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News Archive – 3rd Quarter 2003

by ClaireSep 30, 2003

Richard Harris Memorial Tribute

Story dated: Sep 28th, 2003.  Source: Times
(condensed from three separate articles), BBC.
Tip credit: Tara.

A memorial tribute to Richard Harris, the actor, who died in October
last year at 72, was held on Sunday September 21st at the Strand Theatre
in London.  The evening was hosted by Richard Harris’s three sons
and music was provided by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  Hundreds
of friends and family members packed into theatre to celebrate the life
of the actor, singer, poet and charismatic enthusiast and to hear pieces
of music and poetry Harris loved.  In the sultry auditorium, just
yards away from the Savoy Hotel where Harris spent most of his last ten
years, a great life flashed before the audience from a projector, while
the orchestra recalled his famous roles. The chiselled face temporarily
framed by a snowy beard beamed out as the tributes were made.

Harris was made a star in his role in the film This Sporting Life.
Decades on he charmed a new generation in his role as Professor Dumbledore
in the screen version of Harry Potter.

The evening was opened by Daniel Radcliffe, the eponymous hero in the
Harry Potter films, who read a poem by Harris with Harris’s godsons and
his 13-year-old granddaughter, set to a musical arrangement by Perry James. 
Liam Neeson read another  poem by Harris, also set to a musical arrangement
by Perry James, and Peter O’Toole, swaggering onto the stage like a ghost
with his white hair tied back, talked of the "dangerous *******"
who had been his best friend.  [Tributes were also paid by the Irish
Ambassador, a medicine man from the Comanchee Nation, Paddy Molony of
The Chieftains, Isla Blair,  Stephen Rea, who also read one of Richard
Harris’s poems, and Gabriel Byrne.  Fellow Harry Potter cast members
Alan Rickman, Richard Griffiths and Zoe Wanamaker were among those in

There was a memorial service in his home town of Limerick, but the family
also wanted to do something in London, hence last week’s show.

GOF, Casting and Dan

Story dated: Thur 09/18/2003  03:50 AM

Here’s the latest word on the casting of GOF from inside sources at Leavesden

Previously it was stated in a Newsround article that casting for GOF
will begin in January of the new year. As it turns out however, there
is not a definite date in which submissions will begin to be accepted.
January is only a tentative start date. Any correspondence sent before
that time will most assuredly be lost in a shuffle of paperwork from Azkaban.

As of this time there is NO Official Address to apply
for a spot in the GOF film so please hold your submissions. When it is
time for you to start sending in your pictures and resumes we will post
the Official Address for GOF Casting Submissions here.

There have been loads of inquiries asking whether or not people from
outside of the UK can in fact be cast in GOF. Unfortunately, this has
not yet been determined. There is no definite plan for the casting of
GOF as of yet, but we will update you as soon as this has been decided.

As for the casting of the title role, sources confirm that Daniel will
indeed return for the 4th movie, but there still has been no official
announcement made from the studio as of this time.

Speaking of Dan, on a little side note to his fans ::

Please keep in mind that Dan receives around 500 letters in the mail
each week. Everyone who has written to him will receive a response, it
may take a while due to his various commitments, but you will get one.
His fans are very important to him. Please be patient!

Dan Wins a Relly!

Story dated: Sep 12th, 2003.  Source: LIVE!
with Regis and Kelly

Viewers of the "LIVE! with Regis and Kelly" show in the USA
voted Dan as the "Junior Achiever" of the year in the show’s
first annual Relly Awards.  The awards honored the viewers’ favorite
guests on the show over the past year and Dan appeared on the show last
November while promoting Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
The award ceremony took place in New York but unfortunately Dan was unable
to accept it in person so he sent over a taped message, delivered from
the set of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in Leavesden,
Hert, which said:

Thank you for this fantastic award.  This is absolutely amazing
and thank you to everyone who voted for me.  I’m currently on the
set of Prisoner of Azkaban, filming, and it’s going to be an absolutely
wonderful film – I can’t wait for you all to see it.  I’m really
looking forward to seeing you all again when I do the Regis and Kelly
show next spring time in New York some time.  Thank you very much

POA Set Report

Story dated: Aug 26th, 2003.  Source: Aftonbladet
Tip credit: The
Leaky Cauldron

(This is a translation of an article that appeared in Swedish newspaper
"Aftonbladet" and was sent to The Leaky Cauldron by Jennifer.)

