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HPCOS London Premiere

HPCOS NYC Premiere

by ClaireNov 2, 2002

Read our own special feature to commemorate the release of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  Members from our staff attended the premiere in New York City.  

Check out our exclusive photo album and read the premiere report by Ian by clicking on read more below!

Oooh! Story time. Gather around, kiddies.

Last Wednesday, Jenna from asked if I’d like to hit the red carpet at the “Potter” premiere in Manhattan on November 10th . Of course, I had to accept, for a myriad of reasons, many of which I can’t go into now.

Anyway, I told my dad about it at around 10:30 PM the night before, and I was video-camera-less and thoroughly unprepared. I woke up at 7:00 AM on a SUNDAY, which is a feat for me, and rapidly got dressed and all, thinking that we’d be able to stop for a camera or something, but while I was getting into my suit, my dad was nice enough to grab a voice recorder at Radio Shack. I printed out my oh-so-classy “press pass”, although they didn’t really bother to look at it later.

We drove into the city at around 11:00, and got to the theatre an hour early at noon. Press check-in was at 1:00. I meandered about until we met Darren, the WB rep who let us in. Really nice guy! Thanks for everything Darren! Anyway, we waited around this tent and watched all the news people show up : CBS, CNN, 1010 WINS Radio, AOL Media people, I think I saw one of their contest winners, she was wearing a purple velvety dress, about 13 years old; just about everyone you could imagine there was. They all knew each other though, which was a bit humorous, because they were arguing over who got to stand where down the carpet.

There are two pictures of them in a big mess, and the press guy in the middle was telling the people to get in line by first name. Very interesting, it reminded me of what kindergarten was like. Darren escorted me down the carpet, I have a picture walking down, not that wide, about 5/8 of the sidewalk was carpeted, and we got down towards the end. To my left were folks from and to the right were a woman from Scholastic and her son who was about seven or eight years old. To the right of them was a great guy from 95.5 FM WPLJ, really funny, nice to everyone.

At around two forty five, people started to show up. There were a bunch of people who I didn’t get to talk to, but were well known. Ann from “The Today Show” on NBC showed up, Gossip columnist for the New York Post, Cindy Adams showed up with her Yorkshire terrier and personal videographer. The dad from “Richie Rich” showed up with his family and some of the crew from “Howard Stern”. We were told that Susan Sarandon, Liam Neesen, and Caroline Rhea were going to show up, but for some reason they didn’t, or they took a back route in. Robin Williams did show up, though, but passed by most of the press.

The first person I managed to grab an interview with was David Heyman, the producer. Right before, his publicist asked if I wanted to interview him, and was generous enough to put me in my own spot. Most of the other people grouped me with the guy from WPLJ next to me.

Here is the interview with David :

Ian: Hi. I’m Ian from

David : Wow. Hello!

Ian: Well, welcome to New York. Great atmosphere, isn’t it?

David : Of course. I would have never expected it to become this big

Ian : Well, what do you see for the future? I’ve heard a lot of rumors going around for the next Cho Chang.

David : Well, we’re starting production in FEBRUARY (he didn’t emphasize this, but I’m doing it). We haven’t really decided too much about the part of Cho.

Ian : Well, enjoy the rest of the day!

David : All right.thanks a lot

We waited a few more minutes, and then Rupert came a long. His publicist placed him in my spot also. “Two questions” she told me :

Ian : Hey, I’m Ian, from

Rupert : Oh, hi!

Ian : Well, what do you think of all this? I know you’ve been used to it lately.

Rupert : I’m used to it now, but I love it.

Ian : Ok then, lets jump right in. In the film, you’ve seen our fine American cars, namely the Ford Anglia. Do you know what you might want to drive when you get to be that age?

Rupert : Anything as long as it flies

Ian : Heh. I like that. So what do you think is the end outcome of all of this?

Rupert : Well, I love doing what I’m doing now. I hope to do all seven films.

Ian : Sounds great. Well, enjoy the rest of the day, and congratulations.

Rupert : Thanks

This thing is three pages long already? Jeez. When Dan came around, here’s what happened.

Ian : Hi. I’m Ian from your site,

Dan : Oh, hi!

Child runs up : “Sign the book”

Once Dan signed his book he was moved along to the next guy down the line so I didn’t get a chance to finish talking to him. The same thing happened with Emma too. I didn’t see Chris there at all, but apparently he managed to sneak by us.

When it was finally time to see the movie we were told the Ziegfield theatre was full, so Darren put us into an overflow theatre at The Director’s Guild….thanks again Darren!

I was in a room with about four hundred potter fans. It reminded me of a high school auditorium. It started, without previews, and everyone erupted in screams and claps and everything. They “ooh’d” and “aah’d” and “eew’d”. A really great audience.


Please note : not all questions or opinions are necessarily those of This is Ian’s report of the premiere in his own words.


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