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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban US Premiere

News Archive – April 2004

by ClaireApr 30, 2004

Book Prisoner of Azkaban Today in the UK
Posted by jenna on 30/04/04

For those of you in the UK, Odeon is now accepting bookings for POA. If you live across the pond, and you want to secure your movie tickets for Prisoner of Azkaban, then you might want to do it now before they are all sold out. Just click on the “Book Now” link on their main site, and select your location, movie, and date.

Thanks to Lauren for the tip!

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New German Magic Film Issue
Posted by jenna on 29/04/04

Very big thanks to Yvonne who sent over some scans from the new German Magic Film issue. You can see a larger version of the cover here:

Magic Film Cover

We are working on translating the article right now to see if there is any new information. If there is I will post up the English translation and the pages associated to the translation.

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NEW Empire Magazine Scans
Posted by jenna on 29/04/04

Yes, what you’ve all been waiting for.. The scans for Empire magazine have arrived. A very big thank you to Lauren for sending these over to us! You get to see Dan eating a piece of cake in this one. toung.gif There is a much better quality version of the picture we saw from the SUN, and a few hidden tidbits in the article that are quite funny. And as it turns out, Daniel was the youngest person to ever grace the cover of Empire!

Empire 1
Empire 2
Empire 3
Empire 4

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Dan in ‘Manila Times’
Posted by jenna on 29/04/04

Thanks very much to Geri from HPANA for letting us know about the new interview of Dan in Manila Times.

Here is a excerpt :

Do you think the movie version of Harry has deviated from the original book in any way?

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of anything that is completely different from the book. One thing that has happened is Alfonso has been very accurate in predicting in how one aspect of his character will turn out. He felt that he was quite an arrogant person even before the fourth and fifth books came out. He knew. I don’t know if he talked to J.K. Rowling about it, but his instinct with Harry—as was Chris Columbus’—is very accurate.

Can you tell us about your friendship with Emma and Rupert?

The bond just keeps getting stronger and stronger. We do have arguments—err, heated discussions—I mean. We never argue! Okay, we do argue sometimes, about stuff like making a crazy golf course out of card-board. There is a circular saw in Rupert’s room at the moment which I got. I’m like the scrounger, I can get you anything.

Is there a sense of loss not having Richard Harris around?

There is that. I do miss Richard because he was Richard, I loved him. But Michael Gambon, I can’t think of anyone better to stand in. Like on his first day, he came out with the costume and beard and the way he walked and talked in an Irish accent was a tribute to Richard, really good. He is going to be great.

To read the entire article online please visit the Manila site : Dan : Manila Times

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Seventeen Philippines and dreamwatch Magazine Scans
Posted by jenna on 28/04/04

Thanks very much to Joanna for sending us a scan from the Philippine Seventeen Magazine. Dan was listed as one of the Boys of Summer in this issue, not only that … but Joanna is also the girl in the article that comments on why she thinks Dan is so, uh, good looking…

Seventeen Boys of Summer

Many thanks to Lauren who already went out and got her copy of the new #117 issue of dreamwatch Magazine. She sent in some scans, and although the pictures are not new, some tidbits in the article are. Enjoy, and don’t forget to go out and get your own copy! bigsmile.gif

dreamwatch 1
dreamwatch 2
dreamwatch 3

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Sun Cover Scan and 2 New POA Caps
Posted by jenna on 28/04/04

We managed to grab a copy of the SUN today and noticed there was a slightly different angle to Dan’s photo on the cover :

The SUN Cover Scan

TLC also has 2 new screen caps from a POA preview being played on Nickelodeon. Thanks to them for those!

Harry Close-up on Buckbeak
Harry’s Patronus

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More New POA Pics
Posted by jenna on 28/04/04

As if we didn’t already have enough scans to keep you busy … well, blame it on MuggleThai for these new POA photos! Thanks to them, and to Trinity for the tip!

(All photos are larger than previously seen, and some are entirely new.)

Large Harry and Hermione in Snow
Different Angle of Harry and Lupin
Trio on Hill
Harry and Hermione in Classroom
Trio with Hagrid
Harry with Students in Background
Harry by Fireplace
Group Class Shot

There are others I did not post that are available at MuggleThai without Dan in them.

