been working on a birthday project for Dan since the end of December. It was kept quiet so it would be a surprise for both Dan and the fans. We did various fan projects over the last few months for it, and now it is time to finally reveal what it is we did for his birthday, so without further ado, I give you Aced …

What is Aced? Aced Magazine is a new entertainment and lifestyle publication aimed primarily at readers in their teens and twenties but with appeal for people of all ages. This semi-annual magazine will feature celebrity and band interviews, reviews of albums, concerts, books, and movies and will have many other special features with direct participation from the readers and visitors from both Aced and DanRadcliffe.com.

The main inspiration for this magazine is Dan. Even the title of the magazine, “Aced”, was entirely inspired by the card trick he did for me when I last visited him on the HP set! We decided to write about some of the things we knew he liked, because we knew a lot of his fans, our potential readers, would be interested in reading about them too, and we also wanted to print things that we thought would be of interest to him. Who better to write for the “typical teenager” than teenagers?

I created an online version of this magazine for the fans. It is not the same as Dan's obviously, as his is in print, but it has many of the same features and articles. There will be things in the printed version that are not posted online and vice versa. Hopefully you will find it entertaining and enjoy giving it a read. Check out the online version to learn more about this project : Aced Magazine Online

Stay tuned for more Birthday fun …

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Posted by jenna on 23/07/04

MTV's TRL will be airing a Backstage Pass broadcast from the set of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire next Friday 30 July 2004 at 5pm EST in the US. Please make sure you check your local listings for showtimes in your area as they may vary. Thanks very much to Cat, and everyone else who has sent this in!

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Last Birthday Reminder : More Prizes!

Posted by jenna on 22/07/04

I am issuing one last reminder about the Demelza Charity Fund Raiser/Prize Raffle for Dan's birthday. His birthday is tomorrow!!! As of today, we have raised 820.81 pounds sterling thus far, which isn't bad considering we only started at the beginning of July.

More prizes have been added to the drawing for tomorrow, which now includes :

2 POA Lenticular Poster Books, 2 POA Movie Poster Books, 2 POA Mini Wall Calendars, 2 HP POA Mini Action Figures, POA Sticker Book, HP Quidditch World Cup Game for PC, HP COS Book Tote (has Dan playing Quidditch on it) a wand from Alivan's, a FRAMED original print photo of Dan at the New York Premiere taken by Dr.com staffer, and some POA Calendar Cards.

For information on how to donate please read over the Demelza House Charity page. Please remember, today is your last day to donate in order to be eligible for the prize drawing that will take place tomorrow. All entries must be sent in by no later than midnight EST tonight!

When donating, please don't forget to include the “c/o Dan Radcliffe” in your donation otherwise it will not be included in the tally for Dan's birthday. A few of you have written in and told me of this and I have included you in our total for today, but I have no way of knowing otherwise.

Thanks so very much to everyone who has donated so far. Your donations and efforts are very much appreciated!

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International Magazine Scans

Posted by jenna on 21/07/04

I just got my Galaxie magazine from Malaysia. It has a really great cover on it (The mag was so big I couldn't fit the entire thing on the scanner so it is most of the cover anyway), check it out : Galaxie Cover

And merci a Josiane for the scans from the French magazine Le Lundi :

Le Lundi July 2004 Cover
Le Lundi Page 1
Le Lundi Page 2
Le Lundi Page 3
Le Lundi Page 4

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Fan Art and Wallpaper

Posted by allo on 20/07/04

Many thanks again to everyone who has sent in artwork lately – here's the latest and greatest contributions:

Fan Art Gallery: New drawings and paintings from Bejay, Laly, Beth, Jessica, Meghann and Sarah.

Wallpaper Gallery: New backgrounds for your PCs from Maxie J, Candy, PhoenixPheather, Strider, Estelle, Helicon, Carly and James.

If you have any original artwork that you would like us to consider for our galleries, please check the Contributor Guidelines page for details of where to send it. Thanks!

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CBBC Newsround Poll

Posted by allo on 20/07/04

Remember to keep voting for Dan at the CBBC Newsround Favourite Celebrity Poll and get him the win this week for his birthday! Dan was also last week's winner so thanks to everyone who voted. Remember, you can only vote once per day.

