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News Archive – 4th Quarter 2002

by ClaireDec 31, 2002

Dan wins “Time For Kids” Person of the Year 2002.

Story dated: Dec 25th, 2002.  Source: Time
For Kids Online
.  Tip credit: The
Leaky Cauldron

Over 25,000 kids voted to determine the 2002 TFK Person of the Year.
The runners-up were Barry Bonds, Sarah Hughes and President George W.

And the winner is… Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter star.

“I think that Daniel Radcliffe should be picked because he is a great
actor. He is very talented and people are always looking forward to seeing
him on TV and in movies.” –Mimi W., 12+, NE

Who’s had a bigger year, Harry Potter or Daniel Radcliffe? Well, besides
being a real life person, the 13-year-old British actor truly grew up
in front of our eyes this year as the star of Harry Potter and the Chamber
of Secrets. No longer just an unknown, but lucky young actor, Daniel made
it clear this year that he IS Harry Potter. His face was seen everywhere
from magazine covers to TV talk shows after starring in one of the most
popular movies of the year.

Radcliffe was born on July 23, 1989, near London, England. At the age
of five, Radcliffe knew he wanted to be an actor. Before he was cast over
thousands of other Muggles as Hogwart’s wizard-in-training, Harry Potter,
Radcliffe had a role in the Charles Dickens classic, David Copperfield.
Radcliffe has received several awards for his acting talent, but the acclaim
he might be most proud of comes from Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.
“I don’t think Chris Columbus [the director] could have found a better
Harry,” Rowling said.

When he’s not acting or studying, Radcliffe likes to listen to punk music
and is even rumored to be a talented practical joker!

For bringing the greatest modern book hero to life in magical fashion
and making a star of himself in the process, Daniel Radcliffe [wins the]
TFK Person of the Year.

Harry Potter weaves magic in China 

Story filed: Dec 24th, 2002.  Source: Channel
News Asia
.  Tip credit: The
Wizard World

The second installment of the popular Hollywood movie series, "Harry
Potter", won’t hit big screens in China till the new year.

But hundreds of children in Beijing, have won a lucky draw to catch a
sneak preview.

For many of them, it was as if Christmas had come early!

They get to watch "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets",
weeks before the rest of the country.

That was reason enough for the kids to dress up and watch as Harry and
his friends face a new year and new challenges at the Hogwarts School
of Witchcraft.

And as if watching the film wasn’t good enough, the kids even got to
meet their hero in person.

Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter in the movies, mingled and shook
hands with his Chinese fans, who were clearly smitten.

9-year-old Zhao Ziwei said that, "I want to become Harry Potter’s
friend because he is nice to others, brave and is able to do magic."

Further commenting on Harry Potter’s values as a friend, 10-year-old
Li An said "I really like Harry Potter because when his friends are
in trouble he will try his best to help them out."

Judging from his popularity with the kids, they will definitely be waiting
to see Harry Potter make magic again in the upcoming third movie.

More Dan in Japan!!

Story filed: Dec 17th, 2002 (and updated Dec 18th, 2002).  Tip
credit: Bloodymari

In short:

At the Tokyo press conference on Dec 16th, Dan described his reception
at Tokyo’s Narita Airport as "unbelievable and really exciting"
and expressed a desire to make a guest voice appearance in an episode
of the Simpsons – "any part, just a word, anything!". 

He also sampled some yakitori (a local dish) and was presented with a
gift of a digital camera and a kimono by Japanese celebrity Hideaki Takizawa.

Later, Dan and David Heyman attended a screening of Harry Potter and
the Chamber of Secrets
at the Piccadilly Hall.  Dan greeted the
audience and introduced himself in Japanese ("I’ve been practising
that for quite a long time!", he told the cheering crowd) and said:

It’s absolutely fantastic to be here in Japan while at the
same time promoting a film that we’re all very proud of.  THere’s
not really much more to say than that I hope you enjoy watching it as
much as we enjoyed making it. 

Dan is scheduled to make appearances in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto over the
next few days, before heading out for a short trip to Beijing, China.

Magic hasn’t gone to Harry Potter star Radcliffe’s head

Story filed: Dec 18th, 2002.  Source: Japan
.  Tip credit: MuggleNet

TOKYO — Daniel Radcliffe may be the most famous 13-year-old boy in the
world since taking up the wand of boy wizard Harry Potter, but he could
have used an invisibility cloak during his first visit to Japan this week.

First, more than 700 teenage girls showed up at Narita airport to greet
him on Sunday. Then at his news conference Monday at a Tokyo hotel, dozens
of young girls, brandishing cameras and Harry Potter paraphernalia, burst
into tears because they weren’t allowed into the room.

Radcliffe said he found it all exciting. "It was unbelievable to
be welcomed to Japan like that," he said. "I think the main
reason for people liking the Harry Potter books and films so much is not
because of me. Harry is an outsider who goes for what he believes in,
but more than that, the stories convey a message of friendship, bravery
and loyalty."

Harry Potter does more than that. The four (and a half) books by British
author J.K. Rowling and the two hugely successful movies have spawned
an industry. In its first two weeks of release in Japan, "Harry Potter
and the Chamber of Secrets" grossed 8 billion yen at the box office
and is on course to challenge the all-time box office champion foreign
film ("Titanic"). At the same time, department stores have been
jumping on the bandwagon with Harry Potter exhibitions and merchandise

Producer David Heyman said he fell in love with the first book in the
series ("Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone") when he read
it in 1997. There was no fanfare then. "I thought it was a funny
and moving story. I met Rowling and she and I turned out to be kindred
spirits. I assured her we would be true to the books."

Then followed one of Britain’s biggest casting calls in 1999. Radcliffe
beat 3,000 other aspirants for the part of Harry, a major coup for him
since his only acting experience had been in a BBC adaptation of "David
Copperfield" and in a bit part alongside Pierce Brosnan and Geoffrey
Rush in "The Tailor of Panama."

