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Letter from Daniel About 14th B-Day Scrapbook

by ClaireJul 23, 2003

We received well over 500 submissions for this project! The scrapbook itself is 78 pages. There were multiple entries in some pages, and others took up a full page. Unfortunately, I could not fit everyone into the scrapbook, but I did create a Fan Mural with the names of those who contributed that did not get their submission added into the book. Inside the scrapbook I made a little pouch that holds our Fan Video CD, with an original song in it as well. You can read the thank you letter Daniel sent, and see the video of the song about Daniel, by clicking on the read more link below. 

View the Fan Scrapbook sent to Daniel

Song For Daniel

“Song For Daniel” is an original composition by Judy Nathanson, who contributes to this site.  Judy has this to say about the inspiration behind the song:

The song, “Song For Daniel”, came to me very suddenly.  I was standing in my living room talking to a friend about how “together” Daniel is, despite the overwhelming fame at such a young age.  People tend to smile when they look at him, or think about him, or hear his name, or see and hear him on television, as himself, or on film.  The words starting coming to me so quickly that I had to run upstairs to my computer to put them down as they came to me.  Strangely, for me, the melody came at the same time.  Usually, if I want to create a melody to something I write, I struggle with it for awhile.  With “Song For Daniel”, the melody came at the same time and I was humming it and typing it simultaneously.

It was as if the song were dictated to me.  Daniel has that effect on people.  They become happy inside and creative because he is. 

Judy sings the song herself, unaccompanied.  Here, it is set to a video of Dan compiled from news reports, interviews and movie footage that highlights particular elements of the lyric.

Windows Media
Real Media

What did DAN Have To Say About All Of This?

We are happy to report that Daniel received the Fan Scrapbook, Video, and other birthday wishes that were sent to him last week. He was very happy, and he sent over a little message to the readers of ::

I am completely overwhelmed by this amazing scrapbook to celebrate my 14th birthday. When it was presented to me I was speechless (this must be a first!). Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who put so much time and effort into this incredibly beautiful, stylish and witty album. I will treasure it forever – I promise you!

I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has made donations to the National Autistic Society instead of sending me birthday presents. This is a fantastic idea for a wonderful organisation.

I will celebrate my birthday next week on set. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is going well and I can’t wait for you all to see it next year.

Thank you once again for the kindness you continue to show me. I feel very honoured.

Daniel Radcliffe

Later, when Dan was asked ‘What was the most original or memorable gift you’ve ever received from a fan?’, he replied :

“Without a doubt the best gift I received was the birthday album sent by the fans at I will keep it forever.”

(Source: ASK DAN: 100 Questions from the Fans, Dec. 2003)


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