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Dan's 15th Birthday, Charity, Prizes

Posted by jenna on 19/07/04

Don't forget about the Demelza House fundraiser for Dan's 15th birthday. He would really prefer you donate to this very worthy charity rather than send him presents. There are only a few days left before his birthday. Also – make sure you participate before 22 July, midnight EST, if you want to be entered into the Prize raffle/drawing. For more information on how to donate or enter the Prize Drawing please read over the Demelza House Charity/Raffle Page.

Thank you very much to the many that have participated. I have received many entries already for the prize drawing, lets see how many we can get by Friday! I will update tomorrow with some estimated figures on how much has been donated thus far.

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Regis and Kelly… and Return of the Rellys!

Posted by allo on 18/07/04

The “LIVE! with Regis and Kelly” show in the US is looking for nominees for its 2nd Annual Relly Awards, which will be held on Sept 24th. If you remember, Dan won a Relly in their “Junior Achiever” category last year as the audience's favorite younger guest.

Want to make it two in a row for Dan? Then visit the Relly Award Nominations page and place your vote for him in the Best Guest category. It says you can nominate as many times as you like before August 27th. Voting for nominees will take place the following week.

Did you miss Dan's appearance on the show? Then refresh your memory here because we now have some video:

Regis and Kelly Pt 1: Windows Media/Real Media (approx 2.5MB)

Regis and Kelly Pt 2: Windows Media/Real Media (approx 2.0MB)

If you have trouble watching the videos, we also have screencaps and a transcript.

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DR-TV Updates

Posted by allo on 18/07/04

The DR-TV page has been updated for the US, UK, S.E. Asia and Indonesia. In the US, HBO is running Chamber of Secrets throughout August, while the first two HP movies are both being shown as part of Sky Movies' Summer Kids Zone in the UK this week and next week. Philosopher's Stone will be shown on HBO Asia in August and also later this month on TV7 in Indonesia as part of TV7's Month of Magic series (thanks Anggie!) . (Note – DanRadcliffe.co.uk is reporting that this will actually be shown over two nights – July 31st and Aug 7th. We'll update the TV page when we get further confirmation.)

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New Photos from POA Premieres and Japan Press Conference

Posted by jenna on 18/07/04

I have redone the POA Premiere Albums as well as the Japan Press Conference Album. We have new pics from our staff member Coralie that were taken while in New York in our exclusives site album, new photos for the London album from Kate and Angelika, new photos for the New York Premiere album from Karina and Patricia, and more photos for the Japanese Press conference from Jessica. (The Japanese pictures originated from a Japanese site called Harry Potter Clipboard I think) There is a total of 130 new pictures in all. Thank you very much to everyone who sent them in!

Japan Press Conference Album (14 new)
DanRadcliffe.com's NY POA Premiere Album (20 new)

NY POA Premiere Album (25 new)
POA London Premiere Album (71 new : Starts on page 4)

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International Scans Update

Posted by jenna on 17/07/04

Thanks very much to Laura, Angelika, Alice, and Ariana for sending in scans from various countries around the world!

Film Magazine Cover

Ale Kino Scan
Gala (Venezuela)
Yam! Scan (Germany)
People Magazine 1 (Mexico)

People Magazine 2 (Mexico)
PorTi Magazine (Mexico)
Vanidades Magazine (Mexico)

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Dan Nominated for Best Actor

Posted by jenna on 16/07/04

Thank you to everyone that sent this in :

Dan has been nominated as Best Actor in the Kzone Kid's Choice Awards. HP3 was also nominated for Best Movie, Emma Watson as Best Actress, and Tom Felton is also in the running for Best Actor. Go and cast your vote at the Kzone Award site. You must login to cast a vote…

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RadNet Spotlighted

Posted by jenna on 16/07/04

Our RadNet Forum has been spotlighted by Wizard City as a top HP/Dan Forum, with the highest rating of 5/5.