"I had done those two small-scale projects before but they never
prepared me for this. The two Harry Potter films taught me so much about
acting and special effects," he said

Radcliffe is enjoying every minute in the spotlight, getting to meet
such "cool characters" as Ben Stiller and Tim Robbins, but he
says he wouldn’t mind borrowing Harry’s invisibility cloak now and again
(mainly to sneak into rock concerts). He is maturing rapidly and his voice
has already broken. He hardly resembles the bespeckled character in the
films. Yet he speaks confidently and without the big head that so many
youthful stars have.

Heyman says the young cast’s parents and teachers strive to maintain
a sense of normalcy for the kids. "When you make a movie with kids,
you’re only allowed to work 9 1/2 hours a day with them. Of that, three
hours have to be put aside for their education," he said of the 300
days spent shooting both films back to back. The teachers don’t take any
nonsense, either, he added. "After Rupert Grint (who plays Harry’s
classmate Ron Weasley) said his teachers were sucking up to him now that
he was a star, he was put on detention the Monday after the film’s premiere."

Heyman is confident the Harry Potter franchise will remain a success.
In fact, he commissioned the "Chamber of Secrets" before the
first film was even released last year.

The big question is whether or not Radcliffe can continue in the part.
Although the Harry Potter character ages one year in each book as he attends
the Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the next two movies will
take more than two years to complete and even longer before they find
their way to cinemas. And nobody knows when Rowling will finish the fifth

"I am definitely doing the third one (‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner
of Azkaban’). After that, I don’t know because it’s a long way off,"
Radcliffe said.

In the meantime, he does have one burning ambition. "I want to do
a voice part on ‘The Simpsons.’ Even one word would be great."

Dan In Japan!

Story filed: Dec 15th, 2002.  Source: Daily
Tip credit: Bloodymari

Dan arrived in Japan shortly before noon today to start a four-day promotional
tour for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  At least
700 cheering fans were waiting to greet him at Tokyo’s Narita International
Airport, so he had to be escorted through the airport lobby by several
security guards.   Dan was acccompanied by his parents and Harry
Potter producer David Heyman.

Dan was scheduled to attend a screening of Harry Potter and the Chamber
of Secrets
tonight and a press conference tomorrow.

Harry Potter makes spectacle of himself on West
End stage

Story filed: Nov 25th, 2002.  Source: The
Daily Telegraph
By Becky Barrow for the Daily Telegraph

Daniel Radcliffe, the schoolboy star of the Harry Potter
films, made his debut on the West End stage at the weekend.  [Note:
actual date was 23rd Nov 2002.]

The 13-year-old actor, who has brought the Harry Potter
character to life on screen since winning the role two years ago, was
the surprise guest star in The Play What I Wrote, a celebration of the
comedy duo Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise.

Just a few days after the equally diminutive Kylie Minogue
occupied the play’s regular guest star role dressed as an overweight monk,
Daniel performed his own version of the Bring me Sunshine dance at Wyndham’s
Theatre on Saturday in an oversized dress and glasses.

Repeatedly referred to as Harry Potty by Sean Foley, one
of the actors, the audience greeted Daniel with applause and made sure
that he left the stage to equally loud appreciation.

At one point, he was laughing so much – helped by jokes
such as "Have you had them developed?" after saying he had made
a few films – that he was told to calm down.

The audience did not know that Daniel, who is currently
starring in the second film about the boy wizard, Harry Potter and the
Chamber of Secrets, was going to make an appearance.

The play tries to keep its regular guest star a secret.
Ralph Fiennes was the first ("It’s Rafe"; "Well, put some
ointment on it").

Other guests have included Ewan McGregor, Denise Van Outen,
Roger Moore, Joanna Lumley and Sting. Daniel is not the play’s only link
to the Harry Potter films. The Play What I Wrote is directed by Kenneth
Branagh, the Shakespearean actor, who plays Professor Gilderoy Lockhart,
the self-obsessed Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts, in the latest

Before landing the Harry Potter role, Daniel’s acting experience
– something which he had wanted to do since the age of five – was a BBC
adaptation and a John Boorman film.

Daniel played the young David Copperfield in the 1999 television
adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel, joining a cast which included
Bob Hoskins, Dame Maggie Smith and Emilia Fox.

After that, he had a small part in the film The Tailor
of Panama, starring Pierce Brosnan, Geoffrey Rush and Jamie Lee Curtis.
His only other work was to play himself in Comic Relief’s Say Pants to
Poverty and Short Pants.

The play, which has enjoyed rave reviews, was described
as "a loving celebration of comic genius, which is itself touched
with comic genius" by The Telegraph’s theatre critic, Charles Spencer.

At the weekend, it was helped by a touch of Harry Potter

[Link: The
Play What I Wrote
home page.]  [Photo credit: MISSION]

Potter conjures up box office record

Story filed: Nov 18th, 2002.  Source: BBC

Harry Potter’s latest big screen adventure has set a new UK and Ireland
box office record, taking £9.8m at cinemas in its opening weekend.

It beat the previous best of £8.6m set by the first Potter film a year
ago, the film’s producers Warner Bros said.

During its first three days, The Chamber of Secrets raked in about $142m
(£89m) at cinemas around the world, smashing a number of records.

In North America it became the third highest-earning opening film in
history with receipts of $87.6m (£55m), slightly down on the $90.3m (£56m)
taken by its predecessor The Sorcerer’s Stone.

The film took $54m (£34m) in seven other key worldwide markets.

The Chamber of Secrets opened on Friday at 3,682 cinemas in the US, making
it the biggest opening of any film in North American history.

It also dominated another 3,284 screens across the world, in the UK,
Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Austria, Taiwan and the Philippines.

In Germany, 2.3 million fans flocked to see the film, which took $15.6m


In Taiwan it took about $3.14m (£1.89m), setting a new industry record
in the capital Taipei with $1.15m (£0.72m) income.

