Thank You from Daniel for V-Day Recipe Book

When Dan announced that his New Year’s resolution was to learn how to cook, we decided to help him on his way! staff and only for you RadNet forum members rushed to send in their favorite recipes which were then compiled into a special book, handwritten and illustrated by Jenna.  The finished book was sent to Dan as a Valentine’s gift.  You can read Dan’s response by clicking on the read more link below.

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“Dear Jenna, the Staff at Dan and all the Fans

Thank you soooooooooo much for the amazing recipe book to get me started. I have to buy viagra using paypal admit my resolution hasn’t gone well so far this year – far too much homework, revision, exams etc. However, now that I have this fabulous book I will make sure I try some of the recipes. I will probably start with one of my favourite dishes – Spaghetti Carbonara which was donated by Elena from Italy and Brittany from USA. I promise I will let you know how I progress. I am always overwhelmed by the time and effort that went into this book and particularly from Jenna who wrote them all out by hand – I’m speechless!! Thank you …thank you.




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