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New Feature :: Letter Exchange ::
Posted by jenna on 28/04/04

We have been working on a new feature for a little while now and we are finally ready to open it to the readers and visitors of I am happy to introduce you to our new Letter Exchange. There you can select from the many different cards we have created just for our readers to use and send to their friends and family.

Of course, since this is a Daniel Radcliffe site the majority of our cards will only feature Dan. Occasionally we may include scenes with other HP characters as well.. as long as they are relevant to the theme of the card. We will continuously add new cards on a regular basis, so the next time you check back there may be even more. Have Fun!

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TV Guide, New POA Coloring Book, and Newsweek Scans
Posted by jenna on 28/04/04

Many thanks to Andie and to Mary for sending in a few new scans.

New Huge POA Coloring Book Scan
Scan of Back Cover of TV Guide
Large Newsweek Scan(Larger version of photo from previous post).

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dreamwatch Magazine
Posted by jenna on 27/04/04

I just received word that dreamwatch Magazine issue #117 has a new interview with Dan in it. “This month, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe reveals all about The Prisoner of Azkaban.”

The new issue has just gone out on newsstands in the UK RIGHT NOW. So go and grab yourself a copy!! And please send me one while you’re at it !! toung.gif

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New Large Scan from the Sun
Posted by jenna on 27/04/04

Thanks so VERY much to Lauren for sending in a very big scan of the photo in the Sun today. Check it out here :

Dan in Sun Scan

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Being Harry Potter
Posted by jenna on 27/04/04

There is even more reported from the Sun regarding the new article with Dan in the upcoming Empire issue. Apparently, his interview will be spread over two issues of Empire. He is seen here in a photo shoot that was taken of him in his own clothes, according to “insider” information. Empire will be out on newsstands this Thursday in the UK. Click here to see larger version of thumb :

Dan in the Sun

A few tidbits from the sun :

WHAT’S the perfect soundtrack to a 15th birthday?

The Strokes would definitely be on it. I’d love to hear The Libertines do Happy Birthday.

That’d be awesome ’cos they’re quite a hard punk, rock and roll band. They’re really good. Jet definitely. Rollover DJ. The Pixies definitely. And Stellastarr who I’ve just discovered.

SO are you a big film fan as well as a music fan then? I read that when you were 11 your favourite was Twelve Angry Men.

That’s probably my favourite. I saw Starsky and Hutch the other day and thought that was fun.

But there were no cars driving through cardboard boxes.

That was in the TV series right? I was disappointed by that.

I love What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, LA Confidential, The Usual Suspects, anything with Scarlett Johansson. Lost In Translation.

The thing I thought was really clever was that you don’t know what he says in her ear at the end.


‘I like watching any movie that has her in it …’

Do you have any plans for your birthday? (July 23)

I’ll most likely be filming but what normally happens is you get a cake from everyone on set and the great thing about filming when you have your birthday is that there are so many people there and you get loads of presents.

You just have a little party on set.

Luckily all the people on set are really cool so I’ll have a good time. There’s one guy Will, my dresser, who’s become like
my best friend.

DOES it feel like work or is it just the norm now?

It’s never felt like work. It doesn’t feel like a proper job. It’s fun. I always associate work with doing something that you don’t really want to do. You do have to work hard on set but it’s great fun, too.

Even when I’m not filming there are other aspects of making the film that I’m interested in, like watch someone directing.

WHERE do you see yourself when Potter ends?

I’d like to see myself definitely doing other films. I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t happen but I just hope that it does.

Directing in the very, very long term would be amazing because it’s something I find really interesting.

At the moment there’s no better place I could be to learn about it.

WHAT’S your favourite scene from what you’ve seen so far?

The Shrieking Shack, because I was on there and I was going, ‘Oh my God I’m acting with Gary Oldman, David Thewlis, Timothy Spall and Alan Rickman all at the same time’.

That was the highlight of the film for me, especially since Gary Oldman’s one of my favourite actors ever.

Quidditch in this one is amazing. I’ve seen it with really rough cut digital effects and it is still stunning.

We had the problem of how do you make the Dementors not seem like the Wringwraiths from Lord of the Rings? Alfonso’s done such a brilliant job on them.

One thing is the temperature drops and of course they come on to the pitch when quidditch is being played and it’s raining, so all the rain turns to ice and all the rain starts cutting at me.