In the US, a number of Harry lookalikes took time off school and donned
capes and round glasses as long queues continued throughout the weekend.

But its US performance failed to threaten the all-time record set by
Spider-Man which took $114m (£71m) in its first three days in May.

However, Warner executives said they were delighted with Potter’s performance,
despite jitters about how it would compare with the first film.

"We are thrilled with how well the picture has done," said
one senior studio official. "It soared to new heights in the UK…
and set multiple industry records in Europe and Asia."

As the film was making its big-screen debut in Malaysia, pirated DVD
versions of the film were on the streets of the capital Kuala Lumpur for
just $3.

Malaysia is regarded by the entertainment industry as one of Asia’s piracy
hotspots alongside Taiwan, the Philippines and Singapore.

‘Potter’ Conjures $28M on First Day

Story filed: Nov 16th, 2002.  Source: Yahoo


LOS ANGELES (AP) – Harry Potter (news
) is working box-office magic again, though the boy wizard couldn’t
quite conjure up a revenue record.

"Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," the second movie
based on the fantasy book series by J.K. Rowling (news
), took in $28.86 million domestically on opening day Friday,
distributor Warner Bros. estimated Saturday.

That’s about 11 percent behind the $32.3 million the first film, "Harry
Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone," grossed on its opening day last

"We’re a little bit under that, but we’re still going to be in the
stratosphere," said Dan Fellman, Warner Bros. head of distribution.
"We’re on our way to a fantastic weekend."

For the full weekend, "Chamber of Secrets" is expected to take
in less than the $90.3 million gross of "Sorcerer’s Stone,"
which was then a record debut, Fellman said.

"Spider-Man" set a new record last spring, grossing $114.8
million in its first three days, but Fellman said "Chamber of Secrets"
is on track for the third-best debut weekend ever, ahead of the $80 million
gross of the current No. 3, "Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the

If the estimate holds when final numbers are tallied Monday, the Friday
gross of "Chamber of Secrets" would be the ninth-best single-day
haul ever for a movie.

"Spider-Man" holds the top two spots on that list, taking in
$43.6 million in its second day and $39.4 million on opening day. "Sorcerer’s
Stone" places third and fourth with $33.5 million in its second day
and $32.3 million in its first.

The studio’s expectations were lower for "Chamber of Secrets"
than they were last year, when fans feverishly awaited the first movie.

"The first movie was really part of a cultural event," Fellman
said. "I think `Potter’ at that moment was truly at its peak. The
anticipation of that film went way beyond what you’d see for a normal

"Chamber of Secrets" again stars Daniel Radcliffe as Harry
and Emma Watson and Rupert Grint as his chums at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft
and Wizardry. Director Chris Columbus and the adult cast also returned
for chapter two, including the late Richard Harris as Hogwarts headmaster
Dumbledore. Harris died last month after finishing the filming.

With reviews and early fan reaction indicating the new movie is better
than the first, Fellman said the studio hopes "Chamber of Secrets"
will have a longer theatrical life and eventually exceed the $317.6 million
total gross of "Sorcerer’s Stone."

Harry Potter Premieres in U.S.

Story filed: Nov 10th, 2002.  Source: Yahoo

NEW YORK (AP) – Several hundred Harry Potter enthusiasts turned out Sunday
to greet the stars of the new movie at its United States premiere.

"Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," based on the second
novel in the series by J.K. Rowling, had its world premiere last week
in London.

Daniel Radcliffe, the young actor who plays the boy wizard, made his
way down the red carpet at the Ziegfeld Theatre in midtown Manhattan as
fans strained for a peek.

"I just love Harry Potter and all the actors and J.K. Rowling is
the best author ever!" said Lauren Amrhein, 11, who wore a wizard
hat and waved a sign that said, "Daniel Radcliffe rocks!"

Emma Watson, who plays Potter’s schoolmate Hermione Granger, smiled and
waved at the crowd before disappearing into the theater.

In the film, the young wizard-in-training enrolls for his second year
at Hogwarts. Potter is forced to confront a sinister force that is intent
on terrorizing the school. Aided by his friends Ron and Hermione, Harry
rides to the rescue.

Director Chris Columbus has described the new film as "darker and
funnier" than the last, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone."

The film opens Friday, Nov. 5, at theaters across the nation.

Pottermania: Magic at premiere of ‘Chamber’

Story filed: Nov 4th, 2002.  Source: CNN.com

LONDON, England – Harry
Potter fever was back with a vengeance at the world premiere of the latest
magical movie about the schoolboy wizard.

Scores of youngsters flocked to the Odeon cinema, Leicester Square in
London on Sunday to see their favorite stars arriving for the first official
screening of "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets."

The film is being released in theaters across the UK and the U.S. on
November 15.

Young critics inside who saw the premiere told CNN afterwards the film
was "every bit as good as the last one, perhaps even better."

One cinema expert told CNN the film was excellent for a second movie
— building on the characterizations set in the original but adding more
acting depth and upping the special effects.

Outside, dressed in wizards’ hats and wearing Harry Potter scarves, the
Potter-mad crowd screamed and chanted as they waited for the celebrity
guests to turn up.

"Daniel, Daniel, Daniel," chanted a host of teenage girls,
as Daniel Radcliffe, the young actor who plays the boy wizard, arrived.

"It is really strange, but very exciting," Radcliffe told Sky
News when asked about the adulation.

The actor said of the film: "It’s a lot scarier, a lot darker —
but it’s a lot funnier.

"There’s a good balance with Kenneth Branagh as Professor Lockhart.
It’s a really good film."

The crowd also screamed wildy when they saw Rupert Grint, who plays Harry’s
ginger-haired friend Ron Weasley, and Emma Watson, who stars as Hermione

Emma said: "It’s absolutely amazing. I just can’t believe it."

"Today we’re at the center of the world and it’s very exciting,"
Miriam Margoyles. who plays Professor Sprout, added.