"As you may have guessed Radnet is a Daniel Radcliffe forum, one of very few on the net. It is a truly respectable forum, much more so than many groups, communities and forums where truly inappropriate topics are often posted and allowed. I appreciate Radnet most as it's a free forum for all kinds of people. Both male and female, young and old from around the world gather on this forum with no conflict. There particular areas where everyone can be themselves, including forums for over 18s, elder teens, males, fanfic maniacs and more. This forum eventually won hands down against other forums I had in mind and that was because of the true feeling of community you got from it, which is hard to find, especially when on a forum about a young teenage male, star of the Harry Potter film who happens to be a very good looking young man. You can find hundreds of Harry Potter forums but very few respectable actor forums, which are well maintained and very enjoyable while having strong rules and restrictions."

Don't just take his word for it though, he also interviewed a few of our staff and some of our members in the forum at random. You can read the entire review by clicking on the Full Story link, or visiting the Wizard City website. Thanks very much to Wizard City!

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Young Performer's Interview

Posted by jenna on 15/07/04

There is a new interview out with the trio in the UK's Young Performer magazine. Thanks to TLC we have the transcript from the article. To read the entire article click on the Full Story link below.


"YP: You guest-starred in the West End play the Play What I wrote. What was it like?

DR: I did it three times. The first time I forgot my lines and I had to be saved, the last time, I walked on, tripped over the curtain and landed on my face. I was like, “Oh-my-god, three people from my school are here, and they are seeing me in a dress”. That was the most nerve wracking experience. I wore a blond wig, and a bright pink and blue dress. I'm never going to live that down.

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DanRadcliffe.com Nominated

Posted by jenna on 15/07/04

Thank you to everyone who sent me an e-mail to tell me about our site nomination at Movies.com. Our website was nominated in the category Best Actor Fan Site. Fellow fansite Mugglenet has also been nominated in the category of Best Movie Fan Site. This is really great, and thank you to whomever submitted us as a candidate… I didn't even know … LOL

You can vote for both Mugglenet and DanRadcliffe.com by visiting Movie.com's Vote Page. Both my site and Mugglenet are on the second page of nominees. Thanks very much to everyone for your support!

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Honolulu Weekly : Dan Praised by Chamberlain

Posted by jenna on 15/07/04

In this week's Honolulu Weekly, there was a review of Conversations (it's like Inside the Actors' Studio, sponsored by the Screen Actors' Guild) at the Ernst Lab Theatre at the University of Hawaii-Manoa. Actor Richard Chamberlain had very high praise, and well deserved, for Dan:

Richard Chamberlain on Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:

“He was so centered…he had found a place of such extraordinary knowledge of himself, such amazing honesty. As a person, I had lived outside myself for so long, trying to please everybody, trying to make nice friends and manipulate the world to love me…and [Daniel Radcliffe] had this real integrity…I'm sure he would have no idea what I'm talking about.”

Thanks so very much to Fab for sending in this bit of news!

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More Japanese Scans

Posted by allo on 15/07/04

We have a bunch more new scans and magazine covers (and a cute caricature!) of Dan from the August issues of Screen, Roadshow, Flix and Premiere magazines, on sale now in Japan. Again, these all have extensive picture spreads to mark the release of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban over there. You'll find all the new scans here:

Japanese Magazine Scans 2004 Gallery

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Dan on Cartoon Network

Posted by allo on 14/07/04

He was probably hoping we'd missed this one but no, sorry Dan, there's very little that escapes our attention! The HP cast was featured during “Cartoon Fridays” on Cartoon Network in the US way back on June 4th and we've finally got around to capturing Dan's performances from this show, which include these little gems:

Emotion Wizard (Windows Media/Real Media – 0.6MB) – He laughs, he cries, you'll howl! (Just make sure you put your coffee down before watching this one.)

Scars (Windows Media/Real Media – 2.0MB) – First insights into the filming of the first task from “Goblet of Fire”!
Welcome Back (Windows Media/Real Media – 0.2MB) – If it's Friday, this must be… where am I again???

Of course, we've immortalized these virtuoso performances in a screencap album! – Cartoon Network 2004 Gallery

And there's a little transcript of the “Scars” interview in case you have trouble watching the videos. Bon appetit! bigsmile.gif bigsmile.gif bigsmile.gif

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Indonesian Scans

Posted by jenna on 13/07/04

Thanks very much to Hanny for sending in some scans from Indonesia.