Aftonbladet on set in the giant studio as the third movie is being shot.

SHEPPERTON – Harry Potter and Hermione Granger stand by the roots of
an enormous tree. Suddenly Harry dashes off towards the lake, holding
up his wand.

“Expecto Patronum”, he shouts.

After nearly 40 takes, Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron says, “Gracias”.

Aftonbladet, as the only Swedish newspaper, gets to supervise the production
of the third movie on Harry Potter – “The Prisoner of Azkaban”.

We’re situated in the Shepperton Studios, a great building a few miles
outside of London. Here, some of the scenes in the third Harry Potter
movie are being filmed.

Inside the enormous studio woods are erected. The trees are massive,
the trunks several metres thick and stretching far towards the fake sky.
The woods are dark, of course, with a menacing air, and like a couple
of tiny shadows Harry and Hermione are standing under a tree.

Harry jerks and rushes off, Hermione fumbles for him to hold him back.
Harry takes out his wand and runs the 15-20 metres towards the frozen

Journeys back in time

He holds it up, towards the camera that’s fastened on a crane – the camera
glides towards his face, stops and retreats.

We’re talking a sequence of 30 seconds, maybe slightly more.

“Harry and Hermione has travelled back in time to save Sirius Black and
this is a scene in which Harry saves himself from ‘the dementors’. It’s
a bit complicated”, Daniel Radcliffe, acting the role of Harry Potter,
tells us later during our talk.

The director Alfonso Cuaron wants a retake and gets it, over and over.
In the end Harry’s been rushing down towards the lake nearly 40 time before
the director thanks the entire filming crew with a “Gracias”.

Daniel isn’t bored with it.

“It’s not as tiring while you’re at it, it’s afterwards it gets to you.
Because while you’re acting, the adrenaline’s pumping, you don’t notice.

It was Chris Colombus who directed the earlier two films about Harry,
while Mexican Alfonso Cuaron, best known for his movie “Y Tu Mama Tambien”,
produces the third.

Darker than before

“The difference between him and Chris Colombus is that Chris got an energetic
way of working which suited the first films. Alfonso’s got a mild intensity
that works better with this material”, Daniel tells us (somewhat precocious).

You’ve all said that the third book is the best movie material. How is

“What I like about this book is that it isn’t Voldemort who is the main
source of terror”, says Emma Watson, who’s joined.

The movie is also somewhat darker and more menacing than the first two.

“Alfonso films it in a different way, too – he uses almost only wide-angles
and he doesn’t like getting in too close,” says Daniel.

Gary Oldman, playing the part of Sirius Black – the Prisoner – is a new
member of the team and agrees.

“That’s one of the reasons I accepted his offer, apart from needing the
money. I like his style, he does his own stuff and it shows that the producers
have courage."

“He’s done a raw version of about twenty minutes of some of the filmed
materials and it’s good, remarkably good. I think he’s used 32mm’s objects
at the most. Which is very wide”, Oldman laughs.

In the role of Sirius Black he uses a low voice (Oldman’s expertise is
voices) with a slight East End accent.

Tattooed all over

“And I’m tattooed, that’s Alfonso’s idea.”

He rises and shows the tattoos all over his body.

“In some scenes I need those on my arms as well but right now they weren’t

Another new take is that Alfonso’s modernised the movie a bit. There
is still the archaic environment but Harry, Hermione, Ron and the other
students are in modern clothes.

In this scene Harry wears beige trousers and a blue-grey tracksuit jacket
with stripes. Emma’s got jeans and a pink, tight sweatshirt on. Both of
them are wearing sneakers.

Also there are several new actors on the team besides Gary Oldman. When
Richards Harris, playing the part of professor Dumbledore, passed away,
Michael Gambon was picked for the role.