It’s touches like that which just make it really scary. It’s going to be brilliant.

You’ve got stuff on the hippogriff which is great. It’s really odd to film because it’s like being on a big but really slow mechanical bull, but much more complicated.

It was really good to film but another one of those really surreal moments you get on a Harry Potter film, like walking into the canteen and there are hundreds of wizards there.

What else is there? There’s Emma punching Malfoy, which I think everyone is looking forward to. That was Emma’s favourite scene.

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Dan Speaks with Empire Magazine
Posted by jenna on 27/04/04

Contact Music has a snippet from the British Magazine Empire sporting a brief interview with Dan :

HARRY POTTER star DANIEL RADCLIFFE refuses to watch the first movie in the franchise – because he cringes when he hears his unbroken voice.

The 14-year-old caught a snippet of 2001’s HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE on television recently, and wishes he hadn’t as his voice was so high.

Radcliffe, who has just finished shooting the third film HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER AZKABAN, tells British magazine EMPIRE, “I haven’t seen the first one in a few years. I don’t want to watch it. I won’t go back while I’m doing the fourth one.

“Actually, I was flicking through the channels one day and I saw a bit of the first film and I genuinely thought there was something wrong with it.

“It sounded like I was on helium, it was bizarre, and I genuinely thought there was something wrong with it.”

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POA Premiere, GOF, and Other Dan Tidbits …
Posted by jenna on 26/04/04

Thanks very much to Rose Mari for sending us a scan of the new Newsletter that Dan is now sending out to fans who write to him. There are quite a few points to mention. I will not tell you everything because I think it is important for you to have a few things left unknown so it will be a surprise when you receive your own copy!

Within the letter Dan talks about the latest movies he has seen : School of Rock(Which he thought quite funny), Elephant, Jerry, and Starsky and Hutch.

He also talks about his preparations for the Goblet of Fire. He has watched films such as The Insider, The Parallax View, and North by Northwest. Not only that, but Dan has been scuba diving for several months to get ready for the underwater task in GOF!

Dan also said to fans “Thank you to everyone who sent me a Valentine card in February – I am always touched by the kind wishes I am sent.”

During the month of February Dan and his family went on vacation to South Africa, and in the letter he gives more detail along with tour tips!

The POA premiere is on May 23rd and May 30th, as we all already know, but here is a confirmation that YES, Dan will be attending both premieres. I know there is also a premiere happening in Mexico City and that has been reported on many HP sites recently. Many people have written in and asked if Dan will be going to this premiere, and sadly, after consulting with official sources, I must report that he will not be able to attend the premiere in Mexico City. He will be in the middle of filming and summer exams and it will not be possible for him to attend.

OK, that’s it, if you want to know more about what is in Dan’s newsletter this go round you will just have to write him to find out. I don’t want to spoil all the fun of getting a new letter from Dan!! smile1.gif

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New POA Pic from EW’s Top 10 Summer Movies
Posted by allo on 26/04/04

Oops, we nearly missed this one at

Harry and Hermione carrying Ron (new angle)

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Fan Art and Wallpapers
Posted by allo on 26/04/04

And the fan art keeps rolling in! Many thanks to Jenny, Emily, Sabrina and Cassandra for some great new sketches and posters for the Fan Art gallery. Also there’s a whole bunch of new designs in the Wallpaper gallery – big thanks to Sully, Luciana, Angela, Alastor, Kiden, Janine, Anais, Marina, Tanya, Jackie and Kenneth. bigsmile.gif

If you have some original artwork that you would like considered for our galleries, please send it to Allo. Thanks!

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Posted by jenna on 25/04/04

ABC will be airing the HPSS and HPCOS special with the POA 10 minute preview on Saturday, May 15th as well as Sunday, May 9th. The ABC website has a synopsis, along with the times for the broadcast on the 15th.

For those of you with DishNetwork, you will also be able to see both broadcasts as well.

Thanks very much to Lynn for the tip.

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New Picture and Article from Newsweek
Posted by jenna on 25/04/04

Thanks very much to Katie who scanned in a new picture of POA from the May 2004 issue of Newsweek.