Many had queued for several hours, braving rain earlier in the day, in
the hope of getting autographs from the film’s cast.

Zoe Algar and Laura Hall, both 16, from Great Yarmouth, waited for four
hours, wearing witches’ hats and clutching a big hairy spider toy, to
see Daniel.

"He’s so much like Harry Potter in the book and he’s quite cute,"
Zoe told the UK’s Press Association. "I hope he still will be in
the fourth film. I think he should grow up in the film as well."

There has been speculation that teen star Daniel would quit after the
third movie because he will literally have outgrown the role.

Two weeks ago director Chris Columbus said he would bet on the current
child stars — Daniel, Emma and Rupert — doing three films.

Twelve-year-old Jessica Price, from Buckinghamshire, was clutching a
worn Harry Potter book for Emma to sign. Jessica told the Press Association:
"I love her, she’s just so bossy."

The sequel to last year’s blockbuster, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s
Stone" (in the U.S., it was released as "Harry Potter and the
Sorcerer’s Stone") follows second-year student Harry as he tackles
a sinister force which is terrorizing the wizard academy.

Based on the second of J.K. Rowling’s hit books, the latest movie stars
Branagh as the vain and flamboyant Gilderoy Lockhart, the school’s new
Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts.

There are also repeat roles for Alan Rickman, Dame Maggie Smith and Robbie

The only cloud over the premiere: The film’s debut follows the death
10 days ago of Richard Harris, who stars in the film as Albus Dumbledore
— headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"I know he would have liked to have been here tonight," said
Daniel, "he liked a good party. We did some very emotional scenes
together. It is very hard."

Coltrane, who plays the friendly giant Hagrid in the Potter movies, agreed,
saying of Harris: "He will be hugely, hugely missed."

A spokeswoman for Warner Bros., which is distributing the film, said
the second "Potter" film is "darker and funnier" than
the first. Warner Bros. is owned by AOL Time Warner, parent company of
CNN and CNN.com.

Production on the series’ third instalment, "Harry Potter and the
Prisoner of Azkaban," is due to begin in either February or March.

Four novels have been published so far and Rowling has said there will
be seven books overall.

Dan on E! News Live

Story filed: Oct 28th, 2002.

Following the New York press conferences, Dan, Rupert and Emma made a
quick trip to Chicago to record a segment for the Oprah Winfrey Show and
Dan was also interviewed for E! News Live.

"I get recognized on the street sometimes," said Dan, commenting
on how the success of the first movie had changed his life,"but that’s
actually really cool because they always come up to me and they’re so
enthusiastic about the film and it’s great to hear what they have to say."

E!: Even the ones who are into it way too much?

"I haven’t met any of them yet.  There’s only one time I’ve
ever been chased and that was kind of a bit weird but cool at the same

E!: Chased down the street?  By a big pack of people?

"No, only two people!"

E!: In your opinion, how is this one different than the first?

"It’s a lot darker, a lot scarier, and edgy but also it’s a lot
funnier than the first one as well.  You have characters like Ken
Branagh and Rupert when he’s belching up the slugs and stuff."

E!: Are you concerned about being remembered as Harry Potter for the
rest of your life?  You’ll always be remembered as this character
for sure.

"I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  I mean obviously I’d like
to separate myself from the character in that my friends no longer call
me Harry sometimes by accident, cos that’s what they do sometimes which
is kind of weird but at the same time it’s something to be really proud
of because it’s a real achievement."

Links to the video clips can be found on our video

Actor Richard Harris dies

Story filed: Oct 25th, 2002.  Source: BBC

Celebrated actor Richard Harris has died following a fight against cancer,
his family have confirmed.

The Irish screen veteran, 72, had been undergoing chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s
disease, after falling ill two months ago.

His death was announced by sons Damian, Jarid and Jamie who said their
"beloved father" had passed away peacefully at University College
Hospital, London, at 1900 BST on Friday.

Harris, already a renowned actor, became known to a new generation of
film fans through his role as Professor Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter
and the Philosopher’s Stone – the first movie based on JK Rowling’s tales
of the boy wizard.

He had just finished work on the second Harry Potter movie, Chamber of
Secrets, when he became ill this summer.

Harris had expected to be discharged in time to work on the third Potter
film, The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Film director Michael Winner said: "The lights have dimmed a lot
with his passing.

"He was my neighbour for ten years, and he was the most wonderful,
warm character."

Chat show host Michael Parkinson – who interviewed Harris three times
– said: "He was an extraordinary man, a great storyteller, very intelligent."

Hodgkin’s disease – a form of cancer that affects the lymph glands –
was diagnosed when Harris went into hospital with a severe chest infection
in August.

Only a few weeks ago his agent, Sharon Thomas, told BBC News Online he
was "responding well to treatment".

Seven-film contract

Harris built his reputation on his commanding performances in films such
as A Man Called Horse and This Sporting Life.

He was twice nominated for Oscars for This Sporting Life and The Field
and was also recently nominated for a British Independent Film award for
his performance as the leader of a Liverpool crime syndicate in My Kingdom.

However, he was renowned for his hellraiser lifestyle and heavy drinking.

He admitted his wayward nature almost lost him the role of Harry Potter’s
wise old wizard headmaster.

He and the rest of the cast were asked to sign up for a seven-movie deal
– the number of books JK Rowling has always said she intends to write.

"The thought of doing seven films was intimidating," he said
at the time.

"I’m rebellious by nature and felt it could be rather difficult
to handle."

Dan, Rupert and Emma on Entertainment Tonight

Story filed: Oct 25th, 2002

The Terrific Trio rounded off a week of press conferences and promotional
appearances in America with an appearance on the Entertainment Tonight
show yesterday.  The show featured some previously unseen footage
from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and briefly interviewed
Dan, Rupert and Emma.

Dan’s quotes:

On being called a "heartthrob":  "Personally I can’t
see it, but if other people can, then… great!  Cool!"