“I’m sure it wasn’t easy to succeed someone that competent. But he’s
perfect and he doesn’t try to copy Richard. He’s doing some changes and
the part becomes his own,” Emma Watson says.

And then, they’ve got some news to share.

“We’re in for the fourth movie as well.”

It’s been speculated that Daniel, Emma and Rupert were to be replaced
for the fourth film, as they are going on fifteen and getting too old.

“But that won’t happen, not for this time.”

Are you in for the fifth movie?

“We’re not up to speculate on that – one movie at a time.”

“The Prisoner of Azkaban” goes up in Swedish theatres in august next

Dan 5th in Blockbuster Child Actor Poll

Story dated: Jul 23rd, 2003.  Source: Ananova

Haley Joel Osment and Lassie come top in Blockbuster poll ::

The young star in the movie The Sixth Sense has been voted the greatest
child film actor of all time.

Haley Joel Osment, now 15, was just 11 when he appeared alongside Bruce
Willis in the 1999 thriller.

The teenager beat Judy Garland, Macaulay Culkin – and Daniel Radcliffe
in a poll of 3,000 film fans by Blockbuster.

Other actors and actresses who made the Top 10 were Shirley Temple, Jodie
Foster, Anna Paquin (The Piano), Drew Barrymore, Aileen Quinn (Annie),
and Corey Feldman (The Goonies).

Edited 7/27: Ananova’s article implied that Dan was fourth in the poll
but new info has since come to light at TeenHollywood.com
According to Blockbuster customers, the Top Ten child actors of all time
are: 1. Haley Joel Osment – The Sixth Sense/AI/Pay It Forward 2. Judy
Garland – The Wizard of Oz 3. Macaulay Culkin – Home Alone 4. Shirley
Temple – Good Ship Lollipop 5. Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter
6. Jodie Foster – Bugsy Malone 7. Anna Paquin – The Piano 8. Drew Barrymore
– ET 9. Aileen Quinn – Annie 10. Corey Feldman – The Goonies.

Harry Potter helps Autism

Story dated: Jul 22nd, 2003.  Source: National
Autistic Society

An enterprising internet community of Daniel Radcliffe fans
from across the world have come up with an innovative way of celebrating
the Harry Potter star’s birthday. Instead of sending the actor a present,
the organisers of Danradcliffe.com website are making donations to the
National Autistic Society in the UK in time for Daniel’s 14th birthday
on 23rd July. By donating online, at www.justgiving.com/danradcliffe,
Daniel’s fans can play a part in the birthday celebrations, regardless
of where they live in the world.

Daniel has already shown his support for autism by taking part in an
educational DVD for people with autism that enables them to read human
emotions more easily.

Daniel Radcliffe, who plays the teen-wizard in the Harry Potter films,

“I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has made donations to
the National Autistic Society instead of sending me birthday presents.
This is a fantastic idea for a wonderful organisation. I will celebrate
my birthday next week on set. Harry Potter and the Prisoner
of Azkaban is going well and I can’t wait for you all to see it next year.
Thank you once again for the kindness you continue to show me. I feel
very honoured."

Dan Radcliffe fan Jenna Bensous said:  “The idea was to raise money
for a worthwhile cause which Daniel had supported, and we decided that
it would be a unique and appropriate birthday gift for Dan if we used
the influence of Danradcliffe.com to organise a fundraising drive for
the National Autistic Society. We have friends who have been affected
by Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and so we created a page on www.justgiving.com
in his name. The site is a huge success and has already raised well over
a thousand pounds for the NAS.”

Sam Jeffrey, Director of Fundraising and Marketing at the National Autistic
Society adds:

“Its great to see the magic of Harry Potter extend to the charity sector.
Daniel Radcliffe’s fans have truly harnessed the power of the world wide
web to contribute to the Society from across the globe.”

[DR.com note: for more information about this project, please visit
our NAS Donations page.]

Prisoner of Azkaban "preview" at Comic-Con

Story dated: Jul 20th, 2003.  Tip credit: Julie and Justine.

