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by ClaireDec 31, 2003

Harry, Frodo and Peter!

Story dated: Dec 24th, 2003.  Source: Empire, Daily Mail. 
Tip credit: Claire, Hogwarts

Jeremy Sumpter, star of the new "Peter Pan" movie, was recently
interviewed by Empire magazine (Jan 2004 issue) and had this to say about
meeting Dan on the set:

"When I was in London, [Jason Isaacs] was filming Chamber
of Secrets, so he invited me on set.  I met Daniel Radcliffe." 
Make no mistake, this is an epoch-making moment, a pre-pubescent passing
of the torch…  So, did Sumpter lay the smackdown on speccy four-eyes
Potter?  "Of course not!  He’s cool.  I’d actually
love to work with him," says Sumpter.  "You know how
they made Freddy Vs. Jason?  They should make Peter Pan Vs. Harry
Potter."  And who would win that titanic struggle?  "I

Hmmm, we beg to differ….  And while we’re on the subject of meetings,
this little exchange was first reported in the Daily Mail back in October
but we’ve only recently received official confirmation that it did indeed
take place!

Lord of the Rings star, Elijah Wood is peeved he doesn’t rank highly
in the recognition stakes. Moans Wood, ‘I just met Daniel Radcliffe
recently and I said ‘Everybody thinks I’m Harry Potter,’ and he replied,
‘Man, everybody thinks I’m Frodo’, so he gets it too and that’s really

Trio attends Julie Walters BAFTA Tribute

Story dated: Dec 20th, 2003.  Source: BBC
Report by: Claire.

Dan, Rupert and Emma were among the numerous celebrities who turned
out to honour one of Britain’s best loved actresses, Julie Walters, at
a special BAFTA tribute gala last night.  The star-studded audience
also included Victoria Wood, Billy Connolly, Dame Helen Mirren, Robert
Lindsay and Sir Michael Caine.  The tribute included classic moments
from Julie’s hit films, including Educating Rita, Billy Elliot and Harry
Potter (in which she plays the character of Molly Weasley, Ron’s mother),
and TV series, including Mrs Overall of "Acorn Antiques" and
Petula Gordeno of "Dinnerladies". The event, which aired on
BBC1, was hosted by British TV personality Clive Anderson.

Once in a while, the lovely people at the British Academy of Film and
Television Arts put on a gala show in honour of someone who has done truly
sterling work for British entertainment – and few have done more over
the last 25 years than Julie Walters, as anyone in the UK knows!   

It was a red carpet event, and Rupert, Dan and Emma arrived together
all looking very smart – Rupert in a black t-shirt and Jacket, Dan in
a sharp black suit with a blue tie and Emma wearing a colourful and stunning
‘Egyptian’ style dress.  They smiled and Dan said hello to the cameras
as they passed.  They had front row seats for the show, which was
introduced by Clive Anderson, who also presented ‘The Big Read’ on the
BBC recently, where ‘HP and the Goblet of Fire’ reached number five
in the list of the UK’s favourite books.    

Clive brought on a whole host of British stars from stage and screen,
who in turn presented the audience with examples of Julie at her best
– whether playing straight roles, funny roles or saucy roles – her
diversity and talent were celebrated.  One such montage was introduced
by Rupert: that of ‘Julie playing Mum’, and included a clip from Chamber
of Secrets when the Weasley boys arrive at the Burrow with Harry
– and get caught!  "You best hope I don’t put bars on your window,
Ronald Weasley!"    Said Rupert:

"Julie makes a wicked Mum, not a wicked witch.  Her
magic in the Weasley home is amazing: dishes that wash themselves, jumpers
that knit themselves.  I’ve spent the last year trying to get my Mum
to learn some of Julie’s secrets.  The coolest thing though, is a
clock that tells her where all the Weasleys are, which is great – unless
you don’t really want her to know where you are!  I was so excited
and nervous when I learned that Julie Walters was to play my Mum – but
not for long.  She’s funny and mad and puts everyone she works
with at ease.  But Mrs Weasley isn’t the only Mum she’s played. 
Here are some of the best bits of Julie playing Mum."   