On being famous: "It’s kind of nerve-wracking but at the same time,
it’s really great."

On whether or not he will return for the fourth movie: "I think
we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  I’m not telepathic –
I can’t see into the future yet."

Sneak Peek Sweeps at Moviefone.com

Story filed: Oct 24th, 2002.  Source: Moviefone.com
Tip credit: Snitchseeker.com

Moviefone.com is running a contest for free tickets to a preview of Harry
Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
in a number of US cities. 
All you have to do is supply your name and address.  For more details,
check their contest

Harry Potter matures into a wilier wizard

Story filed: Oct 23rd, 2002.  Source: USA
.  Tip credit: The
Leaky Cauldron

LOS ANGELES — His voice is deeper, his manner more assured and he engages
in more adolescent high jinks. Meet the nearly teenage Harry Potter. In
the second installment of the series, Harry Potter and the Chamber
of Secrets
, opening Nov. 15, Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) and pal Ron
Weasley (Rupert Grint), both 12, have lower voices and a bit of a tougher
attitude. They even drive a car, which can also fly.

"They’re becoming men," says Annie Tippe,
14, of L.A., who saw the movie Monday at Warner Bros., which is distributing
the film. This week, select screenings were held for journalists and studio
employees and families.

And while teens count Harry and his magical pals
at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as part of their crowd,
the younger set admires their cool maturity. "They’re growing up,"
says Alex Salas, 9, of Santa Clarita, Calif., with a touch of awe in his

Secrets— based on the best-selling book by
J.K. Rowling about the adventures of an orphaned wizard — now seems aimed
at slightly older kids.

Last year, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,
which raked in $318 million in North America, was the most anticipated
family movie of the fall. Its main competition, The Lord of the Rings:
The Fellowship of the Ring
, another film about magical events, grossed
$313 million and attracted a slightly older audience of teens. A similar
box office contest will take place this holiday season (with more audience
overlap) when The Two Towers, the second Rings epic, opens
Dec. 18.

Secrets hopes to outmatch even its own predecessor
with more action, humor and thrills. "It’s more suspenseful than
the first," attests Rosie Krieger, 14, of L.A. And teens like Tippe
say they are "ecstatic" about the romantic plotline. "It’s
developing slowly," she says.

But don’t discount the fantasy element. In Secrets,
Harry eludes armies of eight-legged attackers and tangles with an 85-foot
serpent. Some of the action scenes even make the wizard look like a budding
Bond. In fact, director Chris Columbus says he urged Radcliffe to say
one line "like Clint Eastwood."

Also captivating are the fast-paced scenes of Quidditch,
an aerial sport that is a cross between soccer and basketball — while
dodging foes and a heavy careening ball from atop a broomstick.

"We improved the special-effects rigs and the
visual effects to get more (high-speed) movement," says Columbus,
who fulfilled last year’s promise to do so. "The goal was to make
it a lot more exciting and a little more violent."

Theater owners who saw Secrets Tuesday responded
favorably and predicted the film would probably gross more than $250 million.
But some found it less "magical" than the first, and balked
at the 2-hour, 42-minute length (nine minutes longer than Stone).

Harry Potter Kids May Quit After 3rd Film – Director

Story filed: Oct 23rd, 2002.  Source: Yahoo
.  Tip credit: Dark

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The young stars of the blockbuster Harry Potter
films will probably call it quits after the third installment of the series,
director Chris Columbus said on Tuesday.

"If I were a betting man I’d say they’ll probably stop after three,"
Columbus told Reuters about 12-year-old Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)
and his sidekicks Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), 12, and Rupert Grint
(Ron Weasley), 13.

The talented young trio, who starred in last year’s "Harry Potter
and the Sorcerer’s Stone" — the second highest grossing movie of
all time after "Titanic" — reprise their roles in "Harry
Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," which opens on Nov. 15.

The movie was titled "Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone"
outside the United States.

The Britons will portray the youthful wizards again in the film of the
third book of J.K. Rowling’s phenomenally successful series, "The
Prisoner of Azkaban," which begins filming in March and is expected
to be released in June 2004.

Columbus, who directed the first two Potter movies, decided against directing
the third, saying he was worn out and wanted to spend more time with his
family. He will still be on the set daily as producer of the next Potter

Columbus praised the young stars, but said they might be ready for a
break after the rigors of doing three major movies in quick succession.

"If they ask my opinion, my advice would be to go back to being
kids," said Columbus, whose film version of "Sorcerer’s Stone"
grossed more than $965 million.

Rowling has written four Potter books with the fifth of her planned seven-volume
series expected to be published next year. The first four Potter books,
published by Bloomsbury in Britain and Scholastic in the United States,
have sold 175 million copies worldwide.

Asked about his future plans regarding playing the bespectacled Potter,
Radcliffe told a news conference on Tuesday, "We’re all definitely
doing the third film. After that, who knows?"

Another Review at Ain’t It Cool News

Story filed: Oct 23rd, 2002.  Source: Ain’t
It Cool News
.  Tip credit: The
Leaky Cauldron

Earlier this year, AICN posted a review of Harry Potter and the Chamber
of Secrets
by a supposed WB mole called Walkabouter, who had also
reviewed the first movie long before its release last year.  That
review has since been largely panned as being insider hype, which is funny
because if anything reads like a media plant then it’s this review of
HPCOS by a chap calling himself Sam’s Myth that AICN has just posted. 
We’re including it here anyway out of interest… you can take it any
way you want but probably should include a big pinch of salt :-)

Sam sez:

"Tonight I was lucky enough to catch a screening of Harry Potter
and the Chamber of Secrets, almost a month before its release. I’m a big
Harry fan and I’ll just say right off the bat that it doesn’t disappoint;
It’s quite great actually. Spoilers follow (but who hasn’t read this book

I’d love to just look at this film as its own individual unit, but the
fact of the matter is that the most natural way of digesting it is by
comparing and contrasting it to the other formats: the first movie, the
movies to come, and of course the books. Just like most any Star Wars
fan will tell you that Empire is the best, the majority of Potter fans
easily dub Chamber as the worst (or the least great) of J.K. Rowling’s
books. Well we’re in good shape if the worst of the books can be turned
into a movie this fun. And with Alfonso Cuaron (of Great Expectations
and A Little Princess, both fairly underrated) on board for the next film,
it can only get better from here.

