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by ClaireMar 31, 2002

Magic Moment for Man U’s Goalie

Story filed 14/03/02.

More than 1,000 school children were given a magical surprise when they
received a message from Harry Potter’s pet owl, Hedwig.
And Manchester United goalkeeper Raymond van der Gouw needed to show a
safe pair of hands when the schoolboy wizard’s pet cast a spell over his
club’s home of Old Trafford.  Children from across Manchester gathered
at the Theatre of Dreams to launch a charity book of poems based on the
Beautiful Game. 

Teacher to market Harry Potter Game

Story filed 13/03/02.

A drama teacher who developed Harry Potter’s Quidditch for a games field
has won the right to recreate the game around the world.

Mid Wales teacher Elaine Curry dreamed up a down-to-earth version of the
game played on broomsticks.
Quidditch took Newtown High School, in Powys, by storm as hundreds of
pupils signed up to play in an in-school league. 

Potter Props

Story filed 13/03/02.

Props from some of the biggest ever movies are expected to raise more
than £1 million at an auction starting today.  More than 1500
lots used in blockbusters like Titanic, Gladiator and the Harry Potter
film will be sold.  The three day sale takes place at Sotheby’s in

Old Age Potter

Story filed 10/03/02.

THE new Harry Potter movie has hit problems – because the star, Daniel
Radcliffe, is growing up too fast.  His character is supposed to
be 11 years old at the start of new movie, Harry Potter and The Chamber
of Secrets.  But Daniel, who will turn 13 in July, is fast becoming
an adolescent.  

Executive producer Michael Barnathan admitted there had been a few hitches. 
He said: "In the last shot of the first movie, he is just like a
little boy but now it’s quite amazing, the change is very dramatic. 
"We look at him and he’s rapidly approaching a man. He sounds so
much huskier now his voice has broken."

Daniel was just 10 when he was cast in the first Harry Potter movie. 
Barnathan said: "We had an incredible book and we could not let the
fans down. Finding Dan was the biggest thing."  He admitted
the new film – which will feature Shakespearian guru Kenneth Branagh as
well as most of the cast from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
– has a lot to live up to.  The first movie has become the second
most successful film of all time.  

Daniel has already made some celebrity pals on set – including comedian
and actor Robin Williams.  Barnathan said: "Robin is a good
friend of director Chris Columbus and so Chris brought him on the set,
which he loved.  "He was just like a little kid. Dan and Robin
were, like, in awe of each other.  "When they get together the
pair of them like playing Nintendo together, it was really fun."

Fast Show star joins Harry Potter cast

Story filed 4 March 2002.

The Fast Show’s Mark Williams will play Ron Weasley’s dad in the new
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets film.
Miriam Margolyes will play Madam Sprout in the movie.

Harry Potter fans – Last chance to see filming for second movie

Story filed February 24, 2002

Travellers arriving at Kings Cross have their last chance of seeing the
new Harry Potter film being made. Platform four’s signs have been changed
to platform nine-and-three-quarters. The Hogwart’s Express is in the station.
Trunks and other props are at the end of the platform. Today is the final
day of filming.

Harry Potter is "Fattist" says Charity

Story filed Friday, February 22, 2002

Harry Potter has been accused of being ‘fattist’. A Weight Concern charity
says JK Rowling’s characters dismiss overweight pupils as stupid and greedy.
The charity says JK’s description of Harry’s cousin Dudley has led to
an increase of overweight children being bullied…. 

Harry Potter Makes Movie Chart History

Story filed: 08:32 Tuesday 19th February 2002

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone is now the second biggest film
of all time. It took over the number two slot from Star Wars Episode 1:
The Phantom Menace at the weekend. Titanic remains the highest-grossing
film ever. The Harry Potter film, which was made by Warner Brothers, has
now made £649million since it was first released in November, reports
www.screendaily.co.uk. Warner Brothers president Alan Horn said: "This
is a remarkable achievement. "We’re extremely proud that audiences
around the globe have embraced Harry Potter so enthusiastically, and we
thank all of the fans for their passion and support." 

Lice scare on Potter set???

Story filed: 12 February 2002

An infamous British tabloid — the same one that said another boy dubbed
Daniel Radcliffe in The Sorcerer’s Stone — claims that the children’s
biggest enemy is not Lord Voldemort, but head lice. The Sun tabloid reported:
"A nurse is examining hundreds of ‘pupils’ at the imaginary Hogwarts
School for Witchcraft And Wizardry every day amid fears of a big outbreak.
Even Daniel Radcliffe, who stars as Harry, does not escape the rigorous
and time-consuming going over for head lice. Busloads of child actors
arriving on set each morning are checked while they are in makeup."
This species of lice can be a problem among large populations of schoolchildren.
The Sun never indicated how the lice were introduced to the set or if
any number of extras or cast members have them. "Children infected
with lice scratch their scalps constantly — which could cost time
and money in terms of lost production," the paper said. The tabloid
added Warner Bros. hopes to start filming The Prisoner of Azkaban in early

Potter Leads to Witchcraft University Course

Story filed: 05:34:12 Friday 15th February 2002

Harry Potter’s popularity has led Adelaide University to launch a course
in sorcery, witchcraft and shamanism.
Students will study seances, exorcisms, healings, ritual magic and African
witchdoctors from March 20.
Only two people have enrolled for the 12-week course so far, but the university
says there have been dozens of inquiries. 

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone sold at Auction

Story filed: 03:43:01 Tuesday 12th February 2002

A first edition of Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone has been
bought at auction in London for just under £10,000.

It was bought by a private collector for nearly four times the expected

Potter star’s premiere health concern

Story filed: 15:24 Wednesday 16th January 2002

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe may have seemed as cool as the proverbial
cucumber during the world premiere of Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s
Stone but he readily admits he was terrified. The film received its gala
debut at London’s Odeon West End on November 4th and the young star was
the centre of attention. "When all those flashbulbs went off in my
face during the London premiere I nearly hyperventilated. I was hoping
I just wouldn’t pass out," he revealed recently.

Film producers ‘chasing Harry Potter star for lead role’ 

Producers of a new supernatural film want Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe
to play a leading role, according to reports. Sam features a teenager
possessed with amazing telekinetic powers, giving him the ability to move
and destroy objects. Judy Davis is tipped to play his mother, with Steve
Buscemi as a cult leader who tries to kidnap him. The film is being produced
by Mike Downey and Sam Taylor, from a script by Steve Attridge. An insider
told Ananova: "Casting directors and producers are falling over themselves
to get Daniel’s name on the dotted line. "He is the hottest child
star since Macaulay Culkin arrived on the scene." Radcliffe is currently
filming the sequel to the first Harry Potter movie. 

News Tidbits

Filming for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will be moved to
Huskeiran, a Scottish island, in April.

Get the latest copy of People magazine — there is a picture with Daniel
on the cover of the Yearbook 2002 version.

Daniel has been nominated for Best Young Actor or Actress by the Online
Film and Television Association!!! :)

Daniel has been signed up to do the third movie — Harry Potter and the
Prisoner of Azkaban, according to IMdb.

Actor Daniel Radcliffe and Director Chris Columbus have been talking
about the future of the Harry Potter film franchise, which is being launched
by Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Radcliffe states, " At
the moment I’m just doing the first two, so I’m just going to take it
one step at a time." Director Chris Columbus talks about Daniel getting
older, " Well, if you know the books, every book is one year at Hogwarts
and Harry Potter gets older, so it’s perfect. It couldn’t be better."

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