While Rupert was on, Dan and Emma looked on supportively.  Dan looked
very serious there for a second as he watched his friend!  The whole show
was highly entertaining, particularly Billy Connolly, who spoke of his
time with Julie, both professionally and as a friend.  He made some slightly
rude but incredibly amusing comments about TV shows today which had
me in stitches – Dan and Rupert too!   

I’m sure the three stars were delighted to represent the rest of
the Harry Potter team at an event which so rightly praised one of
their fellow cast members.  Julie’s role of Mrs Weasley – along
with her leading role in the film ‘Calendar Girls’ – is one of her
most famous and popular.  Congratulations, Julie!

Third Installment of Harry Potter Film Series
to Be Released As IMAX(R) Film In Summer 2004

Story dated: Dec 18th, 2003.  Source: PR
.  Tip credit: HPANA.

Highly Anticipated Film to be Digitally Re-mastered Using IMAX(R)
DMR(TM) Technology 

Warner Bros. Pictures and IMAX Corporation Sign Deal Following Successful
IMAX Release of Last Two Chapters of The Matrix Trilogy 

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — IMAX Corporation (Nasdaq:
IMAX; TSX: IMX) and Warner Bros. Pictures today announced that Harry Potter
and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the third installment of the Harry Potter
film series, will be released to IMAX(R) theatres in addition to conventional
theatres in June 2004. This family event film, based on the third book
of the world renowned and best-selling series, will be digitally re-mastered
into the unparalleled image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience(R)
through proprietary IMAX(R) DMR(TM) (Digital Re-mastering) technology. 

This deal represents the second IMAX DMR film commitment from Warner
Bros. Pictures in the last year, and comes on the heels of the successful
performances of the second and third chapters of The Matrix trilogy in
IMAX theatres. Based on the best-selling series of books by J.K. Rowling,
the first two movies in the Harry Potter series broke worldwide records
with a combined box-office gross of nearly $1.9 billion. Warner Bros.
Pictures is to be the exclusive distributor of Harry Potter to IMAX theatres

"Our partnership with IMAX has been extremely rewarding and has
allowed our films to expand their reach beyond our traditional audiences
by offering viewers a whole new way to see Hollywood event films that
is uniquely immersive and exciting," said Dan Fellman, President,
Domestic Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures. "We are so pleased
that this summer, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which lends
itself beautifully to IMAX’s format, will play throughout the IMAX theatre
network. Besides Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, we are discussing
an IMAX(R) 3D release of Polar Express in November 2004, and an IMAX DMR
release of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the summer of 2005." 

"We are thrilled to be expanding our mutually beneficial partnership
with Warner Bros. Pictures that began with the successful release of the
last two chapters in The Matrix trilogy," said Richard L. Gelfond
and Bradley J. Wechsler, Co-Chairmen and Co-CEOs, IMAX Corporation. "This
announcement is yet another indication that we are achieving our goal
of bringing the very best Hollywood event films to IMAX theatres, which
we believe is key to expanding the IMAX network around the world. Our
research has shown us that moviegoers want to see blockbuster films in
IMAX’s format and are paying a premium price for the experience. We believe
that the magic of Harry Potter The Prisoner of Azkaban will translate
into an amazing cinematic adventure in IMAX theatres, and will continue
the strong performances of IMAX DMR releases to date." 

"We are very excited to bring the adventure and fantasy of Harry
Potter to life on the giant IMAX screen," said David Heyman, producer
of the Harry Potter film series. "When Alfonso Cuaron, the film’s
director, and I, saw IMAX DMR, we knew we had to release this film in
IMAX theatres, as it will bring a whole new perspective to this magical
story. Whether they’ve read all of the Harry Potter novels and seen the
first two films, or are just now immersing themselves in the world of
Harry Potter, fans will amplify their experience with IMAX’s exceptional
and immersive cinematic presentation."