It’s cliché to say this, but I will anyways: The first movie was a magical
and fantastic introduction to the world of Harry Potter, and the second
picks up from there (granted, less romantically) with a much darker tone.
The film is literally darker, moodier (is it a stretch to note the noir-like
camera angles?), and scarier. The film’s mystery stems from the resurrection
of the Chamber of Secrets, a hidden Slytherin heir, and some hot and bothered
spirits lurking in the literal and figurative bowels of Hogwarts; That
sense of mystery is what makes the movie so great. It’s nice to reach
that darker place, like when Tom Riddle’s handwriting reveals itself to
Harry from thin air, or when the other students start to silently question
Harry’s integrity as they do their homework. The set pieces are gothic
and haunting (the gigantic trees of the Forbidden Forest; the Legend-of-Zelda-esque
titular Chamber), and some moments are surprisingly uncanny– like seeing
Hermione frozen stiff, eyes glazed over ("petrified"), and the
bizarre Shining-meets-Lolita incarnation of Moaning Myrtle, who is a lot
freakier than that stupid girl in the Ghost Ship trailer.

The three kids (Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), Rupert Grint (Ron), and Emma
Watson (Hermione)) turn in very solid performances. You can see how far
they’ve come (and how much their voices have dropped) in just a year,
especially Radcliffe, whose performance sometimes made me forget I was
watching a kid. And then the other usual suspects are all back: Draco
is meaner and has a badass new broomstick, Dumbledore confirms his lightning-bolt
scar (Yep, it’s there. And you heard it here first), Oliver Wood is still
the man but has less screen time (sorry ladies), Warwick Davis gets another
couple shots (yeah!!!), and our lovable friend Hagrid once again gets
the honor of leading us to the closing credits with goosebumps. Kenneth
Branagh, playing the haughty and hilarious Gilderoy Lockhart, fills Alan
Rickman’s shoes as the stealer of the show, and he’ll keep the adults
in the audience fully entertained with his craft. Great newcomer performances
also from Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy, Mark Williams as Weasley, and
Bonnie Wright is adorable as little Ginny Weasley.

Chris Columbus has also fine-tuned some of the visual effects (don’t
get me wrong, some of it still looks plain bad, mainly the strangely lit
and seemingly blue-screened spectators during the throwaway Quidditch
sequence). Dobby the house-elf looks pretty freakin real in most of his
shots, and the Basilisk (the Chamber’s slithering pet) is one of the best-looking
and genuinely frightening reptiles since Jurassic Park. It’s also nice
to see some old-school puppetry being used instead of just CG-ing every
little thing (hint hint George), such as with the funny (and plot-oriented)
Mandrakes and Fawkes, Dumbledore’s mythic winged phoenix.

And when the phoenix cries on Harry’s arm to heal his battle wound, it’s
strangely poignant. It’s one of the few times you get that feeling, and
if there’s a flaw in the movie it’s that it lacks the heart of the first.
There’s no real mention of Harry’s parents– a powerful visual and thematic
element of the first movie– and other than in the last scene, the movie
doesn’t quite capture your heart like the Sorcerer’s Stone. Both of the
Potter films suffer a bit in pacing, editing, and Columbus’ lack of an
unmistakable vision. But Chamber makes up for its flaws with a dark plot,
its great sense of mystery and danger, and just the fact that at the end
of the day, it’s Harry Potter, and Harry Potter rules! You can look forward
to being a kid again on November 15th."

JK: There will NOT be an eighth Potter book

Story filed: Oct 23rd, 2002.  Source: CBBC

JK Rowling and her agents have categorically denied that an eighth Harry
Potter adventure is planned.

Reports in UK newspapers on Sunday and Monday had claimed that these
were the titles for the remaining two Harry Potter adventures and a "secret"
eighth book:

  • Harry Potter and The Pyramids of Furmat
  • Harry Potter and the Chariots of Light
  • Harry Potter and The Alchemist’s Cell

But JK Rowling, speaking from Edinburgh, has exclusively told Newsround:
"No one, literally no one, not in my family or anybody, knows the
titles to Book Six or Seven.

"And I’m going to keep it that way for now."

No eighth adventure

And a spokesman from the Christopher Little Literary Agency confirmed
that the author is only planning seven books.

"There is absolutely no truth in reports that JK Rowling is planning
an eighth Harry Potter adventure, or that these are the titles of the
remaining books to be published."

How did the rumours start?

The false titles seem to have emerged in early 2000.

Someone in America – we don’t know who – appears to have made up the
three names and registered them along with Harry Potter and The Goblet
of Fire.

(At that time, the fourth book hadn’t been published and the title was
still a secret).

Later in 2000, all four titles were transferred to Warner Bros – although
it’s not clear why this happened.

Seven years at Hogwarts

The misunderstanding that these were the names of the new Harry Potter
books took place when journalists checked what names were owned by Warner

Those journalists assumed (wrongly) that these must be unpublished titles.

JK Rowling has said in the past that the whole Harry Potter saga fits
neatly into seven books, one for each of Harry’s years at Hogwarts School
of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

And if she ever did write an eighth book, then it wouldn’t be another
adventure, but a book for charity which would be the encyclopedia of the
Harry Potter world.

At the moment JK Rowling is putting the finishing touches to the fifth
book Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix.

The film of Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets will be released
next month.

Total Dan Live!

Story filed: Oct 23rd, 2002.  