Cinemags June 2004 Cover
Gadis July 2004 Scan

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GFHoF Album 4

Posted by jenna on 12/07/04

I just finished creating the Greatest Fans Hall of Fame Album 4. There were over 155 fans who sent in their photos for this album. Thank you very much to all of our contributors for their participation. If you would like to participate in the next GFHoF Album then please send your submissions to Jenna.

GFHoF Album 4

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Australian 50 Minutes : Transcript

Posted by jenna on 12/07/04

Thanks very much to Amity for writing up the transcript to the Australian TV show 50 Minutes which had an episode with a Harry Potter segment.


"Host 2: Despite playing a nerdy guy in specks, Daniel’s already a sex symbol with tons of girls working themselves into a frenzy wherever he goes. Something he makes no apology for.

Dan (at PoA premiere): It’s awesome. It’s, it’s really great and yeah, loads of girls! …um.

Please click on Full Story link to read the entire transcript.

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A Few Scans

Posted by jenna on 11/07/04

Thanks very much to Medea and Devina for sending in a few scans. The first is a newspaper clipping from E-Town :

E-Town Newspaper, Entertainment

The second set is from Australia. The Daily Telegraph had a bit with Dan in it a while back. We posted up a smaller version of the cover, but now we have a larger version of that, as well as the inside page to the article that hasn't been posted before.

Daily Telegraph Cover
Daily Telegraph Inside Page

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New Studio Pics of Dan

Posted by jenna on 10/07/04

I have added more photos to our Studio Album with pictures taken during the photoshoot Dan did for the Parade magazine article. We haven't seen these these before. I also have a few new studio shots of Dan as Harry that have been added to the album as well. Thanks very much to our fred-and-george fan for sending those over to us! (16 new shots in all)

Studio Shots Album

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New Japanese Scans

Posted by allo on 09/07/04

We have some great new scans of Dan from the August issues of Junior Screen and MovieStar magazines, on sale now in Japan, which have extensive picture spreads to mark the release of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban over there. There's also a few scans from the July issue of MovieStar. As there's way too many to list here, we've put them all in their own album – enjoy!

Japanese Magazine Scans 2004 Gallery

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Dan's 15th Birthday, Charity, Prizes

Posted by jenna on 08/07/04

Don't forget that DanRadcliffe.com and DanRadcliffe.co.uk are both supporting a Demelza House Charity Fundraiser as part of Dan's 15th Birthday celebration. Dan and his family prefer that you donate to Demelza House rather than send him presents.

We are also hosting a raffle with prizes along with the fundraiser. To find out more information, and all the details concerning the fundraiser, raffle, and prizes, please look over the Demelza House Charity/Birthday Page.

Thank you very much to all of you who have entered thus far. Your support is very much appreciated!

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POA London Premiere Music Video

Posted by jenna on 08/07/04

There are still things I have yet to post from the London premiere of POA. I am still getting caught up with everything. We managed to capture about 30 or more minutes of video footage from the event of all the cast. Unfortunately, the sound from interviews, etc. did not come out very well. (In fact you cannot hear anything over the screaming and the humming from the video equipment beside us.)

We decided we would make a music video to highlight the event and the cast who attended. I would like to thank Megan from TLC for helping us out with the video. I hope you will all enjoy it.

Please remember to Right Click and Save Target As …

POA London Premiere Music Video Windows Media 7MB

Note : It is not 'High' quality because the file would have been way too large.

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"Fact Or Fake" Part 2

Posted by allo on 08/07/04

We now have the second of the “Fact Or Fake” interstitials featuring Dan, Rupert and Emma that have been airing on Discovery Kids channel in the US over the last few weeks, where the trio has to respond to “fact or fake” statements about themselves. You can view both clips here:

Fact Or Fake, Pt 2 (Windows Media, 0.8MB)
Fact Or Fake, Pt 2 (Real Media, 0.8MB)

Fact Or Fake, Pt 1 (Windows Media, 0.7MB)
Fact Or Fake, Pt 1 (Real Media, 0.7MB)

If you click on the Full Story link below, you will find transcripts of both clips. Many thanks again to Phil for the tip!