May Issue Newsweek

Article excerpt :

“I never like to think of myself as famous, because you start to think in a different way and then you become really weird.” See? And he hasn’t even met J. Lo. As for the movie, this time it’s directed by Alfonso Cuarón (“Y Tu Mamá También”), so expect a more stylized ride. Gary Oldman joins the cast as the sinister convict Sirius Black, who’s pursuing Harry, along with some soul-sucking Dementors who turn the air arctic whenever they show up—a Cuarón touch that isn’t in the book, and made for a particularly wicked game of Quidditch. “It just looks brilliant!” Radcliffe says. “It’s this really big action sequence, and all the raindrops turn to ice and start to cut Harry’s face. When we were shooting they were chucking water over me before each take.” Pause. “They did heat it, I’m glad to say, which I’d like to think means they like me.”

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New Dan’s Corner
Posted by jenna on 25/04/04

Our Dan’s Corner feature has been redesigned. I had an idea about how I wanted it to look, and my friend Chrissy basically created my vision. She did a really great job with this new design and I am extremely grateful for all of her hard work! Thank you Chrissy!

For those of you who do not know what this feature is, here is a brief synopsis :

This section contains things of interest to Dan. Within this section you will see upcoming movies, names of bands with links to their site, along with sample songs of each band that Dan likes (not every single band of course, but the list will vary), and things for Dan from his fans, bass guitar tips, etc.

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New Magic Academy Scan and Japanese Sticker Book
Posted by jenna on 24/04/04

Thanks very much to Amourette for sending in a little preview to the Japanese Colouring and Sticker book now available on the Japanese Amazon site.

Japanese Colouring/Sticker Book

Merci a Dobby from the EW French Site for a very nice scan from the No2 Spring 2004 issue of the French magazine Magic Academy.

Magic Academy Spring 2004

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Large YM Picture Scan and Article
Posted by jenna on 24/04/04

Thanks to Page at who found, by accident, the new June issue of YM. She took a few scans and among them was the super-size version of the smaller thumbnail I put up yesterday. There is also a small article. I typed up a few tidbits here:

Dan says about his character : “He’s the biggest underdog you can get,” shaking his head and laughing, “There’s a charm to him, though, because he’s so not perfect in every way. I’m quite like him. Harry’s so multi-dimensional that everyone can find something in themselves that Harry has too. He’s not one of those haughty superheroes.”

And when Dan visited Japan … “People chased us down the road in Japan. I felt like I was one of the Rolling Stones or something.”

Dan also said he spent three days reading the 5th Harry Potter book one weekend “It was an incredibly antisocial weekend.” Dan said, “Everybody wishes he could do magic. Harry Potter gives a kind of realism to those fantasies.”

Things got a little “batty” during filming. Rupert said, “One of the bats landed on Dan’s head when we were filming in Scotland. It was quite funny, but he was a little freaked out.”

And about girls and his “heart-throb” status Dan says, “I never think of myself that way. It’s one of the weirdest things, but I am not complaining. It’s fantastic, brilliant. Hooray!”

Oh yea, and I guess you’ll be wanting to see that big YM Picture too huh? bigsmile.gif

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Thai POA Poster
Posted by jenna on 24/04/04

Thanks very much to Ploy who sent us in the Thai version of the POA Poster.

Thai POA Poster

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New Scans from Smack!
Posted by jenna on 24/04/04

Thanks very much to Stephanie for sending in some scans from the April issue of the Brazilian magazine Smack. There is a small article about POA and it has some of the same photos we have seen before, but it is still worth a look nonetheless.

Smack Page 8
Smack Page 9

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New Entertainment Weekly Scan
Posted by jenna on 23/04/04

Thanks very much to Patricia for sending us this new photo scanned from the April 30th issue of Entertainment Weekly!

April 30th EW Scan

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New Dan Photo in YM
Posted by jenna on 23/04/04

On there is a new photo of Dan that recently just popped up in their Win It! section. You can enter the YM Harry Potter Win It! contest and receive a Harry Potter Divination Kit.

Thanks very much to Nel for sending this over! (And sorry, I don’t have a larger version of that photo … yet)

UPDATE : Liz made a little, or should I say a bigger, rendition of this photo so it is a little larger. Thanks very much Liz!

YM Image 400×400

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New High-Res POA Scans
Posted by jenna on 23/04/04

Thanks very much to Andie for scanning the new POA Coloring and Sticker Books that she just received! The cover on one of these is different than the ones we saw previously. And did I mention how big they are? weird.gif

POA Coloring and Sticker Book
POA Deluxe Sticker Book

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Australian TV Hits Magazine
Posted by jenna on 22/04/04

Thanks very much to Jessica for sending us a scan from the Australian Magazine TV Hits.