Dan made a guest appearance on MTV’s
Total Request Live program in the US yesterday.  A large crowd of
Harry fans was outside the MTV building to greet Dan and on his way into
the studio, one fan thrust a Valentine card into his hands, much to his

Dan’s whole segment lasted about five minutes and he talked
about the plot of Chamber of Secrets, how he relaxed between the first
and the second movies ("I locked myself in a small room and watched
movies and listened to music the whole time!"), what it’s like to
act opposite an orange ball on a stick (used to represent Dobby before
CGI!) and whether he’ll be back in future HP movies.  He also did
a 15-second trailer for Chamber of Secrets.  MTV also showed the
duel scene between Harry and Malfoy.

For more images, go to the TRL
2002 Screen Captures
photo album 

Entertainment Tonight previews Chamber of Secrets

Story filed: Oct 19th, 2002.  

"Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"
was previewed briefly on CBS’ "Entertainment Tonight"
show in the US on Oct 18th and showed some cool behind-the-scenes clips
as well as a very brief interview with Dan.  Here’s his quotes:

"The second film has proved to be much more of a challenge. 
It’s got a lot more action in, and it’s a lot scarier, a lot darker and
a lot creepier."

"I am so lucky.  How many kids in the world would
pay thousands to be doing this right now."

We have a complete recording of the segment over on our
video (in four parts) and sounds pages and some
stills on our Media Pictures page.

Dan appears on Autism DVD

Story filed: Oct 18th, 2002. Tip credit: Dania

"See how world famous actor Daniel Radcliffe reacts to being offered
some raw squid!"

has made a guest appearance on a new DVD entitled "Mind Reading:
the Interactive Guide to Emotion".  The DVD uses a cast of over
30 actors to demonstrate the facial expressions and vocalizations associated
with 412 distinct emotions.  Developed by researchers at the University
of Cambridge Autism Research Centre
, it is primarily an educational
tool for people with autism spectrum conditions who have difficulty in
recognizing emotions but also claims to be a useful resource for anyone
interested in the dramatic arts who needs to study human emotions.  

DanRadcliffe.com spoke to Echo Ward, one of the producers of "Mind
Reading", about Dan’s involvement in the production of the DVD. 
She told us "The daughter of one of our team members read an interview
with Daniel in which he stated that he was interested in working with
people with autism.  We approached his agent, who put us in touch
with Daniel and he was happy to volunteer his services for the DVD." 
Dan’s portion of the filming took place in May 2002.

Dan appears in the Famous Face game in the Games Zone section of the
DVD.  Users can "control" Dan’s emotions with a slider
to demonstrate the facial and vocal expressions within three emotional
ranges: happy to sad, friendly to angry and delighted to disgusted. 
(Apparently you can turn the speech off if you don’t want to hear Dan
react to being offered the squid!)  

Dan’s involvement has not been that heavily publicized as the DVD is
meant to be an educational tool, not as being of general interest to Harry
Potter fans.  "He’s really a special bonus", says Echo. 
"He was very nice and we really enjoyed working with him."

"Mind Reading" is developed and distributed by Human Emotions
Ltd.  For more information, or to order a copy, please visit the
Human Emotions
web site
.  The DVD costs approximately UKP £75, USD $114 or Eur

Read a press
about the DVD from the National Autistic Society.

Incidentally, if you do buy a copy of it please
let us know

COS Previews coming next week!

Story filed: Oct 15th, 2002.  Source: The
Leaky Cauldron

[Oops.  This section of the article has been removed – turns out
that there may have been a computer error at Fandango and they are refunding
any tickets bought for supposed previews showing before Nov 15th. 
Don’t worry, as soon as we hear about genuine previews in the US, we’ll
let you know.]

Preview showings take place in the UK on Nov 8th, 9th, 10th and 14th. 
Watch the local press for details.

Chamber of Secrets is finally finished!

Story filed: Oct 15th, 2002.  Source: CBBC

The movie of Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets has now been finished.

The film will start being shown to journalists and reviewers within the
next few weeks, and the first reviews should start appearing soon.

Like the first one, it looks like being a PG certificate. As for the
length, there are reports from one big cinema chain that it has a running
time of 178 minutes.

Sadly, it’s not true. This one is only slightly longer than Philosopher’s
Stone, clocking in at 155 minutes (2 hours and 35 minutes).

Much less than the 181 minutes that the first Lord of the Rings lasted.

The movie will premiere in London on Sunday 3 and will be in cinemas
on 15 November.

Coke To Help Unveil Harry Potter’s "Secrets"

Story filed: Oct 8th, 2002.  Source: Brandweek.com
Tip credit: Leigh

The "Catch the Golden Snitch and Win" promotion, to run Oct.
14-Nov. 22, will center around collectible game cards enclosed in multi-packs
of Coca-Cola Classic and caffeine free Coca-Cola. Consumers who find the
Golden Snitch (an integral part of Potter’s favorite game Quidditch) card
can win a trip to London as well as receive $5 movie certificates.

A 30-second TV spot, created by McCann-Erickson, New York, breaks Oct.
21. It shows a boy in a locker room after a soccer game opening a 12-pack
and finding the Golden Snitch card. His surroundings then change into
a Quidditch locker room replete with magic broomsticks, as a voiceover
explains the promotion. A 60-second radio spot supports. Coke will also
bring back an RIF-focused spot that aired last year, where owls drop books
from the sky.

Coke’s Minute Maid Co. will be offering similar prizes via Minute Maid
single-serve juices and Minute Maid Coolers 10-pack cartons. Coke and
RIF are continuing the "Classroom Library Collections" program,
an $18 million initiative designed to bring 10,000 sets of books to classrooms
in need, as well as the "Story Travelers" armada of vehicles
that will bring learning activities and free books to more than 500 locations.

Coke has vowed to spend $150 million during the course of the Potter
partnership in as many as 40 markets globally.