Warner Bros. gave a presentation at yesterday’s Comic-Con convention
in San Diego, which featured an interview with Dan and Alfonso Cuaron,
director of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

First of all, Dan, who was wearing his costume from the Knight Bus scene
in POA, talked about how much fun POA is going to be. Then Dan introduced
Alfonso, who talked about some of the scenes they had already shot in
the film, as well as the new actors and other things that are new in the

At the end Alfonso joked that Dan was having trouble playing Quidditch
this time around (the match takes place in a terrific rainstorm), to which
Dan replied, "Yea, I ‘ve had a bit of a problem!"

Potter fans raise galleons for NAS

Story dated: Jul 20th, 2003.  Source: JustGiving.com

An online community of Harry Potter fans is using Justgiving to raise
funds for the National Autistic Society.

Their hero Daniel Radcliffe – who plays the boy wizard in the Harry Potter
films – celebrates his 14th birthday on 23 July. Instead of sending him
birthday presents, his fans have set up a fundraising page on Justgiving
to accept donations to The National Autistic Society.

The page has already raised more than £1,000 in muggle money or, in the
wizard world, 331 galleons, 14 sickles and 11 knuts.

The page was created by Jenna, who runs fan site DanRadcliffe.com from
her home in Florida.

“It all began when my friend Tara approached me with an idea she had
to honour Dan on his birthday,” said Jenna.

“This idea was to raise money for a worthy cause in which Dan had previously
expressed an interest. Last year Dan participated in the production of
the DVD "Mind Reading: the Interactive Guide to Emotion", which
is used as an educational tool for people with Autism Spectrum conditions.

“We were very impressed by his generous gesture, especially since we
both have friends who have been affected by this disorder, and decided
it would be a unique and appropriate birthday gift for Dan if we used
the international influence of DanRadcliffe.com to organise a benefit
drive for the National Autistic Society in his name."

Donations have been pouring in from around the world, accompanied by
birthday messages for Dan which are displayed on the page.

Mandy Whalley, from The Wirral, is a DanRadcliffe.com regular. Her Harry
Potter mad 8-year-old son Thomas has autism and will benefit directly
from the funds raised by the website’s users.

“This is a really lovely gesture,” said Mandy. “I got in touch with DanRadcliffe.com
when I found out Daniel had expressed an interest in autism. It’s a really
great example that an actor, young as he is, should highlight the condition
by making a video for children like Thomas.

“I think raising money for the NAS in this way is a great idea. The internet
doesn’t always get good press, and parents like myself are told to be
wary of it, but this shows it can be a power for good.

“Thomas is going to a school affiliated to The National Autistic Society
in September, so the funds being raised will benefit him, and other children
with autism, directly.”

Visit the Daniel Radcliffe birthday page here.

Anyone can set up a fundraising page on Justgiving in minutes, to raise
funds for any event or occasion. Click here.

A Message From Daniel

Story dated: Jul 17th, 2003.  Source: DanRadcliffe.com

We are happy to report that Daniel received the Fan Scrapbook, Video,
and other birthday wishes that were sent to him last week.  He was
very happy, and he sent over a little message to the readers of DanRadcliffe.com

"I am completely overwhelmed by this amazing scrapbook to celebrate
my 14th birthday. When it was presented to me I was speechless (this must
be a first!). Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who put
so much time and effort into this incredibly beautiful, stylish and witty
album. I will treasure it forever – I promise you!

I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has made donations
to the National Autistic Society instead of sending me birthday presents.
This is a fantastic idea for a wonderful organisation.

I will celebrate my birthday next week on set. Harry Potter and the Prisoner
of Azkaban is going well and I can’t wait for you all to see it next year.

Thank you once again for the kindness you continue to show me. I feel
very honoured."

Daniel Radcliffe

Prisoner of Azkaban Trailer News

Story dated: Jul 17th, 2003.  Source: The
Leaky Cauldron

The Leaky Cauldron reports they have have received word that the first
trailer for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban will be released
on Nov 14th in the US, attached to the Looney Tunes: Back In Action

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