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Evening Standard British Film Awards

by ClaireFeb 3, 2003

Our staff attended the Evening Standard British Film Awards. We have two exclusive pictures of Dan sent in by Mim that she took at the event as part of our gallery. Auror transcribed the event and you can read the transcription by clicking on the read more link below.

Video of Event::  (Real Media) (Windows Media)

Evening Standard British Film Awards Gallery

Jack Dee: “The actor who’s put a face to the literary character Harry Potter is here. I thought he’d arrived on a broomstick, but I was wrong, he’d just spotted Heidi Klum.”

(Laughter from audience. Cut shot of Dan sitting across from Heidi, going bright red! He looks at her and she smiles at him – they’re both laughing!)

JD: “We’re very lucky that he’s here tonight to present this award. Please welcome very warmly, Daniel Radcliffe.”

Voice-over while Dan walks to the stage: “Everyone knows that Harry Potter prefers Quidditch to girls, and Danny will be flying high again soon when the third movie goes into production.”

Dan: “Thank you very much. Um… Technicians are the backbone of the film industry and that’s why this award is so important. It recognizes those who go largely unrecognized, but who’s work is just as important as the actors or directors. And if you’ve spent as many days on a broomstick as I have, you really appreciate their skill!”

(Laughter from audience.)

“And then there are those who’s work is almost invisible and therein lies its power. So that’s why I am delighted to present this year’s Evening Standard Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement, for her production design on All or Nothing, to Eve Stewart.”

Eve comes to the stage, takes the award, shakes Dan’s hand and kisses him. Then she says, to her children more than anyone else…

“Wow! My two little girls… I’ve just kissed Harry Potter!”

Much laughter from Dan and the audience once again! She’s going to be one popular Mother!

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