Casting Office Address for Prisoner of Azkaban

Story filed: Oct 6th, 2002.  Source: CBBC

Leavesden Studios, home of the Harry Potter productions, have given out
the only address of a brand new casting office you can write to
if you are interested in a role in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. 
Please don’t phone, write or fax to any other address you might
have heard about – just this one only.

Send a short letter and a recent photograph to:

Jina Jay

Casting Office
Leavesden Studios
PO Box 322
WD25 7XJ

Harry Potter star ‘will become a heart-throb’ in new movie

Story filed: Oct 5th, 2002.  Source: Ananova

The director of the Harry Potter films says he thinks the new one will
turn Daniel Radcliffe into a "heart-throb".

Chris Columbus has directed both Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone
and Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets.

He says Potter fans will see Radcliffe become "more of a leading
man" in the new film.

"In the last film the heart-throb was Tom Felton who played Draco
Malfoy, everybody loves a bad boy right?" Columbus tells The Times

"In this film it’s going to be more over to Dan. He’s really matured
as an action adventure hero so in that respect he’s a much stronger presence".

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets is released in the UK on November

Potter film should be finished next week

Story filed: Oct 4th, 2002.  Source: CBBC

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets should be finished by Wednesday,
9 October, according to the movie’s producer David Heyman.

Speaking exclusively to Newsround’s Lizo on the film set of Chamber of
Secrets, he said: "I think it’s a big step forward in many ways.
It’s more adventurous, and there’s more humour."

More action

The new film has more big action sequences like the giant spiders, the
Basilisk and the flying car.

And Heyman says the Quidditch sequences are "a big improvement on
the first".

Other plans

Heyman also runs his own film company called Heyday Films. It plans to
bring two other children’s books to the big screen.

Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism, by Georgia Byng, is about
a young girl who discovers how to hypnotise people.

And Cirque du Freak, by Darren Shan, is about a young boy who becomes
a half-vampire.

Heyman says he’s "very excited" about both projects.

Ideas for Azkaban

Before those come to the screen though, he’s working on Harry Potter
and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

It’ll be directed by Alfonso Cuaron. They’ve already been to Edinburgh
to discuss ideas with JK Rowling.

"We sat down with her and talked through some Alfonso’s initial
thoughts for the third film, and she was thrilled," Heyman reveals.

In the meantime, the world premiere of Chamber of Secrets will be in
London on 3 November.

AOL Movies Offers Harry Potter Fans the Chance to Share the Spotlight
With Their Favorite Wizard

Story filed: Oct 1st, 2002. 
Source: MSN

NEW YORK.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 30, 2002– One
Lucky AOL Member Will be Chosen to Co-Host AOL’s Red Carpet Broadcast
from the Premiere of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in New York

AOL Will Also Spotlight the World’s Biggest Harry
Potter Fans in a new Weekly Feature, "Wizard of the Week"

As moviegoers across the world count the days until
their favorite boy wizard returns to movie screens in Harry Potter and
the Chamber of Secrets, America Online, Inc., the world’s leading interactive
services company, today announces two new creative challenges that will
reward and recognize the most devoted Harry Potter fans.

Starting today, AOL members can enter the "Be
a Red Carpet VIP" Contest by submitting a video of themselves as
an entertainment show host. The winner will receive a trip to New York
to co-host AOL’s broadcast of the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
red carpet premiere on November 10 and see the movie with the stars five
days before its nationwide release. America Online will determine the
top five finalist videos, which will be judged by creativity, presentation,
quality of questions and personality. The final five will be broadcast
online, and members will vote for their favorite to select the winner.

AOL has also launched a "Wizard of the Week"
feature, a weekly opportunity for members to demonstrate their creativity
and enthusiasm for Harry Potter’s world, and be a "star" on
AOL’s "Wizard of the Week" fan page. Each week, America Online
will announce a new task for members seeking "Wizard of the Week"
status. Creative entries may include fan photos, homemade fan pages, Harry
Potter-inspired poems, themed desktop designs and more. AOL will select
one member as its "Wizard of the Week," who will receive a personal
spotlight on the AOL service at AOL Keyword: Wizard of the Week and AOL
Keyword: Harry Potter, which includes their photo, bio, their favorite
movie character and a link to their submission.

"Since the release of the tremendously successful
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, anticipation for the second installment
has been building among our audience," said Kevin Conroy, SVP and
General Manager, AOL Entertainment. "We are pleased to deliver Harry
Potter fans unique ways to experience the magic of Harry Potter and the
Chamber of Secrets online weeks before the film arrives in theaters."

"We’re excited to team up with America Online
to bring the wonder of Harry Potter to fans of all ages online,"
said Don Buckley, Senior Vice President, Interactive Marketing, Warner
Bros. Pictures. "The Harry Potter-themed content created by America
Online offers fans a great opportunity to feel as if they’re a part of
his world."

AOL Keyword: Harry Potter also offers a variety
of Harry Potter content including the movie’s official trailer, screensavers
and desktops, games, chats, polls and more.

Video submissions for the "Be a Red Carpet
VIP" Contest must be received by October 18. Voting by AOL members
of the five finalists will take place between October 28 and October 31.
Parental consent is required for children’s submissions. Official rules,
including instructions on how to submit your video, can be found on AOL
Keyword: Be a Red Carpet VIP.

The "Wizard of the Week" promotion will
launch on September 25 with the first member spotlight appearing on October
16. The program will continue to run through December.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will be
released in North America and the U.K. on November 15, 2002, by Warner
Bros. Pictures, an AOL Time Warner Company.

Harry Potter film to have preview screenings

Story filed: 1st Oct 2002.  Source: Ananova.

Harry Potter fans will get the chance to see the new film early.

It will have special preview screenings on November 8, 9 and 10 as well
as the 14.

The film is not officially released until November 15.

The UK premiere of Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets will take
place at the Odeon Leicester Square on November 3.

Odeon have also announced it will be dedicating 228 screens to the film
once it goes on general release.

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