Dan Poster

We also have a DR-TV update for Australia thanks to Jessica as well! HPCOS will be showing on April 25th and 26th on Movie One for those of you who have Foxtel,Optus, or Austar. For more information regarding showtimes please check out the DR-TV page or consult your local listings.

UPDATE: Thanks also to Katharine for informing us that those of you in Aussie who have Foxtel,Optus, or Austar will be able to view screenings of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets back to back on May 29th starting at 6.30 PM on the Movie One channel. This will be followed by a 10 minute preview to the new movie Prisoner of Azkaban!

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Another POA Wallpaper
Posted by jenna on 22/04/04

Many people have been asking for this picture to be a little larger … well … here ya go …
Harry 800×600
Harry 1024×768
Harry 1280×1024

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Harry Heads for Highlands
Posted by jenna on 22/04/04

The Daily Record reports that Dan will be returning to the Highlands in June for a two-day film shoot. According to their sources, Harry (Dan) will be filmed chasing the dragon through Glen Nevis in a maze on the same field that sported the Quidditch matches from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Of course, this is not confirmed by Warner Bros. so this may or may not be factual.

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Weekly Reader Interview
Posted by jenna on 21/04/04

There is a new interview with Dan online with Weekly Reader. Weekly Reader publishes material for elementary and secondary schools. Over 90 percent of the school districts in the US use their materials.

There are some new points in this interview :

How do you try to live up to readers’ expectations of Harry Potter?

I try not to think about that. You aim to please everybody, but you know that is impossible to do. I give my interpretation of Harry.

What do you hope people will take away from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?

The importance of friendship in your life.

In what ways are you similar to Harry?

We both value friendship. We are both probably too curious for our own good. We’re also both interested in the world around us.

If you could have a magical power, what would it be?

It would be Floo powder because I could go anywhere—and even avoid traffic.

Thanks to Emily for the tip!

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Thank You!
Posted by jenna on 21/04/04

I just wanted to extend a huge thanks to all of the contributors who sent their submissions in for our final fan project. This past Monday I challenged you all to send in submissions for out last fan project, and to get the number of submissions over 1500 by midnight on Tuesday night. I am happy to announce, not only did you get it up to 1500, but you exceeded that number and managed a cool 1740 in just ONE day! Well Done!

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New Updates on Official HP Site
Posted by jenna on 21/04/04

The Official Harry Potter website has some new stuff up in its Defense Against the Dark Arts section. There is some new wallpaper with Dan :

Harry 800×600
Harry 1024×768
Harry 1280×1024

Harry and Lupin 800×600
Harry and Lupin 1024×768
Harry and Lupin 1280×1024

There are also new screensavers, a few more wallpapers I didn’t post here, and a new game. Go check out the Defense Against the Dark Arts section on the Official site for more. Thanks HPANA for the tip!

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J14 May Issue Scan
Posted by jenna on 21/04/04

Thanks very much to Samantha for sending us a scan from the May 2004 issue of J-14. It is a little snippet that has three pictures of Dan from his David Copperfield performance to present day.

J14 Scan

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Larger POA Poster
Posted by jenna on 21/04/04

Thanks to Mugglenet for posting up a larger version of the German POA poster of Harry. This version is actually in English.

POA English Harry Poster

If you would like to see the other POA Character posters, please do give Mugglenet a visit!

HPANA has also posted an even larger version of a POA Poster in French.

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New International Feature
Posted by jenna on 21/04/04

We have a new staff member from Barcelona, Spain : Alex. He is our new Spanish translator. And also, please welcome Gina, our new German translator. From now on we hope to bring all the updates on this site to you in English, Spanish, German and French. Our current staff member, Coralie will be doing the French translations.

** Please note the translations will be updated after the updates posted in English as there are time differences and I have to format it and upload it once it is sent to me. Although I realise there are automated translators available online, I have chosen to do it the old fashioned way as it is more accurate and I don’t want to take the chance the readers of will ever have to worry about a bad translation or misinformation due to an automated discrepancy.

