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15th Birthday Thank You from Daniel

by ClaireJul 24, 2004

For Daniel’s 15th birthday he was sent a print copy of ACED Magazine that was created by the Jenna and the readers of, featuring exclusive interviews, articles, photos, music, movie, book reviews, and much more. The magazine was inspired by Dan and his diverse tastes. It is updated daily online, with two printed copies sent to him each year. Check it out here: ACED Magazine Website also held a fund-raiser for Demelza. You can read Dan’s reply and see our fund-raising results by clicking the read more link below.

Demelza House Fundraiser

Dan fans from all across the Internet also made contributions to Dan’s favorite charity, Demelza House Children’s Hospice in Kent, England, instead of sending him birthday presents. Donations are still being counted but the latest estimate is that over £1610.57 has been raised so far, which is great news! Thanks again to everyone who so generously donated to this very worthy cause.

What did DAN Have To Say About All Of This?

A few days after his birthday, we were thrilled to receive a very special “thank you” from Dan for his present. He sent over this message to the readers of ::

Dear Jenna

Well, you’ve done it again – left me speechless with ACED. It is a fantastic magazine and I was completely knocked out by it and the time and effort you have put into it. I love all the reviews and the photos are excellent. By happy coincidence I had just bought the Modest Mouse album which I think is fantastic! I was also stunned to see the fan demographic and as always find it a little difficult to take in the spread of fans around the world when I am working at Leavesden. ACED is a beautifully constructed and imaginative magazine and everyone I have shown it to loves it. It made my 15th birthday very special and I can’t wait for the next issue at Christmas. Thank you.

Thank you also, to everyone who contributed to Demelza House. This place is SO important to me and everyone who contributed makes a real difference to the lives of the children and their families who stay there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My birthday was spent on set with my friends. This is the third birthday I have had at Leavesden and they are always fun filled days. A friend on set gave me a large water pistol and as it was a sunny day – chaos reigned at lunch time as I was responsible for soaking the stunt department and then ran for my life as you really don’t want to mess with them – I am sure they will get their own back.

Once again Jenna, thank you – you are amazing!

All my love


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