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Mass International Media Scans

Posted by jenna on 07/07/04

I have updated the Best of Global Media album with scans from Film TV (Italy), Hit Machine Girl (Germany), Go Girl (Turkey), and Bop (USA). View : Best of Global Media

The Magazine Covers album was updated with scans from Accion (Spanish), Film TV (Italy), Star Ac Mag (France), Bravo (Russia), MK (Turkey), Sinema (Turkey), Serial Fan (France), Go Girl (Turkey), Imagenes (Spanish), and an Iranian Magazine. View : Magazine Covers

The Scans album was updated with scans from Prive (Dutch), 7 Jours (France), Dolly (Australia), X-Press (Germany), Bravo (Russia), Hit Machine Girl (Turkey), Bop (USA), Teen Vogue (USA), and a Russian Magazine. View : Scans

Thanks very much to Earade, Nathalie, Dogus, Alexander, Cinzia, Kristy, Corentin, Sarah, Lionel, Judy, Tiffany, Lusi, Rebeka, Theo, Jessica, Murat, and Kara for sending these in!

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DR-TV Updates

Posted by allo on 06/07/04

The DR-TV page has been updated with new TV listings for Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and the USA. Thanks to Sabine, Bonnie and The Burrow for the tips!

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Vote for POA at Teen Choice Awards

Posted by allo on 06/07/04

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban has been nominated in the Best Drama/Action-Adventure Movie category at the Teen Choice Awards 2004, organized by Teen People magazine. If you are between the ages of 13 and 19, you can click here to vote. The polls will be open until early August and the awards will be presented on August 11th at 8:00PM ET on Fox in the US. Thanks to MuggleNet for the tip!

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Time For Kids Interview

Posted by allo on 06/07/04

Time For Kids Online has posted an interview with Dan in their “Who's News” section to mark the release of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. (Actually this might be old news but I don't think we've posted it before!) Lots of familiar quotes and some new ones.


"TFK: Do you find that you’re critical of yourself?
Daniel: When you see the movie for the fourth time, you start to notice everything, and you start to go, 'Darn, why did I do that then?' "

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More POA Japan Press Conference Photos

Posted by allo on 06/07/04

Several new photos of Dan on the satellite linkup to Japan from London have been added to the POA Japanese Press Conference 2004 Gallery.

These were found at assorted Japanese and Chinese news sites. Thanks to The Burrow for the tips!

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DR-TV Australia

Posted by jenna on 05/07/04

If you are in Australia, Channel V has a show called “50 Minutes” that has a feature on Dan, Emma and Rupert where they take a look at the three stars of Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban growing up in front of the camera. (Please do check your local listings for times in your area as times may vary.)

Showtimes :

Wednesday July 7th at 7:30pm
Thursday July 8th at 12pm
Saturday July 10th at 11am

Thanks very much to Kathy for the tip!

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TV Guide Video and Caps

Posted by jenna on 04/07/04

TV Guide did a recent top 15 Guide to Summer Movie Hunks 2004. Dan placed 5th in this round up, besting such actors as Will Smith (13), Tobey Maguire (12), Matt Damon (10), Colin Farrell ( 8 ), and Tom Cruise (7).

We managed to capture this on video and make a few screen caps.

TV Guide Album
TV Guide Snippet (Windows Media, 406KB) The video quality is not 'high' as we are trying to save on bandwidth right now.

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Lots and Lots of Fan Art!

Posted by allo on 04/07/04

Many thanks to everyone who has sent in artwork lately – we have updates in three areas:

DR-LX: Two new e-cards from Sabine for our Letter Exchange.

Fan Art Gallery: New drawings and paintings from Hugo, Courtney, Cassie, Ashley, Angie, Jian Marie, Chi, Sunflower, Adar, Jennifer, Charlotte and Rachel.

Wallpaper Gallery: New backgrounds for your PCs from Kristin, Emma, Isis, Alix, Pippo, Layne, Felicia, Gina, Minette, Benjie, Celos, Renee, Meisi, Katie Liane, Angela, Manga, Lily, Helicon and Sabine.