Below the update window you will see the links to the translations as they become available. To see the translated updates click on the appropriate flag icon. The Spanish translation is now available, it goes back to last Friday’s post. The French and German translations will be available within the next day.

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German Movie Star Magazine Scans
Posted by jenna on 20/04/04

Vielen Dank Yvonne for sending in some scans from the May/June issue of the German magazine Movie Star! The article itself has nothing new so I am not posting up all of the pages, but you can check out the cover and one of the pages with info and images from the new POA game.

Movie Star Cover
POA Game Page

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NEW German POA Posterbook Pics!
Posted by jenna on 20/04/04

Thank you very very much to my friend Sabine who received her POA Posterbook in Germany today. She made some scans of pictures with Dan in them and sent them over.

There are quite a lot of new pictures that have never been seen before. Just enough to make you really REALLY want to go and see the movie now!!! Enjoy!

German POA Posterbook

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Last Chance for Fan Project #7
Posted by jenna on 19/04/04

All entries for Fan Project #7 must be turned in no later than tomorrow at Midnight, EST. All submissions to this project are directly related to Dan’s birthday project. We have had well over 1000 submissions so far, I challenge you to get it over 1500 by tomorrow night!!! If you haven’t participated in previous fan projects, now is your last chance to be a birthday contributor.

What is Fan Project #7?

All Around the World :: This last fan project is the easiest and the most important. All you have to do is send an email to Elena with your First Name and the Country you are from. That’s it, it’s that easy. This is a very special project. You can only send in one submission per person, but EVERYONE please do send one in! We want to get as many submissions as we can from ALL countries. You have until 20 April 2004 to send in an e-mail.

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New German POA Posters
Posted by jenna on 19/04/04

HPANA reports there are four new Prisoner of Azkaban posters from Germany. They were found on AOL Germany. Click on link below to see a larger version of the poster featuring Harry :

German POA Harry Poster

If you would like to see the other character posters please go and visit HPANA!

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Wallpaper by Benjamin
Posted by jenna on 18/04/04

Benjamin sent in two great wallpapers. Thanks very much to him!

Daniel and POA

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Posted by jenna on 17/04/04

I have scheduled the Newsletter to go out at Midnight tonight EST.

If you would like to receive this month’s Newsletter then please sign up below; otherwise, you will have to wait until next month’s release.

Please understand, once the Newsletter goes out I cannot send it out individually to anyone.

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GFHOF Part 3 Now Online
Posted by allo on 17/04/04

A big thank you to everyone who sent us their picture for the latest round of the Greatest Fans Hall of Fame! bigsmile.gif Take a look at our GFHOF Part 3 Album to meet some more of your fellow Dan fans from all over the world.

We have already chosen 12 pictures from the album to go on with the next stage of Fan Project 6 and notified their owners, so check your mailbox to see if you are one of the lucky 12 and get in touch with us as soon as possible – thanks!

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AIM Icon Album Update
Posted by jenna on 16/04/04

I have updated the AIM Icon Album with some new icons from the POA movie. Check them out :

AIM Icon Album

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Last call: Fan Projects 5 and 6
Posted by allo on 15/04/04

Just a reminder that if you want to take part in a couple of our ongoing fan projects, this is the last day to send in your entries.

Fan Project #5 (non-HP artwork) – please send your entries to Jenna
Fan Project #6 (Greatest Fans Hall of Fame) – please send your entries to Allo

Fan Project #7 (All Around The World) closes on April 20th. For more details, check out our Fan Projects page. Thanks!

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Scans, Avatars, Wallpaper …
Posted by jenna on 15/04/04

The Avatar album has been updated with new avatars from Lam and Ali. Thanks very much to them.

We also have a great new wallpaper from Je’rahl, thanks to him!

POA Wallpaper

Thank you Ashley for sending over a scan from TLC of a new POA Puzzle that one of the staff there found at their local Target store.

POA Puzzle Scan

Adriele sent in a scan from the April issue of the Brazilian magazine Recreio. Thanks very much to her for that! The article itself did not have any new information, but it did have a POA Quiz page that some of you may find fun. This edition is out on newsstands now.