‘Prisoner of Azkaban’ trailer will be shown with ‘Return of the King’

Story dated: Dec 8th, 2003.  Source: Mugglenet.

Nikki Daniel, marketing assistant for Rave
Motion Pictures
, reports that HP fans will have a further opportunity
to see the new trailer for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
in movie theaters later this month.  The trailer is expected to be
attached to the release of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King,
the final part of the LOTR trilogy which opens in the US on Dec 17th.

Newell Confirms Potter IV Details

Story dated: Dec 8th, 2003.  Source:
Sci-Fi Wire
.  Tip credit: Mugglenet.

Mike Newell, who will direct the fourth Harry Potter film, told SCI FI
Wire that he has spoken with Alfonso Cuarón, director of the upcoming
third film, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, to make
sure his film picks up where Cuarón’s leaves off.

Production of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will begin in
late April or early May, with Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), Rupert Grint (Ron)
and Emma Watson (Hermione) reprising their roles. "They’re all actually
the age they are in the story," Newell said in an interview.

"What Alfonso has done very remarkably is he’s developed the films
from a sunny vision of childhood into something that is much darker and
blacker," Newell said. "And he’s done that without taking away
any of the romance of the thing. But he has transformed it into adolescence,
and I must go on from what he’s done. [I] can’t go back."

Newell added that he is currently in preproduction, dealing with creature
design. "I am currently working with dragons," he said.

‘Prisoner of Azkaban’ featured on Access Hollywood

Story dated: Dec 6th, 2003.  Tip credit: HPANA/Sidekicks

US entertainment show Access Hollywood had a short feature on
the filming of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban last night
and briefly interviewed Dan, Rupert and Michael Gambon.  The program
showed behind-the-scenes footage from the main Harry Potter set at Leavesden
Studios and clips from the POA trailer.  A transcript of the feature
is available here.

Screencaps from the clip can be found here: Access
Hollywood Screen Captures

Video clips can be found on our onsite videos
page (subject to availability). 

A Wizard Performance

Story dated: Dec 5th, 2003.  Source: icLiverpool. 
by Philip Key for the Daily Post.

WHEN Harry Potter wanted to learn magic, he did not go to Hogwarts School:
that is, after all, a fictional place. No, he went to see the top man,
Paul Kieve.

Kieve is the man behind some of the great
stage illusions, many of which will be seen in Scrooge, the musical which
opens for a Christmas season at the Liverpool Empire next week.

So when Mexican film director Alfonso
Cuaron, the man behind the new Harry Potter film Harry Potter and the
Prisoner of Azkaban, decided he wanted real magic in the movie he called
in Kieve.

"It was quite a curious thing,"
says Kieve. "I have spent my life developing live illusions and this
was a film on which millions were being spent, a lot of it on computerised

"But Alfonso was keen to have live
magic as well as the computer effects to layer things to create a more
magical world." Kieve was asked to give a two hour demonstration
to the film’s Oscar-winning designer and the American producers showing
just what he could achieve. "It was a bit nerve-wracking," he

But the film people were so impressed
that not only will Kieve’s magic effects be an important element in the
film, but he will be appearing in a small role himself – as a wizard.

One of the first things he had to do was
to hold a magic school on the set for all the youngsters taking part to
assess what skills they might possess.

"The strange thing was that Daniel
Radcliffe who plays Harry was the only person who did not have to attend
the magic school and he was upset that everyone had learned magic apart
from him."

So Kieve agreed to take him on as a private
pupil. "Now he has taken it up as a hobby. It’s really incidental
to the film but he has become rather good and has been practising hard.
We meet up on his days away from the set and we spend two or three hours
doing magic.

"Like any other 14-year-old, he has
been bitten by the bug. When the producers took him for a Chinese meal,
he was doing magic at the table."