Great work – thanks again everyone! bigsmile.gif

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Posted by allo on 03/07/04

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone will be shown on TV in New Zealand this Sunday, July 4, on Channel 2 at 8:30 pm NZST. Many thanks to Jessica for the tip!

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Discovery Kids: Fact Or Fake

Posted by allo on 03/07/04

Discovery Kids channel in the US has been airing a couple of “Fact Or Fake” interstitials featuring Dan, Rupert and Emma over the last few days, where the trio has to respond to statements about themselves which are either (you guessed it) fact or fake. So far, after much hovering over the record button, we've only managed to capture one of them, which you can view here:

Fact Or Fake, Pt 1 (Windows Media, 0.7MB)
Fact Or Fake, Pt 1 (Real Media, 0.7MB)

You can also view a little screencap album here: Discovery Kids 2004 Gallery

We are still looking out for the other clip! However, if you click on the Full Story link below, you will find transcripts of both clips. Many thanks to Phil for the tip!

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New Issue Movie Star

Posted by jenna on 03/07/04

Thanks very much to Pauline for sending the cover of the August issue of the Japanese Movie Star magazine, which originated from Emma-Watson.net

Movie Star Cover

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Hi-Res Photos from the "Teen" Shoot

Posted by allo on 03/07/04

Many thanks to Andrey from Bulgarian HP site Pottermania for sending us four high-resolution pictures from Dan's “teen” photo session for Empire magazine:

(1) (2) (3) (4)

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More on the Japanese Press Conference

Posted by jenna on 03/07/04

You can see a proper transcript of bits from the Japanese conference for POA with Dan, Emma and Rupert. This might be quite helpful for those of you who were unable to download the Japanese Press Conference videos as it is much better than the Excite translations we posted previously. To see the full version, provided by Japan Times, please click on the Full Story link below. Thank you very much to Ako from Amourette for the tips!

There is also another site that has a video from the conference (With a slightly different angle) :

Cinema Wave

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Dan's Birthday : The Project, the Charity, the Raffle

Posted by jenna on 01/07/04

Dan's birthday is right around the corner on July 23rd. Many of you have been writing to me asking me about sending him presents and such. Both DanRadcliffe.com and DanRadcliffe.co.uk will be sponsoring a charity raffle/fund raiser for Dan's birthday.

While Dan really appreciates the presents and things fans send to him, he really prefers you donate to the Demelza House. He has expressed this again regarding his birthday. If you want to do something for Dan for his birthday that will really make a difference, then please DO donate any amount you wish to the Demelza House.

For those of you who do donate, we will be having a raffle on Dan's Birthday. In order to be eligible for the drawing you must forward your email confirmation from your online donation to Jenna. The e-mail does not contain any personal information, but it does have the confirmation number from your donation that I will need in order to confirm you made a donation. Prizes for the drawing include : POA Lenticular Poster Book, POA Sticker Book, a wand from Alivan's, some POA Calendar Cards, and more.

For more information regarding the drawing, etc, please look over the Demelza House Page.

As far as the project for Dan's birthday, DanRadcliffe.com has been working on Dan's birthday project since January and it is now complete. I would like to thank all of the fans who participated in all of the fan projects that went on over the last few months for this. The morning of Dan's birthday I will finally reveal what it is I have been working on over the last few months … so stay tuned for that!

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New Dan Photos from New York

Posted by jenna on 01/07/04

There are new photos of Dan from New York from Cover.

Dan in New York 1
Dan in New York 2

Dan in New York 3

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More New International Scans

Posted by jenna on 01/07/04

Merci a Mim for sending in some really fantastic scans from the latest issue of the Belgian 7 Extra Magazine. Check them out :

7 Extra Cover
7 Extra Page 1
7 Extra Page 2
7 Extra Page 3
7 Extra Page 4

Merci a Clementine for sending in these great scans from France :

Petit Quotidien

I also scanned a copy of the latest Tiger Beat magazine that has a very nice pic of Dan in it as well :

Tiger Beat August 2004

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