Recreio Magazine Cover

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More POA Stills
Posted by allo on 14/04/04

And while we’re over at Latino Review, they have two new stills from Prisoner of Azkaban from the Warner Bros Summer 2004 Preview Kit:

Hermione aiming her wand
Harry reading the Marauders’ Map by wandlight

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International POA Posters
Posted by allo on 14/04/04

Two great new posters for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban have emerged at movie site Latino Review. Apparently these are for international markets. One poster has Harry with the Marauders Map along with Ron, Hermione, and Sirius in the background. The second poster has Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the Forbidden Forest with Sirius in the background. You can see them in full form here:

Trio with Marauders Map
Trio in Forbidden Forest

(Thanks to Andy for the tip!)

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ABC : Exclusive Preview Footage
Posted by jenna on 13/04/04

We managed to grab a little sneak peek of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Broadcast coming out May 9th on ABC. I have created a screen cap album containing pictures no one has ever seen before. I also have the video snippet from it as well. Enjoy!

ABC Preview Screen Caps

ABC Preview Windows Media
ABC Preview Real Media

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NEW High-Res POA Poster Book Pics
Posted by jenna on 13/04/04

Thanks very much to Jeff from HPANA for telling us about the new high-res scans of the POA Poster Book. We took the ones of Dan and replaced the previous versions in our album, which you can see via the link below. If you would like to see any of the other characters please do go and visit their site!

POA Poster Book Scans Album

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Fan Art
Posted by allo on 12/04/04

There are some more excellent new additions to the Fan Art gallery – many thanks to Adam, Marjorie, Angela, Danny and Stephanie for those. Also there are some great new designs in the Wallpaper gallery – thank you to Benjie, Sue, Janine and Carina! If you have some original artwork that you would like considered for our galleries, please send it to Allo. Thanks!

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More and More Scans …
Posted by jenna on 11/04/04

Tiger Beat’s May 2004 issue has a little snippet with Dan in its “Ultimate Fan Guide”. He talks about his weirdest fan experience.

Tiger Beat Snippet

Pop Star’s May 2004 issue also has a little excerpt with Dan in its Cool Casting News section. He talks about the golf course he made in Rupert’s dressing room.

Pop Star! Snippet

There is also an article in the Belgium magazine Tele about POA. Thanks very much to Geraldine for sending us the scans for that!

Tele Page 1
Tele Page 2

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DR-TV UK Quickie
Posted by jenna on 10/04/04

Kellie just wrote in and said The Tailor of Panama will be showing tonight on Sky Channel 5 at 10:00 PM. Thanks for the update Kellie!

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Fan Project #7
Posted by jenna on 10/04/04

All Around the World :: This last fan project is the easiest and the most important. All you have to do is send an email to Elena with your First Name and the Country you are from. That’s it, it’s that easy.

This is a very special project. You can only send in one submission per person, but EVERYONE please do send one in! We want to get as many submissions as we can from ALL countries. You have until 20 April 2004 to send in an e-mail.

If you are interested in some of the other Fan Projects that are still underway, please visit the Fan Project page for details. Keep in mind, all fan projects are directly related to the birthday project we have been working on for Dan since January.

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POA Soundtrack Now at
Posted by jenna on 10/04/04 now has the Prisoner of Azkaban CD available for pre-order. It is due to be released on 25 May 2004.

You can order it here : POA CD Page

Thanks very much to Carol for the tip!

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DR-TV Italy and More Scans
Posted by jenna on 09/04/04

Thanks very much to our staffer Elena for sending in a few listings for HPSS and HPCOS for the month of April for our Italian viewers. Check out the DR-TV page for show times.

Thanks very much to my friend over in Germany, Sarah, who sent in a few scans from the German TV Spiel Film Magazine that has a bit about POA in it. A summary translation will follow if there is anything new.

TV Spiel Film 1
TV Spiel Film 2

Thanks also to Patricia for sending in a little excerpt from the May 2004 issue of Premiere Magazine that had a little snippet about POA in it.

May 2004 Premiere Snippet

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New POA Poster Book Pictures
Posted by jenna on 08/04/04

Thanks to Tatiana we have a few sneak peeks at the new POA Poster Book. She has already received her copy and she sent us in a few pics from it. We will be replacing these with better versions soon, but for now take a look in the album.

POA Poster Book

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New POA Poster
Posted by jenna on 08/04/04

Thanks very much Paul for the tip about the new POA Poster available at The poster looks really great! Go check it out! There are also two other posters at, check them out :

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La Gazette : An Inspiration
Posted by jenna on 07/04/04

Thanks very much to Mim for sending in a few scans from La Gazette.