Londoner Paul Kieve was bitten by the
bug at the age of ten when he had a box of magic tricks on his birthday.
"There was a Canadian magician called Doug Henning doing magic specials
on the television and I recorded them and tried to duplicate his illusions
using cardboard boxes from the supermarket.

[Note: You can visit Paul Kieve’s web
site at www.stageillusion.com.] 

Potter sequel works Bafta magic

Story dated: Nov 30th, 2003.  Source: BBC
Tip credit: HPANA

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets has been named most popular film
in the British Academy Children’s Film and Television Awards.

The second film based on JK Rowling’s best-selling books won ahead of
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

BBC news correspondent Rageh Omaar and singer Kym Marsh were among those
who presented awards at the ceremony.

The Harry Potter film was voted for by thousands of children from across
the country in the Lego/Bafta
Kids’ Vote.

But the separate Best Feature Film category was won by Whale Rider by
New Zealander Niki Caro, despite Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
also being nominated.

The British Academy Children’s Film And Television Awards were held at
the Hilton Hotel on November 30, 2003 in London, England.  Emma Watson,
who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, collected the award.

Emma proudly displays the award for Most Popular Film with a Lego
model of Harry.  Photo: Getty Images.

POA Wraps Principal Photography

Story dated: Nov 24th, 2003.  Source: The
Leaky Cauldron.

Principal photography has just completed on Harry Potter and the Prisoner
of Azkaban
and cast and crew members and their families celebrated
yesterday with a private wrap party at Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire. 
The Leaky Cauldron reported:

Dan, Rupert, Emma, Tom, Jamie, Josh and other cast members (no adult
actors) were in attendance, as well as Alfonso Cuaron and various producers. 
In the giant tents, soft drinks and hot chocolate with marshmallows
and candyfloss were served to the children, with the adults drinking
mulled (hot) wine and beer. Food included hot dogs, burgers and filled
jacket potatoes.

Two of the Knight Buses used in the movie were on display and the crowds
were entertained by magicians, a Mexican band and a massive firework display.

The remainder of filming on the movie is expected to be completed within
the next few weeks.


Extra and E! Cover POA Trailer Release

Story dated: Nov 13th, 2003.  

American entertainment shows Extra and E! News Live both
marked the release of the first trailer for Harry Potter and the Prisoner
of Azkaban
with 90-second features tonight.  Extra showed
behind-the-scenes footage shot on location at Virginia Water, Surrey. 
E! News Live  showed behind-the-scenes footage from the main
Harry Potter set at Leavesden Studios.  Both showed clips of the
trailer and offered short interviews with Dan, Rupert and Emma.

Screencaps from the clips can be found here:

News Live Screen Captures

Extra! Screen

Video clips can be found on our onsite videos
page (subject to availability). 

Lycos’ Top Ten Teens

Story dated: Nov 13th, 2003.  Source: Yahoo
.  Tip credit: Mugglenet

Terra Lycos, the global Internet Group, today announced the following
information from The Lycos 50(TM), the 50 most popular user searches for
the week ending November 8, 2003. For a complete list of The Lycos 50(TM)
and for in-depth text of The Lycos 50 Daily Report, go to http://50.lycos.com.
Readers of The Lycos 50 can also share their thoughts on Internet trends
and pop culture on The Lycos 50 Blog located at http://lycos50.tripod.com/blog/.

The top 10 most-searched teens over the past month are: 

1) Actress Hilary Duff 
2) Singer Avril Lavigne 
3) Actresses The Olsen Twins 
4) Rapper (Lil’) Bow Wow 
5) Singer Mandy Moore 

6) Singer Stacie Orrico 
7) NBA star LeBron James 
8) Actress Amanda Bynes 
9) Actress Emma Watson 
10) Actor Daniel Radcliffe

POA Teaser Trailer Released

Story dated: Nov 12th, 2003.  Source: HarryPotter.com

The first trailer for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban has
been made available at the official Harry Potter site.  The 1 min
28 sec trailer includes scenes of the Knight Bus hurtling down a street,
Aunt Marge blowing up and floating away,  Professor Snape dressed
as Neville’s grandma and Harry, wand drawn, staring down an unseen menace,
all set to a choral arrangement of the trailer’s tagline: "Something
Wicked This Way Comes".  The trailer will make its first appearance
in US theatres on Friday Nov 14th, accompanying the movie "Looney
Tunes: Back In Action".