The article talks about an author, Michelle Huenaerts, who just wrote the book entitled Le Miroir. One of the main inspirations for this fictional literary work was Dan!

The story is about a French woman who is married, but basically lives in her husband’s shadow. She is very introverted and suffers from Agoraphobia. There is another main character, a young British actor, who represents a life this woman would like to lead, but she is too afraid. Her life changes from its previous quiet tranquility when she starts having disturbing dreams of broken mirrors, directly related to the British actor’s new film called “The Mirror”. There is a great mystery that the boy seems to be in some danger in this story, and only this French woman can save him.

La Gazette Cover Scan
La Gazette Article

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Scans from German Teen Magazine : Yam!
Posted by jenna on 07/04/04

Vielen Dank to Angelika and Mira for sending in some scans from the May issue of the German Teen Magazine Yam! This article talks a bit about POA, and some of the newer POA photos are present in it as well.

Yam! HP Merchandise Contest
Yam! POA Article Page 1
Yam! POA Article Page 2

UPDATE 8 April 2004 : YAM! raffles all five Harry Potter Audio books, plus both DVDs :

For those of you in Germany, to win in this contest you have to send an SMS with code word “YAM Harry” to phone number 72821 or a postcard to YAM! with the following information :

Code word “Harry”
PF 90 07 61
81507 München

Closing date of contest : April 14, 2004

(Contest Information Translated thanks to Angelika)

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DR-TV: HBO First Look at POA
Posted by allo on 07/04/04

More listings for the Harry Potter movies have been added to the DR-TV page for the USA and UK for April and May. You will also find dates for the HBO First Look at Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, a 15-minute special featuring movie clips, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage which will air later in May.

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DR-TV Japan
Posted by jenna on 07/04/04

Thanks very much to Rose Mari for sending in some show times for HPSS, HPCOS, and David Copperfield for Japanese viewers. All of the new listings have been added to the DR-TV Page.

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Daily Telegraph Scan/Article
Posted by jenna on 07/04/04

Thank you very much to Melissa from down under in Australia for the scan from the Daily Telegraph. This article speaks briefly about the POA movie, and it also mentions a casting rumour about Kate Winslet in the new GOF movie, but this rumour is false.

Daily Telegraph

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New Dan Photo in Movie Star
Posted by jenna on 06/04/04

Thank you very much to my friend from Japan for sending in this great scan from the new May 2004 issue of the Japanese Magazine Movie Star, on stands now. We haven’t seen this photo before.

Dan in Movie Star May 2004 Issue

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POA 10 Minute Preview
Posted by jenna on 06/04/04

According to ::

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone will be showing on ABC Saturday, May 9th. Exclusive interviews from the Great Hall on the Harry Potter set, the film’s stars — Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) — will talk about their work in the movie, featured throughout the broadcast.

The telecast itself will present an extended version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, including materials not seen in the original theatrical release. And by exclusive arrangement, at the conclusion of the broadcast, ABC will air a 10-minute sneak peek at the highly anticipated third film in the blockbuster Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, opening in theatres on June 4.”

Please check your local listings for show times in your area.

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Chris Columbus Talks POA
Posted by allo on 06/04/04

Chris Columbus, director of the first two Harry Potter movies, claims that he is very impressed with the way Alfonso Cuaron has directed certain key sequences in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and gives us some suggestions of scenes to look out for:


“”In Azkaban, that kind of scene for me is the first attack on the train by the Dementors. It’s such a beautifully directed scene that Alfonso has done. I remember that scene immensely. And there’s also Harry’s (Daniel Radcliffe) first ride on the hippogryph [sic], which is just magical and poetic. Those are the two scenes that really stick with me.””

Go to Sci-Fi Wire to read the full interview.


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In Living Color
Posted by allo on 05/04/04

Most of you have seen Dan’s latest publicity photo by now but you probably haven’t seen it like this before! Many thanks to Raymond for sending in this colorized version of Dan’s photo for the Fan Art gallery.

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POA Special Edition Stamps
Posted by allo on 05/04/04

Australia Post will be issuing a special Harry Potter souvenir stamp sheet on May 17th that features pictures of the stars of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. See full story for details. Thanks to Godric’s Hollow for the tip!

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