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban will be released in the
US and UK on June 4th, 2004.  Warner Bros has set up a special promotional
web site for the movie at www.azkaban.com.

to see the trailer at the official Harry Potter site.

New Exclusive Promotional Pic of Dan

Story dated: Oct 28h, 2003.  

We received a very special package in the mail today from Warner Bros
in the UK, containing a brand new signed photo of Dan, taken at Leavesden
Studios while filming Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This is
an exclusive preview, granted to both our site and
, of the photo that will be sent to fans who write
to Dan at his official mailing address
over the coming months.

New Promo Photo

(Please note that we have watermarked this image in an effort to prevent
people from making copies and selling them at online auction sites.)

The photo was accompanied by a very nice (and complimentary!) letter
from Alan Radcliffe, Dan’s dad, thanking us all for our enthusiasm and
sharing some very interesting info that should answer a few of your questions.
He also had some more nice things to say about the Birthday Scrapbook
Album, for those of you who contributed! With his permission, we have
reproduced the letter here.

We are delighted and honored that Dan has invited us to share this picture
with you before its general release and would like to thank him and his
family for allowing us to post it and for their kind comments. It is always
a pleasure to run this site, and Dan, we look forward to following your
career for many more years! Many thanks too to Warner Bros for arranging
to send this package!

Potter’s in the fast lane

Story dated: Oct 5th, 2003.  Source: Herald
.  Tip credit: Ashley.
By Ben English. 

Draco Malfoy drives a BMW, Harry Potter is keen on Jane’s Addiction,
and Hermione is into break dancing.  They’re all growing up at Hogwarts
School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

On the set of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban — the third blockbuster
of the series — the stars show how much they have matured in the three
years since filming of the JK Rowling books began.

"I love my cars," Tom Felton, who plays Draco, told the Sunday
Herald Sun.

"I have a black BMW 316 Estate for my training car while I’m 16
and I’m looking at getting a 1.8 sports coupe for my first proper car."

Draped in a gold necklace and matching bracelets, with hip polo shirt
and trainers, Felton looks more like a big-time street rapper than the
Hogwarts bully.

No less sophisticated is Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter. At
14, one of his favourite movies is the raunchy R-rated Y Tu Mama Tambien
Alfonso Cuaron made before he took over directing duties at Hogwarts from
Chris Columbus.

He named Jane’s Addiction, the Libertines, Rage Against the Machine and
the Darkness among his favourite bands.

Rupert Grint, 15, who plays Ron Weasley, is a crack pool player — he
has a table in his dressing room — who has taken up golf.

And Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) loves dancing: "While I’m here,
I have lessons — modern, street, body popping, break dancing and that.
Back home I just hang out with my friends."

But, at 13, what appears to thrill Emma most is that she is no longer
the shortest of the three main characters. "After all these years
of being the shortest, Dan has come to face the fact that I’m taller than
him," she said.

"By half a millimetre," Radcliffe pointed out.

Prisoner of Azkaban has grown up with its actors.

Cuaron admitted the film would be noticeably older than the first two,
with more sinister themes. The stars also would have a more contemporary

We can expect more exotic animals, including a half bird, half horse
creature called a Hippogriff.

Emma Thompson will make a guest appearance as the eccentric Professor
Trelawney, completing an ensemble cast that boasts Gary Oldman, Julie
Christie and Robert Hardy.

Filming is nearly finished at Leavesden, near London, but the movie is
not due for release until June. Pre-production on the fourth film began
this week.

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